A night on the town (Story, cons, torture)

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  1. A night on the town (Story, cons, torture)
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  4. ‘Lizzy’s Bath’ was a particular type of bar, the type arranged with a deliberate carelessness. Each chair had been carefully chosen to not match any other, pictures hung specifically where the light would be worst, and the tables were arranged to make every path as winding as possible. The whole place was designed with the idea that clutter meant character. Every day at 6pm, dark shadows leaned long over the tables, strengthened by their contrast to the bright light streaming in from the windows. The columns of sunlight that managed to pierce through the clutter glittered ominously on the tables. Though the place was known for having scuffed glasses and stained chairs, the piles of razor blades that sat in the center of every table were always fresh and clean, grimly inviting their use. It was an invitation that not everyone declined. A pair of bodies, women in their early twenties, sat across from each other unblinkingly at a table, each with an arm hanging loosely to the floor, gashed from wrist to elbow. One’s cold fingers were still wrapped around her half-finished pint. Puddles of red and brown spotted the floor and tables, markers of where the staff had gotten the bodies, but hadn’t bothered to mop up the blood.
  6. It was a place for women to stare down their mortality, to look death in the eye and have a drink. A place for them to wander so close to the edge they might not be able to pull themselves back. It was a place that drew the curious, the poetic, and the cynical. In the holy city of Jerusalem, alter to the virtue of recklessness, it was a popular place.
  8. Sitting on one side of a thin table, three young women were nursing their drinks while engaged in excited conversation.
  10. “Do you think we should do it?”
  12. Liddy was a freckled redhead with deep dimples and a deceptively innocent looking face. It was the kind of face that made every lover think they were her first, even as she confessed to tasting a hundred different lovers before them. Tonight, she wore a crimson V neck T shirt that displayed the deep cleavage of her plump breasts. That cleavage was propped up as she pressed her chest in against the table, clutching her scarlet drink with both hands in excited trepidation, unsure if her companions were feeling adventurous, and what she would do if they were.
  14.  “I think it’s a pretty cool idea. Leaving a mark at the end of our vacation”
  16. Stacy clutched her drink, the glass half raised to her lips as she spoke. The lean woman had her brown hair pulled back into a loose ponytail, her bold eyebrows set in calm confidence as she pondered the images ahead of her. She wore a black chain choker around her neck, and her tight yellow top strained against the firm mounds of her gorgeous breasts. She cocked her head to one side, finishing off her drink. She sucked up an ice cube, swirling it around in her mouth as she silently debated. She was always thought of herself as a bold one, but she wasn’t sure if she was that bold.
  18. “I don’t know. It’s not much of a mark. Plus, we haven’t checked out of the hotel yet”
  20. Nina’s shiny brown hair fell in ringlets down to her shoulders, bouncing lightly with each motion of her head. Her brilliant blue eyes peered out from behind her heavy lids, less interested in what her friends were saying than by the images pinned to the wall. Her white blouse was sheer enough to show that she wasn’t wearing a bra to support her perky pair of delightful breasts.
  22. The wall across from them was covered by polaroids of previous patrons. The vast majority were topless, a handful were in groups of two or three, about half were smiling. All of the women in the photos sported a crimson line across the neck where their throat had been slit, and long trails of blood flowing down their chests. The trio was mesmerized by the monument to so many women’s final moments, and were tempted to add their own photo to the lot. Without getting up, a woman leaned back from the bar, making it clear she was talking to the three.
  24. “I’ll lick your clit if you do it”
  26. Ellen was a somewhat short, pale skinned Asian with a lovely pair of soft white breasts currently obscured by the loose-fitting shirt she was still wearing from her job as a janitor. Her long hair was dyed a pale pink and currently wrapped up in a loose, practical bun at the back of her head. The most alluring feature of the woman by far were her lush, plump lips. The soft pink cushions were just begging to be wrapped around something hard and throbbing or to be pressed against something soft and moist.
  28. Stacy spit the ice cube back into her glass, deciding that she was bold enough to throw her life away tonight.
  30. “Good enough for me” The brunette slipped her shorts down to her ankles, revealing her barely parted slit, and called out to one of the barkeepers “Hey barmaid! How do you get your picture up there?”
  32. “Just give me a second to get the camera” A pierced redhead answered from behind the bar.
  34. Ellen didn’t wait for the barmaid to return, but slid down to her knees. Gently, with a sensuous smile Ellen reached over to part the woman’s pink folds. She eyed the folded slit with heavy lidded attraction as she slowly leaned in to gently kiss the woman’s soft cunt. She moved with leisurely grace, pressing her entrancing lips gently against the sensitive skin, letting the pleasure build with each fleeting touch. Each kiss lasted a little longer, and pressed in a little firmer as Stacy’s pleasure grew.
  36. “So, how do you want to do it?” Nina asked as her brunette friend, who was leaning back to enjoy the Ellen’s sensuous attention on her moistening sex.
  38. “Huh? Oh, I don’t know. Smile and one of you cuts my throat?” Stacy reached down to rest a hand on Ellen’s head, obviously distracted.
  40. “We should do it right when you cum” Liddy suggested excitedly “Just pull back your hair and ZIP! Right across the neck”
  42. “hmmmm” Ellen’s lips were firmly planted on Stacy’s cooch now, teasingly close to her clit as the Asian mouthed the brunette’s firm flesh “yeah…good idea”
  44. The barmaid returned with the camera.
  46. “OK who’s getting snuffed? And it’s just girls getting their throats cut in the picture, we don’t allow spectators on the wall”
  48. Stacy hummed as Ellen’s tongue probed gently up her moist slit.
  50. “She is” Liddy answered, thumbing to her friend “Just, give her a second, we want to take the picture when she cums”
  52. “Look, I can’t stand here while I got thirsty customers, so…”
  54. “OK, just do it” Stacy gasped as she guided Ellen’s face with both hands “Oh yeah, right there”
  56. “Do you wanna, show some tit or something?” The bartender asked impatiently as she lined up the shot
  58. Breath heavy with pleasure, Stacy hooked her thumbs beneath her yellow top and slid it up above the curve of her beautiful full breasts. The pink stubs were hard with desire, and she bit her lip with lust as she reached back down with both hands to guide Ellen once more, her arms gently pressing those firm orbs together.
  60. “Should I…?” Liddy picked up one of the gleaming razors from the table.
  62. “It was your idea” Nina shrugged
  64. The redhead took hold of her friend’s long ponytail in one hand. Stacy let out a gasp of pleasure as she drew her neck back. Liddy gently placed the corner of the blade against her friend’s exposed throat, just below the ear.
  66. “Ready?”
  68. A breathy moan was her reply.
  70. Stacy’s mouth fell open, her eyes widened as the blade cut a clear red line across her throat, just above the black metal chain she wore. Liddy took a hurried step back to get out of the shot as red trailed down Stacy’s white throat. The brunette gazed, slack-jawed at the camera as the red flowed down her skin, dripping past her chain choker to soak into her yellow top, a dark stain slowly growing across her collar. She let out a soft, gurgling moan. A small trail of blood peaked out from the corner of her parted lips. Below, Ellen hadn’t stopped gently sucking at the dying woman’s clit. Stacy’s eye’s fluttered, just as the camera clicked a photo, capturing her last, lustful breath before she slumped over sideways to the floor.
  72. Ellen followed her down. Licking at the dying woman’s wet slit as she squirmed slowly like a fish out of water, gurgling as she choked on her own blood. Ellen didn’t stop, even after Stacy had stopped writhing aimlessly on the floor, after her hazel eyes were staring blankly at the ceiling. It wasn’t until the pool of red stopped flowing from her throat, when there was no doubt that every spark of life in Stacy was gone, that Ellen gave Stacy’s clit one last slow, sensual kiss, and climbed back to her feet.
  74. “I’m Ellen” The Asian introduced herself to the surviving pair “I’m waiting for my roommates, if you want to join us”
  76. ---1-------------------
  78. The trio sat down around the table, Ellen nudging Stacy’s corpse out of the way as she pulled back the seat.
  80. “So, do you live in Jerusalem?” Nina asked, trying to start up conversation
  82. “Yup”
  84. “Anything we should do on our last night here?”
  86. “Lots”
  88. It was fairly clear that Ellen was not much of a conversationalist as she gestured to the waitress that her glass was empty. Liddy turned to a different topic.
  90. “So, lick a lot of clit in this bar?”
  92. Ellen smiled coyly.
  94. “Yup”
  96. “Wanna give mine a taste?”
  98. “Plan on getting snuffed?”
  100. The redhead shrugged her shoulders playfully.
  102. “Maybe…”
  104. Ellen raised her fresh drink to her plump lips, slowly parting them around the smooth edge of the glass, pressing them ever so gently against the transparent surface as she sipped the fruity liquid. She stared straight into Liddy’s eyes as she sipped.
  106. “Then maybe”
  108. “Hey Ellen, make some new friends?”
  110. The trio was joined by a tanned blonde with crystal blue eyes. The vague outline of what must have been some pleasantly firm breasts and a big, curvy behind was just barely visible beneath her grey jumpsuit. ‘Rachel’s Towing’ was embroidered along the back. The vivacious woman took a seat and introduced herself before Ellen had a chance to reply, not that the Asian looked like she was going to.
  112. “I’m Kara, Ellen’s roommate”
  114. “Liddy”
  116. “Nina, were here on vacation”
  118. “Oh, how long are you staying for?”
  120. “We have a late train tomorrow”
  122. “Assuming we make it” Liddy added, sliding a sly glance over at Ellen “You never know”
  124. “A snuff vacation then?” Kara nodded to the waitress bringing over her usual drink “What’s the occasion?”
  126. “Oh, we weren’t planning on it” Nina leaned forward eagerly “It’s just kind of turned out that way. There were eight of us when we started”
  128. “We’re dropping like flies” Liddy added, and took a swig of her drink
  130. “Oh, yeah” Kara grinned “Those are the fun ones. I went on a trip like that to Medinine” She pulled back her long blond hair to reveal a long thin scar just above her ear “Only reason I’m still here is that I was too drunk to shoot straight”
  132. “Wow, why didn’t you finish the job?”
  134. Kara shrugged
  136. “No fun doing it alone. Passed out looking for more bullets, everyone was dead by the time I woke up. Hey, if you’re thinking about getting snuffed, you could get your picture taken” She pointed to the wall of slit throats “It’s kind of a big thing here”
  138. Liddy giggled and pointed to Stacy’s body on the floor.
  140. “One of us already did. But I’m up for a round of throaters if you’ll drink with me”
  142. Kara nodded and Liddy flagged down a waitress, ordering four of the drinks advertised to have a one in twenty chance of being lethal.
  144. “Of course, if we make it out of this bar alive, we were thinking about going somewhere a bit more, intimate” Liddy licked her lip seductively at Ellen
  146. “We were?” Nina cocked her head with confusion at her friend. Liddy ignored the brunette and continued.
  148. “Maybe we can go get a gun and, remove that scar for you”
  150. Kara rubbed a finger against the smooth skin
  152. “Thanks, but I kind of like it. Besides, I plan on ending up on the wall when I finally kick it. Feels like I owe it to the place by now. But if you wanted to go somewhere private to kick it, we use a giant compactor at work. There’s this ’52 that got brought in today with full leather seats that’s just going to get crushed tomorrow. I could let you two make out in the back seat and crush it tonight. It’d be nice and cozy”
  154. “Liddy” Nina complained “One of us has to check out of the hotel”
  156. Liddy rolled her eyes bemusedly
  158. “OK, one of us has to live through the night, so no on the compacter” She shot a sly glance over at Ellen “Unless we can find someone to go in it with one of us?”
  160. “WHAT UP CUNTS!”
  162. Ingrid showed up just as the waitress arrived with the shots. The brunette was a lazy sort of pretty, with shoulder length hair draped around her face in a cute but low maintenance style. The big, dark rimmed glasses on her face showed her to be a woman who valued function over form, and who valued an object being in arm’s reach over both, while a softness to her body betrayed her distain for exercise. She was uncharacteristically wearing professional attire that was clearly not hers. The crisp blouse hung loosely around her chest as she walked, taking tight little steps in a pencil skirt that was far too tight around her pleasingly plump thighs.
  164. “Hey Ingrid this is-“
  166. “Yeah, ok, shut up” Ingrid grabbed Ellen’s drink from in front of her as she cut Kara off “Guess which slit got the managerial position. This fucking hole right here” Ingrid downed Ellen’s shot, then immediately contorted her face in disgust “God, throaters. Why? Anyway, *blegh* anyway. This cunt is now your fucking boss” She pointed at Kara for emphasis “And is going to take you two cunts out for dinner and some drinks. Play your cards right, I’ll even let you blow me. Hi, how are you, who are you?”
  168. Liddy and Nina had been sitting there not exactly sure how to handle Ingrid’s brashness while Ellen and Kara simply smirked in amusement at their boisterous roommate. Nina extended her hand.
  170. “Hi I’m-“
  172. “Doesn’t matter, you’re both fucking sexy. You wanna come too? Somewhere nice I promise you. Also, I’m buying”
  174. Nina sat stunned in the whirlwind that was Ingrid. Liddy was more than happy to sit back and let her befuddled friend try to do the talking while she eyed this new arrival’s sumptuous body.
  176.  “Um, sure”
  178.  “Great, let’s go so I can get out of this fucking skirt. And get these cunts fucking presentable” She reached over to take Nina’s shot and downed it in one gulp “Ug, Fuck that’s awful”
  180. “Um, Ok. If it’s somewhere nice, maybe we should go get changed. We can meet you-“
  182. “No, fuck that, come with us. You can borrow something. You look about Kara’s size. That hoe should have something that’ll fit”
  184. She grabbed Kara’s drink.
  186. “SHIT FUCK COCK!” Ingrid licked the palm of her hand, trying to scrape off the taste of the alcoholic monstrosity she had just drank.
  188. “Just let us pay our tab” Liddy coolly held out her shot for Ingrid to take.
  190. “I like you *gulp* Fucking hell that tastes like a dumpster’s unwashed piss hole!”
  192. ---2--------------------
  194. Ingrid’s skirt did not make it all the way home. Halfway back she stopped to peal it off her thighs, hanging onto Kara as she jiggled unsteadily in the middle of the sidewalk. She tossed the piece of fabric over her shoulder and walked the rest of the way with her blouse reaching just low enough to barely conceal her black panties. Once back in the apartment it did not take long for the five women to begin disrobing. Kara hurriedly slipped out of her jumpsuit, the toned curve of her behind rippling as she tossed it on the couch. Liddy was just about to follow the pale Ellen back into the room she and Kara shared, tossing her top onto the couch and hoping to use her plump breasts and scarlet red nipples to entice the cool Asian into some before dinner fun. But before she could follow the pink haired beauty, Ingrid grabbed the topless redhead’s bare shoulder.
  196. “Follow me cunt, I’ve got just the thing for you”
  198. Only Nina bothered to fold her clothes, standing in the living room with her puffy upturned breasts gently wiggling as she stacked the neat fabric squares on top of each other. The slender girl was just about to turn toward Ellen and Kara’s room when the front door opened. She turned her head over her bare shoulder, making no move to hide her cute little bottom from the stranger.
  200. Everything about the ebony black man was tall and lanky. The short-cropped hair seeming to exaggerate the length of his face. His body had a slender tone to it, not a physically hard-working man but one who kept himself active. He didn’t bother to hide how his eyes roamed over Nina’s slender form as he spoke, drinking in her beauty like it was his god given right to see her naked. A dark green vibrator was held loosely in his long, muscular hands
  202. “Hey, Is Kara around?”
  204. “Yeah” Nina flashed the man a friendly smile “Let me get her for you”
  206. Nina let the dark-skinned man watch her delightful little ass wiggle as she walked down the hall. A moment later she returned with Kara, the blonde’s tanned curves similarly bared for her guest to see.
  208. “Hi James. What’s up?”
  210. “Hey, did you leave a vibrator over at our place?” James held up the green rod “Dayna found it this mourning and can’t remember where it came from”
  212. Kara strode forward to get a better look. Her tanned curves coming far closer to James’s skin than necessary as she took the sex toy from him and turned it intently in her hands.
  214. “I think it was Savana’s”
  216. “Well, in that case, do you want it? Dayna doesn’t-“
  218. “Got damn your whore fucking tits!” Ingrid’s brash voice barreled in from the other room “Why won’t they just fucking stay?!”
  220. Both Kara and James turned to see Ingrid come marching out of her room, Liddy being dragged playfully along. The redhead was grinning from ear to ear as her firm round tits flopped in between the straps of Ingrid’s wine-colored dress. Ingrid’s own hanging white breasts were covered by nothing at all.
  222. “James!” Ingrid froze and pointed accursedly at the visitor, her large jugs bouncing with the motion “What have I told you about coming into this apartment?”
  224. Sheepishly, James unzipped his trousers and pulled out his long ebony cock. Nina looked down appreciatively at the ample rod as it flopped out into the open.
  226. “Na-ah-ah” Ingrid chided, her soft tits jiggling as she shook her head “Not fucking good enough”
  228. James reached down and began to stroke his dark member. Nina’s eyes widened as she watched the ebony serpent lengthen and stiffen, growing larger and larger until Nina had to take a steadying breath at the site of his intimidatingly long member. Quietly, the slender brunette slipped the unclaimed green dildo, quite modest in comparison to his throbbing black meat, from his palm. Ingrid spread her legs wide.
  230. “Come on cunt tease, you know what to do”
  232. Liddy draped her arms around Ingrid’s shoulders, pressing her plush tits into the woman’s bare back as she draped her hands over Ingrid’s soft breasts. The redhead ‘whispered’ in a voice that was clearly audible to everyone in the room.
  234. “You know, Nina and I are on vacation, and are going all the way back to Helsinki tomorrow” She trailed a finger around Ingrid’s ghost like nipple “Why don’t you let you friend give us something to remember?”
  236. “No, that’s OK” Nina let out a nervous chuckle as she eyed James’s gigantic cock “I wouldn’t want to force myself into anything. Unless, you really want to?”
  238. Nina glanced up at James’s with worry in her eyes. The man was unabashedly staring at her tits as he rubbed himself.
  240. “Sorry cunts, but rules are rules. And the rule is that this cock hungry cunt is getting filled”
  242. James focused on working his expansive shaft as the brunette spoke, his already impressive member continuing to harden to almost absurd proportions. Ingrid reached down and spread her pussy, it’s pink walls glistening with her anticipation. Liddy continued to play with the other woman’s faint nipples, eyeing James’s rod with envy, and a little skepticism.
  244. James’s hard shaft swayed back and forth as he marched over to Ingrid. With almost brutish efficiency he pressed his swollen head against her moist opening and shoved his hard rod into the waiting woman. Ingrid grunted and jerked forward, her eyes rolling up as she took his thick rod.
  246. “Oh yeah” She grunted as centimeter after centimeter was forced into her “Stretch this fucking cunt out”
  248. Liddy looked back and forth between James and Ingrid, clearly amused at how Ingrid grimaced and twitched with each thrust of James’s deep cock. Nina flopped into the nearest chair and spread her long thighs wide. Idly she began rubbing herself, bringing the green dildo to her lips to give it a good, long lick.
  250. “Wreck my pussy” Ingrid demanded as she grabbed onto his hips and rammed him deeper inside her.
  252. James grunted with effort, digging his fingers into her bare ass as he pounded her. Watching them, Nina bit her lip and let her hips rock into the rubber rod she held in her hand. Smiling dreamily through half lidded eyes she watched her host getting fucked raw+. Ingrid’s breaths were shallow and pained, a tight grunt exiting her throat every third or fourth thrust. Behind her, Liddy was pressing her body against her naked back, sandwiching the rowdy brunette between the herself and the black stud. James watched Liddy’s hands as they played across Ingrid’s soft breasts, grunting harder and harder as Ingrid’s cunt stretched around his wide shaft. He leaned in to nibble at her shoulder, the brunette stretching her head to the side, inviting him.
  254. “Oh yeah *ugnh* Taste me. Taste my fucking meat while you *grunt* While you skewer me on your fucking cock”
  256. Ingrid craned her head back and barred her teeth to the ceiling, grimacing as her neighbor bit down hard on her shoulder. His monstrous cock buried to the hilt within her, Ingrid could feel the black rod pumping his seed into her moist slit. She clutched him, pulling his body to hers as her pussy filled with his cum. Panting, James pulled his glistening rod from her, its wide head pulling free with a wet pop. Her gaping cunt gently dripping down her thigh, Ingrid reached down to grab his slick shaft
  258. “You ain’t getting away that easy hot rod. We’re going out for sushi later, and you’re driving”
  260. With that, Ingrid bounced James’s softening cock against his belly and turned to get dressed.
  262. ---3-------------------------
  264. Driving in James’s rather small car was a squeeze, not that most of the women had minded being pressed up against each other’s curves. Ellen was curled across Kara and Nina in the back seat, her blonde roommate’s hands idlily resting on her braless bosom as they drove. Liddy was in Ingrid’s lap in the passenger seat, and with every bump and turn in the road the redhead squirmed and rubbed her body deliberately against the brunette. Climbing out in front of the restaurant, the redhead casually slipped her scarlet nipples back behind the velvety straps of her borrowed dress. She stretched and looked back at the car.
  266. “Well at least one of us better get snuffed tonight”
  268. “Are you volunteering to be dinner?” Kara quipped, rolling her shoulders to try and stretch out the tension
  270. “Do they let you bring your own meat?” Nina asked curiously as she looked the elegant storefront up and down “It doesn’t look like that kind of place”
  272. “Come one, quit your squawking, cunts” Ingrid was already striding toward the door “I’m fucking starving”
  274. The woman at the front wore an elegant black kimono. The blonde was young, probably not much older than twenty, and nodded her head with a welcoming smile as the hungry Ingrid burst through the door.
  276. “Hello, welcome to JT sushi. Party of seven?”
  278. “Yep! Private table, and we want a fresh slit too!”
  280. “Of course, right this way”
  282. Ingrid ogled the young blonde’s tight round ass as the kimono flowed appetizingly over its exceptional curvature. She wasn’t the only one.
  284. “Are you on the menu?” Nina asked curiously as she likewise envisioned the posterior that must lurk under the shiny black fabric
  286. “Not tonight” The blonde answered politely, and gestured to the long table “I will be back in a moment with tea and your girl”
  288. “And Sake” Ingrid added “At least two bottles”
  290. Their chef stood behind the table, clothed in a spotless white robe. Her curly brown hair was tied back in a tight bundle behind her head, and a square white hat rested on top to complete the outfit. She casually sharpened a gleaming blade and nodded politely to the seven as they took their seats. Tied down to the table was what remained of a heavily freckled redhead.
  292. She was still alive, that was clear to see. Bound to the table by tight loops of rope around her shoulders, wrists, ankles, thighs, neck, and waist she could not move. A thick leather strap wedged between her jaws ensured that she could not speak either. Most of her chest had been cut away, the white of a few ribs shown through the muscle as the woman’s slow, agonizing breaths caused her mutilated chest to rise and fall. Her right arm had been cut down to the bone, only a few blood vessels, avoided to keep her alive as long as possible, had been spared. Chunks were also missing from her legs and one side of her belly was completely exposed, the white skin of the other half was completely untouched, leaving a small, delicate tattoo of a rose visible. She was not crying, was not struggling. There was evidence she had, her eyes were red and puffy, with streaks of salt running down the sides of her face, the wrist at the end of her bony arm was rubbed raw by the cord that held it, but the woman was clearly spent. She stared up at the ceiling with empty, bloodshot eyes, exhaustion and pain having robbed her of all fight. She lay there, waiting for when she would finally be allowed to die.
  294. “Would any of you like any final cuts before I dispose of this girl?” The chef asked as she continued to hone her blade
  296. “Yeah, I’ll take the cunt’s clit” Ingrid said with predatory glee
  298. “Could I have some labia?” Nina asked politely
  300. “Oh, that sounds good, I’ll have some too” Kara added
  302. While the rest of her body had been sliced to bits for previous patrons, the freckled woman’s lightly tanned pussy had been completely untouched. Since the delicate organ could usually not be removed without either killing the woman or applying a chemical coagulant, a bite of pussy sushi cost as much as ordering a fresh woman, and generally wasn’t removed until a replacement was on her way.
  304. There was no movement from the meal as the chef pinched her succulent lips between her fingers, getting a good grip on the delectable meat. It was only when the glistening blade moved to part her flesh did the redhead react at all, a tired moan barely seeping out from around her gag as her sensitive pussy was cut off of her. It was a soft cry of agony that was accompanied by no movement, not even the slightest twitch, from the dissected woman. The chief quickly sliced the tender meat into thin strips and plated it on rice with a few vegetables. The movement of her graceful hands as she worked was hypnotic, the fresh pussy seemed to dissolve into a beautiful meal like it was magic. She handed the three dishes out to the waiting women.
  306. “Anyone else want a piece?”
  308. When the remaining diners waved the chef off for a second time, she reached down to grab a long silver spike and a heavy looking wooden mallet from behind the table. She placed the spike gently against the redhead’s forehead, the exhausted woman’s eyes followed the spike up. The barest hint of a smile curved along the edges of the redhead’s gagged lips as the chef raised the mallet. There was a soft thud as the spike was driven into the woman’s brain. Her body shivered, exposed red muscle twitching wildly as the chef swirled the spike around in the woman’s skull. A moment later and the and the redhead was still, those staring, bloodshot eyes clearly dead.
  310. “mmmm, delicious” Kara said as she savored the bite of meat. The chef was busy unclamping the various ropes that had held the redhead in place “Here, have a piece” the tanned blonde offered a thin slice of meat to Ellen, who opened her mouth to let her roommate slip the thin meat between her plump lips.
  312. “You want some?” Nina offered to Liddy.
  314. “No thanks. I prefer my pussy still attached”
  316. The redhead’s corpse slid easily across the smooth marble table as the chef dragged it off and let it fall into a hidden bin at her feet. The curly haired woman got to work with a rag, and in just a few moments the sparkling table betrayed no evidence that a woman had just been tortured and killed upon it. The young waitress returned with a tanned platinum blonde in her wake. The server in the kimono held a tray laden with tea while the nude meal carried a similar tray laden with sake.
  318. “Is this meat acceptable?” The younger woman gestured to the other blonde, who stood there silently, chin up, chest out, and legs parted to let the women examine her soft, delicious body.
  320. “Oh yeah” Ingrid licked her lips “I could definitely go for some tit meat right about now. Hurry up and give me something to wash it down with”
  322. The naked blonde nodded politely and gracefully served the women their drinks. She then handed the empty tray off to the young waitress and climbed wordlessly onto the table. She lay there in silence as the cook quickly and efficiently tightened the loops of cord to hold her body in place. She didn’t grimace, or even seem to acknowledge the smooth cords pressing firmly into her body, the only motion she made was to open her mouth wide as the chief wrapped the thick leather gag between her teeth. Meal firmly secured, the chef waited politely, knife in hand, for the patrons to place their orders.
  324. “Tit, definitely the tit” Ingrid reached over to prod the meat before the chef stopped her
  326. “Please, don’t touch the meat”
  328. Ingrid shrugged and took a second to size up the twin mounds
  330. “Left one”
  332. “Then I will take a the right one, and some thigh” Liddy added
  334. “We’ll have some thigh too” Kara ordered, for both herself and Ellen
  336. “Some of the belly please” Nina added politely “But not too much”
  338. “Upper breast, here” James leaned over, careful not to touch the meat as he hovered his long finger over what he wanted “And extra seaweed”
  340. Nodding to the patron, the chef pulled out six porcelain dishes, and got to work.
  342. The white robed chef pinched a firm pink nipple of the restrained woman, pulling the breast up and causing the flesh to tent gently. The blonde’s chest rose sharply, her nostrils flared, as the blade effortlessly parted her raised breast. The meal’s hands pumped into fists as the small fistful of meat was set aside for latter. There was a small whistle of breath from the meal’s flared nostrils as the cook took hold of her other breast. The helpless woman blinked away tears, she tried to focus only on the ceiling as her second tit was cut from her body. The chef didn’t give her time to recover, but gracefully splayed one hand across the blonde’s chest, right where the breast met the collar, and drew the knife gracefully across her lightly tanned skin. The meal’s neck strained beneath the cord holding it down, her jaw could be seen clenching down on her leather gag as James’s meal was cut out of her body. Small trickles of red were slowly trailing down the flat-topped curves of the woman’s disfigured breasts as the chef moved down to the belly. She drew a thin red line of red, expertly slicing through the muscle with the tip of the razor-sharp blade without harming the viscera below. The blonde let out a muffled grunt as the slab of meat was ripped off of her belly in a quick, violent motion. The chef paused for only the barest moment to gently feel the woman’s think leg, probing softly for the arteries and veins beneath, before sliding the knife through the firm flesh. The blonde’s muscles were visibly twitching as the blade slid across her leg to cut free the piece of meat. The partially dissected woman grimaced and grunted into her gag as the chef probed the fresh wound with her fingertips before slicing a second strip of meat. A throbbing vessel, beating with the adrenalin filled blood of the bound beauty, was exposed to the waiting patrons. The chef carefully slipped the blade to the side of the pumping tube to cut out the third and final strip of meat.
  344. As the Chef sliced the fresh cut meat and dolled it out onto finely decorated porcelain for the patrons, the blonde stared stoically up at the ceiling, breathing heavily into the gag as she blinked back heavy tears. The other women ignored her suffering as they ate, having taken what they wanted from her, she was now just another decoration to add ambiance to their meal.
  346. “So, what was the dick thing about earlier?” Nina asked as she daintily dipped a strip of belly into the sauce
  348. “It’s a house rule” Kara answered “No man’s allowed in without a hard cock unless he just finished fucking one of us”
  350. “Good rule” Liddy took a sip of sake
  352. “Yeah…” Ingrid spoke with a cheek full of food, chopsticks with a slice of breast in one hand, and a cup full of sake in the other “keeps them from thinking we care about anything but their cocks!”
  354. “Oh, that’s not very nice to say” Nina looked over at James, who gave an unconcerned shrug
  356. “That’s just Ingrid, she’s got some empathy in there, she just tries to bury it beneath alcohol and crudeness”
  358. “It is not *scarf* just me. The book of Dolcett is pretty clear *gulp* I exist to get fucked and die, you exist to fuck and kill *scarf* *gulp* It’s just the way things are”
  360. James shook his head disapprovingly.
  362. “You and your derivitism. You know, the problem with derivitism is that it ignores both the importance of mental torment as part of the sacrificial virtue and misconstrues humility as a merely superficial act. Like Dr Bergfalk said ‘A person cannot be humble if they don’t think they have any value’”
  364. “Dr Bergfalk needs to read more source material and less *gulp…gulp* less of his own books”
  366. Liddy let out a protracted sigh
  368. “Just what our vacation was missing, religious debates”
  370. “Stuff your cock hole, slut” Ingrid’s words were brash, but they held neither venom nor spite “I’m paying anyway”
  372. Ingrid and James when back to discussing their various interpretations of Dolcett’s message. It was heated, and borderline insulting, but also clear from their body language that they held no true animosity towards each other.
  374. “So, why the vacation?” Kara asked, looking to start a conversation that didn’t involve dense lectures or ancient books.
  376. “Needed time away from the family” Liddy took a gulp of sake “Couldn’t get laid without a couple sisters joining in”
  378. “I though you liked having Candise join in?” Nina scooped a small ball of rice into her mouth
  380. “Yeah, but, not every time. It’s good to get some space sometimes”
  382. “I can see how that might get annoying” Kara gestured to herself with her chopsticks “I’m a volunteer, so not exactly any family around to get in my hair, but Ellen’s mother was drafted, and is still trying to get her to move back to Medinine. Calls every other day to make sure she hasn’t snuffed it yet”
  384. “That’s sweet of her” Nina chimed in “My mom’s pretty involved in my life too”
  386. “Yeah, but the opposite” Liddy added with a snicker “She keeps leaving nooses around her house ‘just in case someone needs one’, and suggesting neighborhood barbeques that need volunteers”
  388. “What’s wrong with that?” Nina asked, a little defensive “She’s just trying to be helpful”
  390. “I just think that if Sasha wants to get snuffed, she doesn’t have to make sure all her daughters are dead first. I’m sure you can get your neck into a noose just fine without her”
  392. “Why haven’t you yet?” Kara asked cautiously “I mean, it sounds like she’s really pushing you to kill yourself, and you don’t seem like you’re opposed to it. So why haven’t you kicked it yet? I bet your legs would look great at the end of a noose”
  394. The brunette blushed a little
  396. “I guess I just haven’t found the right person to kill me”
  398. “Always the romantic” Liddy gave her friend a playful nudge, making her blush even brighter “I promised to kill her if we’re both alive when she turns forty” The redhead chuckled into her sake “There’s no way I’ll be alive that long”
  400. Ellen listened as Ingrid and James argued about religion, as the others talked about their families and their homes, but she didn’t speak. She didn’t feel the need to. Instead, she savored the taste of the sushi, patiently sucking the flavorful juices from each and every bite, as she watched closely the face of the woman who had fed them this night. The blonde’s jaw was clamped shut, her watery eyes staring stoically at the blank ceiling as she waited for more of her body to be ordered.
  402. ----4----------------------
  404. The six left the restaurant satisfied with the delectable meal they had just shared, and eager for the night to begin in earnest.
  406. “OK, so, I’m not getting back in that car until we make a little room” Ingrid announced as they walked out into the early evening air, the last few rays of sunlight dimly streaming above the buildings “Fortunately, I just so happen to know of a party nearby, and it’s just the kind of place for a couple of tourists on their last night out”
  408. She grinned impishly and pulled a folded note from her purse.
  410. All four of the holy cities were dedicated to a separate virtue, which often encouraged features that gave them each a particular local flavor beyond that of normal city to city distinctions. Jerusalem for example, alter of recklessness, was unique in the presence of flash clubs. A building somewhere in the city would for a single night be converted into a snuff club. Drinks, music, servers, and snuff girls would materialize as if formed from the evening dew and vanish just as quickly in the morning light. No one made them easy to find, never advertised, patrons had to hear from word of mouth when and where a club would appear. Even if someone had a contact within the company, they never had more than 48 hours to decide if they wanted to go or not. Ingrid had sucked a lot of dick and licked even more pussy to find out where tonight’s festivities would be held.
  412. Tonight it was a movie theater, shut down for renovations that could just as easily involve hauling out a few dozen bodies along with the drywall. Walking in, it was clear that the six were not dressed appropriately, a deliberate deception on Ingrid’s part. Black leather and steal seemed to be the fashion, judging from the hoard of hedonists drinking and fucking at what was a snack counter this morning. A young woman screamed as boiling hot oil was poured over her bare tits. A woman looking to be her sister held her down on the counter, her own perky jugs had more than a couple of long skewers impaling them and they shook wildly as her sister struggled beneath her grasp. Ingrid led them to the ticket counter, where a hefty man dressed in thick leather straps was getting his fat cock sucked by a pale redhead kneeling awkwardly in front of him and wearing nothing but a tight corset. A closer look revealed that both of her hands had been nailed to the floor.
  414. Ingrid pulled out a small wad of cash from her purse and handed it to the bouncer. He thumbed through it as the redhead bobbed on his cock, the studs on the knuckles of his fingerless gloves shining in the light. He nodded to Ingrid and reached back to grab a pair of spiked collars from behind the counter.
  416. “You get two” He gruffly muttered and handed the collars to James. Each of the collars was fastened with a bulky lock, each holding a small key within.
  418. “What are those?” Nina asked curiously
  420. “Any free cunt who comes in here has given her permission to do anything anyone wants to her. Any cunt a cock puts a collar on are his until he takes it off, other guys won’t do nothing too serious to them without the owner’s say so. Don’t fuck around too hard with someone else’s slave.” The muscular bouncer went silent, taking the time to look each of them intently in the eye and make sure they understood the seriousness of the club’s rules “Cunt’s can’t leave the club with a collar on, and any cunts still breathing with one on when we close won’t be by the time we pack up. Any cunt without a collar is fair game. Wreck what you want, wreck who you want, your drinks and drugs are paid for, just don’t start any fires. Got it?”
  422. Nina nodded.
  424. “Good”
  426. The large man moved with surprising speed for a guy getting his cock sucked. The back of his hand caught the side of the slender brunette’s face, sending her spinning to the floor with a resounding smack. Lying on the ground, Nina shook her head back and forth to try and shake the daze, wiggling her jaw a bit to make sure it still worked. Four little bruises were already forming along the side of her cheek.
  428. “Heh, you take a hit real nice cunt”
  430. The hefty man smiled lustfully at the dazed woman on the ground for a moment before walking back to where he had stood when they came in. He gently guided the redhead’s lips back to his stiff member, clearly done with this conversation.
  432. James didn’t even hesitate, but turned to Ellen. The Asian woman lifted up her pale pink locks to let him slip the studded collar around her neck, the black leather complementing the blue of her short dress. James took a moment to look over the four remaining beauties, fingering the collar. Liddy licked her lips, eyeing the ceiling with mock innocence as she drew her fingertips across the hem of the dark red fabric cradling her breasts. She glanced over at James, who was definitely looking her over, and cocked her head toward Nina, who was on her feet and nervously eyeing the woman still writhing on the snack bar. The woman’s tits were an angry red as they jiggled wildly on her squirming frame. Nina twitched as she felt James’s hands brush against her skin. She gave him and appreciative look as he locked the collar into place.
  434. “Are we fucking done here yet?” Ingrid asked rhetorically “Cause I’m gonna go get shitfaced”
  436. “I think I’d rather find the dance floor” Kara could hear the muffled throbbing of hard music emanating from one of the theaters, Ingrid waved her hand dismissively and headed to the snack bar.
  438. “You two do what you want” James told his temporary slaves, hooking a finger down the front of Liddy’s borrowed dress “I’m going to try this whore out for a ride”
  440. Ellen shrugged and sided up with Kara. Nina looked around at the parting group for a few moments, not quite sure what to do. Kara waved for the slender brunette to follow, and she hurried after the pair of roommates.
  442. ----5----------------------
  444. Ingrid’s dress was a bright canary yellow, strapless with low sleeves that bared her shoulders. Her generally sloppy demeanor was exacerbated by the many cups of sake she had drunk, and her soft, braless breasts wiggled chaotically beneath her low hemline. Surrounded by black leather and predatory glances, she looked like a rabbit that had brashly hopped into a den of wolves.
  446. “Hey! Drink!” She yelled out to the women behind the counter.
  448. Both barkeepers were chained to the soda machine by a heavy collar clamped around their necks. The one who answered Ingrid’s demand was a young redhead, nineteen or twenty, with a face covered in freckles, wearing in nothing more than her manacle and a fishnet dress. Her lip was split in a couple of places, and one brilliant green eye was darkened with a bruise, but she smiled expectantly at the boisterous new patron.
  450. “Booze” Ingrid demanded “Rotgut. Something that’ll burn until tomorrow”
  452. Ingrid leaned against the counter, sticking her wide ass out behind her as the redhead poured a third of a bottle of something amber into a styrofoam cup. She knew how many eyes were on her at that moment, though she pretended not to. The hard slap on her ass was no surprise, but she still grunted with pain as her body jerked forward from the force of the blow. It was not a playful smack.
  454. “Well look who’s going to live to tomorrow Allie”
  456. Dian, the source of Ingrid’s sore behind sidled up to the counter beside her. A fit strawberry blonde, she wore a red leather bikini with a hole in the bottom that left her smooth cunt accessible to whatever might slip between her thighs. Dangling from her neckless, nestled between her modest breasts, was someone’s severed cunt, smearing red across her lightly tanned skin as she moved. On Ingrid’s other side a long haired Asian, leaning in so close that her shoulders brushed up against Ingrid’s. Allie wore a what looked to be akin to a grass skirt, but in place of grass, a thousand thin leather strips dangled from around her waist. She didn’t have a top, but her heavy white breasts were lifted up by a pair of alligator clips attached firmly to her brown nipples. The clips hung from a smooth brown cord that had been looped around the Asian’s throat.
  458. “Look at this” As Allie spoke she wrapped her fingers around Ingrid’s neck, not squeezing, but still holding her firmly “She doesn’t even belong to anyone”
  460. Ingrid didn’t say anything but let her head swing gently in the woman’s grasp as she was handled.
  462. “I don’t know what kind of place you thought you were in” Dian continued, boldly squeezing Ingrid’s cunt through the cheerful yellow of her dress “But girls here don’t expect to see daylight unless a man wants them to” She squeezed harder, digging her fingers into Ingrid’s sensitive flesh through the fabric “And it doesn’t look like anybody gives a shit about you tonight”
  464. The redheaded barmaid brought Ingrid her drink. The brunette lifted it to her lips, tossed her head back, and took two deep gulps of the alcohol, her throat clenching in protest as the burning liquid sloshed into her gullet. She gasped a bit as she set her drink down, wiping a few drops from the corners of her mouth.
  466. “Neither of you cunts look like you’re worth shit tonight either”
  468. Dian smiled and leaned in. Taking the cup from the counter she took a long, steady draw of Ingrid’s drink, her fingers still clutching between Ingrid’s legs.
  470. “Why don’t we take her up top Allie? Show her what kind of party this really is”
  472. Ingrid hissed a little as her head was jerked back. Allie grinned mischievously, her fist gripping Ingrid’s brown locks. The duo sauntered off toward one of the side doors, dragging Ingrid by her hair behind them.
  474. ---6-----------------------
  476. James didn’t really know where he was taking Liddy, none of the theater doors were marked in any useful way. He took her away from the loud pulsing music that seeped out from behind some theater’s closed doors, to a quieter corner of the impromptu club. A woman squirming in front of one of the doors caught his eye. A glistening chain was looped around her delicate neck, stretching it ever so slightly up toward where it was hooked at the top of the door. Her round breasts pressed up against her translucent latex bodysuit, her arms cuffed behind her back. A vibrator hummed at her crotch as she teetered precariously on her toes.
  478. James watched her for a moment, appreciating how her graceful body twisted ever so gently with the effort of keeping balance. She let out a gag as James pushed the door open, the chain pressing deep into her throat as she was pulled backwards off her toes. Liddy let out a giggle as the pair pushed their way past the woman, stealing one last glance over at her struggling efforts to get back on her toes as the pair squeezed past her into the room.
  480. The theater was dark, except for the screen. The image was shaky, clearly shot by an armature on a hand-held camera. The brightly lit walls of the bathroom contrasted sharply with the deep dark green of the theater. James recognized the bathroom from the theater they were in, and suspected that the video was being fed live into the theater. The shaky scene focused on a pair of brunette sisters, kneeling on the hard tile just in front of the urinals. They were both naked, except for the studded black bands holding their hair in tight matching ponytails. They cupped each other’s cheeks as they kissed, mouths opening wide to taste of each other. Lower down, both women had the hilt of a blade buried deep into their tight flanks, trickles of blood oozing down their hips. The shorter woman pulled back and grimaced as the blade shifted in her side, a red gush of blood spurting from the wound. Her sister pulled her back in to continue making out. The pair grimaced, but did not stop, as a stream of piss appeared from off camera to splatter across their kissing faces. The pair licked up the dribbling piss as they continued to passionately mouth each other.
  482. The camera turned to the source, a well built, well-tanned man in chaps and a studded vest. Behind him was a short, collared black woman with running mascara and a pair of skewers through her hanging breasts. With one hand he continued to spray the pair of brunettes, with his other he roughly grabbed the black woman by the hair and dragged her face into the camera. He mouthed something silently while he shook her around. The ebony woman smiled bashfully.
  484. While the video had no sound to accompany it, the theater was far from silent. Soft moans, pitiful cries, and the rapid slap of skin on skin filled the room, emanating from the people dotting the seats, alone or in small, tight groups.
  486. James stepped over a lifeless corpse still half occupying one of the theater seats and pulled Liddy gently behind him. A tanned woman a couple rows ahead of them was straddling a seated silhouette. Across her belly a pair of black belts squeezed her stomach inhumanly tight and her long brown hair shimmered in the projector’s light as she moved. Her big firm breasts jiggled as she squirmed with pleasure at whatever the person between her legs was doing. Her armband sported a number of long, thin skewers, a few clearly missing. James bent Liddy over the seat in front of him, letting her pale breasts hang down from her chest as he flipped the dress up over her curved behind.
  488. Liddy cooed softly as James’s fingers gently probed her firm slit. She looked up at the woman in front of her, moaning pleasurefully at the ministrations between her legs. The whole theater reeked of sweat and sex. James felt the warmth of Liddy’s sex, felt it moisten under his dexterous fingers. Slowly, one hand still working the redhead’s slick pussy, James’s released his massive rod. Liddy gasped breathily, hanging her head so that her long ruby locks cascaded over her face as her body stretched to accommodate the black man’s thick cock. As she clutched the armrests in front of her, he slowly worked its exceptional length into her slick pussy. It was not the biggest thing that had stretched the redhead’s hungry cunt, but it was the biggest living cock that had been inside her. The warmth of his body, the gentle throbbing of his member as it pressed up against her walls, the feel of his palms as they gripped ger hips, it all filled her body with lust. His grunting mixed with the choir of sounds around them as centimeter after centimeter squeezed into her wet pussy. After seeing Ingrid stretched in the apartment, Liddy hadn’t been sure she would enjoy James’s cock. She craned her neck back and gasped with pleasure. She was glad she had decided to fuck him anyway.
  490. On screen the taller sister leaned back, piss still dipping from her chin as her breasts rose and fell with every breath. Her body was tense, her breaths shallow, it was clear she was afraid. The brunette’s face contorted in pain and her lips curled back in a voiceless scream as her sister began to drag the blade across her belly, bits of pink intestine slowly forcing their way out from the growing wound.  James gripped Liddy’s backside and began to pound her in earnest, driving in his lengthy rod in all the way to the hilt. Liddy clenched her teeth and gasped, the redhead’s heavy breasts swinging back and forth beneath her. In front of the fucking pair, the brunette took one of long skewer from her armband. Twisting her nipple between her fingers, she slowly drove the sharp point through her pink tit. Liddy was breathing heavily as James’s mighty cock pounded her pussy with bestial force. Pleasure danced on the edge of pain as Liddy’s slit stretched around his ebony cock. The brunette’s mouth in front of them was gaped loosely as she pinched her other tit. She arched her back and let out a breathy moan as a second skewer is driven through her other sensitive tit. James could feel Liddy’s cunt clamp down on his throbbing cock, hear her shuttering gasp as the redhead’s orgasm simmered within her body. On screen, the taller sister was lying on her back, twitching with her insides strewn around her on the tile. Her hands aimlessly pawed at the bloody lengths of viscera, and a stream of piss arced into the shot to splatter in her open belly. James watched the brunette in front of him grab the last two skewers and hold them, points resting just underneath the curve of her luscious bosom. He watched her shudder and moan. As her lips curled open and her body shook with orgasm, the brunette drove the twin skewers deep into her chest. The pierced woman bent forward slightly, her face contorted in pain as she continued to moan with pleasure. She swirled the points, tearing apart her own lungs as her body teetered on the brink of control. She released the skewers and reached up to run her fingers through her long, silky hair, letting the orgasm she had been holding back fully take control of her body. Her loud moan of bliss was suddenly cut short by a sputtering cough. Flecks of red showered onto Libby and James as the woman shivered and came. James watched her slender body twitch, the bright skewers bouncing in her tits gleamed in the bright light of the projector. He unloaded his waiting seed into Libby and was rewarded by a breathy gasp of lust from the bent over redhead. The brunette let out one last powerful gurgle, red erupting across her chin to dribble down her skewered breasts. She wobbled, then fell with an inelegant tumble over Libby. The redhead could feel the skewers scrape painfully across her back as the body fell. It crumpled into the aisle and Libby suddenly found herself staring into the dying woman’s dark brown eyes. The looked at each other, a shared moment between two women who knew that while the timing and the method may differ, their destinies were the same. The brunette shuddered, a bubble erupted from her lips to cover her face in blood, then she was gone, nothing but another limp corpse on the dirty floor.
  492. On screen, the shorter sister was shrieking silently as she dragged the knife across her own tight belly, opening herself up for the camera.
  494. ---7--------------------
  496. In the other theater, Kara, Ellen, and Nina were greeted by a deep, pounding rhythm they could feel in the pits of their stomachs. Most of the seats had been torn out and thrown into a pile at the bottom of the theater to make room for a makeshift dance floor, populated by throngs of women jumping and swaying rhythmically to the heavy beat. A couple of beauties had managed to climb up the ramshackle pile of seats and were dancing precariously in the glare of the projector. The screen was lit up by the torture of a woman who seemed to be in the projection room above them. The pale woman had her arms stretched out in opposite directions, pulled to the breaking point the dark chains. She was not cuffed to her bonds, but had a pair of hooks driven through her wrists to hold her fast. Her lily-white skin was crossed by long thin cuts as a wiry Asian woman in a leather catsuit whipped her with a studded cord. Both wore matching collars. The brunette’s mouth stretched in a soundless scream as the Asian added another cut to her back.
  498. Back in the theater, the three friends began to dance. Kara moved with reckless abandon, pumping out her firm chest, tossing her head from side to side, sending her long blonde hair fanning out into the air around her. Ellen moved in synchrony with her roommate, pumping and gyrating in time with the blonde. Unlike Kara, whose blue eyes were half shut as she focused on loosing herself to the beat, Ellen’s dark orbs were wide open, scanning the pulsing room with intent as the pair danced. Nina found herself isolated from the dancing roommates, swaying her slender body roughly with the rhythm. She tried not to show it, but the tall brunette was acutely aware of how her emerald green dress stood out among the throng of black leather and glistening steel.
  500. A dark-skinned woman in tight leather pants and a cupless bra was unsteadily weaving her way through the clumps of dancers. She held a pair of red streaked scissors in her hand, snipping them aimlessly into the air as she bobbed her head. If she was moving to a beat, it was not the rhythm pumping through the speakers. Two small round wounds were still bleeding at the ends of her bouncing breasts, right where her dark nipples would have been. Nina was unsure what to do as the dark woman bobbed her way over to the trio, looking very intently at the awkward brunette. The black girl stopped her rhythmless dancing and swayed with a lazy, inebriated smiling as she watched Nina. Nina tried not to stiffen as the other woman lurched forward with the scissors, hoping that the leather band around her neck was enough to keep those steel points out of her chest. The slender tourist breathed a small sigh of release as the blood streaked blade turned, not to pierce her flesh, but to slide smoothly between the fabric of her dress and the smooth skin of her shoulder. The black woman lazily cut through the green strap, bobbing her head once more to whatever beat was playing through her intoxicated mind. She sliced the second strap and as the dress fell to her ankles, baring her perky breasts and smooth cunt, the Nina’s apprehensions fall with it. She began to dance with a little more passion, swaying her tall body and shaking her perky tits a little more forcefully, now that her attire no longer marked her as an outsider.
  502. The black woman swayed over to Ellen and Kara. Ellen draped her arms around the black woman’s waist, guiding the strange woman’s hips to rock in rhythm with her own. She didn’t seem to notice as her blue dress was sliced from her body. She just looked down at the woman’s swaying body through the tight leather that did little to obscure it. Unlike Nina’s borrowed dress, Ellen’s fell piece by piece from her lily-white form as the black woman cut patch after blue patch free. After the tattered remains of Ellen’s dress could no longer cling to her body, the ebony stranger moved on to Kara.
  504. At the feel of the woman’s hand, Kara slowed her dance in order to look at the stranger. It took one glance at Ellen and Nina, now dressed in nothing but their shoes and collars with tattered rags at their feet for the blonde to understand what the drunk woman in front of her meant to do. She smiled and bent in, stopping her vivacious dancing to help the other woman slip the scissors beneath her clothes, to help slice them into loose straps that fell off her body and onto the floor. Kara whooped loudly into the room and spread her arms wide, shimmying her luscious tanned breasts at the black woman. The stranger nodded approvingly and wandered off, snipping her scissors aimlessly into the air.
  506. Nina began to dance in earnest, swinging her long arms wide and pumping her slender legs to the beat. Ellen pulled in close to the dancing girls, grinding their thighs together, pressing their jiggling tits against one another’s. On screen the pale woman was no longer standing on her own, but hanging from the hooks in her wrists as the Asian dominatrix continued to whip her soft body. The myriad of long thin cuts had smeared her pale skin red. Up on the pile of chairs, a big titted blonde was being garroted by her brunette friend, both with black bit gags clenched tightly between their teeth. She looked like she is was trying to dance as the cord bit deeply into her throat. Kara turned just in time to see the black girl with the scissors, her arms locked behind her back by a freckled slave in a collar, getting gutted with her own scissors. Her face was slack and her eyes filled with confusion as she looked at the toned man in front of her, his own white skin getting splattered with red as he cut his way up to her chest.
  508. Kara let out a primal cry of joy and shook her tits at the ceiling, losing herself to the music.
  510. ---8----------------------------
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  529. James leaned back in the seat, Liddy’s gaping, dripping pussy right in front of his face as the redhead lay limply across the seat. Both of them were breathing heavily, taking in the heady scents of sex and death as they lounged in their post coital haze. On screen a raven-haired teen was playing with herself coyly. One of the dead sister’s intestines were looped over her shoulders, smearing her pale skin with gore as she spread her smooth thighs wide for the audience. Two rows ahead, where the brunette who had skewered herself had been before toppling next to Liddy, a lean Hispanic man with short cropped hair sat up and stretched his taut arms across the backs of the seats. He glanced over his shoulder at Libby draped over the seat.
  531. “Hey, you done with that?” He asked James casually, thumbing at the redhead
  533. James nodded and gestured for the other man to take the panting redhead if he wanted. Libby squealed as the stranger reached back to grab a fistful of red hair and pulled, forcing her to crawl awkwardly over the seats to the space beside him.
  535. The seat arms were hard beneath her as she half crawled, was half dragged onto them. On the man’s opposite side, kneeling on the sticky ground, was a petit Indian girl in a collar. The work “Sac” had been tattooed across her chest and a couple of decently sized bags were hanging from her chest, fixed by hooks that pierced through her dusky skin. She knelt attentively, puffing out her drooping breasts for her master.
  537. The Hispanic man kept one hand firmly clutching Libby’s long hair as he rooted through one of the bags with his other. The Indian slave whimpered as the hook pulled at her soft flesh, dragged by her master’s blind searching. Liddy’s eyes widened at the sight of ring gag he withdrew. It was a wicked thing, intimidatingly large in its own right and surrounded by nasty looking spikes around the outer edge. Liddy’s heart pounded with apprehension as she instinctively opened her mouth to receive the cruel toy. The man released her hair so that he could grab her jaw, roughly gripping her face to pry her mouth open wider. Liddy squealed with pain as he shoved the metal ring into her face. She tasted blood as the sharp points dug into the gums behind her teeth. She reached out and clutched the seats beside her, her body squirming gently. She was trying not to fight him. He wedged the ring into place, dragging those sharp spikes across her mouth. As he strapped the gag tight behind her head, Liddy felt like her jaw was about to pop out of place.
  539. The Indian slave whimpered again as he reached into the other sack, pulling out a dark black knuckle duster with short wide spikes decorating its length. As he slipped the cruel weapon onto his hand, Liddy didn’t think she had much of a chance of leaving this club still breathing.
  541. She squealed a little as he dragged her by her scarlet locks. Her cute little freckled nose crinkling as he pulled her up in front of his chest.
  543. He slammed his fist into the side of her face, cutting three long gashes into her forehead. A bright white light enveloped Liddy. It slowly faded, leaving a sharp ring lingering in her ears. She blinked her teary eyes. The world around her seemed to be moving slowly, and spinning. She watched his blurry arm cock back, unable to focus on the fist in front of her. It seemed to take a very long time to reach her face.
  545. The redhead screamed as she was struck, her head swinging with the force of the blow. The rest of her body floundered limply across the seats, like a fish gasping for breath. Tears streamed freely from one pretty green eye, blood from the other. The spiked knuckleduster had mangled the fragile orb, leaving a long cut down the side of her face. Liddy’s world was nothing but white-hot agony.
  547. The room was still spinning as he rammed his cock into her open mouth, slamming it forcefully into the back of her throat. Her soft body squirmed aimlessly. Her legs kicked and arms clutched weakly at her surroundings as her brain tried to force some kind of coordination on her limbs. The man let out a groan of satisfaction as her throat clenched around his member. Libby gagged, bubbles of thick pink spit forming around the edges of her lips. She coughed violently as she inhaled some of the thick spit, her whole body shaking as the man held her down on his cock.
  549. Liddy was terrified. She was trapped in a body she could no longer control. Confusion permeated her brain as the world spun around her. She didn’t know where she was, how she had gotten there, or whose cock was filling her mouth. All she could focus on was the persistent fact that she couldn’t breathe. Pain shot through her body. She couldn’t remember if there had ever been a time when her face didn’t sting with searing pain, when her lungs didn’t burn with need. She tasted blood on his cock and felt her stomach spasm.
  551. Liddy’s brain didn’t ‘snap’, it was closer to say that something melted. As her vision began to fog, a wave of euphoria washed over the redhead. The man did not release her, shoving her down onto his cock, jamming his hard rod as deep into her throat as it would go. Liddy calmly relaxed her body. It still hurt. The burning in her lungs, the throbbing pain of her beaten face, it didn’t go away, it just didn’t seem to matter anymore. Drooling and bleeding into the stranger’s lap, Liddy’s eyes fluttered with ecstasy. The pain didn’t matter, but the pleasure did. Liddy sighed deeply, as much as she could with the man’s thick rod stuffed into her mouth. She inhaled just as he shot his load into her, sucking his thick sticky cum into her lungs. She could feel her body shudder and cough, but it was distant, someone else. Only the floating euphoria was hers. The redhead surrendered herself as her mind floated away in a cloud of ecstasy.
  553. The man held her body down long after he had shot his load into her spasming throat. When he was satisfied that every last drop of his seed was spent he let her go, rolling her limp body onto the floor. She lay there, blood trailing slowly down her freckled cheek from her ruined eye socket, long trails of slobber streaking her chin. There was one weak cough, a raspy gasp that left a faint spattering of blood across her face. Her arm raised up, then felt limply beside her. She did not move again, but stared blankly at the ceiling as she choked to death on blood and cum.
  555. The man gestured for his dusky slave to clean Liddy’s mess from his cock.
  557. Behind him, James got up and stretched, letting his monstrous cock hang freely from his trousers. He decided to go see what the others were up to.
  559. ----9----------------------
  561. The door was hard to open as James left the theater, obstructed by the body of the woman in the translucent catsuit that hung limply from the other side. The glistening chain around her neck dug into the dead flesh beneath her blue and bloated face, a dark trail of mascara framing her slightly protruding tongue. The vibrator still buzzed against her dead pussy.
  563. Blinking to get used to the bright light of the entryway, James spied the other three waiting for the red-haired barkeeper to get them their drinks. Kara stretched up to wave James over, her tanned body glistening in the light as her plump breasts wiggled. James walked over to join the three sweaty, naked women.
  565. “What can I get you?” The redhead asked, smiling behind her blackened eye as she poured Ellen’s drink
  567. “Nothing, thanks”
  569. The redhead handed Ellen the fizzing mixture. The nude Asian pursed her plump lips as she wrapped them gently around the straw, her cheeks gently pulling inward as she sucked.
  571. “Where’s Liddy?” Nina asked curiously, her own drink already in hand
  573. “Dead” James shrugged “We could probably get a piece of her if you want”
  575. The tall girl waved the suggestion off
  577. “Hey, was Ingrid with you?” James continued, scanning the crowd as Kara shook her head. James grimaced a little “I’ve got to work tomorrow and want to know how long she was planning on staying”
  579. “Yeah, I’ve gotta pack” Nina added, her upturned breasts wiggling gently as she sipped her drink
  581. “If you’re going, I guess I will too” Ellen pointed to the leather strap around her neck
  583. “I can stick around for a while” James added “Just wanted to see how long this was going to take”
  585. “Well, let’s see if we can find her” Kara suggested, already taking a few steps to the closest theater “Or what’s left of her”
  587. ---10--------------
  589. They poked into the nearest theater. It was closer to the sex room James had been in than the dance floor the other three had chosen, though a little more active. A dripping blonde was perched on the seats of the front row, she smiled and waggled her sloppy tits at the newcomers before her dark-haired friend roughly pulled the belt looped around her neck tight. The friend nodded invitingly over to them as the blonde’s cheeks puffed out, her dark blue eyes crossed a little as she furiously rubbed her pussy. On screen a skinny little redhead was being tortured, it didn’t look like she would last much longer. Her arms were tied back behind her back so tightly that her delicate hands had turned blue and her pale body was striped with shallow cuts. Her head lulled from side to side, mouth gaping in agony while a busty Asian woman shoved a broom handle deep into the skinny girl’s toned behind. The tormentor was topless but had a pair of alligator clips on a cord looped around her neck, pulling her heavy breasts up by their pink nipples. From the look of the bulge in the redhead’s pale stomach, the handle didn’t have far to go before it was pressing against her lungs.
  591. The trio searched aisle after aisle, checking each of the corpses that dotted the theater to make sure it wasn’t their crudely boisterous friend. Just as they were about to move to the next theater, Ellen stopped and pointed up to the brightly lit screen. Their search over, the four of them settled into a row of seats, Kara and Nina throwing their legs up onto the chairs ahead of them, spreading their bare thighs wide and reaching down to their sweaty pussies. Ellen knelt down beside James, running her pink tongue gently down the length of his mighty rod as they watched the scene unfold.
  593. ---11---------------
  595. Ingrid watched as Allie shoved the broom handle deep into Rebecca’s ruined cunt. The skinny redhead let out a piercing scream as the buxom Asian grabbed her bound arms for leverage and shoved the rod deeper into her belly. Behind the handheld camera, the athletic Dian egged her on.
  597. “Ha ha, you like that, don’t you slut” Rebecca’s head lulled to the side, her sky blue eyes fluttering as her insides were shoved roughly out of the path of the wooden rod “I bet your hungry little pussy is loving such a long hard rod in it”
  599. Ingrid tried not to groan too loudly at the cliché insult as she stretched her arms idly, standing quietly behind Allie. Outside, she looked calm, bored even, but it was an act. Beneath her big soft tits, Ingrid’s heart was fluttering. Down by her ankles four bloody and broken bodies were shoved into the corner, trash to be thrown out once somebody could be bothered to. Rebecca was number five. Ingrid was number six.
  601. Dian laughed sadistically as Allie pressed a hand saw, already slick with the blood of girl number two, against Rebecca’s pale thigh. The redhead’s lips pulled back in a grimace of agony as Allie messily drew the sharp metal teeth against her skin. Allie was making no effort to cut cleanly across the woman’s leg, letting the teeth gouge messily across the firm pale flesh as she sawed back and forth. The Asian’s impressive bust wiggled as she gripped Rebecca’s bound arms in her other hand, keeping the redhead balanced upright upon the handle shoved up her cunt. Rebecca could feel the wooden rod’s sharp, splintery end tearing up her insides as the saw dug into her leg. She sobbed pathetically, her long neck curved to one side as the sharp teeth scratched against her exposed clit.
  603. The flesh of Rebecca’s leg parted, baring the red meat below. Sobbing in agony, her entire body began to shiver. The woman’s slender legs buckled beneath her, her body no longer able to bear the pain. The broken handle sank deeper into her body, shredding its way into her lungs. She shook uncontrollably, a splatter of frothy red erupting from between her lips. Her eyes fluttered and rolled back as her body slid inexorably down the wooden handle. Her dying body convulsed one last time, a bright red gob tumbling from her mouth to drip down her chin and onto her small pink breasts. The handle slowly forced its way up and out of the side of her neck, its splintered end stained a deep red. There was a trail of red bubbles that dribbled out from between her sweet lips as the beautiful woman breathed her final breath. Her body went limp, a picture of torment.
  605. She was finally dead.
  607. Dian handed the camcorder over to Ingrid so that she could film Allie and her lifting the skinny corpse by its hands and feet, swinging it over to the growing pile of dead women. Ingrid made sure to zoom in on the trickle of red blood seeping from the corner of Rebecca’s slack lips as the woman’s limp body was dropped onto the other corpses. Ingrid handed the camera back to Allie so that the Asian could film her own final moments of agony for the pleasure of the clubbers below. Dian sauntered over and ran a hand roughly over Ingrid’s brunet head.
  609. It was Ingrid’s turn.
  611. “Look at this entitled little cunt” she sneered as she shook Ingrid’s head back and forth “Think she’s better than us cunts. Thinks she gets to wear clothes”
  613. Dian roughly jerked down the front of Ingrid’s cheerful yellow top, her own small breast wiggling tightly in her leather bikini as she moved. Ingrid just stood there, letting the strawberry blonde roughly wiggle her pink nipples around for the camera. Letting her treat her body however she wished.
  615. “Look at these soft, flabby tits” she slapped one for good measure, making Ingrid twist slightly with the blow as her soft flesh rippled beneath the woman’s palm.
  617. “HEY!” Ingrid grimaced a little as Dian took a handful of dark brown hair “Don’t. Fucking. Move. You. Cunt.”
  619. Dian gave Ingrid’s tits a hard slap after each word for emphasis. The brunette let out a soft groan, her head twisted to the side by Dian’s grip. The strawberry blonde roughly jerked the yellow dress down to the ground and kicked it aside. Jiggling wildly from Dian’s assault, Ingrid’s breasts quickly turned from soft pale to an angry red.
  621. “What the fuck are you wearing these for?” Dian ripped the glasses off of Ingrid’s face “You don’t need to see to suck cock. Entitled bitch thinks she needs to see” A wicked grin spread across Dian’s lips “Spread ‘em” She commanded.
  623. Head still twisted awkwardly, Ingrid looked straight into the camera and reached down to pull the soft pink lips of her folded pussy open, revealing the damp tunnel within. The muscles on her neck flexed slightly as Dian stuffed the her thick black glasses deep into her spread hole.
  625. “Get your fucking hands off yourself. You don’t get to cum, bitch” She slapped Ingrid’s hand away from her roughly stuffed pussy
  627. As soon as Ingrid’s stretchy pink lips closed back up over her feminine slit, Dian twisted her taut body to viciously drive a knee up between the other woman’s legs. Despite herself, Ingrid doubled over in pain as the blow slammed into her sensitive pussy. Dian gave her a shove and the naked woman toppled onto the floor, groaning softly in pain. Before she had a chance to right herself, Dian stomped down onto her pelvis, over and over.
  629. “I. Said. Don’t. Move.”
  631. Ingrid groaned in pain on the floor as the woman’s heel dug into her soft belly. She squirmed helplessly, but made no move to shield her vulnerable flesh.
  633. “Get the fuck up cunt”
  635. Wincing in pain, Ingrid rolled herself over onto her hands and knees, then slowly began to teeter onto her feet. Before she got a chance to rise however, Dian’s jet-black stiletto caught her across the chin, knocking her back flat onto her curvy ass.
  637. “To your knees whore. Where you belong”
  639. Blood gently staining both sets of lips, Ingrid painfully forced herself to her knees. She looked up at Dian, no defiance, no resentment, no fear in her eyes, only acceptance. She waited patiently for the abuse that was coming to her, the abuse that was her rightful due. Dian looked playfully down at the bruised woman, toying with her amber beer bottle, the cool surface glistening with condensation.
  641. Ingrid’s head whipped violently to the side as the bottle caught her across the chin. Her eyes rolled a little bit, having trouble focusing as her head woozily turned back to Dian. She was rewarded with another blow. Between her thighs a small trickle of red was seeping out from her feminine sex. The third blow came down hard on the kneeling woman’s head, leaving three long, thin cuts down Ingrid’s forehead as the bottle shattered against her skull. Beer splashed across her face as Ingrid whimpered in pain.
  643. “Well?” Dian asked impatiently “You wanted a drink, didn’t you? Drink.”
  645. Ingrid’s heavy tits hung from her chest as she bent down on all fours to lick the beer from the unwashed floor. Above her, Dian slid her leather underwear aside and spread her own meaty slit with two fingers. Ingrid let out a whimper as the other woman’s piss sprayed across her dark hair. The pungent stream burned as it dribbled down her face, seeping into the little red scratches running across her forehead. She could taste metallic blood mix into the bitter beer and salty piss as her tongue slipped across a shard of glass. She didn’t stop, obediently licking the floor without concern for her own pain or humiliation. It wasn’t an injustice or a tragedy to her, this torture, it was simply her proper place in life. Ingrid believed with her whole being that this was how she should be treated.
  647. “Oh, but you said you wanted something that burned on the way down”
  649. Dian took a handful of piss-soak brown hair and yanked Ingrid’s head up. The brunette’s eyes were heavily lidded with exhaustion, her head lulling slightly in the other woman’s grip. Dian smiled cruelly; the broken bottle clasped in her other hand.
  651. “Open wide”
  653. No amount of experience or training could have prepared Ingrid to have a mass of jagged glass shoved into her throat. Her scream of pain was cut off by a gurgling gag as the inside of her mouth was torn to shreds by the razor edges of the broken glass. Her bare, reddened tits flopped wildly as Ingrid struggled on her knees, her hands grasping at Dian’s arm. Smiling with seductive cruelty, the strawberry blonde twisted the shattered handle. Ingrid’s stomach convulsed, a spray of crimson splattering across Dian’s sadistic grin. Dian twisted her body with fluid brutality to bring her knee up into the writhing woman’s jaw, forcing her blood-stained teeth to shatter the glass lodged inside her mouth. Dian released the Ingrid from her grasp, letting the tormented brunette writhe in agony on the floor.
  655. Ingrid dropped to her hands, soft tits shaking beneath her as she convulsed on all fours. Her body shook as a torrent of red erupted from between her lips, soaking her splayed fingers with gore as it splattered violently across the floor. She convulsed, more blood than it seemed her trembling body could possibly hold came out in another torrent of red. Ingrid’s arm collapsed beneath her, causing her to topple onto her side, landing in the puddle of blood and glass beneath her. Red continued to pour down her cheek like a river as her mouth gaped like a landed fish. Her body continued its mindless convulsion, smearing the sticky red across her pale curves. She was still twitching when her dark eyes rolled back into her skull. One final burst of red splatted from her blood-soaked lips, and her body was still. Her corpse a limp mess on the ground.
  657. ----12---------
  659. Back in the theater, Ellen used the tip of her finger to daintily brush a bit of James’s cum from the corner of her soft lips. Looking up at him she slowly licked his seed from her outstretched finger.
  661. “Hey Ellen” Kara was breathing heavy, her satisfied cunt dripping between her outstretched legs “I think we need a new roommate”
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