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Jun 10th, 2012
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  1. 1 chocolatepi Tue May 22 2012 03:05:03 AM
  2. You are the Elder Witches! Check the game log to confirm who your allies are, as well as the Junior Witches and Village Spy who might one day join the Coven. You may freely chat with each other here as long as you are alive.
  4. Double-click a target on the Coven vote grid to place your official Coven kill votes.
  6. 2 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 03:57:20 AM @jwlk
  7. Testing messages.
  8. @Uncle Stojil:Hi
  9. @dhulli: what can I say to you?
  11. 3 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 03:59:24 AM
  12. So I say we kill Eidolonic. :P
  14. Also I am the Judge.
  16. 4 Uncle Stojil Tue May 22 2012 05:17:40 AM
  17. Heya, guys. I'm the Oracle.
  19. The group of juniors and spies is a bit derpy, so let's be careful with eventual defenses (or let's avoid them entirely). Testing them somewhat could be useful (to narrow down the spy) and risky exactly for that same derpiness, so for now I'd suggest we leave it up to the two JWs to send us hidden messages. I'm going to (fake)scumhunt as per my usual, hopefully not resulting suspicious in the meantime.
  21. Having the Judge role in our team could be useful, but let's not outright split the vote to cause a no-lynch, unless we have a good way to do it. Also let's not always bandwagon the same target and if we come to that point, let's not hesitate in bussing each other. The last and only time I was scum, my team self-destructed like that in a few hours (and that game had a role-reveal upon death, so it was even worse).
  23. I remember Klackerz as scum, lurky like when he's town ;-) , but not dhulli, but you've played many games so odds are high you played the role, too. Did you?
  25. 5 jwlk Tue May 22 2012 11:42:04 AM
  26. Heya guys...gimme some time to figure this moscone thing out. Don't worry stojil, I'm good at this.
  28. @Klackers: test
  30. 6 jwlk Tue May 22 2012 11:50:10 AM
  31. btw guys, I'm the gambler.
  33. Oh and my worst fear is accidentally posting something meant for the coven to the general area... :o
  35. 7 Klackerz Tue May 22 2012 02:41:37 PM
  36. StrikerLee is being coherent. So who do you think is the spy
  38. 8 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 07:27:33 AM
  39. Sorry you can't play, dhulli.
  41. Is Kalas already distancing himself from Striker or are they not teammates? It seems a bit early to enact the former, but the fact he wasn't aggressive and assertive against him points at both possibilities, IMO. He's gone after bob99 the same way, though, softly and with some backtracking, which makes me think spy more than junior. Too bad Ollie has yet to show up. His derpiness could be useful for once.
  43. 9 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 01:28:39 PM
  44. From post 189, Kalas and Ollie are the junior witches. Yay!
  46. I'm pursuing the former some more because it would look bad if I stopped (I've also been called out by him), but we know Striker is the spy 99%, now. He's probably going to get lynched, too, so this looks like great news.
  48. 10 Uncle Stojil Wed May 23 2012 11:19:18 PM
  49. Kalas' vote on Striker seals it. He and Ollie are the juniors and we're going to get rid of the spy with the first lynch. I very much doubt that was a buddy-bussing from Kalas.
  51. I think Eido could be the Fanatic, trying to attract a Priest check as soon as possible since he knows he's a very likely night-kill. If true, it sucks. If nothing has changed from WH1, then the Priest acts before our kill and it's possible that it will happen night 1. I added a stronger town-read on him to the many others he has received. Maybe the Priest will go for Kai first since he has a bit more of suspicion on him.
  53. Ashaya lurking could be related to her not liking Moscone and the log, but at the moment I think she is a power role of some kind, possibly the King.
  55. Angel!Striker's protection would likely go Sesc>Kai>Eido in this order, IMO. I don't know if he was serious about Ashaya.
  57. 11 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 12:09:37 AM
  58. If there's a no-lynch for whatever Striker is going to post, I'd say kill him yourself, Klackerz. That could be interpreted as a town judge who had already set his kill to him and was away. It could push town to entrust a future lynch to you, if a similar situation arises. I'm 99,9% sure he's the spy so we want him dead and if he faction-reveals, then we'd have to use a night kill on him anyway, since lynches would be out of question.
  60. Killing Eido would be good if he's indeed the Fanatic, so we'd anticipate a possible check and avoid Angel protection. At the same time, though, it would give town the certainty that the judge is scum and you'd never use your role again, most probably.
  62. 12 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 12:49:51 AM
  63. Alright, Striker is dead. We'll make sure he was the spy with my awesome Oracle powers. If I use it on our night kill target, I'll receive the check for sure. We could take a bit more of a risk, though, using it on someone that isn't our night kill in order to see whether the Priest or Angel targeted him/her (without knowing which or even if both). This would backfire only if Kalas, Ollie or I died to tomorrow's lynch and maybe Court kill (I'll ask Chocolate Pi). If not, we could try again on night 2 without repercussions.
  65. In that case, it's either Kai, Sesc or Eido, who are the by far more likely candidates.
  67. Thoughts?
  69. Who do you want to kill?
  71. 13 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 05:15:08 AM
  72. The fuck. I had some net problem and StrikerLee got lynched.
  74. I am happy with lynching anyone while I read the thread.
  76. Post who you want to kill. I'll go with it now.
  78. 14 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 05:18:57 AM
  79. I'll love to kill either Eidolnic or KaiDASH
  81. 15 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 05:43:23 AM
  82. StrikerLee, post #251:
  84. "Priest check into Bill Door, KaiDash, Geabe but not in that order, just make sure you get all 3 of them."
  86. I don't think I'm underestimating him when I say this isn't a trick. He clearly doesn't trust KaiDASH and he's not going to protect him. So I'm going to #vote KaiDASH
  88. As for my Oracle powers, I'm going to target Eidolonic. There are good chances he's going to be protected by Striker and/or checked by the Priest. Failing to get back results isn't going to be so terrible either, unless I or both Ollie and Kalas die tomorrow, and that seems unlikely at the moment.
  90. I'm going to get a bit of sleep but I should get back before the start of day.
  92. 16 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 05:51:39 AM
  93. So If I vote to kill. Will the day end?
  95. 17 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 06:11:02 AM
  96. Let's see
  98. #vote KaiDASH
  100. 18 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 06:22:57 AM
  101. Fucking KaiDASH fucking survived . :(
  103. 19 jwlk Thu May 24 2012 09:18:24 AM
  104. uh hik? on my phone not working very well ill be able to play later
  106. 20 jwlk Thu May 24 2012 09:49:55 AM
  107. holy shit you dun.goofd
  109. 21 Klackerz Thu May 24 2012 03:56:33 PM @Uncle Stojil
  110. @Uncle Stojil
  112. What was your info
  114. 22 Uncle Stojil Thu May 24 2012 04:27:29 PM
  115. Well, fuck. Waking up to this sucks.
  117. I have to go to work and I need to think about what to say in thread. I'll probably troll if the Acolyte comes out and try to defend myself if he/she doesn't (Traveller!Ashaya?). Feel free to chime in on this.
  119. In the meantime, yes, I was selected by Menace the King with Sesc, Moridin and Eido.
  121. Even before Kai came out with his check, Eido had come out with his role reveal as Fanatic in the Court. At this point, it's 100% true also because he outright asked Kai to be checked.
  123. No one targeted Eidolonic in the night, so no 100% confirmation that Striker was the spy. Considering everything else, though, it's pretty much certain, anyway, IMO (Ollie and Kalas will also have more chances to send hidden messages). The only thing we gained from this was that no one targeted Eido (Priest:me, Angel: Kai, Inquisitor:?).
  125. If the BOD doesn't roleclaim (Kalas/Ollie?) and town lynches me, I'll be the only Angel with Striker. if that's the case I'm going to place my vote on Moridin (or do you prefer Sesc?) after his (if he stupidly votes). You should kill Kai, obviously. He'll most probably check Eido which means he'll have one extra life but you can safely kill Moridin the next night (unless he has some kind of protected role) and disband the Court.
  127. If I'm in the position of messing with the vote again on the next night (unlikely but you never know town tries to lynch the survivalist), I'll do the same but with Eido.
  129. Anyway, I'll be back in a few hours.
  131. 23 jwlk Fri May 25 2012 01:56:05 AM
  132. that really blows, big time. extra lives suck. balls and now were going to have to leave eido alive which is dangerois. not to mwntion atojil is dying :v( then its just me and klqckerzk? striker was probably the spy uhhhhh whose the henchmenk? anf whosw on the court, sorry cant scroll if you saif it already
  134. 24 Klackerz Fri May 25 2012 02:34:23 AM
  135. The fuck is wrong with your spelling?
  137. 25 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 08:01:43 AM
  138. Court: King!Menace, me, Eido, Moridin, Sesc.
  140. There's no Henchman in this game.
  142. 26 jwlk Fri May 25 2012 02:23:59 PM
  143. did anyone else claimk? ignore the spelling pleasr, not on a computer :l im gunna be making soon i hope... just dont wanna on .my phone
  145. 27 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 02:35:20 PM
  146. Kai is Priest, Bill Door is Acolyte, Menace is King, Eido is Fanatic, bob99 is DOB, StrikerLee is Entertainer >>> These have roleclaimed.
  148. StrikerLee was the Spy >>> Only we and the Gravedigger know this.
  150. Ollie/Kalas is BOD >>> Only we know this.
  152. 28 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 02:53:31 PM
  153. Town wanted to lynch the BOD so he would give a life to Kai, since everyone has piped in to say they're not, it means that BOD is scum. Since it's not one of us, it means it's one of the juniors (unless you think he's town who doesn't want to suicide to give an extra life to the Priest).
  155. Town is still waiting for you to tell them you're not the BOD before proceding with a lynch, possibly mine, but some seem to prefer a Court kill for me, so that they can use the lynch to pressure, see voting patterns and give info to the Gravedigger. The small drawbacks (which no one has mentioned yet, so careful there) are that I could be the Gambler and/or that to avoid scum messing with Angel protection the only solution is lynching town, which isn't exactly optimal and possibly not worth the exchange.
  157. 29 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 08:41:02 PM
  158. Kill Kai on night 2. He dies. I will waste the protection on Moridin.
  160. Kill Moridin on night 3. As long as he isn't the Survivalist or the Recluse, he dies and the Court is disbanded. If I have the chance to fuck up the Angel protection again that night (Kalas/Ollie is lynched, the survivalist is lynched, Kai/Striker doesn't vote), I'll pick Aekiel.
  162. Aekiel is either the Inquisitor or the Gravedigger, if his claim in post #410 is to be believed. This makes me think Gravedigger:
  164. "I reckon I'd be down with a Strikerlee lynch and I'd suggest that if he does turn out to be scum then it's quite likely that Geabe would be scum too. Post 193 is the one that makes the connection, and his praising bob's 'skill' in being the Inquisitor is suspect at best."
  166. This was post #210. Here's post #417 when asked for scum-reads:
  168. "Geabe because of brownnosing of Bob early on in day one, which reads to me as an attempt to ingratiate himself to Bob. Could be he had an idea of Bob's role that early (or suspected an info-role), though that's a long shot, I'll admit. More likely is that he was trying to split the bandwagon that had already formed, perhaps to force a no lynch?"
  170. If he's the Gravedigger and he knows Striker was the Spy, I think he could interpret Geabe's post (#193) as coven defending a possible junior early on day 1 before actually knowing which faction he was. The fact that both he and Castiel (his other scum-read) eventually voted for Striker by the end of the day, could be interpreted by the Gravedigger as scum finally knowing the identity of the two juniors.
  172. Ashaya might be a power role trying to lie low (or simply busy), and I don't know why but I have a survivalist-gut-feeling for Sesc. At the same time, Castiel has been so calm despite being accused multiple times on both days... so unlike himself. That could mean he's protected. Or maybe he's in a good mood. ;-P
  174. 30 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 08:49:50 PM
  175. Welp. Forget about Aekie possibly being the Inquisitor. He won't prove his innocence by posting in thread the results of his checks. Also, the only unknown holy role left is the Bishop and outing him... bwahaha.
  177. " I have a role that can prove my innocence, I just need a day or two for it to be useful."
  179. So it isn't Bishop, Hunter, Survivalist, Recluse, Loose Cannon or Inquisitor. It's either Gravedigger or Twilight Pagan, and for the latter to be useful he would have to activate to skip night 3. Ugh... It could be, actually.
  181. 31 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 09:00:53 PM
  182. Stojil Oracle Witch
  183. Klackerz Judge Witch
  184. Jwlk Gambler Witch
  185. Kalas/Ollie BOD Junior
  186. Striker Entertainer Spy DEAD
  188. Bill Door Acolyte Holy
  189. Kai Priest Holy
  190. Menace King Holy
  192. Eido Fanatic
  193. bob99 DOB
  194. Aekiel Gravedigger/Twilight Pagan
  196. Players left:
  198. Kalas/Ollie
  199. Ashaya
  200. Geabe
  201. Moridin
  202. Sesc
  203. Castiel
  204. Guljons (most probably not Survivalist or Recluse)
  206. Roles left:
  208. Bishop
  209. Inquisitor
  210. Loose Cannon
  211. Survivalist
  212. Recluse
  213. Hunter
  214. Gravedigger/Twilight Pagan
  216. 32 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 09:38:34 PM
  217. And here Kalas seems to be claiming Twilight Pagan.
  219. 33 Uncle Stojil Fri May 25 2012 09:43:05 PM
  220. If he is and he uses his power, he'll mess up my messing up of the Angel vote.
  222. ;_;
  224. 34 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 01:58:10 AM
  225. lol
  227. 35 Klackerz Sat May 26 2012 01:59:37 AM
  228. Thanks for the post. I really have not been to conentrate as much time as I wanted to on the game which I regret.
  232. 36 Uncle Stojil Sat May 26 2012 02:50:20 AM
  233. Ashaya asked to be on court
  234. Moridin asked to be on court
  235. Guljons asked to be on court (saying that he already knew he wouldn't be picked, though)
  236. Sesc is active and aggressive
  237. Geabe
  238. Castiel
  240. Would the Bishop ask to be on court? Would Bishop!Sesc be so active and aggressive? He wasn't in last game when he was the Cupid. Geabe is a bit too aggressive too, maybe. And again, Castiel is just too calm. I'm going to go out on a limb and say guljons is the Bishop, here, but this is pretty much all an assumption.
  242. The BOD could be a Court member, maybe, and he didn't want to come forward and be killed because with my death it would have disbanded the Court. But wouldn't he have roleclaimed, anyway, in that case, so that town could have discussed whether it was worthy or not? Probably, so I think Ollie is the BOD (and Kalas is the Twilight Pagan).
  244. And here is some stuff from the Court. Keep in mind that they knew I was scum by this point, so beware the possible wine. Also, obviously, be careful if you try to take advantage of this knowledge you shouldn't have:
  246. This is Eido's list:
  248. Suspected Town:
  249. Sesc
  250. Bob99
  251. Kalas
  252. Castiel
  254. Null:
  255. Aekiel
  256. Ashaya
  257. Moridin
  258. Ollie
  259. Geabe
  260. Klackerz
  261. Guljons
  262. Jwlk
  264. With the first four nulls being those he thinks are more likely to be scum. He doesn't find Kalas suspicious because his confusion over Court stuff felt real and because I pressured him on day 1. He's not very happy with Aekiel's partial claim (and while commenting on it knowing that I was there, he mentioned Loose Cannon, Twilight Pagan and derpy Bishop but never Gravedigger). He later says that Ollie/Jwlk/Ash are 100% nulls. He fears Sesc has deceived them all and isn't actually town (I'd advice against accusing Sesc for now, but maybe you guys killing Moridin instead will put more suspicion on him).
  266. Moridin says Aekiel gives him a JW vibe, Ashaya is somewhat suspicious but not enough to lynch, Ollie is completely null and Kalas is scummy because our fight felt scripted, like a setup for a future bus.
  268. Menace feels like Castiel is town.
  270. Anyway, this is my last post, probably. Have fun, guys!
  272. 37 Uncle Stojil Sat May 26 2012 02:52:09 AM
  273. Ouch. That was quite a derp, Klackerz.
  275. 38 Uncle Stojil Sat May 26 2012 03:04:47 AM
  276. Sesc doesn't like Klackerz' last post and had found something weird from guljons but forgot it. He will post more after dinner (dunno if before deadline).
  278. Moridin is uncomfortable with Geabe and is okay with guljons. Klackerz is now his strongest scum-read.
  280. Soooo... that wasn't my last post at all. I'll keep you up to date with Court stuff.
  282. 39 chocolatepi Sat May 26 2012 05:43:40 AM
  283. Uncle Stojil has died and left the Coven.
  285. 40 jwlk Sat May 26 2012 09:31:40 AM
  286. Oh god Klackerz, keep your pants on please. If you die tonight this will suck and i'll be all alone -_-
  288. 41 jwlk Sat May 26 2012 04:36:49 PM
  289. Extra lives Eido sucks, because they all follow him around like blind sheep.
  291. 42 jwlk Sun May 27 2012 06:15:27 AM
  292. Stojil why did you have to die QQ.
  294. 43 Klackerz Mon May 28 2012 01:44:25 AM
  295. Ok Who should I judge kill if I get the opportunity?
  297. 44 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 06:17:14 AM
  298. Sesc.
  300. 45 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 06:18:13 AM
  301. you should post, dude >_>
  303. 46 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 06:22:18 AM
  304. Also, we're killing Moridin.
  306. 47 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 06:22:40 AM
  307. Vote now
  309. 48 Klackerz Mon May 28 2012 08:12:16 AM
  310. Fucking Kalas using his fucking powers. I didn't vote because let's see what will happen. Maybe we can kill Moridin using judge powers.
  312. 49 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 08:39:16 AM
  313. Good, don't vote. And urghhh sesc/moridin. whatever same difference.
  315. And wtf Kalas, way to fucking go you piece of shit witch WHO GAVE YOU YOUR LISCENCE.
  317. 50 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 09:40:13 AM
  318. ....this game... i quit. im seriously not playing this shit.
  320. 51 jwlk Mon May 28 2012 09:44:23 AM
  321. kill kalas this game is fucking bullshit im this close to outing everyone
  323. 52 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 05:12:36 AM
  324. i'm going to flip a bitch. STOJIL WHAT THE FUCK MAN
  326. 53 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 04:56:57 PM
  327. klackerz be a doll and set your kill to Kalas. Or Geabe. But Kalas for now and check here every so often?
  329. 54 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 04:57:30 PM
  330. WOAH JUST KIDDING FORGOT YOU CLAIMED. Set it to Geabe. Also! I didn't mean what i said to you, obviously.
  332. 55 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 05:53:10 PM
  333. okay well with all these role reveals and crap, only castiel or ashaya can be the bishop (or sesc, but meh)
  335. so... lets kill Castiel, then Ashaya, and be done with it.
  337. 56 jwlk Tue May 29 2012 05:56:35 PM
  338. Also, we have to kill Kalas eventually.. since striker. Gah, that guy..
  340. 57 Klackerz Tue May 29 2012 08:12:27 PM
  341. lol
  343. 58 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 03:18:28 AM
  344. klackerz do me a favor and do not vote anyone for coven kill. ill handel it, i am unaure if i want castiell/kalas, and am going to thibk qbout it later. but if you voye i cant change it, so refrain pleasea! thanka
  346. 59 Klackerz Wed May 30 2012 03:37:06 AM
  347. Ok ok. do ittt.
  349. Anyway, I'll vote for Gaebe now and put my judge vote on him too
  351. 60 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 05:25:43 AM
  352. good, yes you should do thata!
  354. 61 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 06:04:46 AM
  355. klackerz you did not vote. youre giving me anxiety :v(
  357. 62 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 09:02:16 AM
  358. I would suggest killing bob... but I think he set his target to you. Fuck. Maybe if I can get him to change his target to me, I technically can't die tonight... unless DOB kill is different.
  360. (suggest to the court, that is. Hopefully they hit sesc.)
  362. 63 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 12:05:31 PM
  363. Okay. 13 alive
  364. 2 witches
  365. 1 jw
  367. 10 town.
  369. bishop activates at 9 people alive going into night.
  372. 2 scenario's. number 1) kill castiel. lets assume court kills not ollie/klackerz.
  373. 11 alive. Lynch not me, ollie, or klackers. 10 alive. Kalas probably skips night. Lynch someone else next day, there is 9 going into night, bishop activates.. FUUU (this only applies if ashaya is bishop)
  375. 2) Kill kalas, same for court.
  376. 11 alive, lynch same. 10 alive. kill castiel, 9 alive: lynch whoever, bishop activates (only if ashaya). So, if nothing derpy happens, its best to.. kill kalas tonight. Oh god what if if if if if they protect. I will shoot myself.
  378. Okay, lets see. Who is there to protect other than kalas... I got nothing they are almost certainly going to protect kalas.. fuckfuckfuck
  380. 64 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 12:06:04 PM
  381. don't vote for anyone, klackerz.
  383. 65 jwlk Wed May 30 2012 12:52:23 PM
  384. This game.
  386. Full of fuck
  388. My eyes
  390. I do not comprehend
  392. Just end this :(((
  394. Klackerz, feel free to vote Castiel next time you get online
  396. 66 chocolatepi Wed May 30 2012 10:00:00 PM
  397. Klackerz has died and left the Coven.
  399. 67 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 10:04:09 AM
  400. I am so lonely...
  402. I'm... mr lonely.
  404. I have no boooo-dy, to talk on moooooscone with.
  406. Ooooooh, i am so lonely.
  407. --
  408. where'd you gooo~
  409. I missed you sooo~
  410. feels like its been forever, since anyone has talked
  411. so come join the coven
  413. 68 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 11:08:17 AM
  414. this can almost.... almost be hilariously hilarious if ollie is the bod.. lol
  416. 69 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 11:20:58 AM
  417. Stojil Oracle Witch
  418. Klackerz Judge Witch
  419. Jwlk Gambler Witch
  420. Kalas twilight pagan
  421. Striker Entertainer Spy DEAD
  423. Bill Door Acolyte Holy
  424. Kai Priest Holy
  425. Menace King Holy
  427. Eido Fanatic
  428. bob99 DOB
  429. Aekiel LC
  430. Guljons - Survivalist
  431. Geabe- gravedigger
  432. Moridin recluse
  434. Players left:
  436. Ollie
  437. Ashaya
  438. Sesc
  439. Castiel
  441. Roles left:
  443. Bishop
  444. Inquisitor
  445. Hunter
  446. BOD
  448. Ugh... Ollie HAD to have been BOD whose target died/didn't set one.
  450. 70 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 11:23:40 AM
  451. sesc is useless inq with all holies claimed, or hunter... but he'll go off today anyway then. (I CANT DIE HEH)
  452. Ashaya is useless inq or hunter
  453. castiel is bishop (plzplzplzplzplzplzplz)
  455. 71 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 11:56:58 AM
  456. Alright. So lets all hold hands and pray that castiel was the bishop, because holy fuck i do not feel comfortable claiming bishop... Just kidding I do. Fuck me, i don't know... That means.. so many things. Castiel could not have been gambler... he could have beenb a lynch target though.
  458. Well, if you never take a risk...
  460. 72 jwlk Thu May 31 2012 04:00:24 PM
  461. Oh yah, if Kalas is a spy, you can end the game chocopi
  463. 73 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 02:01:16 AM
  464. jwlk has died and left the Coven.
  466. 74 chocolatepi Fri Jun 1 2012 02:01:16 AM
  467. The Witch Coven is now empty.
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