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  1. PayPal Virtual Agent    04:11 PM
  2. Hi! I'm PayPal's Virtual Agent. I can help with common questions like "what's the status of my dispute" or "I want a refund". If I can't help, I'll transfer your message to an agent.
  4. William Fox 04:11 PM
  5. Agent please
  7. PayPal Virtual Agent    04:11 PM
  8. Happy to help, before I transfer you to an agent can you please briefly describe your problem.
  10. William Fox 04:11 PM
  11. Restricted account status
  12. PayPal Virtual Agent    04:11 PM
  13. It looks like you want to resolve a limitation on your account, is that correct?
  15. William Fox 04:11 PM
  16. Yes
  18. PayPal Virtual Agent    04:11 PM
  19. I'm happy to help. I know limitations and information requests can be frustrating. One moment while I check your account...
  20. I see there is one limitation on your account (Reference ID: PP-001-926-467-162)
  21. How can I help with this limitation? Please choose a question below.
  23. William Fox 04:11 PM
  24. None of these
  26. PayPal Virtual Agent    04:11 PM
  27. I'm sorry, I couldn't help! You can learn more about about limitations in the Help Center.
  28. Please send us a detailed message below and an agent will respond to your message within an hour.
  29. You can close the window and come back to it when it’s convenient for you. When we respond, we’ll send you a notification with a link to the Message Center where you can reply.
  31. William Fox 04:12 PM
  32. It has been well over a month, coming up on two months, since I have submitted documents for review to get my account unrestricted.
  34. You are now chatting with Prasenjeet
  36. Prasenjeet  04:13 PM
  37. Hello, Welcome to PayPal! My name is Jeet.
  39. William Fox 04:13 PM
  40. Hello
  42. Prasenjeet  04:14 PM
  43. I understand that you are concerned about your account limitation. Is that correct?
  45. William Fox 04:15 PM
  46. Yes, I've had the account for many years, and a very long time ago it was locked when I was still a minor.
  47. But now I need to use PayPal, and do not want to create/use a new email for a fresh account. So I am trying to recover and unrestrict this one.
  49. Prasenjeet  04:16 PM
  50. Thank you for letting me know that.
  51. Please allow me a moment while I am checking on that for you.
  53. William Fox 04:16 PM
  54. I submitted two of the three criteria for review close to 2 months ago, and received no word about the account. I figured I must fill all three criteria, but even so that was over two weeks ago.
  56. Prasenjeet  04:19 PM
  57. Thank you for your patience and valuable time!
  58. Yes William, in reviewing your account I see that we have already received the all required documents to resolve the limitation. It looks like due to some technical issue, those documents are not yet verified.
  59. I have escalated this issue to concerned team and within 24 hours it will be reviewed for you and you will be notified through email
  61. William Fox 04:21 PM
  62. Alright great! I would really love to know if everything is in order or if I need different documents, which is what I was worried about
  64. Prasenjeet  04:22 PM
  65. No, we have received the all required documents. You don't have to submit any other documents.
  67. William Fox 04:22 PM
  68. Sure, I just mean if for whatever reason they fail the review process
  69. Thank you Jeet
  71. Prasenjeet  04:24 PM
  72. It was my pleasure to assist you.3
  73. Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  75. William Fox 04:25 PM
  76. That is the only issue I was having, since I can't use the account for anything else haha
  77. If I don't hear back within the 24hr I'll open another ticket tomorrow
  79. Prasenjeet  04:26 PM
  80. Sure! But I can assure you that you will be notified within 24 hours (to be safer side upto 30 hours) you will be notified.
  82. William Fox 04:27 PM
  83. Not a problem, I don't have any pressing needs currently
  85. Prasenjeet  04:27 PM
  86. That's great! Is there anything else I can help you with today?
  88. William Fox 04:28 PM
  89. Nope that is all. I'll keep in touch PJ
  90. This conversation has been closed.
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