Nightbot 8Ball

Nov 26th, 2021 (edited)
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  1. It is certain.|
  2. It is decidedly so.|
  3. Without a doubt.|
  4. Yes, definitely.|
  5. You may rely on it.|
  6. As I see it, yes.|
  7. Most likely.|
  8. Outlook good.|
  9. Yes.|
  10. Signs point to yes.|
  11. Reply hazy, try again.|
  12. Ask again later.|
  13. Better not tell you now.|
  14. Cannot predict now.|
  15. Concentrate and ask again.|
  16. Don\'t count on it.|
  17. My reply is no.|
  18. My sources say no.|
  19. Outlook not so good.|
  20. Very doubtful.|
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