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Dec 13th, 2018
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  1. A kid out of Chicago named AJ wants a
  2. change in his commute to work but theres no way
  3. to buy what he wants in a
  4. car dealership because his options are very low
  5. and what he wants doesn't exist yet.
  6. He comes up with an idea for a high end vehicle
  7. that doesn’t cost a fortune and doesn't make you feel like an asshole.
  8. He gets a $50,000 bank loan and borrows another
  9. fifty-thousand from his partents, opens a
  10. dealership and calls it Elephant. He
  11. makes a half-million dollars his first
  12. year.
  14. He comes up with ideas for parts, builds his inventory,
  15. customizations, opens three more shops
  16. and after five years, he sells the company
  17. to James Hackett and the Ford Motor Company
  18. for four million dollars. Happy ending,
  19. right? Except two years later the
  20. product is worth 500 million dollars and
  21. Angelo Simeone kills himself in a firey blaze
  22. with his own creation.
  24. Poor guy just wanted to get to work faster, you know?
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