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  2. toastypoastToday at 9:20 PM
  3. Just so you know: the admins were hopping in earlier because I set up a template for a strike just in case you did bail, but I'm wiping the strike. You're good don't worry
  4. Sorry for the misunderstanding, man. It really isn't personal. We're just really used to having people bail and so we have to be sort of annoyingly strict about it to make sure that consequences exist and feel compelling. It's not about whom we do and don't like; just about making sure that lobbies run smoothly. That's all I care about
  5. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:23 PM
  6. Even if I did bail when we were having that kerfuffle it was between matches
  7. so there wouldnt have been a strike anyways
  8. toastypoastToday at 9:25 PM
  9. We often leave records in the strike channel if we suspect lies just so that suspicious behavior is kept track of. Know what I mean? There are a few instances in the strike channel in which the person is listed as having 0 strikes but is in the channel because we want to see if the behavior repeats, which furthers the suspicion that the people are inventing alibis. That's why it was in the channel. I misspoke. You were just being put on the record, not being given a full-blown strike.
  10. It's bookkeeping. It's proven useful in the past, and this server's only a week old
  11. We don't act until there's no reasonable doubt that lies are occurring, though
  12. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:26 PM
  13. So then
  14. what past is there lmao
  15. toastypoastToday at 9:29 PM
  16. I'm not allowed to openly discuss, but we have two notable cases in which people dipped immediately after getting their guns, but had reasons for it (power outage, parents needed me to go to sleep and were yelling at me, one of them was even a car crash. We can't know if these are accurate, but if somebody has something crazy happen to them every 2 days... you get the idea). One of them, so far as we can tell, was telling the truth, and the other... well, the case is still open and the alibis keep coming. So that one's probably making things up. Remains to be seen.
  17. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:29 PM
  18. It's bookkeeping. It's proven useful in the past, and this server's only a week old
  19. toastypoastToday at 9:29 PM
  20. Yeah. It's proven useful twice. And this server is young. Speaks to how often it occurs.
  21. Are you misunderstanding?
  22. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:32 PM
  23. You say past as if the server's been around for months
  24. toastypoastToday at 9:33 PM
  25. That's why I threw in that the server is young. These things happen really, really often.
  26. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:33 PM
  27. ok
  28. toastypoastToday at 9:35 PM
  29. When I run a kill farm, there tends to be at least one person who leaves as soon as they get their stuff. Only some of them come up with stories as to why. When there is a story, you gotta verify the story so long as it's suspect. If it seems legitimate, we don't bother pursuit. You happened to say something  hours earlier that lined up pretty directly with your alibi. That's the only reason I asked you.
  30. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:35 PM
  31. The reason I asked that
  32. is because my grandpa died this morning
  33. toastypoastToday at 9:36 PM
  34. Which makes sense in hindsight. Hence the apology.
  35. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:36 PM
  36. no problem
  37. toastypoastToday at 9:44 PM
  38. Would you be opposed to having a parent come on the mic in a private call and confirming that
  39. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:46 PM
  40. Because thats fucking ridculous
  41. id rather take a strike than have my parents prove to someone I dont know at all
  42. that someone of my family got hurt
  43. toastypoastToday at 9:48 PM
  44. Look. You and your family do not seem to be grieving. You responded with aggression when I asked a question, prefacing it so that you knew it wasn't a personal accusation. So, no. I don't buy. You're bearing the burden of proof here.
  45. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:48 PM
  46. Ye lemme tell my grandma
  47. who hurt her knee
  48. to walk over to my computer
  49. and say she got hurt
  50. when my mom and dad arent home but up north in new jersey
  51. because as Ive said before
  52. he
  53. fuckin
  54. died
  55. (my grandpa)
  56. toastypoastToday at 9:49 PM
  57. Then have them come on the mic when they get home.
  58. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:49 PM
  59. Im in florida
  60. lemme wait in the chat
  61. for 4 days
  62. til they come home
  63. ye great idea
  64. To once again
  65. prove something to someone who I know nothing about
  66. toastypoastToday at 9:50 PM
  67. No, I'm asking you to wait until they come home, and then have them explain to me that I'm wrong. Which we both know isn't going to happen.
  68. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:50 PM
  69. Would you like me to call my mom right now?
  70. Ill fuckin do it just to prove the self righteous prick that you are wrong
  71. Ive been here since 5 o clock but youre still fucking suspicious
  72. what the fuck is wrong with you
  73. I would think if someone left
  74. and then came back 2 minutes later
  75. toastypoastToday at 9:51 PM
  76. I would prefer that we wait the days for your mom to be home in person.
  77. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:51 PM
  78. You are a prick
  79. I dont know how you have any relationship with anyone. You're empathetic as hell
  80. I could have left the lobby
  81. and not helped anyone
  82. but did I?
  83. toastypoastToday at 9:52 PM
  84. It doesn't work. Look, we both know the reality here. I'm not sure why you continue the act as though continued qualifiers make the story less suspicious. You've made every excuse not to prove to me a simple alibi. You even responded with aggression to an apology.
  85. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:52 PM
  88. You mean to tell me
  89. toastypoastToday at 9:53 PM
  90. My purpose is to identify individuals that make our job harder and impose consequences for that. It's not about whether or not I enjoy your company, it's about whether or not you're likely to be a liability for the hosts and the other randoms.
  91. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:53 PM
  92. Oh so everyone is a random
  93. not a meaningful person
  94. everyone is worthless then
  95. once again proving your incapability for human emotion
  96. toastypoastToday at 9:54 PM
  97. Argument from semantics and deliberate reframing. No, I don't think randoms are worthless. But they are anonymous internet strangers.
  98. Ad hominem.
  99. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:54 PM
  100. Ok
  101. so why should I prove myself to an "anonymous internet strangers"
  102. for all I know you could be a predator
  103. toastypoastToday at 9:55 PM
  104. Because you were being suspect.
  105. ☭Oliver☭Today at 9:55 PM
  106. And you like to hear mom's' voice's
  107. toastypoastToday at 9:55 PM
  108. Rather I'd like to prove something. Further ad hominems don't get you very far.
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