Swapping in Company Chapter 9

Apr 14th, 2018
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  1. Swapping in Company Chapter 9
  2. App.base TL not accurate
  3. Mc: [Choi Jun-ho 27 Marketing team representative]
  4. FMC: [Park Mi Young 24 Head of marketing team]
  5. Support Director Kim Han Jun 32 Human Resources Team (Mr.Kim) Song Min Hye 32 Deputy Director of Human Resources Team (Ms.Song)
  6. Oh Dong Jun (Nerd)
  8. Chapter start Morning office hour just started Mc and Fmc walking and talking at each other a Lady say Good morning Fmc greeted her Hello good morning too then someone called there names "Jun Ho, Mi Young" it was the "Nerd" Saying Good luck agents and embrace them saying Good Morning. Fmc say Oh Good morning. While Mc is looking if he is taking advantage of his GF "Humming" and Nerd say Let work hard today lets do it. Moment later Office work started Mc doing something on his PC and suddenly Nerd called him Yah Jun Ho did you enjoy the good time yesterday? Mc goes Huh? Nerd tell him Swapping the swapping and Nerd glances at Fmc and tell Mc I cant imagine Mi Young is quite you know. Mc kinda piss at Nerd and say Yah will you stop it. Nerd tell him Why your angry You did it with my girlfriend too or your girlfriend was not good for you? Mc tell him That nonsense it not like that remember we are working right now. Nerd say Damn it! anyway its was tight and Nerd bash his desk and walk near Fmc smiling provoking Mc. [Moments later]
  10. Ms.Song approach him grab his shoulder and say Deputy Choi Jun Ho Mc kinda startle and say Huh Yes? Ms.Song tell him I want to meet you at the conference room later.Mc wonder why and Mi Young see him talking with Ms.Song. At the conference room Mc meets Ms.Song she ask MC What was the fuss with Oh Dong Jun? Mc stuttering You know that [inserting a quick flashback of Nerd and Fmc fucking] Ms.Song tell him Ahhh!! yesterday right swapping club match you and Dong Jun(Nerd),Did you had a fight because of that? Mc speechless here and Ms.Song tell him as expected I am right In house swapping club is our secret in the company you know that right? Mc say sorry but Ms.Song tell him but as a matter of swapping In such a loud voice within the company Fighting Why did you do that? Mc tell Ms.Song about that because He speak about doing it in the office and mocking my girlfriend Ms.Song after hearing Mc reason she say is that so okay? Mc speak again about (Nerd) he continue to stare at my GF with that obscene look. Being a GF is another job the thing she did in the club is just an act me too and the rest of you. Ms Song tell him Oh there was such a thing don't worry I will punish him (Nerd) so lets enjoy. Mc goes Huh and Ms.Song tell him If the other person sees my woman as a harassing or sexual object You too need to act more like that right? Mc goes what? and Ms.Song goes under her crotch and say You done it too swapping with me so even if you look at me like that its good Mc surprise by Ms.Song action and start revealing her bra and She tell him You can do it to me like you are mocking (Nerd) new girlfriend. Mc goes but Director Ms.Song tell him Didn't you hear me like I say come on and make fun of me. Heavy breathing Mc reveal Director Song breast and start sucking it and she goes moaning.
  12. TBC
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