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  1. [meego@localhost ~]$ killall widgetsgallery; export DISPLAY=:0; widgetsgallery -log-console -output-level debug -show-fps
  2. widgetsgallery: no process found
  3. Adding Master Pointer: Virtual core pointer ( 2 )
  4. Skipping non-Touch device: Virtual core XTEST pointer ( 4 )
  5. Skipping non-Touch device: TSC2005 touchscreen ( 9 )
  6. MComponentData: "Testability plugin /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/testability/ load failed with error: The shared library was not found."
  7. MAssemblyPrivate: load stylesheet from /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libmeegotouchcore/style/libmeegotouchcore.css
  8. MUniqueStringCachePrivate::fillUniqueStringCache: "Elements in cache /var/cache/meegotouch//css/no_reverse_lookup_string_cache: 1605, 6.11095% filled"
  9. MAssemblyPrivate: load stylesheet from /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/widgetsgallery/style/widgetsgallery.css
  10. MUniqueStringCachePrivate::fillUniqueStringCache: "Elements in cache /var/cache/meegotouch//css/reverse_lookup_string_cache: 1791, 5.10445% filled"
  11. MUniqueStringCachePrivate::fillStringToIdCache: filling stringToIdCache for "/var/cache/meegotouch//css/reverse_lookup_string_cache"
  12. MOrientationTracker: VideoRoute: ""
  13. MWindowPrivate: Renderer: OpenGL
  14. Successfully resolved MeeGo graphics system: /usr/lib/qt4/plugins/graphicssystems/
  16. MAssemblyPrivate: load stylesheet from /usr/share/themes/base/meegotouch/libmeegotouchviews/style/libmeegotouchviews.css
  17. Object::disconnect: No such signal MSceneWindow::backButtonClicked()
  18. Object::disconnect:  (sender name:   'ListPage')
  19. Object::disconnect:  (receiver name: 'ListPage')
  20. Object::disconnect: No such signal MSceneWindow::actionUpdated(QActionEvent *)
  21. Object::disconnect:  (sender name:   'ListPage')
  22. Object::disconnect:  (receiver name: 'applicationWindow')
  23. Object::disconnect: No such signal MSceneWindow::customNavigationBarContentChanged()
  24. Object::disconnect:  (sender name:   'ListPage')
  25. Object::disconnect:  (receiver name: 'applicationWindow')
  26. Object::disconnect: No such signal MSceneWindow::backButtonClicked()
  27. Object::disconnect:  (sender name:   'ListPage')
  28. Object::disconnect:  (receiver name: 'ListPage')
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