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  3. AbsurdityToday at 12:01 PM
  4. Okay Jeremy Rodrigues did break the rules, by his own account.
  5. Need to solve Tommy Cooleen's set.
  7. 000ajToday at 12:01 PM
  8. Plot twist
  10. AbsurdityToday at 12:02 PM
  11. Going to have dinner now.
  13. 000ajToday at 12:02 PM
  14. Can you at least elaborate the Jeremy part a bit more?
  16. PokeAlexToday at 12:02 PM
  17. What a mess
  19. AbsurdityToday at 12:02 PM
  20. Also accusations of lying are a bit off, there is a very plausible case for a lot of misscominication here
  21. He admitted he opened games under a minute into the games
  22. It's that simple.
  24. 000ajToday at 12:03 PM
  25. You mean turn on timer
  27. JZGToday at 12:04 PM
  28. Wait hold the fuck up
  29. No this is not over
  30. What on earth are you doing
  31. You can’t just say that and then “fuck this I’m out”
  33. 000ajToday at 12:07 PM
  34. Can't you guys just play that game 7 and be done with this?
  36. JZGToday at 12:07 PM
  37. WE TRIED
  38. Blame Arash he’s literally all that’s holding this up
  40. LightCoreToday at 12:07 PM
  41. We legit tried to play game 7
  43. JZGToday at 12:07 PM
  44. Even desu wanted to go
  46. LightCoreToday at 12:08 PM
  47. Arash refused to allow Desu
  48. Angel was geared up and ready to play and Arash stalled a whole day
  50. 000ajToday at 12:08 PM
  51. At this point, just give both teams the loss and let Japan win
  53. ArashToday at 12:09 PM
  54. You broke that rule twice and I want you to get a penalty because that's fair
  55. You can make a mess as much as you want. What I'm saying is really simple
  57. 000ajToday at 12:09 PM
  58. Sure, but you can still play the game and have the TO decide ruling later
  60. ArashToday at 12:09 PM
  61. If we end up having to play then we will do that
  63. LightCoreToday at 12:10 PM
  64. We think what you did is insane and unfair to our players
  66. ArashToday at 12:10 PM
  67. @000aj theoretically yes, not so sure that is what would happen
  69. LightCoreToday at 12:10 PM
  70. Throwing a temper tantrum in the game chat and refusing to allow our players to play at the scheduled time
  72. JZGToday at 12:10 PM
  73. You singlehandedly delayed the entire tournament
  74. And circumvented me to bitch to TWO of my players on separate occasions as their sets were beginning or ending
  76. LightCoreToday at 12:12 PM
  77. Not even to mention that he complained about Modchat being set in a game in which spectators were being awful, and only decided to bring this issue up after he decided he wanted to start an argument
  78. Nothing at all was said to us or anyone about Serapis vs Nirinbo being an issue until last night
  80. JZGToday at 12:14 PM
  81. You literally ruled in our favor barely a day ago
  82. You can’t just drop that with no even indication that you’re looking into it or whatever
  83. On a further note I fail to see how the initial timer ruling is relevant in basically any circumstances
  84. The situation was someone triggered timer while games 2 and 3 were being opened
  85. Which is just dumb
  86. And not a situation that has bearing here
  87. PS timer is far more generous than in game timer in literally every circumstance and it’s still not enough?
  89. AbsurdityToday at 12:30 PM
  90. I haven't ruled anything yet, I'm stating that Jeremy Rodrigues at least did break the rules.
  92. AbsurdityToday at 12:51 PM
  93. In the case of Jeremy Rodrigues: Arash is correct and he is going to be issued a warning, this is the first time this has happened with him and the integrity of the set wasn't particularly pulled into question. By the way Jeremy spoke in the game itself during game 1 it seems quite clear to me this wasn't malicious and is much more likely to be the result of oversight or not following the rule changes closely enough. At no point during the set did Davide Carrer indicate this was an issue for him, and the outcome of the set ended up coming down purely to play.
  95. This is not a major rule infringement and no other issue stemmed from it, as such I find the warning justified.
  97. I have to still see what happened with Tommy Cooleen and decide on Desu vs Angel.
  99. AbsurdityToday at 1:25 PM
  100. I am going to have Angel and Desu play without any game losses being incurred on either side, they will be granted an extension where necessary. My reasoning for this is as follows: the integrity of this round really hasn't been pulled in question as a result of timers being turned on despite the rules in place. I haven't yet been able to come to a conclusion regarding Tommy Cooleen, however I have decided that the outcome of that, beyond a potential warning, is irrelevant to whether or not Desu and Angel should be permitted to play or not. Tommy Cooleen lost the set regardless, so Italy has no reason to claim an integrity issue over this set.
  102. I will not award any team with a game win, despite not being happy with how either side handled this. Nobody stood to gain here, and all that was reached is frustration even if technically speaking a manager holds the right to wait until a TO steps in to rule on a dispute they have raised.
  104. There were no server issues on showdown, confirmed by Zarel and HoeenHero. However I do believe Desu and others when they stated that there were individuals in Italy having issues with regards to Showdown connectivity. This could have been due to cloudfare, or personal network issues. Arash was not unjustified in raising this matter with the managers of team US East. During this exchange Arash mistakenly interpreted something stated by JZG as a promise to not turn on timers in the sets of their teams, which was obviously not what Jeremy was trying to communicate. Having read the exchange there is definitely ambiguity, and this miscommunication is very plausible. How things escalated from here onwards however is not justified. Both sides allowed the rhetoric to escalate and eventually good-will was lost for both parties involved, this is a shame. I do not think that seeking a game win here was necessary on Italy's end, but they were not unjustified in how they acted despite it being  a questionable show of sportsmanship.
  106. JZGToday at 1:27 PM
  107. Are you insane
  108. Are you actually insane
  109. They used a fabricated issue to hold up the set and we don’t even get game 1
  111. LightCoreToday at 1:28 PM
  112. lets not
  113. insult him
  115. JZGToday at 1:28 PM
  116. Fine
  117. Point stands
  118. Sorry about that I’m really unhappy about this
  119. We were prepared to go immediately and one team held up the set
  120. And used a made up issue to try to make us play on their conditions
  121. Arash dmed one of my players mid set earlier this week
  122. And no punishment is being doled out
  123. This is ridiculous
  125. AbsurdityToday at 1:31 PM
  126. They used a fabricated issue to hold up the set and we don’t even get game 1
  127. It is not per se fabricated although it is blown out of proportion.
  129. JZGToday at 1:32 PM
  130. Arash told me it was a Europe wide server issue
  131. I can provide you with the direct log
  133. AbsurdityToday at 1:32 PM
  134. I do not agree with how that decision was made by Arash, but they were not technically wrong to do so.
  135. I have read that
  136. That is obviously wrong minus potential cloudfare issues in Europe
  138. JZGToday at 1:32 PM
  141. AbsurdityToday at 1:33 PM
  142. The devs themselves said that it could realistically be a cloudfare problem rather than a showdown issue
  144. JZGToday at 1:33 PM
  145. I’m sorry for the late drop on the fact that Arash dmed Serapis mid set as well I only found out today
  147. AbsurdityToday at 1:33 PM
  148. I am not going to push this line any further as it cannot be proven either way
  150. LightCoreToday at 1:33 PM
  151. However the response can be pushed
  152. turning on timer and turning off if a player disconnects
  154. JZGToday at 1:34 PM
  155. This is absolutely ridiculous
  157. LightCoreToday at 1:34 PM
  158. is completely fine
  160. JZGToday at 1:34 PM
  161. The fact that Italy’s conduct is going unpunished
  162. Do you care about the integrity of this tournament
  163. The rules need to be enforced
  165. LightCoreToday at 1:34 PM
  166. omg stop insulting him
  168. JZGToday at 1:34 PM
  169. That’s not an insult that’s a question
  171. AbsurdityToday at 1:34 PM
  172. The integrity of the tournament stands
  174. JZGToday at 1:35 PM
  175. Or at least I don’t intend it as one
  177. AbsurdityToday at 1:36 PM
  178. And secondly, Arash was justified in what he did despite it going against the ethos of the tournament. If he has an issue with this he can personally raise it with me, and if it continues to happen then further action may be considered. The same applies to any team.
  180. JZGToday at 1:36 PM
  181. Justified in what
  182. Distracting my player mid set
  183. Over modchat being on
  184. Are you serious
  186. AbsurdityToday at 1:37 PM
  187. There was a rule infringement, escalating it in another game however is not justified and I've literally just spoken out against how that happened
  189. JZGToday at 1:37 PM
  190. And yet that’s all you’re doing
  191. “There was a rule infringement”
  193. AbsurdityToday at 1:37 PM
  194. I will not punish Desu and Angel for the actions of a manager here.
  195. They just want to play
  197. JZGToday at 1:37 PM
  198. And I was fine letting them play
  200. AbsurdityToday at 1:38 PM
  201. I will take actions against a manager
  203. JZGToday at 1:38 PM
  204. I have been vocal about that from the start
  206. AbsurdityToday at 1:38 PM
  207. If it's really necessary
  209. JZGToday at 1:38 PM
  210. Manager actions have team consequences
  212. AbsurdityToday at 1:40 PM
  213. They do, they have consequences for the entire tournament and this entire ordeal has not lead to anything productive. I personally believe how Arash acted to have been unsportsmanlike but justified, and how the issue was escalated in-game was out of line.
  215. JZGToday at 1:40 PM
  216. You’re empowered to do something about that though
  217. And you’re choosing not to
  219. AbsurdityToday at 1:42 PM
  220. I am, and what makes you think absolutely nothing will be done?
  222. I am not out here to cause drama however. Lots will have to be looked at and revised next year, and this includes making it very clear what's expected from managers and taking a look at that next year. I am not going to issue any direct penalties however.
  224. JZGToday at 1:42 PM
  225. Not issuing penalties is nothing being done
  226. You said verbatim that rules were broken
  228. AbsurdityToday at 1:42 PM
  229. It's nothing being done now, and I always act primarily in the interest of the tournament
  231. ArashToday at 1:42 PM
  232. Dude
  234. AbsurdityToday at 1:42 PM
  235. Giving a game win is not that
  237. ArashToday at 1:43 PM
  238. They're lying
  239. I texted tman, not serapis
  240. And it was not mid set
  241. And you know it because we already discussed it
  243. AbsurdityToday at 1:43 PM
  244. It doesn't really matter who did this, and who did what by now
  246. ArashToday at 1:43 PM
  247. You're just trying to make us look bad
  249. JZGToday at 1:44 PM
  250. Serapis says you dmed him
  252. AbsurdityToday at 1:44 PM
  253. This is unnecessary, and I am very aware neither side is pleased.
  255. JZGToday at 1:44 PM
  256. Over modchat
  257. Maybe he’s wrong but I can go look for logs
  259. ArashToday at 1:44 PM
  260. No I never contacted serapis
  261. Thats bs
  263. JZGToday at 1:44 PM
  264. You’re not really acting in the interest of the tournament Lyam
  266. 000ajToday at 1:44 PM
  267. :popcorn:
  269. JZGToday at 1:44 PM
  270. You’re letting violations of the rules go unpunished
  271. You yourself acknowledged that rules were broken
  273. EmbCToday at 1:45 PM
  274. can both teams get a game loss simply bc of this non sense
  276. ArashToday at 1:45 PM
  277. Dude
  279. 000ajToday at 1:45 PM
  280. Just give Japan the win at this point
  281. Cancel finals
  283. EmbCToday at 1:46 PM
  284. yeah
  286. ArashToday at 1:46 PM
  287. You'spamming the chat all days and even telling lies to discredit us
  288. Fuck off
  290. JZGToday at 1:46 PM
  291. If you didn’t dm Serapis sorry I only have what he told me
  292. Also you are singlehandedly the reason this is an issue right now
  294. ArashToday at 1:47 PM
  295. I've never talked to serapis in my life
  297. JZGToday at 1:47 PM
  298. You refused to allow the set to be played when LITERALLY EVERYONE wanted to play
  300. ArashToday at 1:47 PM
  301. No dude fuck you
  302. We're trying to figure this and you're making up lies
  303. I never lied about this
  304. Are you serious!?
  306. JZGToday at 1:47 PM
  307. What the fuck are you talking about
  308. Angel v Desu was ready to go
  309. Desu wanted to play Angel wanted to play US East wanted them to play
  310. And you said no
  312. ArashToday at 1:49 PM
  313. Are you stupid? Because you keep repeating that from yesterday
  314. Pretty sure at this point everyone knows whats your opinion
  316. JZGToday at 1:49 PM
  317. Is that not what happened? You seem to be denying it
  319. ArashToday at 1:49 PM
  320. No its your opinion
  321. I said my point of view already
  322. Stop making a mess for no reason and let the admins fix this
  324. JZGToday at 1:51 PM
  325. I’m not the one making a mess dude I spent half of yesterday trying to resolve this privately and you didn’t budge
  327. EmbCToday at 1:51 PM
  328. you're both making a huge mess
  330. ArashToday at 1:52 PM
  331. No edu
  332. They literally just made up that I texted serapis mid set when I literally never spoke to that guy in my life
  334. JZGToday at 1:53 PM
  335. Serapis said that to me man
  336. I’m sorry if he’s wrong
  338. ArashToday at 1:53 PM
  339. Hoping that I wouldnt read it and to make me look bad
  340. You guys are fucking pathetic
  341. Everyone makes mistakes
  342. Just deal with the consequences damn
  344. JZGToday at 1:53 PM
  345. Dude how many times do you want a fucking apology it was bad info
  347. 000ajToday at 1:54 PM
  348. This is literally going nowhere
  350. ArashToday at 1:54 PM
  351. Dude I can't read this chat all day you know. What if I didn't see that!?
  352. Are you surprised I'm angry?
  354. JZGToday at 1:54 PM
  355. I would’ve gone and looked for logs and if there was nothing there I’d realize he was wrong
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