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  1. [11:31 AM]Andrew Moonfire: Rawrs.
  2. [11:32 AM]Andrew Moonfire disconnected.
  3. [13:35 PM]Tarkus Balder connected.
  4. [13:58 PM]Andrew Moonfire connected.
  5. [13:58 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Apologies for that. My internet has been down all day.
  6. [13:59 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: It's okay, I had myself a nice nap.
  7. [14:01 PM]Andrew Moonfire: :3
  8. [14:01 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Glad about that. Didn't want you to think I just poofed on you. On another note. ^.^ Just re completed pokemon yellow
  9. [14:02 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I hope you have a nice time with it.
  10. [14:04 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Indeed I did :p. How you feeling after getting some rest?
  11. [14:06 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Okay, I'm going to work on my drawing skills.
  12. [14:07 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Busy I presume? I won't bother you if you are. :3
  13. [14:08 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I'm not busy, I'm more of the rage of 'noob' area. It'll be some time before it take a a lot of my time.
  14. [14:11 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Heh heh, you'll progress quickly doing it. Just have to practice with idle time. Free enough for a roleplay on the side? ;3
  15. [14:12 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I am. I'm using this time, where I want to play a game, to draw.
  16. [14:13 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Cool. What you drawing up?
  17. [14:13 PM]Jeison Shaymin connected.
  18. [14:14 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I'm thinking of working on the face with the X as well as the neck. I'm learning from 'How to Draw Manga-style'.
  19. [14:15 PM]Yukione connected.
  20. [14:15 PM]Yukione disconnected.
  21. [14:16 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Manga is fun to toy with. So I guess you are just idling on f list as you continue?
  22. [14:19 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Sorry, my tea is ready,I'll be back on shortly and give you a reply.
  23. [14:20 PM]Tarkus Balder disconnected.
  24. [14:21 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Mostly, not many people come to me that isn't the 'it thing' for this Pokemon gen. I.E.; Gen one; Mew/Mewtwo, Gen two; the three dogs/ho-oh/Lugia, gen three; Latios/Latias, gen four; Lucario, gen five; Scolipede, Hydreigon, Zekrom, Zoroark, etc.
  25. [14:26 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Meep. I'm lost after five. I didn't even realise there was a fifth D : I am quite behind on such matters.
  26. [14:26 PM]Andrew Moonfire: I had a quick eat :3
  27. [14:26 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I hope you've enjoyed it.
  28. [14:27 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Indeed. I love pasta with a passion. What time is it over the pond?
  29. [14:29 PM]Scry Helve is now Busy. [Ded as FUCK.]
  30. [14:29 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: On the east side right now is 2:28 PM.
  31. [14:30 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Feeling up for some roleplay? Cause you have me when I am lucid. To catch people I have to be up at 3Am :P
  32. [14:31 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Sure.
  33. [14:32 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Feeling in any particular mood? Cause I have ideas for both :3
  34. [14:33 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: My modular kink and your fully detachable goes together well.
  35. [14:34 PM]Swadloon connected.
  36. [14:34 PM]Andrew Moonfire: I never get to play with that ^.^ Feeling particularly sub or dom today?
  37. [14:34 PM]Kit Foxheart disconnected.
  38. [14:34 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Both, I'm not picky.
  39. [14:37 PM]Rinzor disconnected.
  40. [14:37 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Want to make a blue wuff a pet?
  41. [14:38 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Cause I have an idea for that.
  42. [14:39 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Sure.
  43. [14:40 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Feeling up for a medevil style RP and beating a knight seeking fame and fortune :3. Cause I saw uppityness as only a maybe just now.
  44. [14:42 PM]Andrew Moonfire: So I don't know how you'd feel on breaking him ;3. But I am sure I can come up with something else. I am a competent roleplayer. I am just not very good with proposing a plot xP.
  45. [14:43 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: Well, I can give you one if you like. One idea for me is where that pup is already catch and is going to turn into a slave after being broken to the point to the point of doing anything he's told.
  46. [14:44 PM]Gelyvin connected.
  47. [14:48 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Sure. I like that :3, what age do you want? And the era you want cause that sounds fun.
  48. [14:48 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Sorry, just had to plug my laptop in.
  49. [14:49 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: What ever age you like. And for time point, maybe the dark ages where the pup is used sexually repeatedly.
  50. [14:50 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Sure :3. Want him to be a Cboy or male? Five?
  51. [14:52 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I'll go with cunt-boy for being able to get knock up. And for that age, it's fine by me.
  52. [14:53 PM]Andrew Moonfire: :3, would you like me to start? And where do you wish them to meet? In an auction or him in the street?
  53. [14:55 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I think the street goes well for this. Maybe a kidnapping works well. You can go first to come up with something to go off on..
  54. [14:57 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Owkie.
  55. [14:58 PM]Andrew Moonfire: Feeling up for Diapers and such? :3
  56. [14:59 PM]Yoshi the shinxtails: I am.
  58. Andrew Moonfire whined softly as he felt a pang of hunger. He had been thrown away like property when he had fallen out of favour. He cuddled into his legs to keep warm in his thin and somewhat tatty clothes. He looked left and right in the alley he had made his abode for the while he had none. To see something coming and scared of whomever it might be ran off. He was bashed about by the towns residents as they rushed through the market and bargained for goods. He however kept looking at a stall, fruits, breads and most of all, food. He looked at it intently and whimpered as he thought of stealing from it.
  60. In his somewhat already warped head he knew stealing was wrong and the punishments that his master had given him for doing so. He sneaked up to the stall, his ears quite flat as his breath slowed in fear before he attempted to steal the apple from withunder the traders nose. Thinking he had it his ears perked before he felt a ridiculously strong grasp on his arm and a very loud whine came from the now obviously frightened wolf. He shook as he looked up to see who had grabbed him. Not resisting in the slightest.
  62. Yoshi the shinxtails was busy looking around the market area because she often goes to one in the morning to try to get away from the mobs of other furs because they the food get hurt over time from all the hands grabbing them like some monkey trying to get food. She had gotten to the plate in a timely matter; not many others there. She spies some kid trying to get a five finger discount from someone before taking it upon herself to take care of it. She grab his arm like it was the thing that was going to save her life as she looks down at him.
  64. "What are you doing?" She spoke to him as she looks at the trademan before paying for what he took, mainly because she doesn't like picking over what others had. "I'm sorry for this, he can get away at times." She said, trying to keep the fact that she doesn't know this kid at all. "He's new to the place and all."
  67. Andrew Moonfire looked up and the light made it a little hard. She would see he had a slightly dirty face as if he hadn't had a chance to clean in a few weeks. Another soft whimper came from him as she asked him the question. His ears quickly falling and his tail was deep between his legs. The idea he was to be punished harshly running through his mind as a tear just left his eyes as her grip continued. Not even noticing her paying for his thievery. Just to frightened to even speak, it usually made whatever punishment he got worse.
  69. He contined to look down and another soft whimper came as he heard, from the retailer, "Should smack that little brat", as he begrudgingly left her to her business and went to attend another customer. The wolf's belly growled as he dropped the apple on the little table on the front of the stall. Whining softly as it hurt to think he had been so close. "I...", his voice dropping as if he was afraid of the consequence.
  71. Yoshi the shinxtails looks down at him as she pulls him away from the market as she doesn't like to make an event in front of everyone as she thinks on what to do with the kid or where he came from. She sighs softly as she takes him to her little farm where her plants grow in within reason as she enjoys them. Taking him into her home, seating him in a ghost room. "What's your name?" She said a bit coldly as her eyes look him over as she goes over a few things. "You're clearly isn't from this place, where are you from?" She said, sounding a bit like a slave master by this point.
  73. Andrew Moonfire followed without question. Having left the apple at the stall from whence it came. Still ignorant of her saving him from the owner. Only crying softly and looking down as he was taken away. Now starting to think he would be punished officially though when he taken into the farm he looked around with interest. Trying to take what he assumed would be his new masters home. It was all he knew and so thought he had been taken for another person. When he was sat in a room if there was a chair he took the floor. Sitting on his legs in a kneeling position with his head down. He looked up and whimpered out, "A..ndrew", seemingly not having a second name. Then said gently, "I do...n't know", a few sniffles coming from him as another painful growl came from his bell.
  75. Yoshi the shinxtails thinks on what to think of what to do with him; she doesn't like leaving anyone around herself without them putting some work into the land to earn their dinner. She lets out a soft sigh as she goes out of the room and brings back a pill, covers and a bowl of dried berries for him. "Eat up." She said it as if she was talking to some wild animal. "You're going to say here, but you're going to earn your food around here." She said as she points to the floor. "This will be your room, so keep it clean."
  77. Andrew Moonfire looked up to her a little pitifully though seemingly without intent. As she let out a soft sigh he let out another whimper, that being what his master did when he was disappointed before, then thought of punishment and stuttered in saying, "I.'m s..sorry", to not knowing where he was from. As if he hadn't been taught to read, write and the only thing he could do was follow orders. He continued to sit and whimper softly as she was gone, though as he saw her with food his ears perked a little and nodded, "Y...ye..s Mistress", he said and when she pointed to the floor actually crawled over to eat the berries. His ears perking more as his insatiable hunger was satisfied. He had assumed she wished her to eat it there, his master had asked that of him before, mostly as entertainment. He didn't even know what the pill was, any ailment he had he merely had to deal with
  79. Yoshi the shinxtails sighs softly as she rubs his head softly. "I take it you're not used to this area and you don't know your last name, right? Well, I'll call you Andrew from now on. You'll need to learn how to work for yourself and work the land. But for now, you seem to be in the need of food." She said before putting down a cup of water. "Once you start to earn your own money, you can buy things for your room."
  81. Andrew Moonfire flinched as she reached her hand out to him. Affection something he hadn't felt, a masters touch to him was either to restrain or hurt and the second sigh had made him think it was the latter before he pushed into the gentle rubbing. It feeling quite good. "I'm sorry mistress...A.. last name?", she said as he looked up to her seemingly unaware of the concept. His face a little messy from the berries. He didn't actually have that great a command of the language. Most of what he knew were just simple replies. He nodded, understanding what she was asking of him a little, but would comply without question. He lapped at the water, still on his hands and knees before looking up at her. His face still a little dirty. He looked up as she said that, seemingly a little confused at the prospect, from his earliest memories being a mere possession himself. He didn't even know what she meant by money.
  83. Yoshi the shinxtails leans down and rubs his head softly, smiling at him as she starts to feel a bit motherly to him now. "A last name is like a family name. Something you'll get from your ma or da. But don't worry, you can't learn how to take care of yourself in do time." She said as she rubs his head softly, not wanting to get to clear to him to freak him out. "And you can drink the water from the cup with your hands. Hold it like this," she said as she shows him. "And drink it to your mouth and drink it."
  85. Andrew Moonfire began to murr gently as she continued to rub his head. Good feelings seemingly not felt before rushing to him. The wolf looked up again as she spoke, he understood most of it, though the concept of family was something he had never had. For now he continued to murr as he was rubbed, his ears flicking a little as she went over them. He was more than happy to allow her to do so and nuzzled gently into her hands as she moved away. "Yes mistress", he said and took it from her, his mouth moving to smile, even if it was sliver from the feeling of merely being rubbed. He replied as if it was an order and tried to copy the motion exactly. Holding it in both hands and drinking it.
  87. Yoshi the shinxtails smiles down at him, nodding in approval of his actions. "Well, what brings you to this part of the world? It's not like you can care or cook for yourself around here." She said as she as she holds up some clean clothing for him to wear. "Here, put those on. I would think you'll be a bit cold wearing those old things." She said as she smiles.
  89. Andrew Moonfire's expression brightened as she smiled at him. His ears perking fully and he looked up intently as he sat before her. "Master left me", he said looking down at the floor. Then as she said that he feared the same thing and said in a seemingly rushed and scared manner, "I...can clean and cou..nt to five...I...can lif..t things and servic..e you", he said the last thing as if it was normal. Then as she moved on and held out the clean clothing he smiled and his tail wagged in excitement. A seemingly trivial thing bringing him much happiness. "Thank you mistress", he said in an almost squeak of happiness. Moving his hands a little shakily up, as if fearing requesting them. His own clothes almost falling off him.
  91. Yoshi the shinxtails puts the clothing into his hands and kisses his head softly. "Don't worry, you're safe here." She said softly. "I can see you're not that skilled in the world, so I'm taking you in as my own kid. You'll learn how to count, learn how to cook and maybe even get to see the world on your own and make a house for yourself."
  93. Andrew Moonfire's eyes had a glint in them as he kissed his head gently, a soft murring coming from him as he felt good. Then looking up and being told he was safe made his tail wag more. "I will be good mistress", he said thinking quite clearly she wanted him as he was before. Not really understanding anything else as the concept of being her kid wasn't something he registered. "Would you like me to clean?", he asked hesitantly as if it would please her.
  95. Yoshi the shinxtails picks him up into her arms, taking him to her bathroom before putting him in her tub. "You can clean yourself up. We don't need ya walking around looking like that was just pulled out from the ground." She said as she runs some warm water she had store for later used for herself but let him use it. "You can call me Yoshi if you like."
  97. Andrew Moonfire whimpered as she lifted him before realising it was no problem. Then nuzzled softly into her shoulder and murred greatly. The contact feeling ever so good she might notice he was indeed very cold. He sat in the tub and looked up at her with a smile as he sat cross legged. Still clothed he stood as she ran the water and quite easily tore the tatters from himself. He would see his fur was matted, knotted and through the dirt a soft blue hue. The most surprising thing being he wasn't a boy!, he had a neat pair of lips where something was missing. He sat down again and smiled as he felt the warm water. "Thank you..Mis... Yoshi", he said
  99. Andrew Moonfire: as he almost continued calling her it through conditioning.
  101. Yoshi the shinxtails leans her head to the side, seeing that he has a cock and no balls; meaning that he's has both set. Thinking he can get some used for him for her sexual needs. For now, she starts to clean his fur as she make sure to get every bit of dirt out of his fur. She made sure to clean his hair and fully cleaned and his fur is back to it's once normal color. "Is everything going well on your end? The water is okay for you?"
  103. Andrew Moonfire had already been used quite thoroughly in that sense. Then as he felt her hands gently wash through his chest a deeper murr came from him as he smiled up at her. Quite happy that she was doing it. The feeling of the knots and matted areas being removed making his now sodden tail wag in the water. "Thank you mistress, it doesn't hurt now...sorry", he said and looked down as he had failed to do as she asked.
  105. Andrew Moonfire: (Tis a brilliant thing messing with games, movies and animes LP)
  106. Andrew Moonfire: (Lol, dooku tree :3)
  107. Andrew Moonfire: (Want him to be a herm then?, or just a Cboy, cause I don't mind :3)
  108. Yoshi the shinxtails: (I don't mind one way or another, it's your call.)
  109. Andrew Moonfire: (Herms can have more fun :3)
  111. Yoshi the shinxtails leans her head to the side as she wonders about the last word he said, not sure what he means by it. "What do you mean?" She said as she takes him out of the tub and starts to dry him off. She make sure to dry off his fur and hair. Making sure to get a good look at his stuff to ensure that the lad is able to take a cock inside him soon.
  113. Andrew Moonfire looked up to her as she spoke in the same voice, not receiving the punishment he had expected. With a gentle murr as she took him out she let him dry his body. Gently nuzzling into her when he could. "I didn't call you Yoshi.", he replied as if it must have been a gross offence of her not too. When she saw him fully she would see he was slightly stretched, though was still tight. "Thank you for cleaning me", he said and gave her thigh a soft kiss, he couldn't reach any higher.
  115. Yoshi the shinxtails smiles softly to him as she takes him back to his room for now, helping him into his clean clothing. She kisses his forehead as she lay out his bed. "Well, you'll get used to it in due time, don't worry." She said softly, trying to be motherly to him. "Well, if you need anything, just ask me and I'll try to help." She said in the same tone as before.
  117. Andrew Moonfire looked up to her as he was dressed, trying his best to help her though was a little confused in some parts. She smiled as he was kissed and gave her a kiss back and smiled. When she lay his bed out he wagged his tail gently. "What do you want me to do?", he asked a little confused, the offer something he hadn't received befroe.
  119. Andrew Moonfire: (Just realised the wording of that sentence :p *He smiled as he was kissed and returned the favour. His own smile a true one as he hadn't felt happier in his life8
  121. Yoshi the shinxtails rubs his head softly, rubbing his belly softly. Pulling him into a hug, trying to make him happy and all. "Well, I'm mostly fine. There's one thing, but I'm not sure if you want to, through." She said softly, setting him down onto his bed for now, through. "Anyway, you'll most likely need a good night sleep on something soft."
  123. Andrew Moonfire murred and smiled as he was rubbed. His murring increasing greatly as he was hugged into her. His own arms soon joining in as he nuzzled into her belly. More than happy in the embrace. "I will", he said as he looked up pressed to her belly. Then was set down he gave a soft yawn. Clean, clothed and warm he couldn't help but feel tired.
  125. Yoshi the shinxtails kisses his nose before laying besides him, pulling down his pants a bit to hang off one leg as she rubs a finger against his slit slowly. She want to see his reaction to this, thinking he would be used to this kind of thing. "Tell me if this hurts, I don't want to put you through any pain, Andrew."
  127. Andrew Moonfire licked his nose when she kissed it. Not resisting her pulling his new pants down though gave a little whimper as she stroked over his sex. Though out of the pain that usually came with it. Though soon into the rubbing he shivered and cuddled her tighter. "It doesn't now..", he said as he licked her muzzle. As if it had the times before but she was being gentle
  129. Yoshi the shinxtails softly poke her finger into and out of him, trying to make his opening easier as she wiggle her finger about. Slowly working in a few more fingers, trying to make it easier for him. She hold him close a bit faster, trying to get about four fingers in slowly. "How does it feel now? Too much?"
  131. Andrew Moonfire shivered and gave soft whimpers of pleasure as she poked into him. The wiggles making him clench tightly and the tip of his member poked free from his sheath. Nuzzling and whining softly as she pushed the four fingers into him. "I...it's big", he said clenching hard on them. Though seemingly not in pain.
  133. Yoshi the shinxtails smiles to him as she kisses his head, rocking her fingers through his sex as her other hand wraps around his cock as she jack him off softly. Humming to him softly as she kisses his forehead. "Tell me when you had your fill and I'll take them out." She said as she pushes deeper inside him as she jacks him off faster as time goes on.
  135. Andrew Moonfire gently moaned as she kissed him on the forehead. His sex clenching arrhythmical on her fingers. Then as she grasped his now stiffened member whined in pleasure and cuddled in tighter. His soft whines and moans gently vibrating into her bosom. He wouldn't say when he had his fill. Purely as he didn't think he had the right to tell her to stop. Within about a minute the wolf quivered and clenched hard on her fingers and spat a pitiful amount of seed from his member and continued moaning softly into her breasts as the stroking and thrusting continued.
  137. Andrew Moonfire: The over stimulation merely making him cuddle into her tighter and moan louder.
  139. Light Sonitzekioro is now Looking. [ Looking for a casual one shot rp, Nothing too big just PM if interested, mostly looking for anything within reason, so if I interest ya, and I'm willing to make a few changes such as playing as a human and other changes as long as they are within reason,]
  141. Yoshi the shinxtails kept up the rubbing for a good while as she felt his body unloading onto her. She let him go at her fingers before pulling them out of him and clean them off before putting back his pants on for now and put the covers onto him. "Well, sleep well hun." She said kissing his forehead before going to hr own room.
  143. Andrew Moonfire shivered and moaned until she stopped and he merely nuzzled into her. Gently licking her clothes as he felt her fingers remove themselves, Giving her a soft kiss on the nose as he was tucked in and then looked up as she greeted him to sleep, trying to say something before he was kissed, "But..I haven't", though she merely turned and left. He felt compelled to return the favour but the soft and comfy bed dragged him into his sleep within seconds. Having never felt so comfy, Within the night however soft whines and whimpers came to him as he had nightmares. Wetting himself and his new clothing and bed. When he woke and saw the damp patch on his cover he whimpered in fear and tried to cover it up. Sitting on the damp patch as he covered his front. Again fearing some form of punishment.
  144. Andrew Moonfire: Waiting with flat ears for her to come in.
  145. Andrew Moonfire: his front with his paws and failing miserably*
  147. Yoshi the shinxtails returns in the morning to get him ready for his nose life on the farm as she think of what to make for herself to eat. She opens the door to his room before spotting the wet bed. She sighs softly and looks him over. "Did something happen last night, Andrew?" She asked, trying to hide her disparagement a bit. "Nevertheless, better get you into some dry clothing and fill your belly. I'll have to think of something to help stop this and get you ready for the day."
  149. Andrew Moonfire shivered a little as he heard the door open. Looking down as she sighed and tried his hardest to cover his mistake. His ears twitching as he expected a beating. When she asked him what happened he looked up, "T...there..were monsters", he whimpered gently as he looked up, not even seeming to know about dreams. A few tears rolling down his cheek as he felt he had done a serious wrong. "O...wk", he said and sniffled a little. Getting out of the bed and holding his paws over his crotch. A little ineffectively as he had soaked himself.
  151. Yoshi the shinxtails walks over to him, picking him up and taking him to the bathroom to undress him and start cleaning his body. "They're called dreams. We all have them as we sleep. It was a nightmare that you had." She said as she make sure to get the smell out of his fur as she pour some water onto his head and body. "I guess you'll need to be diapered. Once I'm done here, I'll put one on you then feed you before we get to work." She said as she put the dirty clothing away.
  153. Andrew Moonfire nuzzled into her as he was picked up. Cuddling in happily as he felt much better from the hugging hold and looked up to her as he helped her remove his clothing. "I'm sorry Yoshi", he said assuming the nightmare was his own fault. He moved himself as she wished as she cleaned him. His fur flicking up as it got wet. "What's a diaper? and thank you", he said as he cuddled into her. Nuzzling into her lower waist as she put his old clothes away.
  155. Yoshi the shinxtails makes sure that his fur is clean before starting to dry him off fully as she kisses his forehead as she takes him back to his room for now. "It's something for someone that need help staying dry." She said before heading outside and going through and outside storage house before coming back inside and set a box down. She goes into the box and pulls out a diaper. "Lay down onto your bed."
  157. Andrew Moonfire murred softly as he was dried. He hadn't expected to be clean after his mistake, less be cleaned up by her after him doing so. His tail again waving as he was kissed and led back through into his room. Looking up he smiled and said, "Thank you!", then hugged her before she left. He seemed happy his problem wouldn't bother him again. He nodded and laid on his bed. Looking to her happily as his tail wagged between his legs.
  159. Yoshi the shinxtails holds up his legs with a hand as she unfold the diaper and putting it under him, making sure his tail goes through the hole in the back before letting his legs go softly. She takes out the baby powder and oil before rubbing them into his diaper area before clothing in the diaper on him, ensuring it's tight on him before sitting him up. "Okay, now that you're in this, I better feed you, we have a long day ahead of us."
  161. Andrew Moonfire's tail continued to wag as she lifted his legs up. Looking quite intently so as to see what it was. His tail quite compliant though she would feel him trying to wave it. He looked up as he saw the other things before he murred gently as she rubbed them into his body. As it was wrapped around him he gently rubbed her hands with his own. Cuddling into her as he was sat up in his new diaper. "Thank you, I'll be good", he said murring into her as he cuddled and tried to infer he was there to be directed.
  163. Yoshi the shinxtails takes him by the hand and takes him to the dinner table where she give him a cup of water for now as she goes off to make some food. She return in a few minutes with a pair of plates of pancakes down with a pouring cup with honey as she takes a seat next to him and she rubs his head softly. "Eat up hun." She said before digging into her food.
  165. Andrew Moonfire grasped her hand gently as he was led to the table. Still only in a diaper as he was sat up on a chair. He took the cup and took gentle sips as he smelt the food she was making and smiled happily. His tail wagging through the back of the seat. His eyes lit up when he saw the pancakes and happily nuzzled into her side as she rubbed his head. On seeing the knife and fork he was a little confused and looked at her to try and imitate. However had the knife and fork the wrong way up as he tried to cut into the meal.
  167. Yoshi the shinxtails looks over at him as she watches him try to cute his own food. She shown him how to do it, cutting most of them up for him, leaving one behind for him on how to do it and hold them right. She pour some honey onto his pancakes for him before going back to her own food. Once she was done herself, she started to clean up.
  169. Andrew Moonfire watched intently as she showed him how. Then picked his fork back up to pick up the small pieces and when he put the honeysoaked food in his mouth he smiled happily and looked to her. Then finished his meal with her, having used the cutlery correctly he felt good. When she began to clean up he slipped off the chair and tried to take the plate off her. "Isn't that my job?", he said as he looked up at her, his soft little form shifting a little as his diaper crinkled.
  171. Yoshi the shinxtails looks down at him with a smile as she rubs his head. She speak softly, but standing by what she's saying, "No." She said before starting to clean her things, leaving a chair by the small tub for him. "You'll need to clean after yourself. I'm not your owner and I'm not your master. You'll going to learn how to be a big boy and care for yourself one day."
  173. Andrew Moonfire looked up to her and again nuzzled into the affection. He cocked his head as she said no and when she said that a soft whine came from him."Y..you don't want me?", he hadn't understood fully what she had meant last night. Still thinking he was a possession. Though picked up his plate and cutlery and clambered up on the chair. Putting the dishes in and cleaning them with a brilliant shine. Something he had done frequently.
  175. Yoshi the shinxtails rubs his head softly, trying to settle him down as she give him a kiss on his forehead. "I'm trying to be a mother to you. Mothers don't own their kids, they try to help their kids to live on their own when they grow up to the right age." She said softly to him, holding him close with an arm. "Plus, you'll be able to buy things when we get outside to work on the plants. You'll have your very own part of land as we care for it."
  177. Andrew Moonfire murred into the rub and as she kissed him smiled. "Thank you mother", he said and hugged into her. His paws still a little wet as he nuzzled in. The wolfs face seemingly returning to it's new happy position. Then as she held him close still he gave her a soft lick. "What are we doing first?", he said seemingly excited as his tail waved. His fur quite soft as she held him against her. "Can I still help you on yours?", he then asked as she said he'd have his onw.
  179. Yoshi the shinxtails picks him up and kisses his head again as she takes him to his room to get dress. Dressing him up in farmers' outfit to enjoy he'll get used to the look and feel of it in due time. "Now that you're dress, I have to show you get the dirt ready for the seeds and watering. Once the plants grow in a few days, we can take them to the market to sell them. Maybe trade some of them for more food to store for later." Sh said as she smiles at him. "And you can be my little helper."
  181. Andrew Moonfire cuddled into her as he was held to her chest. Gently licking her muzzle as he was easily carried into his room again. Giggling gently as he was dressed, she having occasionally tickled him. His dungrees bulged just a little from his diaper but he didn't mind. He stood next to her and then jumped a little in excitement. "I can?", his little tail waving quickly as he could help someone who was kind to him.
  183. Yoshi the shinxtails nods to him before getting up and heading to her room, getting dress for the day that took only a few minutes before walking back to him room. "Come on, the plants are waiting to be watered and fed through the back door." She said, headin' to said door before unlocking it and opening to about 75 yards of plants that rage from the common everyday ones to the out right odd ones. "Let's go, this is your first day to your new life."
  185. Andrew Moonfire waited patiently but excited. Moving to peer out his room door to see when she would come back. Happily running back to his bed as she came in before running back to meet her as she left. He looked around the neatly ordered farm and his tail continued wagging from the small hole in the dungarees. He smiled happily as he saw a (Waterbucket? Umm....Bloody hell it waters plants and the name escapes me...) He walked over and tried to pick it up. A little heavy but he managed to somewhat waddle over. Remembering she had planned to do that. He looked up proudly as he had managed to do so.
  186. Andrew Moonfire: without dropping or spilling the heavy watering can.*
  187. Andrew Moonfire: (That is it...)
  189. Yoshi the shinxtails rubs his head softly before watching him watering the plants for her, a smile growing on her face. "Yup, that's how to do it, Andrew. Don't hurt yourself." She said before walking over to a well to get some fresh water to water the plants with. She gone through most of the rods to make sure each one had their water. "Hey Andrew, there's an area right over there that's ready to be made into farm land. I have to show you how to use a hoe and other tools, anyway." She said pointing to the area.
  191. Andrew Moonfire rather happily went around watering her plants. The weight of it substantial to him as he had to tip it awkwardly to get the water out. When she called him he turned quickly as his ears perked and he fell over. The can dropping with him the soft diaper took most of the force of his fall. He whined then looked at himself before quickly picking up the now empty can and ran over to her. Eager to learn new things. Andrew Moonfire: "Can I do it?", he said quite excitedly as he looked up to her. Meaning obviously once she showed him.
  193. Yoshi the shinxtails nods to him, rubbing his head softly as she picks up a few tools to work with. She put him by the side of the pot for now as she holds up the hoe. "This is what we use to break up the ground so that the dirt can get air." She said as she shows him how to do it. "Try it, don't worry about messing up - we all do from time to time." She said with a smile.
  195. Andrew Moonfire murrs happily and cuddled her. He sat on his rear and watched intently, another soft murr coming from him as his padding moved against his fur. He looked up to her and nodded. Then smiled more as she said for him not to worry. He would have been petrified of doing it wrong had she not. He took it from her hands and the hoe was much bigger than him. He pushed it into the soil and tried to leaver it up, however at the end of the pole it wasn't very effective. He merely slid on the pole and smacked himself in the stomach. A whimper coming from him as he rubbed the area.
  197. Yoshi the shinxtails rubs his head softly, trying to settle him down as she kisses his head. She helps him get closer to the head of the tool and try to help him get used to pulling through the dirt. "Try it like this, the older you get, the more you can get away from the tool, like I've shown you." She said as she let him try again. "Remember; you'll have to work at this for a few years to get good at this."
  199. Andrew Moonfire cuddled into her as he got a kiss to the forehead. It seemingly fixing any problem he had with the dull pain in his waist. He smiled as he was told how to do it better. Andrew enjoying learning new things. He took it as directed and pushed, getting it much easier as he moved slowly forward. Giving a little squiggly line behind him as he finished the first little strip. "I will mis...mother", he said with a contented smile, pleased at his somewhat squiggly line.
  201. *Yoshi the shinxtails smiles softly, bending down a bit more to run her hand through the dirt to ensure the dirt and moved right and there aren't any rocks. "You're going well, hun. You'll get it in due time, so don't worry." She said, trying to re-ensure him about this work. "Now, do it a few more times and we'll start planting the seeds." She said as she rubs his head.
  203. Andrew Moonfire let out a little excited noise as he was praised. Something he had experienced very little of. He then began to drag the hoe through it again. On meeting up with her he murred as she rubbed him. Looking up with almost complete trust already."What are we growing?", he asked as if he was unsure if it was the right question. Meaning simply what the seeds were.
  205. Yoshi the shinxtails thinks for a bit as she head to the storage house again to go through her many seeds had stored for years to come. She comes out with a few small bags with different titles on them. "Can you read hun? I'm sure you can learn how to read in due time." She said as she rubs his head softly. One having sunfloor seeds on it, another having watermelon on it, another having cerets (However that's spelled.) on it. "You can ask me for help, don't worry hun."
  207. Andrew Moonfire continued to force the hoe through the soil as she walked off. Determined to do good for her. Then when she came up he looked at the bags. When she asked him he looked up a little confused. Then looked at the squiggles on the bags and pointed to them. "Is that reading?", he asked referring to the characters of the bags and looked at them intently. He recognised them but didn't know there meaning. "I can't", he said and hugged into her again gently.
  209. Yoshi the shinxtails rubs his head softly, giving him a kiss on his head softly. "Yes, you'll learn how to sound them out. Don't worry, I'll show you how to read later tonight. For now, I'll help you." She said as she try to sound them out to him. "Like it? You can you pick which one you like to grow." She said with a smile as she looks over his little hand. "Once you make your own money, you can make your land bigger, in due time."
  211. Andrew Moonfire nuzzled into her as he was comforted and then a great smile came to his face. "Really?", the thought of reading giving him yet more excitement. The little wolf did his best to follow along with her sounding. Then his eyes opened as he heard her say watermelon he excitedly wagged his tail. "Watermelon", he said and his voice showed his excitement. As he looked at the bags, then walked over he tried to pick the right one about to go for the sunflowers before looking up at her then gently shivered and whined. Grasping his crotch but felt nothing, aswell as feeling dry and just as comfortable. He moved his paws to see nothing then looked up with a slightly confused expression.
  213. Yoshi the shinxtails smiles softly as she hands him the seeds he had asked for before leaning her head to the side, a bit lost, as he put a hand on himself. "Something the matter, hun?" She asked before rubbing his head softly. "Well, don't worry about it for now. You can learn how to plant seeds now. Come on, mama is going to show you how to plant." She said as she takes a seed and makes a little hole before dropping said seed in. She then covered the hole with some dirt. "You can try it now."
  215. Andrew Moonfire had managed to wet himself, however his new mothers idea had worked perfectly. He murred gently and hugged into her looking up in his hug and saying, "No", in a rather embarrassed voice as his cheeks turned a gentle pink. Just visible under his fur. He smiled and took her hand as she walked back over. On seeing how to do it he picked a seed from the sack and repeated the manoeuvre. Then sat down and picked one each and started to do it. Eventually finishing the row he had a beaming look of achievement. "Can I help mama with hers?", he said gently over to her as he saw she had gone on to start something new.
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