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  1. SELECT users_field_data.langcode AS users_field_data_langcode, users_field_data.uid AS uid, node_field_data_users_field_data.nid AS node_field_data_users_field_data_nid, 'polzovateli_s_citatami_:page_1' AS view_name
  2. FROM
  3. {users_field_data} users_field_data
  4. LEFT JOIN {node_field_data} node_field_data_users_field_data ON users_field_data.uid = node_field_data_users_field_data.uid
  5. LEFT JOIN {user__field_fio} user__field_fio ON users_field_data.uid = user__field_fio.entity_id AND (user__field_fio.deleted = '0' AND user__field_fio.langcode = users_field_data.langcode)
  6. WHERE (( (users_field_data.status = '1') AND (user__field_fio.field_fio_value IS NOT NULL ) AND (node_field_data_users_field_data.type IN  ('citaty')) ))
  7. LIMIT 10 OFFSET 0
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