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Tyria and Lemore

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Apr 11th, 2012
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  1. Tyria smiled broadly as the last figure--heavily armored, heavily armored--that she was waiting for left the tent she had been staking out for the past several hours. Lowering herself out of the tree, the buxom red-headed halfling gave a quick stretch, the tight leather armor covering her body--though leaving very little to the imagination, given how it conformed to her curves--creaking just so slightly. She stepped lightly and carefully to the tent where her target was, approaching the back of it with a knife drawn. Holding her breath, she slid the steel into the fabric and make a quick, clean cut, just barely large enough for her to wriggle through.
  3. The inside of the tent was dim, and silent. She could see where her target was, curled up under a pile of blankets. Smiling, she approached, and threw the blankets off... revealing Lemore, the young Wyrmling silver dragon the adventuring party had 'adopted' not to long ago. The halfling smiled as the Silver woke up, blinking. She held a finger to the smaller, scaled creatures mouth. "Shh, Lemore. I want to show you something."
  5. The young silver was confused, but remained silent. Tyria pulled off her gloves, boots, breeches, and armor with the quickness that came from experiance. Her breasts fell, heavy and round, from her chest. She pressed up against Lemore and smiled. "You'll enjoy it, trust me," she said, reaching a hand down to find the dragon's cloacal slit. Gently teasing it open, she found what she was looking for--Lemore's penis, a large (for his size) rod of flesh, exceptionally warm to the touch and allready throbbing.
  7. Lemore gasped, and Tyria took that chance to press her lips to his mouth. "Kiss me," she said, "As deep as you can." Lemore let his tongue slide out, and into Tyria's waiting mouth, dancing across the halfling's own, sliding back into her throat as the halfling sucked on it, contentedly. She continued to stroke the dragon's manhood until she felt it was full, and guided Lemore over her, putting the tip of the studded, ridged shaft right at the entrance to her womanhood. Cooing gently, around the tongue exploring the depths of her throat, she helped Lemore slide that shaft into her body, stretching her lips--and her hips--wide.
  9. It was all she could do to not start screaming in pleasure. Lemore's eyes were wide, and it was obvious this was his first time, which Tyria was thankful for. She pulled him down, onto her, into her, until she had taken his entire pleasurable tool into her body, and she wrapped her legs around him to keep him there. Lemore pulled his tongue out of Tyria's mouth, panting in pleasure. "Ah, Tyria, it feels... good," he said, breathing heavily.
  11. The halfling laughed, using her hands to massage where the Wyrmling's wings met his body. "Mmm... yes, yes it does..." She moaned out. "Here, my breasts... my nipples. Nibble on them... just... like... that," she panted out, directing Lemore's head to her bountiful bosums. His cock continued to throb and twitch inside the stretched-out halfling, and soon, she felt something warm and delightful filling her body, her womb. Tyria shuddered in pleasure, orgasming under the wyrmling, as Lemore's back arched and let out what Tyria thought was the cutest little growl, and then slumped over the halfling. She let her legs go, and slid him off, snuggling up to the warmth of the dragon.
  13. Tyria kissed Lemore on the mouth, just a quick peck. "Wasn't that fun, my little wyrmling? We'll do it again, and again, every night that we can. I promise," She said with a smile. Lemore, panting and still tired, nodded. "I would like that, Tyria, I think."
  15. A few minutes more, and Tyria had left the same way she had entered, armor back on, and carefully sewed the slit back up, where none would see her entrance. She walked off a bit, to the stream near the camp, and washed. There, she noted that the wyrmling's cum was not quite that--clear, and not as sticky. She giggled as she washed it off of, and out of, her body. "I guess I won't be laying his eggs anytime soon... but mmm, I think I'm going to be having alot more fun in the coming months."
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