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  1. [In brackets] I added references regarding interpretation and actions.
  2. I put //between slashes// sentences I thought might be interpreted in Arabic.
  3. In spite of being mentioned, no sound effects related to objects are required.
  5. ---
  7. [The man comes back. The listener would be able to hear he’s tired, grunting and snorting as he gets inside, giving his shoes, coat and keys to the wife that comes greet him]
  9. //Hey. No, I’ve had dinner out tonight. I told you I was having a business meeting, Yasmine... it’s not even that late. Are the kids in bed? Good.//
  11. //It was ok. No, we didn’t seal the deal… yet. I think they can pay more for that construction job. Yeah… I’ll convince them. Oh, fuck off. The family business is in my hands now, so I’ll do what I want.//
  13. //Where is Ryma? Ah… preparing the girl. She’s ripe then. I thought I heard you talking about it, this morning at breakfast.//
  15. [After getting upstairs]
  17. //Here you are… My young wife.//
  19. [The listener says she doesn’t understand]
  21. You should try harder. We speak Arabic in this house, not your language.
  23. [Grunting as he undresses]
  25. So… it’s our time of the month. From the way you’ve been looking at me recently, I knew you needed a man to mount you. Come here by the side of the bed. Why are you so shy? Huh? It’s not like we haven’t done this already on our wedding night. Come here.
  27. What is tha… Omar! What are you doing? Having a peek? Yes, your new mommy is sleeping with me. Yes, we’re making you a baby brother. No, you can’t stay and watch, //go to your bedroom. Yasmine! Ryma! Where the fuck are you? Is this the way you put a child to bed? Shut up, I didn’t ask you to speak! Yes, you’d better fucking go before I slap you!//.
  29. [Shutting the door behind him]
  31. You don’t know what you are talking about, woman. He’s not spoiled. Omar is my first son, he will inherit the family business and he’ll become the man of the house once I’m not here anymore. He’s your king when I’m not here. Is that clear?
  33. Why do you have that bathrobe on? No clothed wives on my bed. Get out of that, come on.
  35. Look at you, blushing like a little girl…
  37. Are you still afraid of me? Huh? Why is that? I’m your husband, baby. I take care of you. Of course we talk. I talk to you everyday. I asked you if dinner was ready yesterday. I told you I needed my shirt mended as well. What is it you want to talk about? Then why do you bring that up? Huh?
  39. I don’t need to be in love to be a good husband, as long as I’m respectful of the will of Allah. If I do, you’ll be happy as well.
  41. [Groaning as he sit next to the listener once more. He tries to seduce her]
  43. What’s that look? You know it’s time. Your womb is fertile and unprotected, I’m a thoroughbred Algerian stud and we’re going to do this properly, they way we are supposed to. No, we’re going to have raw, unprotected sex, the way it should be. Do you want to feel my bare cock buried inside of you? Liar. I know you want it.
  45. [Kissing her and laying her down]
  47. Do you want me to inseminate you? Huh? Say it. Do you want me to plant my seed in your belly? Spread your legs. Wider, baby. Wider. Wrap them around my waist.
  49. [Grunting blissfully as he penetrates the listener. His voice appears strained]
  51. Do you like when I lie on top of you? Yes? Do you feel my weight on your body? Huh? Touch my chest. Feel it. Am I a strong man? I’m powerful, I can take care of you. I want to. You’re my youngest wife and you’ll understand what being the woman of a real man means. Spread your thighs wider, baby, wider! Am I stretching you? Am I hitting your cervix? Get ready, baby, cling on to my chest!
  53. [Roaring as he climaxes inside of her, then catches his breath]
  55. I know this one is going to be male: I’m going to call him Tariq. Do you like it?
  57. No no no… Stay still, don’t move. You’re going to sleep with me tonight. I’m sure this one will take, let it soak you.
  59. I know it’s warm. Can you feel my swimmers racing for your egg? I can.
  61. Will you be proud when your belly swells with my little Tariq?
  63. This is what love is, baby. Me and you, creating a new life.
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