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  1. adbd is already running as root
  2. Loading tests from: /home/phablet/autopilot
  4. 19:15:19.198 INFO autopilot:141 - Autopilot Source Version: 1.3.1
  5. Autopilot Package Version: 1.3.1+13.10.20131003.1-0ubuntu1
  6. Tests running...
  7. 19:15:19.622 INFO globals:49 - ************************************************************
  8. 19:15:19.624 INFO globals:50 - Starting test ubuntu_rssreader_app.tests.test_rssreader.TestMainWindow.test_add_remove_feed_and_topic (with touch)
  9. 19:15:19.625 WARNING testcase:118 - No tracing available - install the python-autopilot-trace package!
  10. 19:15:19.634 WARNING testcase:155 - Process manager backend unavailable, application snapshot support disabled.
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