Pumpkin Request (PISS)

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  1. >The pink pony pranced around the alicorn, the words “candy” constantly flowing out of her mouth.
  2. >She had come to the library an hour ago, and had invited spike and her over to try some new type of sugary sweet that she had made with Zecora.
  3. >Any attempt to ask the hyperactive pony what exactly went into the candy, went about the same way as when she tried to explain her nightmare night costume.
  4. >She had gone as Labrithia, original founder of the Canterlot Library and Archives.
  5. >Just like last year, everypony had tried to guess who she went as.
  6. >And it seemed this year that nopony could figure out who had a dress made out of newspapers, or who wore a paper hat.
  7. “It took me 10 damn days to type out this stuff, at least somepony could at least acknowledge the fact that my costume was word-for-word correct.” Twilight said to the two of them.
  8. “Seriously, if nopony gets my costumes, I might as well dedicate my time to something more useful, like reading.”
  9. “I noticed the writing!” Pinkie replied.
  10. “I think it was so cool that  2700 years ago, we had just invented toilet paper! Kinda makes you wonder what ponies used before that!”
  11. “Yes well, paper had been a new invention, books had started arising, and with them, toilet paper.
  12. “Yeah. But seriously, before that, did they just use their hooves? What did they use to clean those hooves? Their other hooves?”
  13. >Twilight tried to block out the pink pony, bathroom rituals were hardly appropriate when everypony was eating candy.
  14. >She didn’t really want to think about that, but it did raise a good point.
  15. >She would make note of it to ask Princess Celestia later. For now though, she focused on walking ahead.
  18. >The first thing Twilight did when she first saw sugar cube corner, was let her jaw drop.
  19. >Pinkie Pie had really outdone herself this time.
  20. >The icing that made up the house had been painted red, and with some melted sugar it formed stalactites it created a blood drop effect.
  21. >The windows were boarded up with what she assumed was chocolate melted into the shape of wooden boards.
  22. >And as a final touch, the mare had coated all exposed gingerbread with a layer of fondant and painted it to look like flesh.
  23. >It was actually pretty intuitive, foals could just break off a part of the decorations for candy. Saved the cost of needing to take decorations down after nightmare night.
  24. >The trio followed pinkie inside to the kitchen, where Pinkie showed them a bowl of candy.
  25. >This didn’t look like any candy Spike or Twilight had ever seen though, it was all swirly, and had the illusion that it was luminescent.
  26. >Lifting it up, she could feel the magical energy inside of it.
  27. >That really shouldn’t be there.
  28. >Even if a unicorn had baked it, the magical energy inside should be at most an eighth of what it was now.
  30. >The alicorn passed one to spike, maybe he could help understanding these. “Pinkie… What exactly are these?”
  31. “Nothing you need to worry about Twi! Try them.” The earth pony walked over to the sink. “Though, it might help if this is running.” She said, turning on the tap.
  32. >Spike looked at Twilight. Twilight looked at Spike. Pinkie would never do anything to hurt them, right? Right. Pinkie is always your friend.
  33. >Twilight and Spike put the candies in their respective mouths simultaneously.
  34. >They then both immediately regretted it.
  35. >Upon being exposed to saliva, the outer sugar shell dissolved, releasing the potion inside.
  36. >It was horribly sour.
  37. >It was so sour, neither of the could open their mouth. Or maybe the potion intentional closed their mouths so they wouldn't spit it out before they finished drinking it.
  38. >They had just puckered up while the potion drained down their throats, into their stomach.
  39. >The alicorn ran to the tap, using magic to brutally force her mouth open as she sucked down the stream.
  40. >Muffled grunts that came from Spike made her stop for a moment, as she forced his mouth open as well.
  41. >Pinkie rolled on the floor as Twilight desperately drank the water, laughing hysterically. She thought this was some sick joke!
  42. >And after about a minute, Twilight found her stomach and lungs couldn’t hold it anymore. She backed away, coughing as she forced new air into her lungs.
  43. >Spike had finished drinking in half the time, being much smaller than she was.
  44. >Picking pinkie up off the floor and back onto her hooves, her expression explained it all: She wanted an explanation.
  45. “So uhh… *giggle* You probably want to know why *snort*, huh?”
  46. >Twilight lit her horn again.
  47. “Well, you know how Nightmare Night revolves around tricking ponies, or giving them treats? Hey… That sounds pretty good! Trick or treat! Trick or treat!”
  48. “Pinkie….”
  49. “Well, I figured I could do both at the same time! It’s kinda like when Dashie spiked the vanilla lemon drops at gilda’s party.”
  50. >Twilight leaned closer to the earth pony, her face stern. “Pinkie, that candy had magic in it. What was it?!”
  51. “J-Just the antidote for a timberwolf bite. Zecora gave it to me.” She said, leaning away from the angered demi-god. “It’s harmless, r-really. I’ve tested it many times before.”
  54. >Twilight stared into Pinkie Pie’s blue eyes, flickering as they gazed upon her.
  55. >There was fear in those eyes, she wasn’t planning anything.
  56. >She backed away from the frightened pony, assuming an apologetic expression.
  57. “Sorry Pinkie, I just hate not knowing stuff. I didn’t mean to scare you.”
  58. “It’s okay Twilight, I shouldn’t have used the strongest potion.
  59. Besides, I know you would never do anything.” She said, bouncing back to her normal euphoric state instantly.
  60. “Now, can we please get some candy?”
  63. >It had been at least an hour since they had departed sugar cube corner, and Twilight was starting to really something down in her nethers.
  64. >Drinking all that water certainly was the culprit.
  65. >It seemed like Spike was suffering from a similar state as well.
  66. >They would need to find a proper bathroom soon, not like those cheap outhouses that were dug in an hour for the party.
  67. >If Twilight wanted to take her costume off without ruining it, she would need to be in a room where she had more than two meters of cubic space.
  68. >The pink pony however, was oblivious to their plight, and showed no signs of needing to go.
  69. >Then again, this was a mare that didn’t know how full she was right until she hit the breaking point.
  70. >She could easily be holding quite a bit of liquid between her legs, and she just wouldn’t know it.
  71. >Regardless of whether or not Pinkie Pie might want to go or not was debatable, what wasn’t debatable was that Twilight needed to go.
  72. >She was starting to use her magic to hold back the flood slightly.
  73. >And she didn’t want to hold it any longer than she needed to.
  74. >The last time she needed to use magic was when she was giving her coronation speech, when Discord…
  75. >That was an unpleasant experience, and she REALLY didn’t want to dwell on it further.
  76. >She knew town hall would be open to the public.
  77. >They had bathrooms, right?
  78. >And If worse came to worse, she could just pull rank.
  79. >But then celestia would be notified… and they she would tell Twilight she was unworthy of being a princess, and hate her for misusing her privilege.
  80. >Nope. Not happening.
  81. >She would find a bathroom that was willing to take her, not one she had to force into.
  82. >Continuing to walk with the group wasn’t going to help her, so she decided to voice her situation.
  83. >Asking them if they could stop so she could relieve herself would make her feel like a little foal, asking her mother if she could use the bathroom.
  84. >So she decided to play the other role.
  85. >If she asked them if they needed to go, she could just pretend that she was fulfilling a sort of 'mother' role for Spike, in the event that they asked why she wanted to know.
  86. “Spike, Pinkie, we’ve been out here a while, either of you need to use the bathroom?”
  87. >The pink pony stopped for a minute as she thought about the current state of her bladder.
  88. >Spike however, was able to respond with an immediate “Yes”.
  91. “…Pinkie? Do you have to go or not? It’s not exactly a hard question you know.”
  92. “Well twilight, I don’t need to go right. I mean, I could probably last another 30 or so minutes before I flat out wet myself.
  93. Then again, if you were asking if I needed to go as in my entire life, in which case, yes.
  94. You see, all ponies need to pee otherwise the urine in their body floods back into the kidneys, and they stop filtering the blood as much, and they die from blood poisoning!”
  95. >Twilight was stunned. She had studied just about every medical book in the library, and even this she didn't know.
  96. >How would pinkie know what would happen if you didn't go to the bathroom?
  97. >That wasn't important. What was important, was the fact that they all need to pee.
  98. >The first place they went to was town hall. That was inaccessible, as countless ponies had gathered around the stage nearby, and a line had grown out of the building itself.
  99. >Twilight assumed that the line was for the bathroom, and a waste of time waiting for their turn.
  100. >They moved from building to building, trying to see whether or not it was suitable for their needs.
  101. >None of them were, they where either occupied, or weren't open to the public.
  102. >After about fifteen minutes of running around, the group was nearing their end.
  103. >They had stashed their candy at sugar cube corner, not wanting to be burdened with it further.
  104. >Unfortunately, the Cake’s toilet had been out, as a few weeks earlier it somepony had flushed a diaper down it, and it ended up being stuck in the pipes.
  105. >The kicker was that they would need a new toilet, as pinkies attempts at dislodging it with firecrackers didn't end the way she hopped.  
  106. >When questioned about it, Pinkie had told Twilight she had been going to Rarity’s house to fulfill her bodily functions, and so the group headed that way.
  107. >Rarity’s house had been another waste of time.
  108. >She was still working on her costume, and had absolutely straight out refused that they come in before it was ready.
  109. >The window was open though, if Twilight wanted to, she might be able to fly inside.
  110. >Or she could miss the window, hit the side, and empty all over the boutique.
  111. >That would certainly be undesirable.
  112. >Plus, she hadn't yet built up the sheer muscular strength that most pegasi had.
  113. >As far as she was concerned, her wings were leaches on her body, sucking up nutrients and not yet strong enough to be useful.
  114. >If she wanted to go anywhere, she would need to walk there. Or teleport.
  115. >But if she teleported, then spike and pinkie would be left behind, forced to find a bathroom on their own.
  116. >Spike might find a bathroom in time on his own, but directing Pinkie by himself might prove to be difficult and time consuming.
  117. >Hay, even twilight had trouble doing that. And she would trust spike to do that?
  118. >Nay, she had no choice but to loop back around, and head back to the town square.
  119. >Public bathrooms be damned, she needed to PEE.
  120. >Yet upon reaching the town center, she felt her heart drop.
  121. >The line to use the bathrooms had grown by least five ponies in each one, there was no way this would be quick.
  122. >Her bladder stung from holding, her legs hurt from walking, and she couldn't possibly imagine what Pinkie and spike where going through.
  124. >Pinkie was dancing on her hind legs, not really caring about if ponies saw her or not.
  125. >Spike had his hands in his crotch, knees buckling slightly and bent forward as he tried to contain the flood.
  126. >It was a losing battle, and their loyalty to the alicorn's plan of backtracking would be their downfall.
  127. “Twilight! I really have to pee! I don’t know if I can last much longer!” Pinkie cried.
  128. >A small trickle of urine dripped out of her her sweet urethra, she was barely holding back this tsunami.
  129. >The golden drop flickered in the moonlight, hanging on the edge of her fur for but a moment before gravity won once again.
  130. >A few drops more followed, and the alicorn starred in utter arousal.
  131. “TWILIGHT! Have you even been listening to what I've been saying?! Spike and I are about to lose it, and you’re just staring off into nothing!”
  132. >That brought Twilight back to her senses. She remembered just how weak her bladder was, and how soon it would empty itself.
  133. >There was little time, if she wanted to make it, she would have to take drastic measures.
  134. >Levitating a pumpkin, Twilight ran to the nearest spot with cover, the town bridge.
  135. >The stream the bridge was built off was tiny, considered an engineering waste.
  136. >Even this time flow of water, felt like needles in her bladder.
  137. >Twilight ripped the top off of the pumpkin, she was already leaking slightly herself.
  138. >Pinkie was the first to catch up with Twilight up to twilight.
  139. >No matter how full she was, it never seemed to encumber her.
  140. >They locked eyes, and knew in an instant, that only one of them would be able to fill the pumpkin.
  141. >Pinkie was the first to speak:
  142. “Twilight. I need to use that pumpkin. Give it to me now.”
  143. “Pinkie Pie. I wouldn't even be in this situation if you didn't put a potion in the candy.”
  144. >Twilight spoke in a chilling monotonous tone, hoping to intimidate the other into letting her use vegetable.
  145. “You dragged us around ponyville instead of just waiting and using the facilities available. You brought this upon yourself. Meanie.”
  146. “I need to go too, you know.” Spike announced, having finally caught up with them.
  147. “Spike, If you have an idea. Tell us now. Otherwise, I’m just going to wet myself.” Twilight said.
  148. >She was diverting all focus away from her emotions, and instead tried to fortify her bladder.
  149. >She, like Pinkie Pie, had reached the point where if she moved and her concentration broke, she would lose it.
  150. >In fact, she was already in the middle of losing it. By the time it took spike to get catch up, she had already started to leak slightly.
  151. >The yellow drops fell to the paper that so carefully covered her crotch.
  152. >It was a shame really, she planned on framing those papers.
  153. >It didn't matter now, her bladder just wanted relief.
  154. >Her bladder screamed at her, how dare she delay it again.
  156. “We go at the same time.” He offered.
  157. “You two mares can go on the pumpkin, and I can arc over you into it.”
  158. >Twilight nodded, she was out of any other option.
  159. >She shuffled closer to Pinkie Pie.
  160. >Managing her focus between the levitation pumpkin, and the torrent ready to be released made beads of sweat form on her brow.
  161. >Her bladder spasmed again, and she lost her magical grip on the pumpkin.
  162. >It dropped, and she watched in utter silence as it hit the ground and splattered.
  163. >Time stopped.
  164. >Even the crickets knew when to shut up and witness the blunder of the alicorn.
  165. >That was it.
  166. >That one slim chance of relieving herself in a non embarrassing way was gone.  
  167. >Her bladder, was going to empty.
  168. >That was it. She saw no other alternative.
  169. >That was what Twilight saw, but wherein she saw disaster, Spike saw an opportunity.
  170. >Here were two ponies that were absolutely bursting.
  171. >Any second now, and they would blast open. Now who said that could be a bad thing.
  172. >He had drank a large amount of water as well, but nearly all of that had passed right through him already.
  173. >His stomach was vacant. He might have needed to go as bad as either of them, but he could certainly hold out longer simply due to the fact that he was male.
  174. >Twilight was leaking already, if he wanted to be the ‘hero’ of this adventure, he would have to act fast.
  175. >In an instant, he was behind Twilight, and had ripped the crotch paper covering her up with his talons.
  176. >Well, Ripping might have been an exaggeration. The paper was already kinda wet, and thus weak.
  177. >Mirroring the action he performed on twilight not too long ago, he put his lips against her sweet succulent pussy.
  178. >A wiggle of Spike's dual tipped tongue inside her was all it took to destroy the last strand of control she had.
  179. >Her bladder exploded, and the cannon that was her piss stream flooded his mouth.
  180. >It was then, that he realized in horror, that he wasn't able to drink fast enough.
  181. >His mouth did a poor job of holding whatever he could not immediately swallow, and some piss splashed Twilight on her crotchtits as a result.
  182. >He wasn't going to let a little loss of liquid stop his fun though, and with a steely resolve, he swallowed the contents of his mouth and worked harder to be the toilet of the pony.
  183. >The dam had been broken, and it showed no signs of slowing down.
  184. >What didn't get in his mouth, or on Twilight, ended up all over his face.
  185. >He was pretty sure some of it got in his eyes, but he didn't care.
  186. >He was just doing his job of being her #1 assistant. Even if that meant taking care of her #1 problem.
  187. >His belly grew outward, and the pressure on his own bladder intensified.
  188. >No bladder was infinite, his would break soon.
  189. >Soon was not now. Soon could wait.
  190. >This pony was peeing now. He was drinking her pee now.
  191. >One pony was even watching him drink pee from the first pony! She would break soon as well.
  192. >And when she did, he had better be done with Twilight.
  193. >Or this poor pink mare would wet herself, and he would miss a drink.
  196. >Spike diverted his gaze over to Pinkie.
  197. >She was running out of time as fast as he was running out of air.
  198. >If he wanted to make it, he would have to come up with something fast.
  199. >He needed something to hold her piss in, something that wasn't him.
  200. >The broken pumpkin caught his eye.
  201. >He might not be able to fix it for the pinky pony, but there was an alicorn right here who could.
  202. >Could twilight do that? Fix the pumpkin she had destroyed?
  203. >There wasn't another option.
  204. >Unless he wanted to walk to the nearest garbage can with yellow stained paper.
  205. >Twilight would be livid with him if he tried to do anything with the papers.
  206. >She probably already was, since he had to rip through some of them to get to her pussy.
  207. >He made it up to her though, and a quick flick of his forked tongue into the mare made her shiver.
  208. >‘Heh, this might actually be a good idea to try on Rarity’ he thought to himself.
  209. >Noticing Twilight dry up, he swallowed the last few mouthfuls and stepped back from the mare.
  210. >His erection was clearly visible, although he couldn't see it as his gut filled with Twilights pee was in the way.
  211. >Speaking of pee, now that not only his bladder was filled to the brim, the intensity of the pressure on his bladder doubled.
  212. >He was leaking now, abid slowly though his rock hard cock.
  213. >He clutched himself.
  214. “Twilight! The pumpkin!” He yelled.
  215. >Hopefully twilight would get his message.
  216. >Twilight's eyes darted from the pumpkin, back to him.
  217. >Her eyes lit up, as she pieced together what he was trying convey.
  218. >Channelling the magical energy, and mending the broken pieces of the pumpkin together, she moulded the pumpkin into a perfect sphere.
  219. >It was her OCD nature that did this, and she barely noticed it.
  220. >Now although shoddily done, and it had a few tiny holes remaining, Twilight was out of time.
  221. >She sent the pumpkin to pinkie, cupping over her crotch just as the pink mare lost control.
  222. >Her juices spewed into the makeshift container, somewhat muted by the few remaining pumpkin innards left.
  223. >The pumpkin itself was not really watertight, so it leaked outside, dripping onto the grass.
  224. >Twilight morphed it into a smaller space, reducing the surface area to try and plug up any holes.
  225. >Spike however, more focused on the sound of the pink mare pissing, had started to stomp in place.
  226. >His erection was doing wonders when I came to holding it in, so he was more so holding it due to the discomfort a very bloated bladder had.
  227. >He felt himself reach his summit, the feeling of needing to pee was almost unbearable.
  228. >Once Twilight noticed Spike was on the verge of collapse, she acted fast.
  229. >She moved the pumpkin away from Pinkies crotch and set it on the ground.
  230. >It stayed within the stream, and so Pinkie sat down on it as though it were a potty.
  231. >After she was sure the pumpkin could support Pinkie Pie's weight, Twilight levitated spike over to the makeshift container.
  233. >The presentation of the pumpkin, already half-filled with pinkie’s piss made him lose it.
  234. >There was nothing more he could have done.
  235. >Surprisingly enough, the pressure of his piss flowing down his penis, pushing it open against his erection, hurt more than the pain in his bladder.
  236. >That's not to say it wasn't without pleasure.
  237. >He was pissing between Pinkie’s legs, and into the "bucket".
  238. >Best of all, he got the perfect view of the mare in front of him.
  239. >His eyes lit up when Pinkie’s vulva gushed outwards, spraying the edge of the pumpkin.
  240. >Some of it even ended up on him.
  241. >Pinkie must've noticed his eyes, because at that moment, she grinned and her stream started to slow.
  242. >From the moment she saw him bring his lips to twilights crotch, she knew.
  243. >Pinkie Was a mare of many, many fetishes.
  244. >Even the really hardcore stuff, like vore, or electricity.
  245. >The only stuff she wouldn't touch, would be stuff like necrophilia or blood.
  246. >No way was she going to be associated with death or harm.
  247. >She pinched off her the stream trapping whatever remained in her bladder.
  248. >When spike noticed she still had a slight bulge in her abdomen, he questioned her about it.
  249. >Only he could know about this, and after a Pinkie promise from Twilight not to tell, she invited Spike over to really test his bladder, with maybe some fun afterwards.
  250. >Naturally, he agreed.
  251. >As terms for the agreement, she cut off his urine supply as well.
  252. >He still had to go, but at least he wasn't leaking any more.
  253. >Twilight declined the invitation, opting to go home, and shower.
  254. >So as Pinkie and Spike wandered off, Twilight finished off fixing the pumpkin.
  255. >It was a sphere, now that she noticed it.
  256. >She would go home with it, pour it into the toilet, and burn the remains to ensure that nopony could find out.
  257. >Along the way, however, it seemed like Rarity had finally left her shop, and as soon as she saw the spherical pumpkin, had demanded to let her carve it.
  258. >The artisan could barely hide the sparkle in her eyes, and the realisation that Rarity would persistently ask about using it until the pumpkin was either destroyed, or was in Rarity’s possession made Twilight think.
  259. >After the ordeal of the night, Twilight was tired.
  260. >She figured she could just freeze the liquid inside, and teleport the frozen piss ball to her toilet, where it would melt and be disposed of.
  261. >Plus, she was sure some ‘anonymous pranksters’ would destroy it in the morning, erasing any evidence that linked it to Pinkie Pie, Spike, and herself.
  262. >The alicorn gave a warm smile as her horn lit up brighter, before dimming and passing it to the unicorn.
  263. >The unicorn thanked her, and rushed over to the arts and crafts table.
  264. >Seeing her work was done, the alicorn headed home, calling it a night.
  266. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  268. >The mare crawled up stairs, dragging herself into the shower.
  269. >A moment a curiosity prompted her to look into the toilet, and perhaps visually measure the size of it.
  270. >She wished she hadn't.
  271. >The object floating in the water was hollow.
  272. >It dawned on her that she had only frozen the outsides, and as such, only a small portion was teleported.
  273. >The blood-curdling scream from Rarity, and the sound of liquid outside made her bolt for the door.
  274. >She locked it just as Rarity started pounding on it, and she had to put her weight on it to keep it closed.
  275. >Yep. It would be a loooonnng night.
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