Letter for 'boobies'

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  1. Peace be upon you sister, I am simply an ordinary guy from Bangladesh.
  3. Firstly I want to say that I mean no harm and neither do I want to go off as sounding judgemental, I simply wish to offer sincere advice. You are from the same country as me and I want to believe that you will understand the things that I have to say. Please do not be offended and just take my words in. Please read this carefully, I promise it's for your own good.
  5. Don't show yourself off like this!!! I want you to look at your own picture and simply ponder over this: Do you really want to be seen like this by everyone? Do you want men to ogle at your body like this? Aren't you someone's daughter? Aren't you someone's wife? Aren't you going to be someone's mother one day? Do you really want your parents to be humiliated as their daughter is seen in such attire/clothing/form by everyone and anyone who has Internet? Don't you feel even the slightest fringe of shame as you slowly take off your clothes, take those pictures and upload them to the Internet? Doesn't it make you feel wierd and uncomfortable? I am not ridiculing and judging you at all, as everyone has desires and everyone has a hard time to control them, but we should take hold of our culture, fear our Guardian Lord (No matter if you're Hindu or Muslim, do you not agree that we are created?), and be respectful and loving to our parents and our families and the community that surrounds us. We should not become like those western nations (I don't know how you got encouraged to take this picture, I am curious about your story and would like to know: just why?) who have become like animals, following their vain desires and being unable to control and think long-term: is this what I should do?
  7. I can almost certainly assume that you are hiding your identity/face. So if what you are doing isn't wrong and evil, then why do you have to hide? You don't have to hide when you are feeding the poor, or behaving kindly with strangers, and we all like to show off our good actions... If you think what you are doing is so good, then why hide? Why cover your face now which you show to the whole world when you are living a normal life, and show your body, which you normally cover out of decency and shame? Doesn't it feel strange and hypocritical?: When someone in real life, sees you and thinks that you look beautiful and says to you that he would want to see you naked, you would almost certainly refuse, right? Why? Probably out of fear of being identified, or being abused, or maybe even because you don't like them... But then why is it that any and all men are now being able to look at you as they want?
  9. I want you to make yourself valuable. Don't give up: you can change. Think of the future. Don't drown yourself in the present, and become like those around you that are lost. Don't you want to get married some day? Don't you think it's unfair that these men with whom you can't even share your name are now enjoying you in a way that your husband can not? Don't become a public property: like a piece of plastic who is seen by many but cared about by none, but become a precious gem, a valuable commodity that is treasured by the few who are fortunate enough to see it.
  11. What you do has a consequence on others. It encourages other women to become like you, other men to start ogling at women and it makes the city, the country, the entire world we live in a much worse place. Other women who are in a loyal relationship with their husbands will now have to endure the eyes of men who are used to people like you, thinking that every woman wants to be seen like you do. The women who fear God, who fear Allah and the Day of Judgement, when everyone will have to be questioned for their deeds, have to now suffer this treatment, not knowing how or why the world and the people within it became like this, and how they became so corrupted.
  13. I believe that the words of Allah(God) are better advice than anything a human could ever come up with, recite if you wish: "Verily, We created man from a drop of mingled sperm so that We may test him; and therefore We made him hearing and seeing. We have indeed showed him the way, now he be grateful or ungrateful." and also this video:  &
  15. I hope these words have made you ponder. Bangladesh is not like USA, or Canada, or France, or Japan. We are a country that grew in poverty, and had our parents and grandparents live like the natural humans who lived before us for thousands of years. Realise that not everyone you see around you is a human being. A human being lives a life balanced between rationality, empathy and spirituality: living a balanced life for their own sake as well as for the community. However, the unfortunate truth is that today's society is an entirely secular and selfish society, only obsessed with one's own pleasures and desires and ambitions, and forgetting the rights of the neighbour, the needs of the people, and thinking good about their merry men. I don't know what to call these people, but I can't say that they are behaving like the good human beings that lived before us for thousands of years. Decide, today, now, whether you want to be a human being or whether you want to become what the modern society wants you to be: a heartless animal devoid of understanding and long-term planning.
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