Strengthen What Remains

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  1. “...Tho much is taken, much abides; and tho'
  2. We are not now that strength which in old days
  3. Moved earth and heaven, that which we are, we are;
  4. One equal temper of heroic hearts,
  5. Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will
  6. To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.”
  7. – Ulysses, Alfred Lord Tennyson
  10. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;
  11. I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”
  12. – Jesus, recorded in John 10:10
  15. Strengthen What Remains
  18. ”...we've all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry. ” -an email from Bill Ivey to John Podesta, released by Wikileaks
  19.     This book is my contribution to those who would resist the corruption purposely caused by Bill Ivey, John Podesta, and the like. Unlike them, this book is intended to purify America's citizens and to set us free. We are living through the rise of a new tyranny that is so spiritually dead that the living cannot compromise with it. We must resist this tyranny for our sake, the sake of our children, and the entire Western civilization.
  20. This book identifies problems in the Resistance---the scattered peoples fighting for freedom, truth, purity, honor, self-control, duty, liberty, sustainability, prosperity, and stability---and provides solutions that, if applied wholeheartedly, will lead us to a wonderful victory.
  21. All that is good within us must arise with an unshakable ferocity---like a lion wounded by a madman---and tear that madman limb from limb. Victory is our only option.
  22. The increasing corruption of civilization is not inevitable. We can turn things around, and quickly. I know this is possible because I once was a madman, a leftist, an anarcho-environmentalist, addicted to drugs and to lust, lazy and leeching, as self-destructive as I was selfish. There was no difference between myself and those who have been corrupted by our hidden enemies. I sold them their drugs, partied with them, and participated in their marches.
  23. But I changed. I admitted that I was wrong. I rejected the lies. I said no to self-destruction and yes to life. I broke free from the corruption and unawareness. A pitch black prison became blue and white skies. If I can change, anyone can change. What one man can do, another can do.
  24. What changed me? Jesus Christ. A backbone of morality, hope, and truth runs through the Christian faith. Before, all of my energy went into fighting the wisdom of God---and my energy was all wasted. He who fights God only destroys himself.
  25. This book is dedicated to Christ Jesus, who has saved me from my own spiritual weakness. It is written as service to free the spiritually enslaved and empower the spiritually free. It will bless you if you let it.
  26. Yet this book is a small and single spark. We need a roaring fire. I can't do this alone. You and I must read and apply this book in our lives. We must spread this book as far as we possibly can. Alone, one spark dies out; together, many sparks become a great fire.
  27. I am not a megalomaniac, nor do I think myself the savior of the world, or anything. Only Jesus truly saves. I am simply combining common sense wisdom and Biblical principles to tell the truth and show how the United States could be saved from likely corruption, collapse, and ruin. Whether or not it will be is up to the willpower of its citizens and their leaders.
  28. America faces many major problems. Social security, welfare, and military spending is far too high. Not enough people are working. Families are unstable. Education is broken. Divorce is rampant. Drugs are destroying our youth. STDs are common. Professors teach anti-social insanity for a living. Illegal immigrants are invading. Fundamentalist Muslims follow in the violent footsteps of Muhammad. Health care costs are ballooning. Life expectancy is decreasing for the first time in decades.
  29. Our nation is divided. United we can stand. Divided we will fall. Above all this, America has lost her religion, and therefore her purpose, her meaning, and her very soul.
  30. This book offers practical solutions to all of these problems. It shows what a united front---the resistance---would look like: one that embraces the best of conservatism and liberalism and rejects all that is foolish and destructive.
  31. This book is a free gift from God to you. It is currently in rough draft form, and I will complete the editing as I find time between my two jobs and other duties. However, I think the power of these ideas have already reached a stage where they can be helpful. I choose to remain anonymous, for now, to protect the safety of myself, my friends, and my relatives from radical leftists and fundamentalist Muslims. This book will bless your soul if you will listen carefully and follow the suggestions, adapted from the Bible and the proven successes of history.
  33. “De oppresso liber”; translated “To free the oppressed.” US Special Forces motto.
  34. Chapter 1: Who is our Enemy?
  35.     Before we can fight a war, we must first define our enemy.
  36.     Our physical enemy is multi-faceted. It includes feminists, socialists, communists, homosexuals, pedophiles, transgenders, anarchists, drug addicts, many blacks, many Jews, pornographers, the news media, liberal “Christians”, most white urbanites, illegal immigrants, war-mongers, drug-dealers, abortionists, most professors, the entertainment industry, fundamentalist Muslims, the military-industrial complex, and racist groups like La Rasa and Black Lives Matter. These spiritually-mistaken, self-destructive, and foolish people have effectively formed an axis of evil that has spread throughout American society. They are engaged in a bold assault against Christian capitalism and, unfortunately for them and for us, they are having tremendous “success”.
  37.     The Christian capitalism of Western Civilization has been a stunning success, producing more material wealth, personal charity, and social stability than any other of the thousands of social system experiments throughout history. From the ashes of history arose a new kind of empire: one that created vast wealth through self-controlled freedom and chose to give much wealth away through charity.
  38.     Unfortunately, the infinite ability of people to take goodness for granted caused many to become discontent in the midst of plenty.
  39.     The false belief that society would automatically remain stable led many astray to recklessly experiment with anti-social (socially-destabilizing) behaviors.
  40.     With wealth came leisure, softness, and temptation towards vice. Sex, drugs, and entertainment filled the time that their ancestors had filled with self-sacrificial toil and prayer. Instead of leaving their children an inheritance, generations placed future generations into massive national debt and welfare obligations. Crime exploded and prisons filled.
  41.     A nation abandoned God and God abandoned them.
  42.     Ultimately, our enemy is spiritual in nature. It is invisible. It dwells within each of us. Our real enemy is humanity's fallen (imperfect) nature. Our physical enemies are simply those who have surrendered to the evil within: their imperfections. Our enemy is lust, rebellion, laziness, selfishness, pride, greed, deception, lust for power, racism, and so on. We need God's help to overcome the inborn imperfections of natural desire. If not for the graciousness and power of God, we would be exactly the same as our enemies.
  43.     Usually, in war, the answer is to physically destroy our enemy. However, here, we need to free our enemies from the mental and spiritual slavery that is destroying them. We must love our enemies and offer truth and purity to them. It is their only hope.
  44. Think of our physical enemies as diseased patients who stubbornly refuse to be cured because they have been told repeatedly that the cure is a deadly poison. They are not beyond redemption. They are completely understandable. If we made a lot of foolish choices in life, we would be just like they are. If they make wise choices in life, they can become just like we are: healthy, sane, happy, productive, knowing what is good and striving towards what is good, and having a great time doing so.
  45. We must never to compromise with evil. We must reason with them and insist that there is a better way. As poverty and social breakdown hurt more and more people, survival instincts will kick in. In desperation and frustration, people will seek real answers and real solutions. They will stop listening to the institutions and elites who are getting rich off the people's ruin. Indeed, this is already occurring but it will become more pronounced. The resistance has real, time-proven answers and solutions; it is our duty to spread them far and wide and practice them diligently.
  46. Our ultimate goal is for the resistance to become so strong, efficient, holy, healthy, wealthy, united, sane, and stable that we can seize control of every institution of government: the military, law, the police, the media, the university system, and so on. Then, society itself can support health among its individual citizens, so that the individual citizens can, in turn, strengthen society.
  47. This is technically easy, but for one major fact: the most difficult task for any person to do is admit that they are wrong and change their ways.
  48. Many people, both conservative and liberal, must admit that they are wrong and change. Failure to do so will only lead us further along the path to national collapse, poverty, social self-destruction, and ruin.
  49. The effects of healthy institutions would bring a needed boost to the well-being of America, Europe, and, indeed, the entire world. As healthy institutions promote healthy individuals through healthy policies, the healthy individuals will, in turn, promote healthier institutions.
  50. The ultimate goal is a synergy between the individual and society that brings both towards life and God. This is the upwards spiral out of the current corruption.
  51. Throughout this book, I refer to the resistance. We are a loose-knit collection of forces that simply stand for what is good, what is true, what is beautiful, and what is practical. We resist the breakdown of society because we love the people who are suffering under the burden of collapse. Many of us are Christians, many of us are conservatives, and the most effective and consistent of us are Christian conservatives; however, as I will show, many leftists, blacks, Jews, GLBT, feminists, and Christian conservatives, too,  etc, must change, adapt, and join us---or perish under the ruin and poverty of moral, spiritual, financial, and social collapse.
  52. Again, we of the resistance must do our utmost to win. There is really no other option worth thinking about. The world that is possible from the success of the resistance is unthinkable in its glory, its stability, its technology, its freedom, its morality, and its contentment. This future hope will take great self-control, self-sacrifice, and the blessing of God.
  53. It will be difficult, but through God all things are possible.
  54. Far better is it to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure... than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in a gray twilight that knows not victory nor defeat. – Theodore Roosevelt
  55. What is Possible If America Truly Tries
  56. Sunlight streamed between fluffy clouds and illuminated the prairie: the waves of grain and plumes of greenage of the organic gardens. He savored the fresh air passing through his nostrils. George Washington III watched with pride as his two sons and daughter lifted their rifles and fired downrange with the rest of their self defense class. A group of forty youngsters squinted down their rifle sights and fired again. Tears began to form at the corner of Mr. Washington's eyes as he recalled the gunfire of his youth.
  57. Chicago had been a nightmare. Instead of amber waves of grain, there had been concrete. Instead of gunfire for self-defense, there had been gang warfare. Instead of freedom, there had been fear. Instead of fresh air, there had been diesel fumes. Instead of organic food, there had been fast food and drugs. Instead of birdsong, there had been car horns.
  58. The Honest Abe Act had changed everything. The Black Exodus, it had been called. Millions left the cities and entered the free small farms promised to their ancestors by Abraham Lincoln. In coordination with the work-farms of the prison reform movement and the Second Great Awakening, blacks now led America---and the world---in organic food production. Visiting farmers of every color and creed were housed in dormitories as they studied intently the farmlands, techniques, and methods of America’s Black Miracle.
  59. But it had not been easy. George Washington III had sacrificed so much. The leftists and liberals, as they began to lose their stranglehold over the black soul, swarmed in their protest mobs. “Reject the fascists!” and “The black’s place is in the city!” the signs of the white liberal mobs had read. He avoided the mobs but he knew his place was organizing others to get out of Chicago and its corruption.
  60. One day, while going door to door to organize and raise funds, he and his brother Aaron had canvassed a house that held a meeting of the Militant Anti-Fascists. The MAF instantly pulled out their pistols and pointed them at him and his brother. With angry, seething slits for eyes, the MAF hauled his brother and him out into the streets and beat them senseless. George awoke to the sight of his mangled, bloody, dead brother. George had been crippled from the waist down from the merciless beating. But the fire in his soul never flickered out. He kept on fighting. He rolled that wheelchair door to door to endless door until the black vote was behind the Honest Abe Act.
  61. Today, looking out at the hope, the fearless responsibility, the dangerous freedom, the fire of life in the eyes of black youth, he knew his sacrifice had all been worth it. He smiled as self-defense class ended and the youth headed into the gardens for an hour of labor. He kept on smiling as he rolled his wheelchair away.
  62. -----------------------------------------------
  63. Jameson held his first child in his arms and wept unashamedly. A beautiful baby boy, Lawrence, he had named him. Lyndsay, his wife, made quiet baby noises. What a strange and tangled path it had been. But here he was holding new life in his arms. This wouldn’t have been possible only a decade ago.
  64. Back then, his wife Lyndsay had been a lesbian feminist. Jameson had been gay. When the government had opened their first tuition-free homosexual re-education centers, he had protested these fascist institutions. Sexuality was everything, he thought. Expressing it was practically the meaning of life. At the very least, it was a fundamental right! His friend John, another homosexual, had signed up for the homosexual re-education center program in order to infiltrate it with a hidden video camera and show its fascist programs to the world.
  65. Instead, John emerged a changed man: he had a sense of purpose, of duty, not just to himself, but to others.
  66. John had a meaning in his life that shone through his eyes and showed in his stride. John had patiently explained to Jameson and Lyndsay that without social growth through reproduction, the nation would collapse and others would suffer as welfare programs were unfunded by new inputs. That adequate youth are needed to maintain a high quality standard of living for the elderly who cannot work and the retired. That marriage revolved around natural reproduction and that this miracle and social duty could only be achieved between a man and a woman. That both fatherhood and motherhood were to be honored or else social collapse would result.
  67. John explained that both feminism and homosexuality were anti-social and destructive because they tore apart the reproductive family and decreased reproduction. He explained that anti-social and destructive activities are hateful towards society. That which is hateful towards society is hateful towards the people who make up society.
  68. All that theory that he, Jameson, had reactively labeled fascist, now bore fruit. Thank God for the homosexual re-education centers. Without them, his first boy Lawrence would never have existed. A terrible chill ran up his spine as he contemplated this thought. If he had been stubborn and never married a woman, this little baby boy would never have been. The terrible chill turned to serene joy, however, as he realized he had made the right decision: the life-giving decision.
  69. -----------------------------------------------
  71. Joe Tannerson looked out at the small organic gardens of his homestead. The sunset was spreading itself across the sky and he admired its beauty: the layers of red, pink, yellow, orange and gold painting the horizon. His muscles were sore from labor, but he had never felt better. He was fifty five years old, but he felt better than when he was thirty-five. So much of that was due to a small slip of paper that he had found on the ground. It had directed him to a book called Strengthen What Remains.
  72. Before he read it, Joe liked to think of himself as a conservative red-blooded American. He loved America and he loved Jesus. He drove a giant truck that he didn’t need. The environment was some stupid thing the leftists worship. He ate whatever he wanted whenever he wanted---and it showed. He watched television for hours each night, obsessing over grown men in uniforms throwing balls around. Debt crippled his family. His wife never complained, but he could tell she was worried about the debt, about their future. So Joe worked as much as he could, but his health problems kept sending him to the doctor, which cost money and put him on the bad side of his bosses. This whole time, the mountain of debt got higher and higher.
  73. Then he read Strengthen What Remains. Instantly, it all made sense. Life is an individual and national struggle against the disorder of entropy and death. Only wise, rational, life-giving decisions decisions can predictably lead one to individual empowerment. Power is necessary for stability and sanity. Only by increasing his own power could he provide stability and sanity for others and himself.
  74. He had been reborn. He had seen the light. Now, Joe had a good goal to aim for and a reason to struggle and fight for it. He sold the truck and bought a sedan. Televisions were sold and cable television subscriptions were canceled. He got involved with the SOLR organization and began learning and practicing tactics of resistance. Joe lost weight, got healthier, saved money, got rid of his truck and now has the energy to work ten hours a day six days a week. Today, his relationship with his wife is stronger and his children truly respect and honor him. Joe had scraped and saved nearly a hundred thousand dollars to leave his children; the number was still increasing. Through the self-control, self-discipline, and self-sacrifice of true manhood, he would leave behind an inheritance to his children, so that they could, someday, have a better life than he had enjoyed.
  75. God is good, Joe thought to himself. He breathed deep and prayed silently thanks to his Creator as he let his soul drift free, lost in the colors of the sunset.
  78. Introduction to the 4 Warfares
  80. This is the world that is possible if we choose wisely. To get there, I offer these four principles of warfare applied to the non-violent arena of the “culture wars”.
  82. Time Warfare
  83. “Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin
  84. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to obsess over sports.”
  85.     People are wasting too much time. We must be greedy for time for, ultimately, it is all we have. We do not have the luxury to sit around and entertain ourselves until we die. We must cut out unproductive activities that do not benefit the resistance. The average American adult watches around 5 hours of television each day. If this wasted time is cut out entirely, and those 5 hours are used to educate, organize, and act in support of the resistance, we will win with stunning speed.
  86.     Before every investment of time, we should first ask ourselves questions like these: “does this benefit America?” “Does this benefit myself?” “Does this benefit my future family?” “Does this benefit the resistance?” If we honestly ask ourselves these questions, we will find massive room for improvement. If we cut out entertainment, shopping (wasting time to waste money), video games, pornography, sports-watching, etc, and redirect it towards spreading truth, organizing, and wise, coordinated action, we will gain a tremendous boost and help a tremendous number of people.
  87.     We do not have the luxury of wasting time. The enemy holds the high ground; they have the upper hand; they control the institutions of society, not us. They are the defenders, and we are the attackers. The art of war dictates that it will take more per-capita energy from the resistance to win and to bring about sanity, purity, health, wealth, and stability for ourselves and the future. Victory requires time wisely managed.
  88.     Another tactic is decreasing the amount of sleep each night to take only as much sleep as is necessary. If we are taking nine hours, try taking seven. Of course, optimum sleep varies from person to person, but this is another potential gold mine of free time. This opens up perhaps another hour in each of our lives, which can then be put to use strengthening Western civilization.
  89.     This is the essence of time warfare: time wisely directed towards this resistance of truth against evil and ignorance.
  90. “To keep the body in good health is a duty...otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” – Siddhartha Gautama
  91. Health Warfare
  92.     There is nothing as dispiriting as seeing a resistance member struggling with poor health. So many conservatives with otherwise traditional, time-proven morals take very poor care of their bodies and become obese, weak, and otherwise ill. Poor health breeds poor efficiency. Poor efficiency always loses against a greater efficiency.
  93.     Our enemies generally keep themselves in very good physical condition; this is what enables those who have no fixed morals, no truth, and no spiritual meaning to so easily overpower and minimize the resistance. We must begin stretching, lifting weights, walking, running, biking, hiking, and swimming our way to better health. Each member of the resistance will have a preferred way to get fit and stay fit. However, martial arts are to be commended above all other exercises because they teach self-defense while improving health.
  94.     Decreasing stress is also very important. Saunas, deep breathing techniques, and healthful teas are very effective for this. Antioxidants and a good diet can decrease stress considerably. We must not reject healthy living because hipster millennials and neurotic feminists are obsessed with it; do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. We must hijack every efficient habit, even those found to be popular among our enemies.
  95.     Alcohol, tobacco, and unnecessary drugs must be eliminated. In these instances, we are wasting our money on destroying our health. This is self-defeat and if enough members of the resistance do these things, we will lose and suffer the consequences.
  96.     Cold showers are very beneficial. They boost energy, circulation, and have many other health benefits.
  97.     Sugar is terrible. It suppresses the immune system and rots teeth. Cavities are a huge expense and so are dentures.
  98.     To lose weight, wise dieting helps in two ways: it improves health, but it also saves money on food. Fasting in moderation can also lose weight very rapidly while offering great spiritual benefits. It also saves money, because no food has to be consumed while you are fasting.
  99. Purifying water is very important given the many toxins that are found in drinking water. ProPur and Big Berkey water filters can purify our drinking and even our shower water. I would recommend researching and buying them from Alex Jones’ website:
  100.     I would also recommend trying the dietary supplements sold by Alex Jones. While many of the supplements are expensive, the proceeds do support a news organization that often tells the truth. It must be lamented: Alex Jones has replaced traditional, time-tested, practical morality with an individual libertarianism that destroys both individual and society. However, the reach and extent of the truth that he and his guests usually speak is a useful and necessary stepping stone in getting civilization out of its death spiral.
  101. In the long run, better health saves the resistance money by decreasing money spent and time wasted on pharmaceutical drugs, interventions, surgeries, etc. It improves mood, reasoning abilities, stamina, work ethic, creativity, and many other good things. It increases both lifespan and quality of life. This is the essence of health-warfare: improving individual health so the resistance can physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, fight the corruptions of our enemies.
  102. There are many factors surrounding health-warfare. Great health costs money and takes some time. We must each find our own personal balance between time-, health-, and wealth-warfare.
  103. There is a lot of work to be done in the arena of health-warfare, but that should actually fill us with hope. Nobody is perfect, but everybody is expected to strive towards perfection. The resistance is only operating at half-capacity because of poor health. As we improve our health, we will become stronger in every way, both individually and as a collective. By building our health up, we will save money and operate more effectively with our time.
  104. “Frugality, my Dear, Frugality, Economy, Parcimony must be our Refuge. I hope the Ladies are every day diminishing their ornaments, and the Gentlemen too. Let us Eat Potatoes and drink Water. Let us wear Canvass, and undressed Sheepskins, rather than submit to the unrighteous, and ignominious Domination that is prepared for Us. Tell Brackett, I shall make him leave off drinking Rum.” – John Adams
  105. My child,[a] if you have put up security for a friend’s debt
  106.             or agreed to guarantee the debt of a stranger—
  107. 2   if you have trapped yourself by your agreement
  108.             and are caught by what you said—
  109. 3   follow my advice and save yourself,
  110.             for you have placed yourself at your friend’s mercy.
  111. Now swallow your pride;
  112.             go and beg to have your name erased.
  113. 4   Don’t put it off; do it now!
  114.             Don’t rest until you do.
  115. 5   Save yourself like a gazelle escaping from a hunter,
  116.             like a bird fleeing from a net.
  117. 6   Take a lesson from the ants, you lazybones.
  118.             Learn from their ways and become wise!
  119. 7   Though they have no prince
  120.             or governor or ruler to make them work,
  121. 8   they labor hard all summer,
  122.             gathering food for the winter.
  123. 9   But you, lazybones, how long will you sleep?
  124.             When will you wake up?” – Proverbs 6:1-9
  125.  “A good person leaves an inheritance for their children's children” - Proverbs 13:22
  126. Financial Warfare
  127.     Financial-warfare is simply the management of our money so that it is used as effectively as possible to meet survival needs and support the overall resistance effort. It is also to be used to deny the enemies our funds whenever and wherever possible. This is the essence of financial-warfare.
  128. For instance, imagine that Hollywood is putting out a film that promotes adultery, homosexuality, covetousness, greed, and other social evils. The principle of financial-warfare insists that we refuse to see such a movie. We keep our money in our wallet or we spend it on strengthening the resistance by donating to groups like We do not give our money unnecessarily to an enemy organization that is subverting truth, reason, duty, honor, stability, family, and other good things.
  129.     Basically, we need a total boycott of resistance money going to any business and organization that supports the enemy axis of evil. This is a task for another person or group of people to accomplish: to make a floating, publicly accessible list of major companies and people to be boycotted.
  130.     The foundation of financial-warfare is to start living well within our means. Sell what we do not need and do not use; put the liberated money to work. Avoid every kind of debt. Dave Ramsey has a radio show that teaches how best to live within our means, and I recommend it.
  131.     Alternatives to university education must be pioneered. Especially in the liberal arts, the university has become an amoral cesspool and an indoctrination factory. Many well meaning and good people are plunging into poverty to brainwash their children into anti-social leftism. Instead, those four years could be used to start a business and work full-time. This earns money while the university student is instead wasting it.
  132.     Bent-and-dent groceries are a good way to save money on food, water, and essentials. Outdated, bent, and dented food products are sold at a heavy discount. Here is a list of these stores and their locations... (find and insert)
  133.     Another tactic of financial-warfare is to shop in the rural areas whenever possible. Rural areas tend to be more conservative because they must live with time-tested morality in order to make ends meet and survive. Farms and their related supporting businesses are very difficult to run and demand hard, dirty work. Tough living requires decent morals.
  134.     Therefore, we must make a concerted effort to purchase necessities from the country over the city.
  135.     Of course, there are some leftists in the country, and some conservatives in the city.
  136.     Do not spend money in the city unless you absolutely verify that it is a rare conservative hold-out. Generally, however, the country is a better place to purchase necessities and the support of cities is to be avoided. Above all, we want to verify that we are dealing with an individual or business who shares morals with the resistance before buying from them.
  137. For instance, there are many used cars being sold on the sides of rural roads with a sign in the window. The prices are generally lower because the rural economies are depressed compared to the city economies. Here is a win-win situation; the rural, conservative economy will be strengthened while the used car purchaser will save some money.
  138.     Another financial-warfare tactic is to create and promote an alternate, inexpensive form of common and essential rituals and habits. For instance, the gold and diamond engagement and wedding rings could be substituted for silver ones---still beautiful, but far less expensive. Gold rings are somewhat of a practical investment as they retain value, but, despite their beauty, the diamonds and gemstones are very impractical. The saved money can support the resistance and strengthen the newfound family simultaneously.
  139.     Weddings should be inexpensive and held at a home. With technology as simple and inexpensive as it is, the pictures and music can easily be done very well by amateurs. The food can be prepared by volunteers.
  140.     The widespread embrace of cremation over burial, for instance, could also empower the resistance.   Funerals could be just as meaningful---if not more---without hiring a random priest or pastor and renting out a random church building. Again, having the funeral ceremony take place at home could save money without sacrificing quality. The deceased spent the majority of their life at home, yet once dead they must be whisked off to a church? It makes no sense. It only wastes money. Amateurs with basic technology, common sense, and courage could easily create a program that commemorates the life of the deceased properly.
  141.     These are only a few ideas that, to the degree they are adopted, will strengthen the resistance. There are many more that I am not creative enough to think of---but others will discover these. The money freed up by wise actions can be saved, invested, or donated to good organizations that fight for what is right, that feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, teach Biblical principles, oppose pornography, and so on.
  142.     Again, there is a tremendous amount of improvement that is needed. This is a daunting challenge, but the massive size of it is paradoxically very hopeful. If these challenges are only partially conquered, much strength will flow into the resistance. The resistance must get smart with their funds, saving and stewarding every penny for the benefit of the resistance.
  143. “Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.” - Abraham Lincoln
  146. Mental Warfare
  147.     During the beginning of World War 2, the Nazi war machine exploded across Europe and North Africa. It seemed unstoppable. Blitzkrieg, or lightning war, reduced cities to rubble and millions of living men, women, and children to bloody ashes. The secret of the blitzkrieg was the widespread use of methamphetamine by the Nazi forces. This powerful drug kept them awake and operating for days at a time at levels of super-human efficiency impossible without the drug.
  148. Once the Allies discovered this, they developed their own stimulants and adopted them widely. A variety of amphetamines were produced and distributed to Allied war-fighters with similar results. Men became fearless and untiring, fighting for days at a time.
  149.     A similar situation is occurring today. A blitzkrieg of evil dominates most of Western Civilization. Many of the enemies of freedom are using amphetamines like Adderall and Ritalin to exert their twisted and foolish will upon the world. It is common knowledge in certain circles that amphetamines are heavily used in higher education, especially law school and medical school. My sources within the homosexual “community” tell me that methamphetamine is their drug of choice. It is not outside of reason, strategy, or duty for conservatives to begin taking stimulants moderately so that we can make more effective use of our limited time.
  150. Stimulants like Adderall, Vyvanse, Benzedrine, and Ritalin can be obtained easily and legally with a doctor’s prescription for ADHD. Simply describe the symptoms of inability to focus, mental wandering, tiredness, mental fatigue, and so on. Indeed, most people nowadays do have these symptoms. Practically everyone has ADHD because of mental laziness, fluoride and chlorine exposure, toxicity in the water, food, and air, and the attention-reducing effects of television and Internet browsing. Therefore, it is not untruthful to request an Adderall or Ritalin prescription for ADHD in order to use it to boost concentration, memory, physical energy, focus, stamina, mood, and so on. Amphetamine derivatives can also improve workouts and give energy to work longer hours and earn more money---especially at physically demanding jobs; this boosts health-warfare and financial-warfare.
  151. This tactic has caused much soul-searching and prayer for me. I almost did not mention it. It is very dangerous. However, the Christian men who beat back Nazi Germany needed to do so. They did what they had to and became known as The Greatest Generation. If they had not, Europe, North Africa, and perhaps even America may have fallen to the Nazi empire. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Between victory and ruin, we must choose victory.
  152. Be warned: the amphetamines have many very negative side effects. These drugs should never be used for fun or in heavy doses; the resulting damage can be permanent. We must be careful not to become addicted. They should not be used every day for a long period of time because that will cause addiction, habituation, and will develop tolerance. Take a day or two off per week. Take a week or two off per month. Small doses would be taken early in the morning so that sleep is not impacted. Sleep is still needed for long-term effectiveness and sanity. Use of these drugs must not impact sleep quantity or quality.
  153.     Other, less powerful and less damaging stimulants include modafinil, adrafanil, pseudoephedrine, and caffeine. Modafinil requires a prescription for shift work or narcolepsy; adrafanil converts into modafinil in the body. Pseudoephedrine is found in decongestant medicines like Claritin. Caffeine is omnipresent. It can be effective to take caffeine only on the last two days of the work-week, then take no caffeine on Sunday, the day of rest, and reset your tolerance.
  154. Nootropics like piracetam, aniracetam, DMAE, Alpha-GPC, phosphatidylserine and oxiracetam can provide an advantage in mental-warfare. Melatonin and diphenhydramine can provide a more restful and deep sleep but these should be used sparingly because a tolerance will develop to these too.
  155.     There are many herbs that enhance mental warfare. Gingko biloba, gotu kola, chamomile, and bacopa monnieri can be made into a tea or taken in a capsule. The herbal approach has a lot fewer side effects and is probably better in the long term when compared to pharmaceutical amphetamine derivatives.
  156.     The jury is out on the use of drugs to enhance the mental-warfare capabilities of the resistance. The negative side effects are a constant danger. Purchasing all of these drugs and herbs costs money. All these factors must be weighed by the individual patriot.
  157. Ideally, the best way forward would be to live such healthy lives that we can channel the resulting productivity into the resistance. However, realistically, the defense of our children and total victory may only be possible with the careful and widespread use of stimulant drugs by the patriotic resistance.
  158. Some versions of meditation could be considered. Scientific studies have shown meditation to be physically and mentally rejuvenating. However, we must not confuse it with spirituality; it is a mental exercise, nothing more. Meditation can do nothing to save us from hell, bring us to heaven, and connect us with God's loving embrace.
  159. Alcohol should be drastically limited. It has tremendous negative effects on the mind, body, and is a waste of money.
  160. Tobacco is interesting. Mentally, nicotine is a nootropic. Nicotine boosts memory, concentration, creativity, mood, stamina, etc. However, it is a very addictive one and the side effects of tobacco smoking, chewing, and snuffing are proven to be extremely negative. Nonetheless, nicotine patches and gums provide a way to only get nicotine and no other chemicals. Nicotine patches and gums could be of some use to the resistance. However, they are expensive for what they do and therefore they only have one practical use: people already addicted to nicotine in the form of cigarettes, chew, or snuff should ideally switch over to a nicotine patch or gum.
  161. Illegal drugs are useless. The cost of these drugs outweighs their benefits. They waste money, time, and are proven to create mental and physical damage. Marijuana damages memory, destroys concentration, causes psychosis, damages lungs. The hallucinogens have risks of HPPD, PTSD, and fulfill the Biblical definition of sorcery. Heroin and the opiates are very unproductive and very hard on the body. Methamphetamine and cocaine are so expensive and toxic that they are useless to the resistance. There are very good reasons why these drugs are illegal.
  162. Pornography is a very dangerous enemy because it destabilizes the mind by flooding it with endorphins. It basically brainwashes a Pavlovian response into its viewers to associate pleasure with anti-social filth. Also, viewing pornography wastes time. It undermines marriages and defiles the unique beauty of marital consummation. It promotes adultery and lust, which destroys marriages, wastes time, and spreads diseases.
  163. Pornography needs to be banned because it is easily accessible to anyone, even children, with an internet connection. The statistics show that the average age of viewing pornography is well below 18 years old. Without foolproof authentication practices, it needs to be banned.
  164. Porn has greatly influenced how men act, think, and behave towards women. Even those men who do not view porn must face social pressure and social control stemming from their friends and family who do view it. Porn spikes the brain with internally created drugs that desensitize the brain to these chemicals. The result is record levels of depression and anxiety.
  165. Pornography must be fought on an individual and group level. It must be ignored and blocked by patriots and hopefully banned entirely by a successful movement. The science shows that it is mentally damaging and addicting and there are groups and scientists calling for a rethinking and, if they are wise, total ban on the anti-social propaganda of pornography. The book “Every Man's Battle” is an essential tool in the personal battle, and Judith Reisman's website (find and include).
  166.     Focus is the currency of the wealth of the mind. An economy of focus must be invented and spread. A man is the sum total of what he focuses on. Therefore, we must be scrooge-like with our focus. By this I mean we must find ways individually and collectively to direct focus down productive, creative, patriotic pathways. Pornography is the exact opposite; it preys upon an innate human weakness to direct focus down a dead end, a waste of time, merely animal behavior.
  167.     This economy of focus can be applied to other areas of life. If you pay attention, you will find that most major news media will direct your focus and manipulate it by using fear, shock, and outrage. Not watching the mass media too much, or at all, is important. Even shows like Alex Jones' Infowars waste tremendous amounts of focus on trivial matters. You do not resist soulless tyranny by watching a television show about resisting soulless tyranny; you resist it by action in reality. We must be on guard against seemingly allied shows that do not economize the time of its viewers and instead use fear, shock, and outrage to addict viewers to serving their advertisers.
  168.     By remembering to apply the economy of focus, we engage in both mental-warfare and time-warfare. With time, this can become second nature and very powerful.
  169.     We should always strive to minimize television time. Science has shown that television is like an addictive drug. It releases endorphons and puts the mind into a relaxed brain state. Find this research.
  171. Spiritual Warfare
  172. “Very truly I tell you, everyone who sins is a slave to sin.” - Jesus
  173. “When America ceases to be good, America will cease to be great” - Alexis de Tocqueville.
  174.     The importance of small moral victories cannot be overstated. This is the foundation of civilization. When everybody lives in a socially supportive way, everyone benefits because society benefits. The cumulative moral and spiritual failures of the citizens are the primary source of Americas problems.
  175.     This is where a relationship with Christ comes in. I fear that the phrase “relationship with Christ” has been overused to the point where it has no meaning. However, this phrase has tremendous meaning. Really, a “relationship with Christ” is a direct connection with the power of the living God. As such, it is the most important thing in a person's life.
  176.     God created humanity and created the best way for us to live. He told us how to best live for a good reason: God is good and wants his Creation to prosper, not perish.
  177.     The task before us appears impossible. We have to improve our eating, spending, and time-management habits. We must focus like a laser beam. We need super-human self-control that can only be found in God. We have to donate our time and our lives to others. This is why Western civilization needs Christ.
  178.     Politicians only deal with the surface issues. Politics is the application of spiritual beliefs in law and social organization. The deep issues are spiritual and can only be attacked and conquered by spiritual means. Men and women need God; God does not need us.
  179.     If everybody in America passionately followed Jesus, there would be much less violent crime, non-violent crime, drug abuse, drug production, and domestic violence. There would be no STDs, no HIV-AIDS, and no divorce. There would be a greater work ethic, less debt, and more savings. There would be a leaner, meaner, purely defensive military rather than the bloated and overextended military because Christians can only use violence legitimately in self-defense. People could overcome their fear of death and would no longer spend so much on healthcare to eke out a few more tortured years on earth. We would steward and respect God's creation, the earth. We would be reproducing at rates that support the welfare systems. Abortion would be non-existent because through Christian self-control there would be no adultery and every child would be wanted and loved.
  180. Every single problem America faces can be solved in one phrase: submit and follow Christianity.
  181.     Many will observe that most of America calls themselves Christians. However, it is one thing to call yourself a Christian and actually live it passionately. One is much easier than the other. The passion for Christian living is missing from the vast majority of so-called Christians. Something is fundamentally broken in American Christianity for a country where four out of five people call themselves Christ-followers, yet it is the number one consumer of drugs, aborts millions of babies a year, has the world's largest prison population, and produces the lion's share of global pornography. Jesus said lust will send you to hell, 4/5 of Americans claim to follow Jesus, America is a democratic republic, and yet American law legalized pornography and some Americans produce the vast majority of the world's lust promoting filth. Something doesn't add up in this calculus, and you can be sure that Americans are not following Jesus too closely. If four out of five Americans were passionate Christians, these social evils would not exist.
  182.     We can't just call ourselves Christians, we have to be passionate about it individually. We all have work to be done.
  183.     We need a passionate love of God and service to God to be promoted by our government. Our government has misinterpreted the phrase “separation of church and state” in a letter by Thomas Jefferson, to mean the federal government must eradicate Christianity from all public places. But Thomas Jefferson's letter was not a legally binding document. The Founding Fathers never intended for Christianity to be removed from a public place; otherwise why is Moses with the Ten Commandments featured in the House of Representatives? (or is it the Senate? Research)... Why do Presidents place their hand on the Bible when being sworn in? The removal of Christianity from public was the biggest mistake America ever made.
  184.     After the removal of Christianity from its public place in the 1950s and 1960s, crime of every kind has gone up, divorce has gone up, STDs have proliferated, abortion has been legalized and become widespread, drug use and drug production has gone up, prisons have grown exponentially. The education system has collapsed; we pay more and get less out of educating our children because the greatest education is obedience to God and the public schools do not teach that. America has wasted trillions of dollars in foolish wars. The national debt and welfare obligations have exploded tremendously. We can turn it all around. It is simple. We must admit the elephant in the room. We must admit we are wrong and return to Jesus. We must bring God and Jesus back into every segment of the government and public life. We know what to do, but can the vast majority of the American population humble themselves before God? Can they admit that they are wrong? Can they admit that they cannot do it on their own? Can they admit that they are failing the next generations? Can they make the change? Will they cling to pride or to Jesus? Through God all things are possible. The return happens one person at a time. Let us pray, speak, and act so that it will happen.
  185.     This all seems ludicrous and impossible, but we need something great to aim for. By following Christ, nobody reaches perfection, but they get closer. Through prayer, reading the Bible, studying it, and following Jesus, we get closer to God. Through giving, evangelism, church attendance, and speaking truth we demolish dark fortresses of lies one stone at a time.
  186.     Our current society does not have lofty, spiritual goals: instead, America trains her youth to earn as much money as possible and lets all the other, more important morals fall by the wayside. They do not even mention the soul or eternity; it is illegal for a teacher to speak the truths of God. Is it any wonder why the current generations are so uninspired and depressed? They no longer dream eternal dreams. They are told they are meaningless animals randomly mutated from pond scum---and they behave accordingly. America is aiming for the lowest possible morality, and so even a success is unsuccessful. Christianity is the only thing that can reform the current meaninglessness.
  188. Concluding the 4 Warfares
  189.     Obviously, perfectly fulfilling the requirements of these 4 warfares is impossible. However, these are the goals that we can aim for. Even fulfilling a quarter of them would have a tremendously positive effect on the individual and society. If every member of the resistance fulfilled half of them, America would revive and thrive, leading the world-stage in peace and stability for the next hundred years.
  190.        We now will gloss over major movements and demographics in order to demolish falsehoods and shine a light on a wise, straight, narrow, and true path into prosperity, health, stability, and honor. This is my minor contribution to major problems.
  192. Creative, not Destructive, Human Sexuality
  193. "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law." – Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative
  194. “Reproduction, fatherhood, and motherhood are the foundations of economic production and the sustainability of civilization. These things produce producers and train them in morality. He who undermines these things is a fool and a traitor.”
  195. Applying the four warfares to sexuality instantly undermines the sexual “revolution” and homosexual “revolution”. These are “devolutions”, a devolving from what is pure and useful into something that is filthy and useless. Because so much focused and productive work needs to be done to sustain welfare systems, invent new technologies, keep society stable, help the poor get on their feet, and, ultimately, improve our nation and each individual person, it makes logical sense to minimize time spent in sexuality and maximize the fruits of sexuality, which are children.
  196. Homosexuality wastes time and produces nothing but STDs. This same time could be directed towards inventing new treatments for diseases or improving solar panels, but instead it is wasted, with no productive value. Treating STDs requires money, which further stresses already overburdened social services and pension plans.
  197. Promiscuity wastes time but, because of birth control and abortions, it only spreads STDs. Birth control pills, condoms, abortions, and so on also cost money. Adultery---and the lust that fuels adultery---is very wasteful of time, money, health, and limited focus.
  198. Ideally, we want to minimize sexuality in every form to the very small productive sphere where it reproduces children. Sexuality for reproduction---and nothing else---is the most efficient and total application of the four warfares. Obviously, this is controversial and very difficult to do but we know from the example of millions of people throughout history that it is possible. This is the most practical sexuality on an individual and collective level.
  199. On this, and this alone, I could rest my case on why homosexuality and promiscuity are unproductive and anti-social---that is to say hateful towards society and the common good. These  However, there are many more logical arguments against homosexuality, adultery, and lust.
  200. Before I go any further, remember that homosexuality and adultery are actions that come from the mental state of mind of lusting after sexual pleasures. I and all introspective people know that lust is something that can be trained through practice; lust is not invincible; it is something that can be subjected to will. When people say they can't help being homosexual, that is an utter lie. They tell themselves it first, and later preach this lie to the world. Nobody forces homosexuals to engage in homosexual imitation sexuality. Nobody forces adulterers to dishonor their marriage, their children, and themselves. These evils comes from within; they feed it, and act on it; they choose to feed it and choose to act on it.
  201. It is my great hope that people connect the dots between lust and adultery and homosexuality, and between adultery and homosexuality and the anti-social effects that these things have. These things are all linked; when you lust, you hate society, and thus you hate your neighbor. Lust, adultery, and homosexuality is hatred towards others. Everything Jesus said was true and if we listen to Him, everyone will benefit.
  202. Anyways, back to the arguments. Immanuel Kant’s Categorical Imperative provides the basis for the next argument: "Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law."
  203.     This is what the categorical imperative means: you should only do things that would be good if everybody did them. If everybody lied, it would be bad (create bad effects). If everybody murdered, it would create bad effects. If everybody stole, it would create bad effects. If everybody was homosexual, it would create bad effects. If everybody was promiscuous, it would create bad effects. If everybody committed adultery, it would create bad effects. If everybody was transgender, it would create bad effects.
  204.     Therefore, these things are bad, immoral, anti-social, and hateful towards society. Homosexuality, promiscuity, adultery, and “transgenderism” are all shown to be immoral and damaging by an application of the Categorical Imperative.
  205.     Only heterosexual monogamy can fulfill the requirement of the Categorical Imperative; only heterosexual monogamy works and works well for both the individual and society.
  206.     Let’s all imagine that everyone in the United States accepts homosexuality and lives a homosexual lifestyle. STDs would spread, reproduction would cease, and the United States would die off in one generation. When only 1% or 5% of the population embraces homosexuality, then only 1% or 5% of the damage is done. However, homosexuality is damaging to society. Homosexuality is hateful towards others. It only spreads sexually transmitted diseases and it doesn’t reproduce children. It doesn't do its part to support the welfare system; it doesn't do its part to support the poor, disabled, veterans, dependent minorities, and homeless. Homosexuality is selfish hate.
  207.     Let’s all imagine that everyone in the United States accepted sexual promiscuity, or adultery, and lived that lifestyle. Again, the STDs would spread rapidly, although there would be some natural reproduction. However, many of the conceived children would be aborted, causing great damage to both mother and child. Also, those who are born out of wedlock would not have a stable family structure, a father and mother, to raise them, because everybody would be having everybody else’s children. This instability would do great spiritual, moral, and emotional damage to the next generation. Promiscuity and adultery are selfish hate.
  208.     Let’s all imagine that everyone in the United States accepted transgenderism and lived that lifestyle. All the men would have their penises cut off and would receive fake breasts and a fake, non-functioning vagina without ovaries or the ability to reproduce. All the women would have their breasts cut off and would receive fake penises and fake testicles that cannot produce sperm. Obviously, this would utterly destroy the United States within one generation, because no reproduction would occur. Transgenderism is selfish hate.
  209.     Remember, though, these evils begin in the mind, in the soul. They are best countered by the example of Jesus. Since homosexuality, adultery, promiscuity, and transgenderism are selfish hate, self-sacrificial love for others is the only solution. I am asking what Jesus asks of all of us: that homosexuals, promiscuous adulterers, and transgenders lay down their own selfish desires and instead struggle towards the purity of monogamous and pure marriage.
  210.     Homosexuality, promiscuity/adultery, and transgenderism are entirely non-productive, non-creative sexualities; they are, instead, destructive sexualities. By their fruits, you will know them. They only produce harm (STDs) and do not produce good (children and stable families, the building blocks of future social greatness). The destructive sexualities would destroy America swiftly if they were practiced by everyone. Fortunately, they are not; however, they are practiced by many people and this evil practice is causing great damage to our country. Evil is not something to be proud of; it is something to be avoided at all costs.
  211.     By spreading STDs, mutilating bodies through “gender-reassignment surgery”, and requiring millions of abortions and contraceptives, these philosophies harm America greatly.
  212.     Health care costs in the billions per year are spent to try to cover up the destructive effects of these destructive sexualities. This money could be spent productively, on building schools, bridges, and planting gardens, forests, and parks; instead, this money is wasted on combating the destruction brought about by destructive sexuality.
  213.     Broken families are the product of destructive sexuality. Divorce because of adultery is a horrifying experience, deeply saddening. These divorces cost the country billions of dollars each year in addition to the emotional heartbreak and spiritual turbulence. This money could be spent on much better things, but it isn't because of destructive sexuality.
  214.     Also, the harm to our children is large.
  215.     Our greatest moral responsibility to our children is to teach them right from wrong, good from evil, truth from falsehood, creativity from destruction, wisdom not stupidity.
  216.     Instead, destructive sexuality is confusing our children. It takes away their sexual stability and self-confidence. It makes them doubt who they are. They question the basics of life rather than move on to greater, more pressing issues. It destroys the depths of male-female relationships and makes everything sexual instead of spiritual, animal instead of human. When our children see men kissing men, or women pretending to become men, it makes our children waste valuable time questioning who they are instead of taking that same time to invent new vaccines, wind turbines, cancer treatments, or write the next great American novel.
  217.     Ultimately, however, the greatest harm of destructive sexuality is to our souls. A nation without a soul is like a man without a heart. There is something deeply sad about a nation that prevents millions of innocent children from being born into this world.
  218.     What have we done to our soul that has made these children seem worthless to us?
  219.     What have we done to the world that has made it seem better for them to be aborted, killed, in the womb?
  220.     What has happened to us that we do not celebrate and cherish new life, but instead fear it, view it as a burden, and choose to end it artificially?
  221.     Why do our young men and women engage in rapacious sex like they are animals? Why have we been unable to train them to do what their ancestors did: to reserve sexuality for creative purposes?
  222.     Why do our young men and women selfishly spend money on themselves in a vainglorious and doomed attempt to become a different gender? That same money could be spent feeding the hungry, clothing the penniless, and healing diseases, but it is instead wasted on mutilating healthy bodies.
  223.     What does the prevalence, acceptance, and even pride in destructive sexuality reveal about our nation's inability to stand up for what is true, moral, creative, and beneficial? Why are we proud of destruction? Who do we serve?
  224.     These deep and depressing questions are a dagger to the soul of the American nation and they reveal a deadness, confusion, and hypocrisy that should terrify us all. When a powerful nation can no longer tell the difference between right and wrong in such simple and obvious manners as these, what hope is there that it can act wisely and justly on more complicated and deadly matters like waging war?
  225.     Civilian and military morale suffers because the honorable and productive do not want to and cannot defend or support such base, meaningless, and self-destructive behavior as homosexuality, trans-genderism, and adultery. The self-sacrifice of heroism is the lifeblood and vital energy of a nation, but heroes cannot truly and fully defend that which is dishonorable, evil, and anti-heroic. A hero can only sacrifice himself for something good.
  226.     Despite the lies of the feminists, who require abortion and birth control to sustain their unnatural philosophy, the unborn child is not a part of the woman’s body: the unborn have their own, unique DNA that is different from both mother and father. The Categorical Imperative shows the deep and destructive evil that abortion is. If all the unborn children were aborted, the United States would die off in a generation.
  227.     The unborn is new life. Our response to them is our response to existence itself: will we choose to live, or die; will we kill or will we protect the innocent?
  228.     The Constitution of the United States declares that the government exists to pass laws to promote the general welfare. Since homosexuality, transgenderism, and promiscuity/adultery do not support the general welfare, it is entirely constitutional to criminalize these destructive sexualities and their supportive industries.
  229.     It should be mentioned that it goes against the Hippocratic oath for any doctor or surgeon to perform “gender reassignment” surgery. The Hippocratic oath states that those who practice medicine “Do no harm.” Yet, by taking a perfectly healthy reproductive system, destroying it, and then making a non-functioning fake reproductive system, they are only destroying living organs, not creating them. This violates the Hippocratic oath. It does harm and does no good.
  230.     Abortion likewise desecrates the Hippocratic oath. The unborn child has distinct DNA and is a functioning, growing, healthy body with cellular reproduction. Abortion commits harm against this being and, if successful, ends its functioning, growing, healthy body along with cellular reproduction. No matter which way you slice it, abortion violates the Hippocratic oath.
  231.     Abortion is an optional surgical procedure that occasionally causes reproductive harm and even death to women. It damages fertility occasionally and sometimes kills the mother accidentally. There is nothing positive or life-giving that it does. The only case where abortion can be logically argued for is when the health of the mother is in danger from childbirth, but even here a Cesarean section can save both mother and child. Abortion is basically a total violation of the Hippocratic oath. Abortion is caught between a rock and a hard place: legally, no practicing doctor or surgeon can perform an abortion without violating their Hippocratic oath; legally, only practicing doctors and surgeons who have taken the Hippocratic oath can perform an abortion.
  232.     Pornography supports these social vices and should be criminalized. Lust is the root of the problems of destructive sexuality. We must fight lust for the good of the nation. Entertainment media, like music and movies, which support destructive sexuality, should also be penalized. Yes, there is freedom of speech, but you are not allowed to use freedom of speech to hurt other people or the general welfare of America. You can’t yell “fire” in a crowded building. Pornography and other outlets of destructive sexuality are hate speech; their speech hates life, social stability, family, and civilization itself. Pornography and lust-, homosexuality-, transgenderism-, and adultery-promoting propaganda is directly supportive of hideously destructive actions and therefore can and should be regulated and even criminalized.
  233.     Heterosexual marriage should be supported, and that alone. Only reproductive marriage between one man and one woman passes the Categorical Imperative: if everybody married and raised a family, the results would not be destructive, but would be creative. This is the essence of creative sexuality.
  234.     Marriage between one man and one woman, for life, is the only marriage that can naturally reproduce children. It provides a man and a woman to role-model morality, justice, truth, moderation, knowledge, cooperation, division of labor, work-ethic and common sense to their children. Through marital fidelity, stability is given to children, so that they flourish; a plant cannot grow deep roots when the soil is always being disturbed. Marriage between one man and one woman is deep, stable, and healthy soil for the crop of tomorrow's children. This and this alone strengthens those children and thus strengthens the next generation.
  235.     What would be done with the people who engage in homosexual and transgender behavior? Aren’t they born a certain way? Perhaps, but even if they are born with homosexual tendencies, that means nothing. The “appeal to nature” is where something is called good because it is natural. This is a basic logical fallacy because there are many things, like poison hemlock, that are natural and are also destructive of life.
  236. Destructive sexualities are best conquered individually through personal morality. In the absence of personal morality, however, the government must step in.
  237. Tuition free homosexual conversion therapy programs, centered around Christ, will help homosexuals and transgenders make their sexuality productive and not destructive. Critics of conversion therapy point out that conversion therapy only has around a 65% success rate. I doubt this percentage is true; homosexuals lie all the time. Did you know homosexuals are 3% of the population yet make up 30% of child molesters? This is because homosexuality is an anti-social mental and spiritual disease. This fact is never mentioned in the debate around homosexuality and the great need to heal it. There are tens of thousands of healed former homosexuals and transgenders who are happily raising healthy families at this very moment. A 65% success rate is still very, very good. 65% is much better than nothing.
  238. Besides, an enormous and unspoken fact is that all psychotherapy has a success rate much lower than 65%. This is because psychotherapy is divorced from God and Christ and does not therefore have the ability to heal the soul. Psychotherapy has failed completely in healing the soul; as psychotherapy has become more widespread in society, so have insanities. The leftist solution is the source of the problem.
  239. But by injecting Christianity into the culture and the conversion therapy model, it will become easier and easier for homosexuals and transgenders to accept productive and non-mutilating sexualities. Another option is to seek out a chemical and hormonal cure to homosexuality and transgenderism, just as depression and anxiety has been partially alleviated for millions by anti-depressants. This virtuous and helpful scientific quest cannot begin until we admit that homosexuality and transgenderism is a problem that must be solved. The combination of tuition free homosexual re-education centers and scientific knowledge seeking pharmaceutical and herbal remedies to these anti-social, self-destructive deviancies will help to free millions of people from the curse of homosexuality and transgenderism.
  240.     The essence of being human is fighting against bad natural tendencies and strengthening good natural tendencies. Our natural tendencies vary from person to person. Many of them are good and useful, like courage, inventiveness, curiosity, selflessness, and so on. But, many natural tendencies are towards lust, pride, selfishness, laziness, greed, anger, violence, hatred, and many other evils. Greatness comes from fighting internal evil and supporting internal goodness.
  241.     It may be a natural tendency for a transgender to want to mutilate themselves, but accepting this is dangerous: once we accept one self-destructive delusion, then what is to stop us from accepting all the other self-destructive delusions? Shall we surrender to those who think or feel they are dogs, or Napoleon, or babies, or trees, or aliens? Human delusion and insanity are bottomless pits. A good man and a good society reject all delusions and insanities and never compromise with them. If you give delusion and insanity an inch, it will take you a mile.
  242.     People who practice homosexuality and transgender mutilation will have to stop doing what they want to do naturally and instead do what is better for them and society in the long run. They would ideally have to marry someone of the opposite gender and raise a family, or they will have to be single and celibate, dedicating their lives to the greatness of economic and spiritual production and self/social empowerment through the four warfares. Some type of penalty, such as a fine, should be applied to those guilty of homosexuality, adultery/promiscuity, and transgender mutilation.
  243.     This is not unjust or mean. Everyone is fighting against their own natural temptations. I am fighting against laziness and lust. Someone else is fighting against greed and pride. Someone else is fighting against hatred and violence. Former homosexuals will have to fight against lust. Former transgender mutilators will have to fight against selfishness and pride. Adulterers will have to fight against lust. The best purpose of government is when it steps in, when necessary, to create an incentive for moral, pro-social action. Because people are not self-disciplining themselves in sexual morality, it is now necessary for the government to step in. If the government does not, the social welfare systems, and thus the government, will collapse because not enough reproduction is occurring to fund welfare systems and the citizenry is generally immoral and selfish, causing vast trade deficits and national debts. The nation will not survive if the sexual devolution of homosexuality, adultery, and transgenderism is not dealt with. This is not an option or a luxury anymore; it is fast becoming an issue of national survival.
  244.     For instance, there is a financial and legal penalty for driving drunk because it is a personally and socially destructive activity. Since homosexuality and transgenderism are provably destructive activities, they can and should be regulated similarly. If you don't get the freedom to drive drunk then you shouldn't get the freedom to spread STDs, not reproduce, and mutilate healthy bodies.
  245.     Many people will say that the government should not have power over any individuals actions so long as it doesn't harm another. This argument is libertarian nonsense. Restricting individual actions is the basis of law and order. When the individual hurts himself, it hurts a little bit of society, and thus harms others. And homosexuality, adultery, and transgenderism clearly hurt society greatly; they are very destructive and costly. These actions do harm society and thus they harm others. Therefore, they can and should be penalized by law. Ideally, each individual thought and action supports both the individual and society: this is percent morality. The force of law and order is best aimed towards supporting this perfect morality. A nation will never reach it, but by drawing closer to individual and social purity, that nation will find the morality to be vigorous and stable, the stability to be prosperous and, thus, the prosperity to be charitable towards all.
  246.     Ideally, the state will support its people in this shared fight towards virtue, social stability, and creative sexuality. The way to win the battle against our self-destructive human tendencies is not to surrender and pretend your moral surrender is acceptable or good; the way to win is to fight to the utmost against self-destructive and socially-destructive temptations.
  247.     There is an old proverb. Within each of us, there are two wolves, one good, and one bad. The one who wins is the one we feed and the one who loses is the one we starve. This is what creative human sexuality is all about; we must feed the good wolf within us as individuals and as a society, and we must starve the bad wolf.
  249.       Towards an Effective Church
  250. “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” – John Adams
  251. “Strengthen what remains and is about to die...” – Jesus
  252.     The organization, financing, and methods of Christian churches can and should be wisely and widely altered so that the Church may engage more effectively in financial-warfare. Also, the Church should alter itself to better integrate with the resistance.
  253.     Decentralization should be the rallying cry of effective Christianity. The large churches that meet in buildings should disperse into smaller home-churches, sell the buildings and accessories, and use that money in financial-warfare and Christian charity. The home churches will be small, meet in people's homes, and follow simple but effective and time-proven practices: Bible reading, a short sermon or sermons by the most capable man or men, group prayer, a time of singing hymns and spiritual songs to God. A simple guitar or piano and a trained amateur can provide music, although no music is needed. Higher inter-organization can take place virtually, using the internet and, preferably, for security reasons, anonymous, encrypted services to integrate smaller home churches into larger units for greater coordination.
  254.     This tactic ends the separation of church and home.
  255.     The church building model was useful when the church buildings were modest, most staff were volunteers, and seminary costs were sane. However, this is often not the case anymore.
  256.     This tactic eliminates the need for church buildings, paid staff, and paid pastors. Of course, there will still be buildings, staff, and pastors, but they will be unpaid. The financial savings of this tactic would be utterly tremendous. However much each Christian is giving to a church will suddenly be able to be directed anywhere else. Christian debt would be eliminated and, thus, the mental stress wiped out by this tactic would be tremendous. I am convinced that there is nothing spiritually wrong with such an adaptation. The early church met often in small groups, expended barely any resources for the church buildings and services, and it flourished under intense persecution. This is in no small part due to the selflessness and self-denial with which they conducted their church services. Indeed, we are called to serve God with our finances, and this adaptation allows us to direct money towards Christian charity and to financial-warfare in the service of the resistance.
  257.     Under the current system, the Church is tithing and then, often, selfishly spending that money on itself in the form of professional singers, expensive electronic equipment, insurance, furniture, buses, parking lots, paid pastors, mortgage payments, cutting edge musical instruments, light shows, fog machines, air conditioning, heating, janitors, security systems and so on.
  258.     Under this proposed system of decentralized home churches, these expenses are greatly minimized and eliminated. There will be no tithing to a small home-church. Instead, it can go directly to God's work. Practiced widely, this frees up a tremendous amount of money. This freed money can be spent however each member and family of each small home church deems spiritually fitting. This money saved can be used to promote heterosexual monogamous marriage, and to oppose abortion, pornography, and other evils. The saved money can support the resistance, evangelism, Christian political candidates, and so on.
  259.     This will save pastor's money because, like the apostles and early church fathers, they will not have to go through expensive seminary training and will rely instead on the power of God, prayer, and the Bible to lead them. Many more pastors will rise once the crippling costs of seminary are done away with. Many more pastors will fearlessly speak the truth when they have no fear of being fired or sued if they say something controversial. Debt enslaves and this strategy will free pastors from debt.
  261.     Debt-slavery from university expenses prevents many pastors from speaking the truth from the pulpit. If they offend enough members of the congregation, they will be out of a job. With eight years of college debt on their shoulders, unemployment would be catastrophic for them and their families. This fear surely mutes the voice of our pulpits.
  263.     Currently, pastors are not allowed by law under the Johnson Amendment to recommend candidates or they risk losing status as a 501(c)3 charity. Dividing politics from religion is, first of all, a false distinction. Politics is spiritual. Politics is simply an attempt to alleviate the mass problems of humanity; this is done by applying fundamental spiritual beliefs to the problem. Everyone in politics does. Atheists apply their deepest spiritual beliefs (that there is no God and therefore no absolute morality; that we are all mutated pond scum heading into eternal nothingness after death; and that life is meaningless) to politics and every sphere of human existence. The result is a meaningless society that centers itself around selfish pleasures and rapidly (on a historical level) self-destructs. Obviously, Christians should fearlessly apply their spirituality to politics. Christians can and should recommend candidates based on Biblical principles. To attempt to bribe Christianity from speaking here is foolish and evil. Decentralization into home churches that require no tithes makes this tyranny from the government worthless and toothless.
  264.     With technology, it would be possible to use internet streaming and simple webcams to broadcast a home church to other ones. This might impact anonymity, but it could be useful if there is a particularly good pastor at one church and another church or churches does not have one. Higher level organization and coordination between home church units could take place using the internet to focus church energies towards certain areas.
  265.     A decentralized home church also builds the community that is often missing from large churches. It will force church cohesion. The anonymity afforded by the large churches offers many a way to attend and then leave directly afterwards. A small group will increase accountability, social cohesion, and a sense of shared purpose. Most large churches have little community. This counters that. A small group would notice and intervene in the lives of its members if it sees signs of backsliding.
  266.     Another tactic is for the church to go underground. There is nothing wrong with having church secretly so long as every other part of the Christian life is public. At church meetings, we are connecting to God and to his children. The world does not need to know what we are up to. This prevents infiltration. Another new tactic is that non-Christians are not allowed at church. That is what outreach/evangelism is for. Outreach and evangelism are essential things that have nothing to do with church. Church is for the body of Christ; church is, by definition, the body of Christ. If an unbeliever is there, it is not technically church.
  268.     This will further the gospel; we are spending Christian money on giving Christians the best, coolest, most hip, loud, multi-colored strobe lights rock-and-roll church “worship experience” instead of using it to spread the good news, take care of widows and orphans, and strengthen the national and international resistance to the forces of evil. Christians are adopting the world's standards and techniques when they have no need to. Christians are being selfish and wasteful with our church expenditures, and we must admit it, and stop it.
  270.     Churches could begin doing the unthinkable necessity of “political” education, which is really spiritual enlightenment, and organizing with very little risk of retribution. For instance, if a current church were to send out its members to educate people about the evils of feminism and to begin organizing and fund-raising to promote healthy relations between the sexes, there would be an uproar. That church would be sued, infiltrated, protested, boycotted, and demonized in the media. Death threats would stream in against the pastors and elders.
  272.     An underground church could do this education, organization, and activism and the enemy would be unable to fight back. There is no fixed, known location or known pastor to target. Boycotting won't work because the underground church has no debt and no need for money to function. Who or what will the media attack and demonize? A secret church with no name? Sounds like a whack-job conspiracy theory to me. And all the while, the flock continues to do its good deeds, disappears into anonymity, but is remembered by God.
  274.     For whatever reason relocation may be necessary, a small home church has huge advantages. A small home church can easily relocate to another location without detection. To relocate a thousand-member church is a logistical nightmare.
  276.     These strategies are not all-or-nothing; some churches may find it best to go entirely with an underground, decentralized model, while others may just want to disperse half of their flock and keep the other half in the weaker, more wasteful, easy-to-infiltrate centralized model.
  278.     I am convinced these simple strategies are absolutely Biblical and would help to bring a revival of Christianity and Christians in America. Christians would find greater community, prevent infiltration, increase safety, enable free and honest speech, cut costs, and redirect money away from pleasuring themselves and towards battling evil.
  280.     There are also security reasons for churches decentralizing and going underground. Terrorists mimicking Mohammed cannot target as easily a church that has no direct, obvious outreach (there will still be subtle outreach), and no building. Home churches should have their own self-defense with firearms. If the unthinkable happens and a home church is targeted by terrorists, a lot fewer people are at risk of being killed than in a several hundred or thousand person church.
  281.     Christianity explains simply but sweetly the best way to solve the world's problems---and, if we look around at the spectacular successes of Christian Western civilization, Christianity has been hugely successful at doing so. Separation of church and state is therefore a tactic to get the church out of doing what it does best. These tactics can, if applied widely, free up the funds that are necessary for Christianity to reclaim its beneficial role as the spiritual leader of Western Civilization.
  286. How to Wisely Achieve the Goals of Black Lives Matter
  288.     It is no secret that life for blacks in the United States is worse than it is for whites and other minorities like Asians and Jews. Life expectancy is lower, reading rates are lower, STD rates are higher, and many of them are in prison. Wages are lower and good jobs are rarer. Blacks tend to live in polluted areas in the inner cities and to eat unhealthy junk food. It is in the interests of society to solve the black problems because the welfare expenses towards blacks are very high and are helping to financially bankrupt society. We also want to make blacks independent of government welfare as a policy of love; if the government collapses financially because of overspending, everyone dependent on the government will face extreme suffering. It is wise and loving to strengthen blacks because God created them for good reasons and loves them. Here are some ideas I put forth to help solve these problems and others.
  289.     First, the problems facing many blacks are the same facing every American. They are soul problems. Immorality, drug use, adultery, homosexuality, broken families, lack of work ethic, an attitude of rebellion towards healthy culture are all a result of ignoring Jesus. Moral Christian self-sacrifice is the primary fertilizer needed to grow a healthy black community. There is no other way. Black Lives Matter and other “civil rights” movements are ignoring the fundamental problems and therefore have no way of solving the real crisis in black America. The Black Lives Matter movement is lying to blacks and only increasing their suffering by bringing about social instability; the Black Lives Matter movement absolutely hates blacks, whether it knows it or not.
  290.     Second, America should deport all illegal immigrants and end birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrants. Illegal immigrants tend to live in cities near blacks and to work in similar jobs. This raises the cost of living (rent, food, utilities) and lowers job wages for blacks. This is because of the law of supply and demand.
  291.     Supply and demand sets prices within a free market. Most people know what this is, but still I must explain it. If there is a very rare item that has great demand, the price will be high. For example, a rare Japanese dagger used for seppuku. If there are many items and a low demand for it, like with regular dirt or gravel, the price is low. All things being equal, a higher demand equals a higher price; lower demand equals a lower price; higher supply equals a lower price; and a lower supply equals a higher price.
  292.     In cities, when illegal immigrants move into a city, they increase the demand for housing, food, and utilities while doing nothing to the supply of these things. This causes rent prices to shoot up. When illegal immigrants increase the supply of workers for certain jobs, the wages for certain jobs go down. This is happening, especially in our inner cities, and it is destroying the black economy and black job prospects. Deporting illegal immigrants solves this problem.
  293.     Again, Black Lives Matter is ignoring the real problems. Because the left rejects absolute truth and meaning, they are unable to form effective solutions to the problems of society.
  294. Deporting illegal immigrants is something where the left and right have common ground: the right wants to deport illegal immigrants who don’t conform to American values, while the left wants to help black people in the city. Deporting illegal immigrants is the single greatest non-religious thing anybody can do to help black people by decreasing pressure on the job market which is increasing black unemployment, especially among young men.
  295.     Another thing that could be done would be to fulfill Abraham Lincoln's promise to former slaves. They were offered 40 acres and a mule. Unfortunately, after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, this promise fell by the wayside. 40 acres cost much less back in the 1860s, so today 1-3 acres, some basic farm tools, and a small, basic home would fulfill the spirit of Honest Abe's edict. Farmland would be purchased by the government from large farms, and the land, tools, and home would be offered to black families descended from former slaves. They would at least have a choice: take it or leave it. This could be called the Honest Abe Act.
  296.     Again, here there is a compromise that can satisfy both right-wingers and left-wingers. The right bemoans, and rightly so, the deaths of small towns all across America; the left very vocally claims to want to help blacks. This would help blacks and revitalize small towns. Above all, I think the deep and visionary fulfillment of Abe Lincoln's Promise sends a spiritual message that America has fulfilled any commitment and any reparations towards the offspring of slaves. If blacks fail after the Abe Lincoln Act, it is the black's fault and nobody elses.
  297.     Black families could escape the horrific violence, overcrowding, and pollution of the inner cities. The blacks who remain in the cities will still reap the benefits because the job market, food market, housing market, will have financial stress lessened. There will be less traffic, pollution, and over-crowding.
  298.     Once the Abe Lincoln Act is done, the repeal of hate speech laws and affirmative action must follow. There is a flip-side to equality and justice, and that involves no special treatment under the law. Other than native blacks and illegal Hispanic invaders, every other racial group (including recent black immigrants from Africa)  is able to do just fine in America. They work hard, raise their families well, and generally succeed. You don't see Asians protesting in the streets yet they are a racial minority and, according to the Black Lives Matter narrative, America is racist and loves to oppress minorities. The Asians prosper, don't protest, and thus prove Black Lives Matter is a lie. Racial respect can only be found under equal treatment under the law. Welfare will have to be phased out slowly. Once Abraham Lincoln's promise has been fulfilled, there is no reason for further government aid. People will have to work and work hard but if they do so they will prosper and give hope to their family by the sweat of their brow.
  299.     The Honest Abe Act would ideally be combined with a decentralized small organic farms movement detailed later in this book.
  300.     These simple tactics are entirely possible but the political will is lacking. Republicans don't want to give blacks even more limited government money than the welfare blacks already receive. Leftist Democrats have gained control over the vast majority of the souls of black people through repeated deceptions. Never mind that Democrat-run cities are the worst places in America for black people. Never mind that under Barack Obama, the quality of life for most blacks in America collapsed. Welfare has only provided a new form of slavery for most blacks; nobody can be truly free when they are dependent on a financially-bankrupt government for survival. The old plantation master has been replaced by the federal government. This is not good enough. Almighty God demands more. We must strive to free the black family from the Democrat-run cities and the welfare system that secretly enslaves them. This is not only socially responsible and socially strengthening; it is a spiritual good.
  301.     Blacks must oppose feminism, homosexuality, abortion, transgenderism, adultery, drug use, lust, and illegal immigration. Feminism, homosexuality, lust, abortion, and transgenderism are the gravest threat to black survival and thriving; by not reproducing and raising responsible, productive youth, these movements are bankrupting the welfare system that many urban blacks are dependent on. They make illegal immigration necessary to supply young workers, but illegal immigration takes black jobs and lowers their wages. Drug use destroys society by destroying the individual. It also wastes money. Instead, blacks must reject the Democratic party that has consistently failed them, apply the four warfares to their lives, and accept Christianity with an absolute fanaticism if they are to prosper and create a better system for their children. Blacks must join the resistance; it is the best way forward for blacks and for society in general.
  302.     Spiritually, a revival of Christianity could light the way for the moral revolution that will wipe out drug use and other crime among the black community. With wise social action by the government and, above all, black families eager to pioneer their own destiny, a new dawn can rise for black America.
  305. Don't ever take a fence down until you know the reason it was put up.  ―   G.K. Chesterton  
  306. “Women’s Liberation, if not the most extreme, then certainly the most influential neo-Marxist movement in America, has done to the American home what communism did to the Russian economy...By defining between men and women in terms of power and competition instead of reciprocity and co-operation, the movement tore apart the most basic and fragile contract in human society, the unit from which all other social institutions draw their strength." – Ruth Wisse, Harvard Professor
  308. “A large population is a king's glory, but without subjects a prince is ruined.” - Proverbs 14:28
  309. Peace in the War of the Sexes: Practical, Creative Sexual Roles.
  311.     No house can be divided against itself and stand. No family can be divided against itself and stand. Without strong families, there is no hope. Divide and conquer strategies are being used against both men and women. Instead of division, we must achieve unity. The unity must take place around a sexual social organization that actually works: Christian patriarchy.
  312.     All advanced civilizations have been born from and sustained by a patriarchal social system. While matriarchies have existed, no matriarchy has ever reached a technological level beyond the Stone Age. This fact is not a coincidence and a wise, moral, and healthy patriarchy should be promoted to prevent social collapse.
  313.     Feminists have taken great deceptive leaps to try to make patriarchy into a bad thing, something oppressive of women. Thousands of books have been written on this subject, many of which are force-fed to university students. In patriarchy, men were not oppressing women. Watch a movie about World War 2. See the millions of men sacrificing themselves to defend their families. This type of behavior is not oppressive; it is self-sacrificial, protective, and honorable.
  314.     Men bled and died in a cruel world war to protect their women and children; yet soon after they returned from war, through feminism, many of their women spit in their face. The capacity of humanity to take good for granted is unfathomable. Instead, women competed with men for jobs and money and overt power; raising many, good children was neglected. Visible power is not the only power; supporting roles are necessary for effective social functioning.
  315.     The big, life or death issues clearly show that men were not oppressing women. If anything, in Christian patriarchy, women oppress men. Who is more oppressed: the man in the coal mines or the woman in the kitchen? The man under fire in the fox hole or the woman cleaning a home?
  316.     Of course, not to say that all patriarchies are good. Many of them also cannot surge past the stone age. Some of them do oppress women. Islam is perhaps the “best” and most notorious example of this. However, Christian patriarchy is nothing like the horrors of Islam. Christianity demands that men self-sacrifice for their wives and family. That is why Christian patriarchy looks awfully like a matriarchy; while the men do lead and direct civilization, they sacrifice greatly for their wives and children. In Christianity, the role of leadership is one of self-sacrifice for others. The wives sacrifice themselves for their husbands and children; the children sacrifice themselves to support their parents. Everyone gives and everyone receives.
  317.     Feminism is something totally different from Christianity. The trap of feminism is this. A single woman goes to college, often for a masters or phD. After graduating, of course, she needs to get established in her career. By this time, she is around thirty, and her fertility is already declining rapidly. On average, she will not be able to have enough children to do her part for national sustainability. This has been happening and is happening and is the root cause of many of the social ills that plague the United States and Western Europe.
  318. Also, the children that are needed for national sustainability are an inconvenience to her work. So marriage, childbearing, and child-rearing are put off because she needs to excel in her job, climb the corporate ladder, and earn money for basic survival. It works for the feminists for a few decades until the anti-social effects of not reproducing and raising quality children outweigh the short-term benefits of prioritizing financial warfare. As society destabilizes, it is no longer safe for women to move around without a male escort, and feminism collapses with society; in civilization, as in life, balance is the key.
  319.     The irony of the feminist trap is that traditional families with traditional values actually make more money and are more productive than the divided-and-conquered feminists. While the non-feminist wife will not be earning as much directly in the job market, the value of homemaking and raising a larger number of quality children cancels that out over the long term. Part time jobs on the side can supplement the family income. Then, by having the children work at home from a young age it actually becomes more socially and economically beneficial.
  320.     This is why the Amish are land-owners and are relatively wealthy without any modern technology: complementary division of labor between husband and wife, mutual self-sacrifice, a clear decision-making hierarchy leading to less time and energy wasted on conflicts. Apply rigorous work ethic to a large number of children and you have created a sustainable, growing, wealth-producing social unit.
  321.     Especially with the Internet and telephones, it is possible for stay-at-home mothers to engage in a wide range of entrepreneurial businesses part-time while raising and, preferably, employing their children. The clever mother can find ways to incorporate the children's labor into a small business or industry. The family that works together stays together. They also do not need to fear poverty and can give more to the poor and the resistance.
  322.     Children can and should do all of the household chores once they are able to. This will instill work ethic in children and provide practical work-value to the parents. This opens up free time in the mother's life for moral teachings, educating herself, educating the children, serving God, creative and business endeavors, and helping to strengthen the resistance.
  323.     As a related aside, the importance of modesty in personal appearance is important for both women and men. When women dress provocatively and sexually, it is an unwitting act of mental warfare against men. It misdirects the limited economy of focus. It distracts men and makes it harder for men to achieve their life goals. It is a distraction from what is important and eternal towards that which is ultimately not. It is therefore also anti-social. By misdirecting the focus of men, half of society does not function optimally, for men hold up half the sky.
  324.     "Feminism is Communist both in origin and spirit. It pretends to champion women but in fact neuters both sexes and destroys the basic social unit, the family."-- Henry Makow Ph.D.
  325.     This quote shows the tremendous damage that feminism has done. By creating hostility between men and women, an unnecessary war is created. Social stability is threatened and therefore everyone in society is threatened. Feminism hates society and therefore it hates the people of society. Feminism is hate. Whoever wins in the war of the sexes is irrelevant. Simply by having it, much damage is done. By undermining the family and dividing and conquering men and women, society has been torn asunder. We must strive to end feminism before it ends civilization. Feminism harms marriage, family, and, above all else, the welfare system. Without enough children, the welfare system collapses, and the disabled, elderly, poor, minorities, and veterans suffer greatly. Every one of these endangered groups must arise and fight the feminism that is threatening dagger to their very survival. We have given feminism enough time to prove if it works. It does not. The welfare systems are unfunded by dozens of trillions of dollars. We are missing the 60 million aborted babies who would have supported it---because feminism killed them.
  326.     Some social commentators say that Americans don't need to have children; we can just import immigrants. It is far more effective and efficient for Americans to have their own children and raise them. Importing immigrants to try to make up for population decline always comes with a social and economic cost. Immigrants take time to adapt, to learn the language, the culture, etc or they don’t adapt at all, which has its own problems. When immigrants don't adapt, they infiltrate American society with their own anti-democratic and foolish ideas. It is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, and by bringing in millions of third world immigrants, we are infecting America with third world habits, cultures, and political ideas that are less effective than American ones.
  327.     Ideally, the highest earthly pride, honor, and respect must surround motherhood and fatherhood. Why would it not? Reproduction is the highest creation of the highest form. Reproduction is the production of producers, the recreation of creators. It is a wonderful mystery. Only women are best suited to tackle the difficulties of raising many, good children. The emotional subtleties required for sensing and responding wisely to the upbringing of children is something that can only be done well by women. This is necessary to social health, or else we will not have enough children and they will be of poor quality.
  328.     This is their highest calling. It is the greatest thing that they can do for their children, their husbands, for society, and for themselves. It is the invisible pillar that supports all of human civilization.
  329.     I am not saying all women must be barefoot, pregnant, and in the kitchen. What I am saying is that motherhood and reproduction must be the priority for American womanhood if we want America to persist into the future. The nation that does not reproduce and raise children well commits suicide. After the priority is done, then the secondary priorities of production, artistic creation, invention, and so on can be safely done.
  330.     Of course, the fault is not all at the feet of women and feminism. Not at all. Many, many modern men are basically soulless animals completely devoid of purpose and honor. Feminism would never have arisen if men had been good Christians. Instead, men accepted the Playboy philosophy of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Most men served themselves and thus crippled themselves. Consumerism: hedonistic pleasure became their false religion and their guiding principles---and it has led this nation to the mouth of hell.
  331.     Men must seriously and ruthlessly apply the four warfares to their lives. Instead of leading society forward to greater heights, many men are addicted to entertainment. Not all, but many, simply drown themselves in a deluge of sports, video games, entertainment, pornography, and alcoholism. Entertainment is a good thing once all work has been done. However, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in the culture wars. Men must make education and knowledge manly again. Men must reject the false “manly culture” of sports, alcohol, unhealthy living, and selfish entertainment. Instead, men must lead. Men must find meaning and purpose and focus; only then can manhood return. Men exist to serve God and protect and love a wife and children. Men exist to serve and grow their nation. I am convinced that strengthening civilization by serving God is the only way for American manhood to reignite the fire of purpose within their souls. It is the only thing worth living and dying for.
  332.     The government must step in and educate the youth about the dangers of feminism. The government must actively oppose feminism because it is a neo-Marxist philosophy that does not work and is undermining the economic and social stability. If it does not, the nation will collapse just like every other nation throughout history that experimented with feminism. If feminism worked, it would have formed the basis of at least one advanced civilization; instead, historically, we find feminism in civilizations only as they are collapsing. We must learn from history or we will suffer the consequences.
  333.     Above all, women and men must embrace and promote Christ. The work that must be done can only be done with the power of God. Self-sacrificial love on the parts of both women and men is the necessary ingredient that can push back against the feminism that is destroying America.
  334. “The most important lesson we learn from history is that nobody learns from history.”
  335. Islam, or Mohammedism, is a Totalitarian Legal-Military System and Therefore Can Be Banned
  336.     Islam should really be called Mohammedism, because it is a cult of Mohammed. Out of the blue, one man claimed to see visions that contradict all other religions and show the one true way. Really, it is Joseph Smith in the Middle East.
  337.     The history of bloody Jihad has been non-stop ever since Mohammedism began. The openly admitted goal of Mohammedism is to take over the entire planet by spreading Sharia law by force and reproduction. As such, it is not just a religion; it is a totalitarian legal-military system.  That is why it is always killing people. Mohammed went to war and they continue to follow his example. Ever since then, Mohammedism has been responsible for enslaving and killing more people than all the other religions combined. You should be afraid of Mohammed-followers.
  338.     The propaganda here is relentless. Americans brought over around 500,000 black slaves from Africa, while Muslim slavery involved at least 15 million. The Crusades were a self-defense movement to recapture land that the Muslims had violently taken. Yet today all we hear about is American slavery and how horrible the Crusades were. These things are child's play compared to the historical crimes committed to this very day by those following Mohammed.
  339.     I could detail all this here, but greater minds than mine have already done so. You can read and to get a greater understanding of what Islam is and why it needs to be banned from the USA and Europe. Its adherents need to be deported because they are fundamentally opposed to the social and legal basis of America and Europe.
  340.     If these Muslims truly loved democracy and American values, then they would spread these things in their own lands. By bringing the less fanatical Mohammedans into America, we are actually radicalizing the Middle East. If the less fundamentalist ones stayed in their own lands and reformed Islam, that would help deter the Mohammedan menace.
  341.     Many uninformed and unaware people will call this racist. But it is not. How can it be? Is banning Islam racist? No. Islam is not a race, it is a totalitarian legal-military system. Totalitarian legal-military systems can be banned if they are treasonous to our country.
  342.  When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained; What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him?…” Psalms 8:3-4
  343. Closer to Nature, Closer to God
  344.     Organic farms can solve many social problems.
  345.     First, being outside and away from cities is healthier. There is less pollution, cleaner air, cleaner water, and more sunlight. Rural landscapes are supremely beautiful. The difficulties of farm life require strong work ethic and provide free exercise.   
  346.     Psychology shows that being surrounded by nature vastly decreases stress levels. Since stress is linked to most major diseases, by moving the population into natural areas, the health, well-being, and quality of life of everyone would be improved. Healthcare costs would plummet.
  347.     Organic farming methods improve soil health. Soil health is essential to plant health and to the food supply. Organic food is more nutritious than non-organic, processed food. This improves health individually and collectively.
  348.     Decentralized farm skills are essential to resilience and homeland security. Cities are a strategic error in the atomic age. A few nuclear weapons can destroy even the largest cities. Decentralization of the population is therefore a pillar of national defense.
  349.     All the land used for ethanol production is basically being wasted. America has all the fossil fuels it needs. Turning corn into fuel is a waste of money, corn, and land. The government could take all the money poured into the ethanol program and use it to support a return to the land. People would be paid to start and sustain a successful small farm in the country. Small towns would be reborn. Creation would be stewarded. Biodiversity would blossom.
  350.     Conservatives seek to conserve that which is good, productive, and beautiful. Surely the natural environments of America fulfill this definition. The promotion of decentralized small, organic farms is therefore something that liberals and conservatives can and should agree on.
  351.     Prisoners could be moved onto special farms. Prisoners could be stationed there with an ankle-bracelet that will deliver a powerful, paralyzing electric shock and will notify prison guards if it is tampered with, taken off, or if the prisoner goes outside of a certain area. Prisoners would work on the farms. The produce could be sold to pay down the national debt, improve individual and national health, while the prisoners learn useful life skills. This satisfies liberal demands for criminal justice reform and environmental stewardship and conservative demands to punish wrongdoers and to pay down the national debt.
  352.     Small farms offer another solution to a major problem: technological outsourcing.
  353.     Technological outsourcing is when a new technology makes a job obsolete. For example, the automobile industries put the horse-and-buggy manufacturers out of a job. As technology progresses, we need to find stable employment for those people who lose their jobs to technological outsourcing. Many people are losing their jobs to robotics and other technologies and this is the ideal solution to this problem. Since quality food is an essential need that requires much labor, small farms could provide meaningful and stable employment to these people. This would lower the unemployment rate and boost economic productivity and national health.
  354.     It should be added that decentralized farms can still offer the ability for rural people to work many, but not all, high tech jobs thanks to telecommuting and the internet.
  355.     Some farms could also take in homeless people for as long as they work and produce. The homeless of the cities could find a way to earn money, feed themselves, get healthy, learn useful skills, and so on.
  356.     By promoting small, organic farms, the government could kill many birds with one stone: personal health, prison reform, soil stewardship, the jobs crisis, the work ethic crisis, the homeless population, high stress levels, unemployment, overcrowding and pollution in cities.
  357.     In combination with the Honest Abe Act discussed previously, a rebirth of American rural communities would provide two vital national defense contributions. It would harden the population to nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare attacks, which are far more effective against crowded cities. It would diffuse farm knowledge and skills throughout the population, so that America could recover more quickly and thoroughly following a major catastrophe, nuclear war, or EMP event like the Carrington Event.
  358.     Environmentally beneficial technology would be one of the primary goals of the resistance. Conserving natural resources and using them efficiently should be the essence of both conservatism and liberalism. God wills it. His creation is beautiful and it absolutely must be stewarded. That is one of the primary purposes of humanity. Solar panels, alternative farming techniques, fuel efficiency improvements, recycling technologies, biofuels, and any other innovation that can help to heal and preserve the planet will be heavily subsidized by the government for so long as productive results and successes come from each project. I do not believe in climate change being caused by carbon emissions, but it doesn’t matter.
  359. Gaining a national advantage in sustainable technologies will lead to the creation of manufacturing, engineering, and biotechnology jobs and the exports of millions of sustainable products to the far reaches of the globe. Education will center around loving God and loving Creation; a moderate environmentalism will be mixed with Christianity. The ecological movement fails miserably today because it does not accept that hard work ethic, reproduction, conformity to good, and traditional morality are necessary for any movement to succeed; only a stable, moral, and Christian society can heal the planet, not an amoral cesspool of leftists selfishly shrieking for more human rights to engage in sexual perversions. Without God, nothing succeeds. If we are to achieve environmental sustainability, the immorality of leftism must be discarded as the immaturity that it is.
  361. Stopping Jewish Self-Destruction
  364.     So many of the Jewish people are radical leftists. Barbara Spectre uses other people's nations as the world's dumping ground for Syrian (and the 20+ other countries sending immigrants) refugees while bringing no Muslim immigrants into Israel. George Soros and Jeff Bezos fund the racist Black Lives Matter and spread anti-American propaganda through the Washington Post. Paul Krugman shrieks like an insane lunatic that the best way to get out of debt is to spend more money and go further into debt. I could go on.
  365.     While I do not agree with everything on this site, and we must be careful not to hate Jews, it does show the very odd coincidence that so many evil and socially-destabilizing movements are heavily influenced by Jews:
  366.     These destructive and anti-social actions by prominent Jews are fueling an anti-Semitic backlash in America and the world. While many non-Jews are undermining nations and the family, the Jews do make up a disproportionately high percentage of leftist activists. For instance, Israel has the highest percentage of homosexuals per capita in the world. A disproportionately high percentage of Jews are high in the ranks of leftist activists. When people see this, they conclude, correctly or not, that the Jews are conspiring to destroy America and the West. This conclusion, correct or not, has had horrific consequences for the Jewish people in the past.
  367.     If the Jews don't want to stoke the fires of anti-Semitism, Jews must be very careful what they say and what they do. The burden is upon the Jews to do good, not upon non-Jews to be silent about Jewish evil or be labeled an anti-Semite. The only mass ally that Israel and the Jews have left is the American right wing; when Jews take leading roles spreading homosexuality, “transgenderism”, feminism, and inciting race riots through Black Lives Matter, it alienates their only global allies. The Jewish people need allies, but they must earn them. Nothing in life is free.
  368.     It must become a Jewish value to respect the rights, social stability, and strength of the nations in which they live. If Jews continue subverting nations, and especially America, I fear the worst for the Jews.
  369.     The 12-24-16 UN vote against Israel highlights that when liberal Jews undermine Europe and the US, it turns their only allies against Israel and the Jewish people. Liberal Jews should be held by Israel as traitors to the Jewish State and Jewish self-interest---because they are---and punished accordingly. By corrupting Europe and the US, leftist Jews have majorly contributed to practically making Israel alone and against the entire world. Obviously, Israel cannot win such a war without divine intervention from the God that the vast majority of them are in direct rebellion against.
  370.     Israel and Jews should promote American and European cultural conservatism as a matter of Israeli survival. If they do not, it is national self-survival to oppose any and all anti-American Jews. They must be tried, found guilty of treason, their property confiscated, and deported to Israel. Jews are heavily behind every socially destructive movement; this is fact; we do not have the luxury of allowing this to continue. Either it stops or America stops. This is rapidly becoming about national survival and, thus, the prosperity of every member of the American nation.
  371.     Israel must reign in their renegade leftist Jews. Without Europe and America, Israel has no allies. The Jews need Christians as their best defense against the rabid Muslims whose armies are right next door to them. The Jews must promote wise values in the nations that they live in.
  373. “If this huge influx of   mostly low-skill workers provides some benefits to the economy as a whole—especially   by keeping our workforce young, in contrast to an increasingly geriatric Europe and   Japan—it also threatens to depress further the wages of blue-collar Americans and put   strains on an already overburdened safety net.” – Barack Obama
  375. Illegal Immigration is Homeland Invasion
  377.     If somebody illegally enters your home without your permission, it is called a home invasion. Yet when millions of people illegally enter our country, in violation of our laws and principles, the leftists fight to defend them. Illegal immigration is homeland invasion and should be treated accordingly: with militant self-defense and deportation.
  378.     When illegal immigrants earn money illegally here and then send money back to their homeland, it has a leeching effect on our national economy. America already has a massive trade deficit, and illegal invaders are making it worse. We must defend against them.
  379.     Illegal invaders lower the wages in the farm economy, construction, and low-skilled jobs. This lowers the wages in the jobs that poor Americans are dependent on. If the left wants to protect the poor, they will deport illegal immigrants.
  380.     In addition, illegal invaders do not speak the official language, English. There are many benefits to only having one language. People can understand each other and it breeds national unity. Education can take place in only one language, making education more efficient and less expensive.
  381.     Yes, illegal immigrants are people. These are people who have broken our law to come here and that is unacceptable. Families should not be split up, unless they choose to be. The parents will receive the decision whether or not to take their citizen children with them as they are arrested and deported. Furthermore, they could be given support in Mexico to help them establish a more sound and less corrupt society there. The good people in Mexico are running away from Mexico and this is further destabilizing it. We need more of them there, not here.
  382.     Another thing that will make Mexico more palatable is for us to end the massive consumption of drugs in the United States. Again, after Christianity was dethroned from its place of positive moral leadership, drug use and the horrors associated with it have increased dramatically. Prison populations have increased as church attendance and school prayer have declined.
  383.     Here is how to end the drug war:
  384. Randomly drug test as many people as possible. Students in public schools should be randomly drug tested. Federally funded research should be done to develop a drug test that is as inexpensive as possible and cannot be cheated. The costs would be high for such a program, but the benefits of drug-free children would be greater. University students receiving federal student aid could also have to submit to drug tests. Anyone receiving welfare from the federal government should be drug tested. Really, ideally, everyone would be drug tested randomly so that illegal drug use can be eradicated. But, actually, perhaps only 10% of the population would need to be randomly drug tested, and the government would not say which 10%, so that everybody would fear illegally taking drugs.
  385.     As this system is put in place, millions of people will be caught using drugs. When this happens, the law enforcement officers can offer them a simple choice: face no charges if they inform on their drug dealer and stop using drugs. There is no honor among drug users and dealers; by definition, they live selfishly. The drug users and dealers would rat out their providers and law enforcement could follow the trail of rats all the way to the top of the drug production and distribution schemes. Ending drug use is relatively easy to do. The drug cartels would fight back, and there would be bloodshed between police and the cartels, but the cartels would lose to the full and coordinated might of law and order. We know how to end the drug problem, we just have to find the will to do it.
  387.     Again, a politically supported Christianity that is non denominational but diffused throughout society will help to end drug use. Beneficial censorship of the media could be enforced because it is supportive of the general welfare of this country. Drug use that is glorified or shown to be fun or anything other than the life destroying and mind-twisting horror that it is, will be illegal.
  388.     If the left wants to help Mexicans, they can get behind a campaign to eradicate illegal drug use via self control only possible through adherence to Christianity. This will eliminate the Mexican drug cartels and make Mexico so good and stable that they will have no reason to illegally invade the United States.
  390. “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” – John Adams
  391. Civilizational Goals
  392.     As a civilization, we need clearly defined goals to strive towards. These goals stretch across civilization but are met by each individual person. The goals must be good for the civilization when achieved.
  393.     One clearly defined goal is that we want to sacrifice ourselves for our children. We want them to have a better life than we have had. We want them to have social morals. We want them to have meaning in their lives. We want them to understand Jesus.
  394.     As such, the image of Jesus on the cross is the perfect symbol of our movement. In this moment, Jesus, God himself, sacrificed himself for others. This is the essence of love. Self-sacrifice is the only way that America is going to come together and grow again. “Nothing for myself, everything for God, family, and nation” is to be our guiding motto.
  395.     Underneath this banner, it is a primary national duty to prioritize and honor reproduction, real marriage, raising children morally, savings, and passing on inheritance. This will only be possible through work ethic. Work ethic and decisive action are to be priorities in moral education and are to be lived in every moment.
  396.     Morality becomes a social duty, not an option. Immorality is hateful.
  397.     Creation by God, not evolution, must be taught in schools for one reason alone: it is spiritually inspiring. While I believe God created us, it does not matter one iota whether it is true or false. A nation that believes they are pond scum heading into eternal nothingness after death is doomed to act like pond scum heading into eternal nothingness after death. This is a root of our current sickness.
  398.     On the other hand, a nation that believes an all powerful God made them, loves them, and has a specific and moral path for their lives is a nation that prospers in every way. We have seen this in American history. Absolute morality works absolutely.
  399.     We must accept that a strong government that involves itself deeply in the lives of citizens is necessary for America. Many will call this fascist. In many ways, it is, but if fascism is the only thing that works in the current situation, we would be foolish and evil not to do it. I would actually call this governmental system Christian national capitalism. The focus is on strengthening the nation in every way. Christianity is promoted to embed the power of capitalism in a life-giving moral system. Christian values are enforced for the national good and so that capitalism does not self-destruct. Capitalism without morality is Satanic. Indeed, Christian national capitlism is really the social system that has proven itself so successfully in the past. America rose to great power and helped billions around the world to live better through Christian charity.
  400.     Yes, this system, may be a bit fascist, but it is also loving, realistic, and necessary. There is no other way to save America. If we do not do this, the welfare systems will collapse and many millions of the poor, elderly, disabled, and minorities will suffer greatly. Millions will die. When fascism is the only loving solution, we must embrace it.
  401.     Always remember that freedom is only as good as the morality of those who wield it. Currently, there is very little morality and, unless there is a vast and great Christian revival, the only way to decrease the social harms of evil freedom is through governmental force and governmental discipline. There is no other way unless people repent by the tens of millions. Discipline is necessary for the proper functioning and survival of a nation; if the people will not do it, the government must---or it will fall. Once a generation or two has been properly educated, self-government via religious self-discipline can begin again.
  402.     Feminism, homosexuality, adultery, lust, pornography, transgenderism must be opposed individually and by the government. Instead, Christian patriarchy, heterosexual monogamy, chastity until marriage, and purity in media must be promoted.
  403.     These are the essential shared goals and values that give meaning to every person and yet transcend the entire collective of society. Working hard and following Christianity is all that is needed, if everybody does it reasonably well. We will not live in a heaven on earth, but it will be nearer to heaven on earth.
  404.     As things stand, the current culture does not have any goal, other than “eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we die.” Hedonism, selfish pleasures, and superficial laughter are shown to be the end-all of life, when, in reality, these things have no intrinsic value. Our religion is basically a television commercial. Consume, don’t produce; be selfish and stand up for your rights, and don’t think about the collective and the greater good. This is today’s morality of anti-morality. It is rapidly destroying Western Civilization. Instead, we need to install truthful goals and meaningful values: where personal self-denial and self-sacrifice for your children, family, and nation is viewed as the highest good.
  405.     It is better to give than receive; the synergistic selflessness that results that is paradoxically selfish. When society prospers, each individual enjoys the many benefits of this. When everybody loves their neighbor as themselves, everybody is loved, treated well, and sacrificed for. Society is a great organism, a complex system. Individual morality must strengthen the collective good and the collective, ruled by the government, must direct the individual to be moral. The benefits of this are obvious and tremendous.
  407. “To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.” – Theodore Roosevelt
  409. Plan of Education
  411.     Education today has become soul-less. It does not mention the soul, let alone educate it. We must fix this. Everything depends on it. At all times, we must inject God, the Bible, and Christ because these things are the forgotten foundations of all we enjoy and hold dear.
  412.     The Civilizational Goals just mentioned are to be spread. Ideally, they will be taught as the basis of public and education, but, unfortunately, for now the public education is teaching self-destructive, socially destructive and meaningless philosophies.
  413.     A good way is to go door to door, talking and listening to people, educating them, passing out pamphlets.
  414.     We want to find ways to prioritize the education of youth. The youth are impressionable, and this impressionability can be a weakness or a greatness. We must get to them and educate them in personally and socially responsible morality that will lead them and society to higher levels of realization, creativity, security, peace, and safety.
  415.     Survivalist education for youth should include Christian morals and life lessons about hard work that are easily observable. Camp retreats could be used to teach the fundamentals of our movement while teaching the youth survival techniques, love of nature, love of neighbor, and love of God. The Boy Scouts model would be adapted to include the principles of this movement. For instance, to train work ethic, point out the useful things in the survival camp: the bedding, the lean-to, fire-pit, the traps, and so on. These things only existed because of hard work. The more hard work, the more good things will exist. Also point out the brevity of life. We are always in God's hands. The retreats will segregate the sexes for obvious reasons.
  416.     Environmental education is to take place at these camps. Children will learn that all wealth comes from natural resources combined with human ingenuity and work ethic. Children will learn that it is moral to pass on natural wealth to future generations while using what is necessary for survival, maintaining society, and growing civilization.
  417.     This book is an important part of education. It is the seed that can grow into the necessary movement. It is recommended that electronic backups of this book are created and hidden on a stored USB drive. Using the free program True Crypt, it is possible to encrypt the file so that it is impossible for anybody without a certain password to open it. Freedom of speech is both historical rarity and the first victim of tyranny; we must not take free speech in America for granted. Hiding this book helps ensure its spread in a post-free-speech America.
  418. A paper copy is also recommended so that it can be reproduced by scanning and handed around.
  419. To distribute the book, upload it to sites like,, or Blogs can freely host chapters of this book or the entire book. Once the book is uploaded, it is simple to distribute it freely. If the book is hosted at this link:
  420. Simply take a blank page and fill it with as many links as you can
  422.     This is an example link. The real link will be different.
  423.     Print off as many pages as you need. Now, cut out each individual web-link using a folding paper cutter or scissors. Next, distribute the links wherever and however you would like. You can give it to homeless people to distribute, put it in the front doors of homes, sprinkle it from skyscrapers, airplanes, and moving cars, write it on the backs of dollar bills, place it on cars underneath the windshield wiper, on roads, in libraries, in businesses, in bathrooms, courthouses, military bases, anywhere and everywhere. Yes, you will litter. But God and your children will forgive you for littering. They will not forgive you for inaction in the face of ruin and poverty.
  424.     Another idea is purchasing a custom made rubber stamp with the link to Strengthen What Remains. One business where you can do this is:
  425.     Take the pre-inked rubber stamp with the link and go to a library. Target whatever books you desire in places where removing the stamp would require covering up the original text. It is best to put it on the first few pages, since most people don’t finish books. If or when you get caught, know that you did your patriotic duty, admit nothing, don’t speak to the police, get a lawyer, pay the fines, and keep on fighting. This is war, boys; some of us will fall in the line of duty, but so long as the army marches on, we will conquer. It will all be worth it when we win.
  426.     Rubber stamps can be used anywhere to spread the necessary truth. If we do not win, America is finished.
  427.     Booths can be set up at state fairs and county fairs where education can take place and pamphlets can be passed out. We can place pamphlets on car windshields and, really, everywhere.
  428.     If one pastebin link is taken offline, make another one and update your printings and rubber stamps. This extremely inexpensive, simple, and practically untraceable method guarantees that this purifying fire is kindled and fanned into flame.
  429.     A pastebin web-link can be posted anywhere online. This is less expensive but perhaps less anonymous, depending on where the link is posted. Try to target the alt-right, conservative, Christian sites with the link because they will be most conducive to the message of truth.
  430. The book can be hosted on torrent sites freely.
  431.     Paper distribution will be slightly more difficult, less anonymous, and expensive. Using home printers, the entire book can be printed off for around $3 in paper and ink. Pay-to-print services like and allow anyone to print this book. The book would ideally be sold at the lowest possible price, just enough to cover costs, but entrepreneurs should find ways to make the spread of truth profitable.
  432.     Share this book among friends, family, and in church.
  435. “The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vince Lombardi
  437. Plan of Organization
  439.     Much of the necessary organization to resist successfully and win the battle for the soul of America already exists. The organizations primarily just need to be funded with money and the time of volunteers. By applying financial-warfare principles and moving to a tithe-less church, the money can be freed up to support organizations that are pro-life, patriotic, pro-truth, anti-GLBT, pro-patriarchy, pro-Christian, anti-illegal, anti-Islam, etc. Candidates can be supported that believe in the necessary principles.
  440.     Online forums and real-life groups that support good and oppose evil can be joined in order to network. However, we must always aim ourselves towards action and never just talk. Endless and wasteful chatter is to be looked down upon; without decisive action, America is doomed.
  441.     However, there is a need for another network that can consistently apply the most effective and true tactics. A network that is unpolluted by foolish habits and inertia. I would call them the Sons of Liberty Reborn. While the sexes would meet together for basic education and inspiration, I would consider having 3 groups, one for men, one for women, and one for children. They would center around the principles taught in this book: Biblical principles adapted to the modern era and the current situation.
  442.     The logo for the main group would be the Christian cross with a sun surrounding it. This shows two things: the sun is the giver of all physical life, and the cross is the giver of all spiritual life. Much of Christianity is overly concerned with only the spiritual; this is why obesity is highest among Christians. This is disrespectful to the spiritual God who gave us physical life---and called it good. We must honor and feed both the spirit and the physical. The cross and the sun symbolize the foundation and fullness of physical and spiritual life; it is this foundation that the Sons of Liberty Reborn must build. Also, of course, the sun links with the acronym SOLR.
  443.     The logo for the men's group would be the sword and the shepherds staff with the standard cross with the sun behind it. This symbolizes the self-defense, protective role and the spiritual leadership that all men should aim for.
  444.     The logo for the women's group would be a beautiful and ornate pillar and a rose, with the standard sun and cross logo as the backdrop. This symbolizes the often invisible but absolutely necessary support that women provide to others and each other. The rose symbolizes the great beauty of true femininity that all women should aim for.
  445.     The logo for the children's group would be two young sheepdogs, again with the sun and cross behind them. The children groups are to be separated by sex, boys and girls. Children are immature and not yet ready to face the world fully. They have teeth but they are not yet fully grown. One day they will face down wolves and fight them, but they are not yet ready for this responsibility. They must be trained into something good. In their training lies the future greatness of everything we hold dear.
  446.     They are to take the entire Bible and the tactics of this book (which are really just compressed Biblical principles adapted to the current situation and the modern age) as their defining and organizing principles.
  447.     Of course, this network requires people to give flesh to the idea. Perhaps the people will not come, in which case it is speculation. If many people do come, I would recommend that this new network have SOLR plantings in other countries to diversify and see where ground is most fertile for the seed of responsible liberty. They would serve a missionary function. This is also to be done if a strategic relocation from America becomes necessary if America chooses to regrettably extinguish itself in the putrid filth of its own evil desires.
  448.     The SOLR group would preferably be tied strongly to home churches. Each small group would ideally network with each other in a secret manner to prevent targeting and infiltration. Ambassadors from the groups could meet physically, or through encrypted email, or other means. However, each small group could consist as a network-unto-itself. The vital instructions of this book can be followed by one person or by a million with the same degree of effectiveness. As we begin to turn the American culture back towards Christ, momentum will build and synergy will form.
  449. “Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival.” - Winston Churchill
  451. Plan of Action
  452.     “So he made a whip out of cords, and drove all from the temple courts, both sheep and cattle; he scattered the coins of the money changers and overturned their tables.” - John 2:15
  453.     The church is the nucleus of the body of the resistance.
  454.     On Sunday, the decentralized home church should meet for a time of prayer, thanksgiving to God, hymns, and spiritual teaching through sermons.
  455.     Afterwards, a meeting of the Sons of Liberty Reborn would take place. A brief discussion of the basic principles of the resistance would ideally take place. Plans will be made for the future week, month, and year, as appropriate: outreach in public places, educational initiatives, communal gardens, networking opportunities. Ideas about future innovations in efficiency and productivity should always be mentioned and considered. A program of group exercise should follow and the evening can be ended by a meal, conversation, and fellowship.
  456.     Each church is fully capable of deciding on its best contribution to Christ and what is essentially a Christian resistance. For some, outreach to the homeless can be combined with the spread of truth. Others will fund-raise to support orphans. Some will protest unjust and unnecessary wars. Some will go to the entrances to bars and to homosexual bars, to Black Lives Matter and KKK meetings, to try to teach these wayward souls to embrace selfless morality and socially creative behavior. Still others will operate small businesses to support its members.
  457.     Others will infiltrate circles of drug addicts and drug dealers and inform the police of their illegal activities. This provides a public service and supports the local police and law and order. Others will discover illegal invaders and direct border patrol to them.
  458.     High school and college students could video tape or voice record their professors and upload their professor's more deranged anti-social sermons to the internet, to show parents what utter garbage they are purchasing for 40,000 a year.
  459.     There should be a self-defense arm of each local church to defend against attack by Muslims, leftists, and the like.
  460.     These strategies for action are not exhaustive; the actions to be taken are as limitless as the imagination of God's people.
  462. Forward Unto Dawn
  463.     This new path (really, the old path of America) of National Christian Capitalism that I have described has the opportunity and, above all, the self-sacrificial duty to bring together the two parties, Republican and Democrat, in order to accomplish the beneficial goals while sacrificing the foolish goals of both parties on the altar of Nation. Out of love, we must conquer. The resistance must rally around National Christian Capitalism and fight for it, drawing in Republicans, Democrats, and anyone who will listen and submit to reason and God. This is absolutely necessary for the good of the individual, the nation, and the world. The Republicans and Democrats are far too corrupt and inert, far too entrenched and immoral to accomplish what is necessary. We must do our best to do what the two political parties cannot do.
  464. For the left, the environment will be healed, blacks will be empowered, and welfare will be strengthened so that the poor, minorities, the disabled, the unemployed, the homeless, and veterans. The left will have to give up on homosexuality and transgenderism, anti-Christianity, illegal immigration, evolutionary religion, and feminism.
  465. For the right, traditional morality will be strengthened, illegal invaders will be deported, any fundamentalist Muslim will be deported, destabilizing Jews  Christianity will return to be America’s guiding light, . The right must respect God’s creation and the military will receive much less funding although it will strategically reposition to become much stronger to defend this nation.
  466. The right and the left do not work. They and they alone have shared power and run this nation into the ground. We have given them ample chances and they continually fail. No more. How many more times will we let the left and right fail before the citizens figure it out? How many times will we do the same thing and expect different results? Something radical is necessary.
  467. Unless basically everyone begins to admit where they are wrong, return to God, and self-discipline themselves, unfortunately a very powerful government is necessary to save America. Let this be a motivation for people to admit they are wrong and return to God and goodness. Between fascism and collapse, there is only national repentance.
  468. Since this national repentance is extremely unlikely, the SOLR organization and the National Christian Capitalist movement must create a national organization that follows these principles and begins political organization, religious empowerment, social agitation, moral education, and spiritual enlightenment as it prepares for the very difficult but absolutely necessary struggle that has now become America’s last and only hope.
  469. Miscellaneous Tactics and Ideas
  470.     Here follow a few more ideas, my minor contributions to solving the problems facing America. They did not fit in anywhere else but can still contribute to making a more just world for tomorrow's children. I really don’t have the time to edit right now so this is my way around that.
  471. Coeducational schooling will probably be looked at as the single worst idea ever. In high school, you take the sexes at the height of their hormonal and reproductive activity and put them in a small room with the opposite sex. Pheromones fill the air. Clothing is practically non-existent. Pair this with a culture that has been hyper-sexualized and the result is inefficiency. This distracts the men, who in turn respond to their hormones and try to distract the women. The result is a lot of damage to the potential of men and women, but especially men.
  472. The military must be confined to American shores. This is necessary to save money while strengthening the national defense. Let other nations spend their own time and wealth on working out their own peace. America is wasting money and time doing the bidding of other nations. America is in a very fortunate geographic position: two oceans provide the vast majority of its national defense. A much smaller and inexpensive military can defend the homeland while saving money that can pay off the national debt so that tomorrow's children will not suffer. By saving money during peacetime, America will have it when war is necessary.
  473.     Jury nullification must be taught thoroughly in the resistance. It is the best way that people can take control of a law system that sometimes rebels against God, social duty, and the people. Research it and spread the word to others. It may be the only thing that will keep you out of prison someday.
  474.     Motorcycles are not necessary and are therefore a waste of money. Motorcycle insurance also is unnecessary and costs money. Motorcycles are “donor-cycles”, extremely dangerous and deadly. This is financially and physically self-destructive.
  475.     Conspiracy theories are basically a waste of time. If there are conspiracies, the best thing to do is create a better conspiracy to oppose them. If there aren’t conspiracies, and Western Civilization is spontaneously collapsing, the best thing to do is create a better conspiracy to oppose them. Watching endless conspiracy theories and doing nothing is very worthless and, if you think about it, is exactly what the conspiracy would want you to do.
  476.     Boycott online by refusing to go to websites that support evil. CNN, for instance, relies on ad revenue that only happens if people visit the site. Each visit puts a little bit more money in CNNs pocket. Just avoid the mainstream media, which has been proven to conspire to deceive the American people. Avoid any website with links to enemy organizations. This saves us time, prevents us from reading their propaganda, and helps to bankrupt them.
  477.     As a general principle, we would try to minimize movement. Movement requires energy. I refer here to moving across country to another city. This uses up money to hire the moving company and time/stress. Also, vacationing as close as possible would conserve energy and thus money.
  478.     Requiring a few years of universal military service for men would increase work ethic, diffuse military-related knowledge throughout the citizenry, and teach civic duty.
  479.     We should raise the voting age to at least 21. We want voters to have more life-experience and be more mature, as this leads to a more wise government. Wiser voters equal a wiser government. We wouldn't want a twelve year old voting in an election, and yet today's average 18 year old is about as mature as a 12 year old in the 1900s.
  480.     Excessive piercings are a selfish waste of money and also have risk of infection. They have no place among the resistance. Tattoos are a waste of money, cause infection, many have to remove them later, and are vain, selfish, and focus attention towards flesh and not spiritual ideals. These are shameful and embarrassing if you view them from a spiritual point of view: as society collapses, people are spending money painting and mutilating their bodies for no productive reason. Really, it is like watching little children splatter themselves with paint as their home burns down.
  481.     We can support Christian healthcare exchanges like LibertyShare and Christian Healthcare Ministries as another way to resist the immoral government healthcare exchanges.
  482.     A push should be made to subject the mass media conglomerates, Facebook, Amazon, and Google to investigation and possible criminal charges under anti-trust anti-monopoly laws.
  483.     Instead of expensive mattresses, we can use a sleeping pad, carpeted flooring, or a few spread-out blankets instead of mattresses. Especially with young boys and young men, this will toughen them up and save money. This is not recommended for everyone, but it is another tactic that can save money.
  484.     The Israeli technologies that have allowed them to basically turn their deserts into fertile fields should be reverse engineered or purchased. There is a great deal of federal land in the West that could be sold to people interested in homesteading, but they need the technologies to make it financially productive. If we had the technologies, then the Western United States could be settled more thickly, like Middle America currently is. There is a very low population density there, and, if technology can be acquired to make that land productive, it could provide a great place to relocate the overcrowded cities via the Abe Lincoln Act and the decentralized small farms movement.
  485.     The current education system, especially the university system, wastes so much time on “general education” topics like racial equality, environmentalism, homosexual propaganda, transgender propaganda. The effects of the education are detrimental to society as a whole, too. Each second that is spent on these topic is a second that could be spent inventing more efficient crop-raising techniques, better rubber for automobile tires, and safer, less expensive surgical procedures. We are prioritizing the non-essential over the essentials. Get rid of general educational requirements that have nothing to do with general education. The essential must take precedence over the non-essential.
  486.     Buzz haircuts for men save tremendous amounts of money. A $20 razor can produce around 500 buzz cuts, whereas one haircut at a barber costs $20. It also takes no skill to buzz your own hair, whereas a barber requires lots of schooling and practice. This financial-warfare tactic presents tremendous savings, especially if applied wholesale.
  487.     Conformity to good, not reckless, meaningless, and deranged individuality, is the best morality that leads to the best social system. Conformity to good is good. Submission to good is good. Individuality is a fact of life, a good thing, but only if it is used in the service of wisdom and progress. Social and individual good are higher priorities than unlimited freedom.
  488.     If the culture wars are ultimately lost by the resistance, at a certain point it becomes better to simply relocate to another country that is more sympathetic to true moral values. We should not stay and enable the self-destructive leftists with our tax dollars, work ethic, and ingenuity. We owe it to our children to raise them in a moral society and we owe it to moral societies to raise our children to contribute to them. If America becomes aggressively immoral and tries to force their evil upon ourselves and our children, we must leave. This America will be lost then. A strange circle of history will occur: religious pilgrims will leave a corrupted nation that was founded by religious pilgrims. But, remember, America is really an idea and that idea can be taken with us to other, more honorable countries, where we will help them to achieve social stability, wise ways, financial wealth, and eternal morality. While the loss of America to the forces of evil would be a crying shame, there is always hope that sometime in the future it will be more receptive to truth, morality, justice, and Jesus Christ. At that point, perhaps the resistance could return to a humbled America and help to rebuild it.
  489.     Basically, there are three main outcomes to the current situation. The resistance will lose non-violently by being foolish and lazy and the future will suck for Western Civilization. The resistance will win non-violently and the future will be great for Western Civilization. The third way would involve civil war and this is to be avoided at all costs; if the left and right ever went to civil war, other countries would finance both sides and, whoever wins, the financiers would basically own an America that would have been set back a decade or two in technology because the civil war would have destroyed infrastructure. Or, China could physically conquer after the left and right have divided America. Between failure and civil war, there is non-violent victory; this book contains the best path to achieve this victory. If, no matter how hard we try, the siren call of self-destruction and decadence is still too strong for the vast majority of America and Western Civilization, following this book will still be the most beneficial outcome. If this happens, we must begin developing the networks that will allow mass-relocation to other states and countries to be done as efficiently as possible. The tactics in this book are the best of all possible worlds and are useful in all possible outcomes, primarily because they are derived from the Bible and reason: these sources are immortal and eternal.
  490. 2 Peter 2:19 “...for a man is a slave to whatever has mastered him.”
  491. John 8: 36 “But who the son sets free is free indeed.”
  492. Only God Can Help Us Now: Repent or Perish
  493.     No civilization has ever reversed course once it began its downwards slide into immorality, corruption, and collapse. We need a miracle. Fortunately, God is in the business of miracles.
  494.     America needs Christianity. Christianity informed all major US institutions. It created the cultural morals that guided the United States to great wealth, power, prestige, and its leading position on the world-stage. Christianity is the root of the tree of America. The tree that rejects its roots, dies quickly. It does not make sense for people raised and molded by Christianity to try to fit themselves into Buddhism, or atheism, or any other religion or philosophy.
  495.     This foolishness is like trying to fit a round peg into a square hole. Anyone who has tried to fit a round peg into a square hole knows that this damages the square hole and especially the round peg. It does not work. Yet, we see today a major rejection of Christianity in the United States. Christianity is rejected and the tree of the United States withers. We must return to God immediately if there is to be real hope for our nation and its people.
  496.     While rationally you should find it unlikely that belief in the teachings of the man Jesus is the only thing that can save you from eternal punishment in hell, I must remind you of how unlikely all of existence is. Science and reason has not discovered any reason why there is something rather than nothing. That anything exists at all is the biggest miracle of all. There is no reason for it. We have no way of knowing how the universe appeared. We have no explanation for why earth would be habitable and how and why life would arise on her. We have no explanation for our consciousness. Our life is a cascade of astonishingly unlikely miracles. All of the greatest and most essential things of life are unlikely miracles that have not been fully explained. The redemptive death of Jesus and his Resurrection from Death are much more likely than the existence of the universe, life on earth, and the miracle of consciousness. The origin of everything around us is an unexplained miracle; why do we have so much difficulty believing that our redemption would also ride on the wings of a miracle?
  497.     Yes, on the surface, Christianity is odd, but so are all other religions. Buddhism says we are reincarnated thousands of times forever. Hindus think cattle are divine. Scientologists are certifiably insane. Mormons believe that Joseph Smith got a book from an angel that nobody else can read. Muslims believe that an angel appeared to Mohammed and gave him a divine book that mandates that Islam conquer the world through force and breeding. Psychics and mediums proclaim the divine is speaking total truth through them, yet they all contradict each other and often themselves. Atheism says that everything spontaneously combusted into being and the complex miracle of human life, reproduction, and consciousness came from pond scum that randomly appeared. Agnosticism makes no claims to truth; agnostics are the wallflowers in the dance of truth. Between all these religions, we must make a choice. They can't all be right and true. Each of us must find the one that is best. I have experienced and shown that Christianity is the best choice for Americans and the world today.
  498.     There is something beautiful in the simplicity of Christianity. Anybody can understand it. Unlike the leftist religion, it doesn't require phDs in women's studies, gender studies, and black liberation theology to grasp the basic concepts of the leftist religion. Time is saved by believing and following Christianity. By accepting, rather than endlessly questioning and rewriting, the basics of Christianity and civilization, countless hours are saved. This free time can be put to good work, building bridges, learning engineering, writing poetry, inventing innovations and thanking the God who made and saved us for his many blessings and the glory of his creative ingenuity.
  499.     The task is daunting. Where do we begin? How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Each of us must repent and return to Christ with all the passion we can  muster, one bite and one step at a time.
  500.     Every problem the United States faces has been successfully met by strong Christianity many times in the past. Christ has proven to be able to conquer every single problem we face. The only caveat is that the vast majority of people must express and live for Christ. If we are half Christian and half something else, we will only be half successful. A return to Christ is the cornerstone of national unity and strength. A nation united around one religion is much stronger. How can America be united when half the people worship God and the other half worship Satan?
  501.     It can't.
  502.     First, America must unite around Jesus. Only then can America heal herself. We must all choose life over death, purity over filth. We are at a crossroads today, as individual people and as a nation, and we must make a choice. We must choose between truth or consequences.
  505. The Holy Bible. All of it.
  509. Liberty's Secrets
  510. The Fate of Empires, by Sir John Glubb.
  511. Dr James Mitchell, author of “enhanced interrogation”
  513. Agenda 1 & 2
  516. DaveRamsey show
  517. Whats So Great About Christianity, other Dinesh D' souza books
  522. Fitna, by Geert Wilders
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