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not so supernets

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  1. 10:20:16 <+ac1dvegas> sniff:
  2. 10:20:23 <+ac1dvegas> someone ddosed 7 ovh boxes
  3. 10:20:25 <+ac1dvegas> every single link
  4. 10:20:32 <+ac1dvegas> is being blackholed right now
  5. 10:20:33 <+ac1dvegas> lololololol
  6. 10:20:39 <+sniff> fkn salt gang >:(
  7. 11:21:34 <@interdom> haha
  8. 11:21:38 <@interdom> rip supernets
  9. 11:22:23 <@interdom> salt gang couldnt dos their way out a wet plastic bag
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