Makeouter x Makeoutee B

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  1. [00:37:59] <Shinobu_Nagare> Weeeelll... Kriße is definitely S-Ranking Michelle.
  2. [00:38:13] <Giantree> After leaving the comfiest town in the world and heading north, you have a sm- what, really?  are you daft?  how dense can you be?
  3. [00:38:20] <Giantree> kotta x michelle is canon
  4. [00:38:24] <Giantree> idk what ur talkin bout nig
  5. [00:38:29] <Shinobu_Nagare> Kotta can probably squeeze in enough points with- I'm joking, nigga.
  6. [00:38:36] <Giantree> you do not JOKE
  7. [00:38:37] <Giantree> with ME
  8. [00:38:39] <Giantree> NIGGER
  9. [00:38:45] <Shinobu_Nagare> SHUT UP NIGGA
  10. [00:38:49] <Giantree> YO YOU WANNA DUEL?
  11. [00:38:59] <Giantree> ahem
  12. [00:39:14] <Shinobu_Nagare> My sides, nigga, why.
  13. [00:39:53] <Giantree> You have a small amount of time to take a break, probably in the nondescript town that I don't have to bother naming because NOBODY VISITED IT DURING THE CHAPTER but that's probably partially my fault.  Regardless, the looming sense of dread overcomes you as you become more and more aware that you're about to reach your target soon.
  14. [00:41:12] <Giantree> ... And wherever you're at now, it's the middle of buttfuck nowhere 1,1and might even be Edwin's hometown actually, but it's not like Shinny would know that and therefore not a very good dating spot, so you can't QUITE pull it off like you did last time, but Norn is easy to find because she's going around playing medic due to lack of medics who actually care about the well-being of others.
  15. [00:41:41] <Giantree> oh i guess there's victor and, like, the other one, and the other other one?  but healer falcoknights are BOSS AF
  16. [00:45:00] <Shinobu_Nagare> Well, there's a library or whatever here, but apparently, the librarian's kid was exiled. Loser. Also, the only good books were on thieves. What the fuck? That's fucking messed up. Anyway, Shinobu decides to go talk with Norn, since he feels pretty happy about the last time they did something. (Chance of failure: Simply overwhelming!) Yeah, sure, let's
  17. [00:45:00] <Shinobu_Nagare> casually walk up to her when she doesn't look busy, and say, "Doing alright, Norn?"
  18. [00:46:04] <Giantree> >high chance of failure against somebody who wants the ninja dick
  19. [00:46:10] <Giantree> not gonna get started on that one though
  20. [00:48:03] <Giantree> That said, she looks busy all the time, probably due to having inherited the hard-working attitude from her sister.  Or her great-great-great grandparents or something.  But she always has time to spare so long as nobody's dying, and there's nothing much to treat besides a few wind-edge-on-wyvern-wing wounds here & there.  "Oh!  Hiya."  She responds with a cheery smile and wave.
  21. [00:49:31] <Giantree> "Guess so, though.  This war stuff's a lot of work.  Hey, wanna hang out?"  Norn looks eager to stray the subject away from how many guys either of you have killed, because... shit, did she even heal anybody or do ANYTHING last chapter?  Damn
  22. [00:53:06] <Shinobu_Nagare> "That's good," Eckhart nods. For someone that hung around a person who worships a blood knight child, a snarky child, and two killers, Norn seemed pretty cheery. "Another chance to be with you out of the thick of battle is something I can't say no to, though." I think she healed like, once. Sylvera did most of the healing. Rip.
  23. [00:53:42] <Shinobu_Nagare> Well, she didn't necessarily "hang out" with them, but fighting alongside them is about the same thing.
  24. [00:53:42] <Giantree> Oh she actually did some buffbot stuff, never neglect your buffbot
  25. [00:53:58] <Shinobu_Nagare> Right, right.
  26. [00:57:06] <Giantree> That said, Norn's pupils go heart-shaped.  "Alriiight!  Exactly what I hoped to hear!  S-So, have anything in mind?"  The peggirl gets in close and clings, as if she couldn't be happier to have something to do that isn't WORK.  Despite her entire characterization being 'wanted to go to war instead of staying behind doing nothing.'  Hypocrite.
  27. [01:01:41] * Ellamae is now known as Vena
  28. [01:01:44] <Vena> well the idea is that she's working towards having intense battles as she stays behind doing something, if you catch my drift
  29. [01:01:58] <Giantree> idgi
  30. [01:02:15] <Vena> the joke is that she wants the d
  31. [01:02:24] <Giantree> yeah i actually do get it
  32. [01:02:53] <Shinobu_Nagare> Noice. Ecky, in the characteristic of being Ecky, doesn't really mind someone clinging onto him. "Well, not quite, but... I wanted to ask you something." Let's insert a small pause here by complete accident. "Flying in the sky like you pegasi riders do all the time... I mean, I got a taste of it once in that mountain, but what's it feel like?"
  33. [01:08:16] <Giantree> "Well," she ponders and starts listing off points, counting on her fingers as she goes.  "It's REALLY windy up there, so it messes your hair up.  Like, a lot.  And it can get pretty cold up there, so we wear armor that's pretty warm.  Well, except for the-" And then she catches herself, pausing midsentence. . "Er, nevermind.  Oh!  And it's really hard to breathe, so we have to take a bunch of special classes for that in training.  And can you IMAGINE what it's like throwing a heavy javelin while the wind's blowing against you without getting thrown off?  It's just as bad as it sounds, trust me."
  34. [01:08:56] <Giantree> "But!"  Back to smiles.  "Once you get used to it you can't live without it, y'know?  I feel naked here on the ground."
  35. [01:08:59] <Giantree> obligatory sex joke
  36. [01:12:31] <Shinobu_Nagare> Please. "Sounds like an experience to love and hate, and can't let go of." The spy nods, seemingly understanding it. "I'm a little glad I don't mount a pegasus or wyvern, but at the same time... it sounds like the good moments outweigh the bad, even if it seems like the bad ones are more frequent."
  37. [01:19:10] <Giantree> "O-Oh!  Eheheheh... I just kinda prattled on there.  Sorry 'bout that, I don't usually get to talk about stuff like that because my sister already knows it all, and... Ooh!  Hey, how about this spot?"  Norn cuts herself off and runs over to the edge of a cliff overlooking a ravine which has no reason not to be there, so I suppose it's there.  From it, a good view of the setting sun in the horizon presents itself.  "Nice view, huh?"
  38. [01:25:00] <Shinobu_Nagare> It's alright, he's used to this sort of thing. The spy gives chase with all 6 of his Move. "It's alright, don't worry about it." A sun as it sets... eh, just a coincidence. "It's a great view, but..." He removes his facemask for a few moments, smiling. "I think you look better."
  39. [01:26:03] <Giantree> CHEESE ALERT
  40. [01:26:38] <Giantree> And then Norn's heart pops out of her chest and she bleeds out, game over man
  41. [01:26:39] <Giantree> gg
  42. [01:26:53] <Shinobu_Nagare> Is that the incoming post, or the one I- Oh.
  43. [01:26:56] <Shinobu_Nagare> Okay.
  44. [01:27:00] <Giantree> Okay really though, the response is a LITTLE more realistic.
  45. [01:28:40] <Giantree> Although you can probably hear a doki doki somewhere in there, she waves off the flattery and wears a smug grin that I can't believe isn't her actual portrait.  "Hehehe.  Somehow I knew you'd say something like that.  Y'know, you're not such a bad looker yourself."
  46. [01:30:51] <Giantree> Stretching for a moment to get the giggles out - and there are a few giggles to get out, believe me - she plops down near the edge, ready to just relax here instead of moving around doing anything.  "Oof!"  Keeping quiet a moment so that it doesn't come off like an intentional desperate topic change, she gets comfier and gives you a look.  "So, find out anything about that friend of yours?"
  47. [01:33:10] <Shinobu_Nagare> Depends on her face components. Does it have an easy to make smirk? "Really now? Thanks." Eckhart counters with a smirk of his own. "As for Aily... well, we're getting close to her last mission's destination. From there, I guess... it'd be all or nothing. For the sake of her captors, I do hope she's not harmed or anything."
  48. [01:36:42] <Giantree> "Y-Yeah..." And then she looks the other direction.  "Sorry for bringing it up.  I was just curious... 'cause I feel the same way about my sister still.  Only we don't know where her mission's destination was at all, because she just kinda... disappeared out of the blue one day."  A long sigh follows.  "Oh well!  Whatever happens, happens!"
  49. [01:36:51] <Giantree> "Er... I didn't mean it like... um..."
  50. [01:42:14] <Shinobu_Nagare> "It's alright, Norn," The ninja- spy- takes a seat beside her. "Besides, it's true. Neither of us really know what's gonna happen. Though with Sylvera and those God-Generals around... I reckon your sister could get involved in it. I mean, we have a dragon, of all people, joining us. Anything's possible, at this rate."
  51. [01:42:48] <Giantree> "Heh.  And a dog-man-- wonder what happened to him, anyway."
  52. [01:50:58] <Shinobu_Nagare> Shrug! "Reckon he smelled out his reason for being part dog, and he's gonna go un-dog himself."
  53. [01:51:18] <Giantree> [cricket sfx]
  54. [01:51:48] <Giantree> "Guess he's... doggone."
  55. [01:56:40] <Shinobu_Nagare> A beat. Then it starts. It begins as a "pff" sort of sound, and then it explodes into more of a "gahahahahaha". What is he, evil? "Good one, Norn! Ah... still, hope the guy's okay. He and I had our differences, sure, but he was pretty good at offing those mounted guys."
  56. [01:58:14] <Giantree> Norn comes to a horrific realization, having discovered the ninja's weak point.  Terrifying calculations can be seen deep in her eyes, planning to capture his heart once and for all through shitty puns.  There is now no escape.
  57. [01:58:33] <Giantree> "Yeah!  Just thinking out loud, is all."
  58. [02:01:22] <Shinobu_Nagare> We are all doomed. "Do it more often, then. Though... say, you ever heard of Rolantia?" Hopefully, this won't come out wrong.
  59. [02:02:07] <Giantree> "Uhhh... the capital of Sirrolant, yeah?"  It apparently didn't.  "What about it?"
  60. [02:10:27] <Shinobu_Nagare> "I reckon, maybe after all this... I could show you the place?" That's the thing that could, and would, come out wrong. Acaians don't go to Sirrolant. "I've gone there a few times on the job, and each time, it hasn't failed to impress." It also has a bunch of shit that shouldn't theoretically exist, like an ice cream shop and Leaning Tower of Pisa expies,
  61. [02:10:27] <Shinobu_Nagare> but that's another matter entirely. Oh, and he couldn't have Steyr catch onto him doing this, too.
  62. [02:11:30] * Bardy ( Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  63. [02:11:57] <Giantree> Steyr doesn't actually care if he gets a girlfriend, i-it's not like she LIKES him o-or anything!  Baka!
  64. [02:14:33] <Giantree> But no, the only reason Acaians wouldn't go there is because they're, you know, at war?  But they've only been at war for a couple months or so, meaning, there was nothing wrong with going there earlier.  Or coming from there.  Sometimes you just gotta travel.  More importantly, you get the feeling the peggirl was about to ask something similar, but didn't really because she already got the change to show you around a town she herself knew and thought was impressive.  "Y-You really mean it?  After all this stuff blows over... yeah, I'd like that."
  65. [02:19:04] <Shinobu_Nagare> Yeah, point taken. And of course Styer doesn't care, she's Steyr. "Of course I do. Ord's honor. So it's a deal, then?" Shinobu- Eckhart- makes that one smug grin he usually does again.
  66. [02:21:37] <Giantree> "A deal?  You betcha!"  Standing up, Norn has that ferocious look in her eyes.  "But how about I sweeten it a bit?"
  67. [02:22:05] <Giantree> Without giving you time to even think she lurches forward, and plants a cute little kiss on... probably on the cheek, but if you show no resistance at all she'll probably go all-in.
  68. [02:22:48] <Giantree> 'All-in' as in 'kiss on the lips' not 'push you down and have violent rough sexual intercourse in the middle of the snow with villagers watching' get your mind out of the gutter goddamn
  69. [02:24:06] <Raitaki> you're tree so that actually sounds like a reasonable gutter for your characters to be rolling into
  70. [02:24:16] <Giantree> w o w
  71. [02:29:32] <Shinobu_Nagare> But I wasn't even thinking that... Anyway, Shinobu doesn't really resist, but he certainly shows some slight surprise to being kissed, though he manages to shrug it off shortly after. "Well, I should've seen that coming. Guess you're already out-besting me." Shinobu counters with his own kiss on the lips. "Can't get you do that, now can I?"
  72. [02:30:21] <Giantree> "Hehehe."  1,1FTB
  74. [02:30:59] <Giantree> I HOPE YOU'RE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF
  75. [02:31:22] <Shinobu_Nagare> I SURE WAS NOT WHEN I DL'D THIS OFF OF FREESHOP
  76. [02:35:34] <Shinobu_Nagare> So /B?
  77. [02:38:05] <Giantree> yeah, seems to B
  78. [02:38:43] <Shinobu_Nagare> > Norn and Shinobu have attained a Support Rank of B!
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