Mar 26th, 2020
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  1. *“Yes?” is very rude in English for answering the phone
  2. *Standard way of answering the phone in English is with some kind of description of who you are and then an offer of help
  3. *it may be impolite not to introduce yourself as soon as possible on the phone
  4. *Ask for other person with “Am I speaking to…?”
  5. *limit amout of smalltalk to an appropriate amount
  6. *do not transition to quickly from one topic to another one
  7. *choose a precise wording to avoid confusion
  8. *Avoid commands, express what you want the other person to do in a different way
  9. *when listening, let the other person know you are still there and understand what they are saying
  10. *fill in scilence by moving on to the next topic or generic fillers
  11. *transition into the end of a call
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