Xenos Hunters Session 34

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  19.         antoine It is a few days before you are to be called to the stand, you walk the corridors outside the closed session of court. The Watch Commander is within, the deathwatch's representative. The patrols have been long and boring with only your brother and your serfs as company. The night cycle recently begun and the humans have gone to bed as you stalk the corridor. The faint reverberation of fans...
  20.         antoine ...blowing recycled air through vents your only company.
  21.         Sinbad  walks around covered in his camo-cloak, stalking the halls for what seems like the thousandth time in waste
  22.         Balmung stomps down the hallway
  23.         antoine The fan on the south end skips a few beats in its cycle, unusual...
  24.         Navarre ++I am finding this assignment to be rather... boring.++
  25.         Bellerophon     walks his beat, heavy bolter in his hands and Xavier by his side.
  26.         Balmung grunts "We should be doing something beisdes walking up and down hallways++
  27.         Bellerophon     ++A south side fan has undergone an odd murmur. I am going to examine it.++
  28.         Bellerophon     clompclompclomps to the fan
  29.         Omniel  nods and accompanies Bellerephon. ++It may require maintenance.++
  30.         Anselm  huffs over the vox. ++Don't waste too much time on it. And keep vigilant - there are numerous Inquisitors arriving. No harm can be permitted to come upon them.++
  31.         antoine As Bellerophon approaches the fan with Omniel close behind, three small objects clatter down the shaft and pop through the wide vent grate gaps before coming to rest on the floor in front of the Ultramarine.
  32.         Navarre "We could stress test the stairs again."
  33.         Balmung laughs
  34.         antoine The little objects appear to be krak grenades...
  35.         antoine But where are their pins?
  36.         Anselm  ++Bellerophon? Report.++
  37.         Bellerophon     grabs Xavier and juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuumps
  38.         Navarre "Here I am in my old age letting fenrisian and chogoris barbarians influencing my thinking. What is becoming of me?"
  39.         Bellerophon     gets out of the way to assist Omniel disarming them!
  40.         Balmung tries to shrug
  41.         Balmung "Eh"
  42.         Bellerophon     helps Omniel disable two of the three, but the third one escapes their grasp.
  43.         Omniel  activates his servo-arms and combi-tools to begin defusing them, working fast.
  44.         Bellerophon     does the only possible Ultramarine action left, and jumps on the grenade to minimize the damage.
  45.         Navarre "Well, what can I say... you've been a terrible influence."
  46.         Balmung laughs "I haven't heard that in a while"
  47.         antoine Omniel did well, disabling the first and logically abandoning the second when it was clear the pin had been ripped out and caused damage to the mechanism so it could not be disabled. Finally the third was disarmed but then a bright flash and a percussive bang echoed through the halls as the krak grenade detonated with Bellerophon and Omniel standing over it.
  48.         Anselm  looks to Sinbad, furrowing his brow in vexation. He frowns. "They keep me waiting. What say you to this? Am I worth the respect of responding?"
  49.         Balmung ++We haven't found anything++
  50.         Sinbad  ++Yes, of course you are. We all are, Brother Champion. But...conclaves are as this in any organization. Take it as Al-malik. If he may wait on the Throne for his servants to conquer his galaxy, then so may we wait another...couple days.++
  51.         Sinbad  sighs
  52.         Bellerophon     makes an oof sound
  53.         Omniel  raises his arms to guard himself as the grenade explodes. ++Brother Bellerephon, what is your status?++
  54.         Navarre "You hear something, Balmung?"
  55.         Balmung "Aye we should check it out"
  56.         Anselm  reactively taps his vox on. ++Status. Now!++
  57.         Bellerophon     ++Situation: I just had a krak grenade explode on my chest, how do you think I feel.++
  58.         Sinbad  ++Why was there a krak grenade on your chest?++
  59.         antoine The metal underneath the krak grenade was ripped open but luckily not too damaged as to risk a breach.
  60.         Anselm  ++A valid question. Where did this come from?++
  61.         Omniel  ++Because he leapt onto the grenade.++
  62.         Sinbad  ++I suppose that solves that mystery then.++
  63.         Bellerophon     takes a knee and brushes off the slag stuck to his chestplate
  64.         Bellerophon     ++There were three of them that fell through one of the south vents.++
  65.         Sinbad  ++...!++
  66.         Anselm  ++Trace it, Omniel. Find where that vent goes and look for signs of any recent activity. Find where it goes.++
  67.         Bellerophon     ++Alert the Watch Commander and the Inquisitors. Watch Station Hestia is compromised.++
  68.         Anselm  ++Brother Balmung, Brother Navarre. Be aware.++
  69.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  70.         Omniel  grapnels up to the vent and kind of peers in, looking around.
  71.         Bellerophon     ++Rather, I shall inform the leadership of the situation.++
  72.         Navarre ++Finally. SOmething interesting!++
  73.         Anselm  looks to Sinbad. ++The Brother-Chaplain shall alert the Watch Commander.++
  74.         Balmung chuckles
  75.         Sinbad  nods
  76.         Anselm  ++And negative. Stay with Brother Omniel, Bellerophon.++
  77.         Bellerophon     ++The rest of you watch and listen for fans off cycle, or the sound of grenades.++
  78.         Sinbad  ++I shall go disturb...Decimus, at the conclave doors.++
  79.         Sinbad  moves off beneath his cloak towards the court
  80.         Anselm  ++Vox me once your task is complete, Chaplain Sinbad. I shall begin investigating on our end.++
  81.         Sinbad  gives an affirmative grunt through the vox
  82.         Navarre ++Something foul is about. What say we investigate it, Brother?++ Time for Balmung and Navarre to punch heretics!
  83.         Omniel  ++There is someone inside of the vent, Brothers.++
  84.         Omniel  ++Far, far up.++
  85.         Anselm  eyes the hall. ++Report the instant you find anything. Especially you two, Navarre, Balmung - we need to know if this is an isolated attempt or if there's something organized.++
  86.         Balmung "Sounds good to me"
  87.         Omniel  "Freeze, intruder! Reveal yourself now, and I will be merciful!"
  88.         Bellerophon     tries to contact Tellion and the Canoness, being the only two Bellerophon knows he can trust
  89.         Bellerophon     tries to contact Tellion and the Canoness, being the only two Bellerophon knows he can trust outside of his Kill-Team
  90.         Anselm  searches the hallways to no avail, somewhat distraught.
  91.         Sinbad  calls to his skull as he backtracks to the team
  92.         Sinbad  "Matriarch, witch hunt, if you please."
  93.         Omniel  ++The intruder is on the move. I will attempt to track.++
  94.         Omniel  drops down and activates his Auspex, hoping to follow the readings.
  95.         Anselm  ++Do so. Do you require assistance? My sector is clear.++
  96.         Bellerophon     ++We cannot attempt to follow him through the vents, but the unaugmented might.++
  97.         Bellerophon     ++We could rouse a select few.++
  98.         Anselm  ++No, but you can trace where that damned vent leads. Find it and get on it.++
  99.         Balmung ++Want me to sniff him out?++
  100.         Anselm  ++Is your section clear?++
  101.         Omniel  ++The materials are obscuring my Auspex.++
  102.         antoine Sinbad's servo skull bobbed around for awhile before responding, "No activity detected."
  103.         Balmung ++So far++
  104.         Sinbad  murmurs a worried prayer and meets with the group
  105.         Sinbad  ++Any progress?++
  106.         Anselm  ++I am not convined this is isolated. I wanto you all to redouble your efforts.++
  107.         Anselm  ++And Brother-Chaplain, have you alerted the Watch Commander?++
  108.         Sinbad  ++I have. At least I have told Decimus. I hope he goes to tell him.++
  109.         antoine As Balmung continues vigilantly forward his boot hits a tripwire set between two rooms. The doors swing open and two beds hung up inside in a makeshift fashion released to fall and move to crush him, each with long jagged metal spikes at the end made from the ripped off and sharpened metal legs pointing towards him.
  110.         Anselm  ++Regroup with me, Brother-Chaplain. I am unsure of this area's safety. We should also consider checking the genetorium for any tampering.++
  111.         Bellerophon     ++We must reconvene to protect the trial. If the sanctity of the room is compromised, all is lost.++
  112.         Sinbad  goes to Anselm
  113.         Navarre ++We may have to move slower, Balmung.++
  114.         Sinbad  ++This angers me! What is going on?! How is there traps this close to us when we have walked these halls for days?!++
  115.         Balmung ++Someone tried to boobytrap the hallways++
  116.         antoine A sound echos through the vent system, "Where is it? What have they done with it?" a maddened, deep voice that would unnerve you if you were not a space marine.
  117.         Sinbad  thinks very hard and very quickly before...
  118.         Omniel  ++The station is clearly under assault.++
  119.         Sinbad  "We put it in the bathroom!"
  120.         Sinbad  says to the vent grate nearby
  121.         antoine Patriclus comes half running, half hopping down a corridor to Sinbad as he puts on a pair of boots and starts buttoning up a combat jacket. The flustered man shouts to you, "Isabelle will be along shortly."
  122.         Sinbad  ++...I hope that works.++
  123.         Sinbad  "Heard the blast, then?"
  124.         Anselm  loudly grumbles. ++Omniel, Bellerophon. If you cannot find the attacker, then group up with Balmung and Navarre and ensure the Conclave Chamber is secure.++
  125.         antoine "Bellerophon called on the vox."
  126.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  127.         Omniel  moves to regroup with the others.
  128.         Bellerophon     changes his vox frequency to Xavier and his honor guard and attempts to rouse them from their slumber
  129.         Anselm  eyes the Commissar's curious change of apparent age. ++Brother Sinbad, you and I need to ensure the halls leading out from the Conclave to the docking bays are clear and safe. I want nothing to be able to harm the Inquisitors. And damn it all, where are the station's serfs when we need them?++
  130.         Sinbad  ++Make a larger explosion, and they'll awaken as Patriclus.++
  131.         antoine As the man buttons up his shirt you notice that he has lost several years worth of aging lines in his face and while several scars remain his body is toned back to what you would expect of a man in his late twenties.
  132.         Sinbad  picks up Patriclus and puts him on his shoulders, before running full speed through the halls
  133.         Anselm  follows after Sinbad.
  134.         Balmung clomps down the hallways to meet up with the rest of the team
  135.         Navarre tromps behind him.
  136.         Bellerophon     ++And what about us? As the leader, we defer to your wisdom.++
  137.         Anselm  ++Momentary change of plans. All of you, meet with me before Brother Decimus. I must wait on Sinbad, but as it will be before the Conclave Chamber we can then redeploy from there.++
  138.         Balmung ++On our way++
  139.         Anselm  hurries to the meetingplace.
  140.         Bellerophon     ++Understood.++
  141.         Bellerophon     heads off for the meeting spot
  142.         antoine The space marines converge on the meeting place but as Omniel walks along he feels a sudden pull from a wall before his entire body is sucked by an unseen force, his servo arms, arms, legs and head all stuck to the wall.
  143.         Navarre "... that's one hell of a magnet."
  144.         Bellerophon     turns around after he hears the clang of Omniel hitting the wall
  145.         Omniel  ++Brothers, this is exceedingly uncomfortable.++
  146.         antoine A laugh is heard through the vents, "You took it didn't you. You took it all away, with the alien things."
  147.         Bellerophon     ++I wasn't aware you were exceedingling ferrous metals, Brother.++
  148.         Anselm  looks up at the ceilings. ++This apparent infiltrator's insane ranting is grating my nerves.++
  149.         antoine Sinbad soon appears with a force of humans alongside him
  150.         Sinbad  "Has the damned heretic been caught yet?"
  151.         antoine Patriclus, Isabella, Joffery and a group of battle sisters.
  152.         Bellerophon     tries waking Xavier and his honor guard once more with a query through his vox
  153.         Anselm  shakes his head to the Chaplain. "No. He has not. He's apparently waylayed Omniel."
  154.         Sinbad  stomps in anger
  155.         Anselm  angrily jabs a fist up towards the ceiling. "And he keeps taunting us. I think he has some sort of comms system set up in the vents."
  156.         Sinbad  "What heresy is this?! How did hundreds of Astartes and the most guarded individuals in His Majesty's Imperium miss a single idiot?!"
  157.         Bellerophon     ++I will send my retinue into the vents once they are roused and prepared. They will be able to flush out any heretics.++
  158.         Sinbad  "Well tell him again what he's looking for is in the water closets!"
  159.         antoine Balmung heaves with his terminator armour, managing to overcome the force and peel the Techmarine, one limb at a time from the wall. The Space Wolf roars and screams as he detaches the Dark Angel.
  160.         Sinbad  puts his hands to his head in agitation, thinking on what to do
  161.         Omniel  ++My thanks...++
  162.         Sinbad  raises his head and looks to Anselm
  163.         Sinbad  "I have it! We should set fire to all the halls! It will set off the bombs and chase the intruder!"
  164.         Bellerophon     ++And destroy the oxygen.++
  165.         Anselm  stares at the Chaplain with as blank an expression as he can muster.
  166.         Navarre ++And then kill everyone else.++
  167.         Omniel  ++Oxygen is not strictly a requirement.++
  168.         Bellerophon     ++I might be able to reverse their plan of attack now that I have more information. I must consult the Codex.++
  169.         Sinbad  ++The flames shall sort the heretics from the pure.++
  170.         Anselm  shakes his head clear of the thought after a few seconds of intense gazing. ++Brother Balmung, your senses have been demonstrated to be vastly superior to ours. Can you try to... well... you know what I mean...++
  171.         Navarre ++Unstable ground your walking on, Brother.++
  172.         Bellerophon     ++Flames are not a requirement for those who no longer have lungs or are encased in armor such as ours.++
  173.         Bellerophon     ++Nearly all of those inhabiting this station lack both.++
  174.         Bellerophon     reads his Codex on his autosenses, looking for relevant passages regarding assaulting and infiltrating a space station
  175.         Anselm  looks to Joffery and the lovely couple. ++I'd prefer we not leave our lesser fellows airless. Let us all regroup and then redeploy to deal with this.++
  176.         Balmung starts sniffing
  177.         Bellerophon     ++They are following what is roughly Codex-sanctioned actions. Utilize fast attack and destroy targets as they are seperated using vents and ducts.++
  178.         Bellerophon     ++It will be difficult to defend against. We will have the most success if we find them first.++
  179.         Balmung grunts "I know that smell....."
  180.         Omniel  ++Is there a way to block off the areas of the vents?++
  181.         Sinbad  pings Decimus
  182.         antoine Patriclus pipes up, "Perhaps the sisters and I can start crawling through the vents to clear them?"
  183.         Bellerophon     ++It might be possible to override their controls and force the vacuum shields to deploy.++
  184.         Bellerophon     ++But the vents provide atmosphere for the station. We cannot shut it down entirely.++
  185.         Sinbad  "...Too dangerous. The first thing to do while infiltrating the vents is to trap them to prevent just that idea, Patriclus."
  186.         Anselm  grumbles, and thinks.
  187.         Bellerophon     ++There is safety in numbers. The Sisters with the good Commissar and Xavier and my Guard with the Canoness will provide force enough to match.++
  188.         Navarre ++Perha's we should alert the inquisitors?++
  189.         Bellerophon     ++Or divided up however we find most appealing.++
  190.         Sinbad  ++The Watch Captain has been alerted through Decimus.++
  191.         Bellerophon     ++The Inquisitors cannot be bothered or reached at this time.++
  192.         Sinbad  "...!"
  193.         Anselm  ++Given the intricacy of these traps, it would be wise to ensure they are directly advised. If we find anything more significant, we will need to evacuate the Conclave.++
  194.         Sinbad  "Oh Throne!"
  195.         Sinbad  begins to run off
  196.         Sinbad  "I'm going to the Reliquary! "
  197.         Omniel  ++Go with caution, Brother.++
  198.         Anselm  ++Brother Sinbad?++
  199.         Anselm  looks to Balmung. ++Follow him. Help him.++
  200.         Bellerophon     ++Does this Station not have a Keeper to oversee the Armory? Or a Chaplain to maintain the Reliquary?++
  201.         Anselm  ++It's understaffed. We're the only Astartes present at this time.++
  202.         Navarre ++I'll go as well.++
  203.         Bellerophon     ++That is distressing news.++
  204.         Balmung follows the air vent down the hallway
  205.         Anselm  ++If the Conclave arrived with their retinues...++
  206.         Anselm  trails off.
  207.         Anselm  ++This man has an agenda, and it's far-removed from that oaf Hardgrave's trial.++
  208.         Anselm  ++Let us all go with Brother Sinbad.++
  209.         Anselm  looks to the others. ++Unless you can think of some place he might strike besides the Reclusiam?++
  210.         Bellerophon     ++However, I agree with the sentiments expressed. Our relics and equipment must be protected. I propose this: The unaugmented remain here to maintain the cordon around the Conclave while we defend our items against the predations of the heretics.++
  211.         antoine Balmung continues on along, passing several vents before a vent flies past his head and a voice shouts, "No, you cannot take me!"
  212.         antoine vent grate*
  213.         Sinbad  calls through the nearby vent as always
  214.         Sinbad  "WHEN I TAKE YOU I WILL EAT YOU!"
  215.         Balmung "Quiet! I saw something"
  216.         Sinbad  stops and raises his new bolter, waiting on Balmung
  217.         Sinbad  ++What is it? This heretic must not breach the sanctity of the Reliquary!++
  218.         Anselm  stops on his heels. ++We need to check Room 615's xenos-stores. He might be trying to release xenos. Bellerophon, Omniel, Navarre, you all come with me!"
  219.         Navarre ++Yes sir!++
  220.         Balmung "There's something scurring around in the vents, it's light colored and humanoid"
  221.         Bellerophon     ++And the Humans?++
  222.         Balmung "Something familiar about it's scent also, I just cant put my finger on it"
  223.         Anselm  grunts. ++Let them come with us. ++
  224.         Bellerophon     ++Understood.++
  225.         Bellerophon     ++What color does "light colored," mean?++
  226.         Sinbad  ++...It means he's naked?++
  227.         Sinbad  posits
  228.         Balmung "Just saw a glimpse of it before it scurried off"
  229.         Anselm  heads off to the xenos-vaut.
  230.         Omniel  falls in behind Anselm, weapons at the ready.
  231.         Bellerophon     motions to the humans and walks with Anselm
  232.         Anselm  ++Ah! Can someone please vox to have the bays shut down until we've found this man?++
  233.         antoine A clang is heard above Anselm as you advance together.
  234.         Anselm  stops, and slowly draws his blades.
  235.         Anselm  snarls. ++I just might have him...++
  236.         antoine As Balmung continues to track he bumps into the group heading to the xenos stores.
  237.         Balmung follows the vents
  238.         Navarre ++He's here, isn't he?++
  239.         Sinbad  raises his gun, looking about
  240.         Anselm  ++Above us! Get ready!++
  241.         Sinbad  points up, gun barrels auto-loading
  242.         Anselm  leaps up and slashes into the ceiling with his sword.
  243.         Omniel  takes aim at the vent.
  244.         antoine Anselm tears off the grate set into the ceiling before a pair of large pale hands grab his head and pull him up into the ceiling and out of sight
  245.         Sinbad  "What in the six-thousand Hells is that?!"
  246.         Anselm  roars in anger.
  247.         Bellerophon     tries to get a bead on the pair of hands so he may blow them off
  248.         Navarre +That's... just this side of disconerting. What can pull a fully armored Astartes like that?++
  249.         Balmung "Aye"
  250.         Bellerophon     ++It is a short list.++
  251.         Sinbad  ++I hope it's not naked.++
  252.         Anselm  ++You! I know you, traitor!++
  253.         Bellerophon     ++Why is nudity a recurring theme with you?++
  254.         Sinbad  ++The heretic seems naked. I have no desire to see a naked heretic.++
  255.         Anselm  ++Surrender!++
  256.         Sinbad  climbs up on Balmung's shoulders
  257.         Sinbad  ++Brother Veteran, could I get a toss up there?+
  258.         Balmung grunts and moves over to let him up
  259.         Sinbad  gives a hop with the kind assistance and crawls up into the vent
  260.         antoine Anselm appears suddenly, a pale fleshed marine crashing head first through the ceiling soon followed by the Champion.
  261.         Anselm  roars out in fury and begins punching the Marine in the face.
  262.         Bellerophon     points his heavy bolter at the Astartes menacingly
  263.         Sinbad  calls from the vent hole
  264.         Sinbad  "How dare you make me come up here and then leave!"
  265.         antoine The marine squirms away, a shiv in his real hand, the other arm is bionic. A replacement.
  266.         Anselm  snarls in irritation, moving to attack the Marine again. "Traitor! I will destroy you!"
  267.         Bellerophon     ++We never entertained the notion he might have been on the other side, did we.++
  268.         Bellerophon     ++So begs the question: What now?++
  269.         Omniel  ++Some of us did.++
  270.         Sinbad  sidles down and rejoins his unoccupied brothers
  271.         antoine The marine lashes out with the shiv at Anselm
  272.         antoine and misses
  273.         Sinbad  ++We did think he was a possible traitor. It's why I gave him to the Brother Veteran.++
  274.         Sinbad  ++Who did you give him to? I thought you kept him as a pet in your room?++
  275.         Anselm  slides aside of the attack and punches at the Marine once more.
  276.         Bellerophon     ++The station is compromised. We cannot place him in holding, and we certainly can not travel with him.++
  277.         Anselm  ++Shut up and let me fight!++
  278.         Sinbad  ++Keep fighting! We're just talking!++
  279.         Omniel  ++If you require assistance, let us know..++
  280.         antoine The marine grabs at Anselm's weapons but cant grab a hold
  281.         Bellerophon     ++yes, I could easily put him down.++
  282.         Balmung ++I gave him to the Dark Angel Chaplain hoping he could keep him under control and make use of the medicae facilities on the watch station++
  283.         Navarre ++They don't teach us about the other group in the Aothecarium. I blame myself.++
  284.         Balmung "Last time I trust a Dark Angel"
  285.         Omniel  ahems.
  286.         Sinbad  absentmindedly watches Anselm's impromptu boxing match
  287.         Sinbad  "Really going at it, aren't they? Where do you think he found all those explosives?"
  288.         Balmung "Not my fault he couldn't keep track of a single prisonor"
  289.         Anselm  "Joffery!" the Knight howls. "Joffery! Get your restraints ready!"
  290.         antoine The marine snatches up Anselm's personal sword, the Knight heraldry inlaid in the grip obscured by the giants pale hand.
  291.         Anselm  's eyeballs snap wide and his face contorts into the most hideous expression of rage a person could possibly manage to create. "You!"
  292.         Anselm  draws his the power sword he was gifted upon becoming Champion and madly swings at the traitor.
  293.         Sinbad  "Ooh, it's gotten exciting."
  294.         Balmung "What happened?"
  295.         Sinbad  points
  296.         Sinbad  "The armless one grabbed below his belt, and took his weapon in his hands and pulled."
  297.         Balmung "Uh oh that's not good"
  298.         Sinbad  tilts Balmung backwards a bit, so he can get a better view while maintaining his balance
  299.         Sinbad  "Better?"
  300.         antoine Anselm scores a deep cut in the marines leg, blood flowing freely before the marine with the soot covered face returns the strikes in earnest while shouting "I REMEMBER, DIE DOG, Ave Dominus Nox!"
  301.         Bellerophon     ++I wonder what the Canoness and the Comissar, and the Sisters, are thinking.++
  302.         Sinbad  "They're really giving a good show."
  303.         Navarre ++A pair of astartes fighting like cockerels?++
  304.         Balmung "Not as good of a show I'll show that damn Chaplain when I get my hands on him"
  305.         Sinbad  "Rarely a better show, no?"
  306.         Navarre "Perhaps we should let Omniel handle the chaplain? He is from the same chapter."
  307.         Omniel  ++Perhaps.++
  308.         Balmung grunts
  309.         Sinbad  "Grievance is grievance. Betrayed Balmung's trust, he did, since this fellow escaped."
  310.         Navarre "Escaped, released. Same difference, yes?"
  311.         Sinbad  "Ooh! Saw blood there! Touche."
  312.         antoine The marine scores a solid hit on Anselm before the Champion responds.
  313.         Anselm  , quivering with pure anger at the strike of his own weapon, doubles back and immediately lays into the traitor Marine. The Champion screams, swinging the sword at his enemy repeatedly and then promptly landing a punch at his face.
  314.         Balmung "Anselm sounds mad"
  315.         antoine The sword cuts deep again before Anselm knocks the pale marine out cold with a strong hooked punch to the head, sending the skull shaped soot flying off.
  316.         Sinbad  clambers down from Balmung
  317.         Sinbad  "Show's over, I guess."
  318.         Balmung grunts
  319.         Omniel  ++Excellent work.++
  320.         Anselm  promptly takes up his personal sword, and stands over the Marine, seething with fury.
  321.         Sinbad  "That was nice."
  322.         Anselm  "My sword..."
  323.         Sinbad  opens a whole for Joffery to step forwards to his master, not envying the man
  324.         Anselm  flips his sword around and levels it with the infiltrator's neck. "My SWORD!"
  325.         Navarre "You're not going to kill him, are you? A half-crazed Astartes, now that we know his affiliations would be perfect fodder for interogation."
  326.         Sinbad  "Just cut off his other arm, and you'll be even, Brother."
  327.         Anselm  "He stole MY sword! Mine!" The Knight-Brother raises his weapon over his head.
  328.         Anselm  stops. His breathing steadies, and he thinks about the act.
  329.         Sinbad  "Cut off his sword then. He's an Astartes as well, traitor or no. He won't need it."
  330.         antoine The almost albino marine lies on the floor, he head swelling slightly from the bruising but otherwise incapacitated.
  331.         Anselm  sighs and sheathes his personal sword. "Joffery. Joffery, come here!"
  332.         antoine The serf advances, "Well fought my Lord."
  333.         Anselm  angrily grunts. "Bind him. Wait..."
  334.         Sinbad  nudges Balmung
  335.         Anselm  steps over to the traitor, and raises up his boot...
  336.         Sinbad  "Should we walk you through the halls to trigger any more explosives?"
  337.         Balmung "hmm?"
  338.         Anselm  Then brings it down atop his bionic.
  339.         Sinbad  "Oh dear. That
  340.         Sinbad  *'s expensive."
  341.         Omniel  ++Perhaps unnecessary. That could have been recovered.++
  342.         antoine The ceramite crashes down, tearing the bionic in two. leaving behind a small augmetic stump with a few loose wires hanging out.
  343.         Anselm  "Now. Tie him so that he doesn't break loose. Does anyone have some strong cord or something? I don't think his manacles are going to cut it."
  344.         Sinbad  "Cut off his legs? He's a traitor, no?"
  345.         Sinbad  "Crazed one at that."
  346.         Omniel  ++Brother Anselm, perhaps this is not the time.++
  347.         Bellerophon     ++I've recieved an urgent vox regarding another part of the station. It is easily defensible and I will be able to hold out indefinitely. Godspeed, Brothers.++
  348.         Anselm  has no patience to switch his vox on. "If I am not going to imprison this wretch, I'm killing him. Consider it a blessing I'll let him live."
  349.         Anselm  looks down to examine his armor.
  350.         Balmung looks at Anselm "Now what?"
  351.         Omniel  ++We should transfer him to a holding cell.++
  352.         Sinbad  ++Decimus, we have apprehended who we believe is the intruder. It was the rogue Astartes prisoner. Please tell the Watch Captain.++
  353.         Omniel  ++If you like, I could perform interrogations on the prisoner. He seems healthy enough to answer my questions.++
  354.         Sinbad  ++/And/ we walk the dear Brother Veteran down the halls. Can't leave any of those traps left for the visitors later.++
  355.         Anselm  groans in frustration. "Damn it all, put the damned traitor in a padded cell with as many restraints as you can. He's clearly very resourceful."
  356.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  357.         Sinbad  addresses the humans, telling them to carefully make their way back to their rooms the exact way they came
  358.         Balmung "I may need to have a chat with our chaplain friend next time I see him"
  359.         Anselm  "Navarre, Omniel. The two of you are to take him to a cell and ensure he is secure. Interrogate him the instant he wakes up.."
  360.         Sinbad  addresses his skull to end it's auspex pings and go to standby
  361.         Anselm  looks to Sinbad and Balmung. "We must now find the rest of this man's traps."
  362.         Sinbad  "Shall I go examine if the fool intruded upon the Reliquary? Or shall I continue the watch?"
  363.         Balmung "Alright"
  364.         Omniel  ++Understood.++
  365.         Anselm  "Do so, Brother-Chaplain."
  366.         Omniel  picks up the prisoner for transport.
  367.         Anselm  finally cues on his vox. ++And Forge Master! Once this task is complete, I'll need you to mend my armor. Again.++
  368.         Sinbad  covers himself with his camo-cloak and makes his way to his charge like an invisible elephant
  369.         Balmung stomps off after Sinbad
  370.         Navarre will follow Omniel. "Shall we investigate the Chaplain that was supposed to watch over this wretch?"
  371.         Omniel  "Investigate how?"
  372.         Navarre "He's of your chapter."
  373.         Navarre "You tell me."
  374.         Anselm  sighs, and heads off to search for more of the Traitor's handiwork.
  375.         Omniel  "I may have to speak with him... it is disconcerting that the traitor could have escaped so easily."
  376.         Anselm  ++Krak grenade bundles. He broke into our cold vaults. Someone check to ensure they aren't boobytrapped, and be very careful about it.++
  377.         Balmung points down to a tripwire to Sinbad "Cut that one for me"
  378.         Sinbad  cuts it with his combat knife
  379.         Balmung continues on looking for more traps
  380.         Sinbad  follows along
  381.         antoine After a few sweeps you think the area is clear of traps.
  382.         Balmung "It's done"
  383.         Sinbad  walks into the Reliquary to check for disturbances, and then rejoins Balmung
  384.         Sinbad  "My thanks. Should we sweep the rest of the fortress?"
  385.         Anselm  ++For the love of the Throne. This has been a trying day.++
  386.         Balmung heads back to where Anselm is
  387.         Sinbad  ++It is not even the day cycle yet. It would be just our luck to have to go to the trial in several hours.++
  388.         antoine The Kill Team follows Omniel as he took the pale marine to the station's torture chamber and laid him down on the rack, he made sure to securely lock the deathly ill looking marine down to prevent another escape. Bellererophon and the humans waking for the day cycle have taken over your patrol duty with double guards set at every entrance and hallway around the court room.
  389.         antoine The marine slowly stirs from Anselm's beating. His jet black eyes focus and narrow to view those in front of him
  390.         Sinbad  "Hey. Hey. Remember this voice, friend? Yeah. Guess what. We took you. Now I'm going to eat you."
  391.         Anselm  stares at the traitor as though trying to kill him with his eyes.
  392.         antoine He spits through a bruised jaw at Sinbad
  393.         Sinbad  laughs and glares through the infuriated glare of his eagle-skull helm
  394.         Balmung stands behind everyone else watching
  395.         Sinbad  barely moves aside from the acidic spitwad, still laughing
  396.         antoine The spray goes just past Sinbad's head an sizzles as it eats into the wall.
  397.         antoine and sizzles*
  398.         Balmung "Not the talkitive type huh?"
  399.         Sinbad  "Oh seems that you're still not tender enough yet for my jaws. We'll have to fix that."
  400.         Omniel  ++Hold, Brother Sinbad. We must begin the questioning.++
  401.         Sinbad  holds back, and pushes a cart of tools to Omniel
  402.         Omniel  selects one of the tools. "Let us begin simply. What is your name?"
  403.         antoine The marine looks at Omniel with contempt
  404.         Omniel  applies said tool, methodically. "What is your reason for assaulting this station?"
  405.         Balmung looks on curiously, playing with his beard
  406.         antoine The marine smirks in disdain before spitting a new globlet of acid at Omniel this time.
  407.         Omniel  tilts his head to the side, bringing up his plasma torch threateningly. He clears his throat, then repeats. "WHAT IS YOUR REASON FOR ASSAULTING THIS STATION?" His voice taking on a harsh, mechanical tone.
  408.         antoine "Because you are weak, I remember now. How easy it is to sow dread in the scared insolent children of real Astartes."
  409.         Balmung raises and eyebrow
  410.         Sinbad  "He's a heretic. We know he's a filthy traitor. They lost. Can I kill him yet?"
  411.         Omniel  sighs and continues. "WHAT WERE YOU SEARCHING FOR."
  412.         antoine "I have found it, my true calling once more."
  413.         Balmung "Being tied to a table and prodded?"
  414.         Sinbad  "Spitting like a disturbed doop?"
  415.         Omniel  attempts to jog the traitor's memory with a jolt from his plasma torch. "YOU WERE SEARCHING FOR AN ITEM. WHAT WAS IT."
  416.         antoine He struggles in his restraints, "I remember all now, I remember the Night Haunter beating Rogal Dorn to a pulp. I remember slaughtering the weak peasants you could not protect!"
  417.         Sinbad  screams and stomps on the man's foot full force
  418.         Navarre "Hmmm... he seems to be mixed up."
  419.         antoine He laughs, "There was no item, only my mind. clouded by that fool. But I have found the answers I sought." His face screws up in pain when Sinbad stomps.
  420.         Omniel  "WHAT FOOL? SPEAK CLEARLY, WRETCH."
  421.         Anselm  narrows his eyes and folds his arms.
  422.         Sinbad  jams his combat knife into the man's thigh in anger
  423.         Sinbad  "Be glad I am in control of myself enough to not dash your brains out here!"
  424.         Sinbad  says as he steps around to the back of the interrogation chair
  425.         antoine The knife hits something vital and a frothy liquid emerges from his mouth. He smiles between bloodstained teeth before slowly beginning to expire.
  426.         Omniel  ++Brother Navarre, stabilize him!++
  427.         Navarre sighs and gets to work.
  428.         antoine As he retracts the knife the marine's guts start to fall out.
  429.         Balmung "Don't you remember? The "Night Haunter" is dead"
  430.         Sinbad  "...That wasn't my fault. I hit his leg. It's his fault for having a weak stomach."
  431.         Sinbad  withdraws his combat knife
  432.         antoine Navarre manages to bind the wound, saving the marine's life for awhile.
  433.         Navarre "That's not what I'm talking about. Dorn's ire was with Perturabo and the Iron Warriors."
  434.         Navarre "As far as I know, there were no major conflicts between the Night Lords and Imperial Fists while either primarch lived."
  435.         Omniel  ++He seems very confused.++
  436.         Anselm  "Stop arguing technicalities," Anselm drawls. "Get this over with. Find out what he was doing before the Dark Eldar caught him."
  437.         Sinbad  ++How then can we tell the surety of his answers?++
  438.         Omniel  ++We cannot, in all honesty.++
  439.         Sinbad  ++Is just as well. Please continue. The more pain this wretch is put through, the less his sins in Judgement before the Throne. We do him a mercy.++
  440.         Omniel  waves the torch once more in front of the prisoner's face, to get his attention. "HOW DID YOU COME TO BE A PRISONER OF THE ELDAR."
  441.         Sinbad  removes his own helmet briefly to spit on the man then withdraws to his watching corner
  442.         antoine The spit burns through his one good remaining arm as he replies, "They Eldar are renowned for their ability to inspire terror. I wished to learn from them, only to be betrayed."
  443.         antoine "That she-bitch too my arm."
  444.         antoine (retcon, it does not sizzle)
  445.         antoine took my*
  446.         Sinbad  clicks his tongue from his corner
  447.         Navarre "Of course. A Night Lord. And here I thought he was a Raven Guard with his dark hair and eyes and pale skin. I should've known. A Raven Guard wouldn't have been captured by decadent eldar corsairs."
  448.         Sinbad  "Foolish man! I thought that since you have survived since the days of the Great Betrayal that'd you'd be of more intelligent stock. But going to learn from the likes of the Eldar...?"
  449.         Sinbad  shrugs and pities the man
  450.         Omniel  ++Have we further questions, Brothers?++
  451.         Sinbad  ++I suggest we simply cut off his legs and other arm and allow the Watch Station the opportunity to gain more from this traitor filth in the future.++
  452.         Anselm  "I would not be opposed to this course of action."
  453.         Balmung stares at the marine
  454.         Balmung laughs "The ancient one could take you"
  455.         antoine The marine can do little but sneer
  456.         Balmung gives him his large wolfy grin
  457.         Sinbad  raises his Crozius, shaped into a tribal carving of the spirit doop
  458.         Omniel  ++After the interrogation, I leave him to your tender mercies. It would seem prudent to ensure we have asked all that we need.++
  459.         Sinbad  "Can I put this in him?"
  460.         Sinbad  ++We done then? Shall we leave him to the surgical servitors to cripple him?++
  461.         Omniel  ++A summary execution would be the most direct course of action.++
  462.         Balmung "Let me do it"
  463.         Sinbad  puts his Crozius in Balmung's hands with a blessing, and tells him to wait a moment before beginning
  464.         Anselm  steps forward. "I have some personal interest in this man's death. Very personal."
  465.         Sinbad  calls to Omniel and Anselm
  466.         Sinbad  "Please hold him down as tightly as you can. I have a better idea."
  467.         Balmung "Hurm?"
  468.         Sinbad  calls over two surgical servitors and says to Navarre...
  469.         Sinbad  "Brother Navarre, please remove this man's gene seed. I want him demeaned of his traitor father's legacy."
  470.         Navarre "Of course." And with that command... he does so.
  471.         Omniel  looks away, uncomfortably.
  472.         Balmung raises an eyebrow
  473.         antoine The apothecary and the surgical servitors removes the geneseed before the Night Lord's very eyes. He screams in rage, "I WILL HAUNT YOU FROM THE GRAVE"
  474.         Sinbad  "Oh, I don't think you'll be allowed to go there for several more centuries. Please. Stay as a guest of this lonely, lonely watch station.
  475.         Sinbad  whisks the vials gently from Navarre's reductor and hands them to Anselm
  476.         Sinbad  "Brother Champion, I hope that if you destroy these in front of him, they'd do your honor justice against his earlier theft?"
  477.         Anselm  takes the vials in hand and grumbles.
  478.         Anselm  "What to do..." The Knight-Brother spins the vials over in his fingers. "What to do..."
  479.         Sinbad  stands back from the man and laughs at his loss
  480.         Anselm  steps forward.
  481.         Anselm  "I did not appreciate your theft of my sword. That weapon was forged for me by master artificer Simon Grekk. Grekk. That name bears more weight than you can appreciate."
  482.         antoine "I walked amongst the Primarchs, your whelp sword forger is nothing to me." He dribbles red blood onto his chin
  483.         Balmung hands Sinbad back his crozius
  484.         Anselm  pops off the lid of one vial. "Wrong. You quabbled at the feet of Primarchs. It makes me very angry that one of such disgusting, vile heritage as you would ever dare to desecrate that sword."
  485.         Sinbad  takes it back in thanks
  486.         Anselm  turns the first vial over and pours it down against the Night Lord's forehead. "Here is your glorious Primarch now."
  487.         Anselm  does the same with the other vial.
  488.         Anselm  "A petty splotch dripping across a surgical table. That's the best way of describing him. And his worth."
  489.         Sinbad  grows bored, and bids his brothers farewell, going to leave to pray to the Throne and tell him how good the day was
  490.         Balmung "Want a drink Navarre?"
  491.         antoine The Night lord splutters and spits in absolute rage at the indignity, "Kill me or I WILL hunt you down!"
  492.         antoine He strains with what strength he has left against the restraints
  493.         Anselm  laughs. "You won't be able to."
  494.         Navarre "A drink? Such as what, Brother?"
  495.         Omniel  ++I must admit, he makes a compelling point.++
  496.         Anselm  looks up at Omniel and Navarre. "Remove his limbs. I won't give him the grace of my weapon's edge."
  497.         Balmung "Ale"
  498.         Balmung "What else would we drink?"
  499.         Navarre "An Ale would be nice. After I finish the amputation." Time for SURGERY!
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