Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4

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  4. Kung Fu Hustle Full Movie In Hindi Free Download Mp4
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  43. It is 1940's China, and gangs rule the city. The most notorious of them all is the axe gang, lead by the insane Brother Sum. A slum called Pig Sty Alley is the only area safe from the Axes because the people there are so poor. Soon, wannabe gangster Sing and his pal Bone attempt to extort money out of a barber and fail, drawing the real Axe Gang to Pig Sty. However, it turns out that there are several kung fu masters living in the slum, and soon the two sides are enemies. As the plot thickens, Sing must decide- should he become a mobster, or save the day?
  44. In Shanghai, China in the 1940s, a wannabe gangster aspires to join the notorious "Axe Gang" while residents of a housing complex exhibit extraordinary powers in defending their turf.
  45. Part of what makes a Stephen Chow comedy special is his ability to deliver a combination of non-sequitur humor while reminding us the harsh-realities in life. There&#39;s the betrayal by his apprentice chef in GOD OF COOKERY, the hardship of an aspiring actor in KING OF COMEDY, and the lost-cause martial artists in SHAOLIN SOCCER. What is missing with KUNG-FU HUSTLE is exactly that ingredient that made his past films so successful, and what would turn Stephen Chow into a local hero both in China and Hong Kong.<br/><br/>To be fair, Chow had all the ingredients ready on the table, but somehow they just weren&#39;t fully utilized as they should have been. What results is a very CG-heavy film that&#39;s a cross between MATRIX, VOLCANO HIGH (2001, a Korean film directed by Kim Tae-gyun), and KILL BILL.<br/><br/>There is greatness to homages when they are done in the right way, and KUNG FU HUSTLE seems to be full of tributes... whether it is the Tarantino tribute with the Axe-gang scenes, King-Hu with the DRAGON&#39;S INN set-design, VOLCANO HIGH&#39;s CG-texture and feel, or even scenes reminding us of Keanu Reeve&#39;s fight-sequence with over a hundred black-suited villains in Matrix Reloaded... the list goes on, and he even throws in a Stanley Kubrick shot from THE SHINING... at one point, it&#39;s almost as if we&#39;re asked to name the movies certain scenes or shots were inspired by.<br/><br/>Innovations? Chow broke-away from the typical Director/Actor/screenwriter formula of having the lead (i.e. chow) take up all major scenes in the story (e.g. ask yourself if you&#39;ve ever watched a Jacky Chan film where he&#39;s not in almost every scene). Instead he gives ample time to the support cast of long-time-no-see martial arts experts who were at the top of their game during the 70&#39;s and early 80&#39;s. The Villain (Leung Siu-Lung) in KUNG FU HUSTLE was one of the top &#39;B&#39; film stars known for his Bruce Lee-type roles 20 years ago. We haven&#39;t seen him since then, and Chow gave him a big home-coming in this film... The same also applies to the Land Lady (Yuen Chao). She was one of the few stuntwomen in Hong Kong&#39;s film industry during the 70&#39;s. If you&#39;ve watched THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN(yes, a bond film), you would remember her as the butt-kicking school girl who saved Roger Moore&#39;s behind. We all know of Sammo Hung &amp; Jacky Chan, but few of us know that she was actually trained under the same martial arts teacher as these guys since childhood.<br/><br/>Chow had the opportunity to follow his sentimental-lead early on in the film. In the scenes when we find out who the real kung-fu masters were at PIG-STY, and how they explain they&#39;ve moved to the village to get away from all the fighting and reminisce over their faded past... those were some of the best scenes in KUNG FU HUSTLE, but sadly all the potential gave way to special effects soon after. What follows is a combination of 3D-cartoon with contrived humor.<br/><br/>As a Chow fan, like most of the audience whom I shared the theatre with, we all went to be entertained - to laugh, to feel the melancholy... but quoting a middle-aged housewife as she leaves with her husband at the end of the movie, &quot;It&#39;s no Shaolin Soccer.&quot; Was this film made this way to make a better export? The minimal dialogue after the 1st act, all CG-action... basically you could turn the volume off after 30 minutes and still get what&#39;s going on... I wonder if this is a marketing decision so the film will be more easily digested overseas....<br/><br/>Oh well, what began as the most feared competitor in HK theatres during the Xmas holidays (no other HK film wanted to be released at the same time), is at best a could-have-been-better Chow film. Hopefully his next films will once again have more weight on story and clever dialogue...<br/><br/>that&#39;s the stuff dreams are made of, and we expect nothing less.
  46. Perhaps the best thing about Kung Fu Hustle is how self-aware it is. The Matrix Reloaded and Revolutions may have had some very cool chop-socky fights, but the directors took it all so seriously it took a lot of the fun out of it for me. Kung Fu Hustle realizes how inherently silly it is and doesn&#39;t try to hide it. It revels in it.<br/><br/>In the film&#39;s hierarchy of gangs, the Axe Gang reign supreme. In the film&#39;s opening the leader beats a man to death and shoots a woman in the back with a shotgun. This is followed by axe dancing. The only people spared their choreographed doom are those who live in deep poverty. So Sing (Stephen Chow) and his partner decide to masquerade as Axe Gang members and extort some money from such a place. They are surprised to find out that three kung fu gurus live amongst the district&#39;s tenants.<br/><br/>It&#39;s a good rule of thumb that if you&#39;re going to spend a bunch of money on CGI that you might as well have fun with it. Kung Fu Hustle takes this to heart. One guy uses steel rings on his hand along with two other guys to beat up a legion of Axe Gang members. In another scene, Sing is chased by the landlady (Qui Yuen) with those little speed blurs that always followed the Roadrunner. And most memorably, the landlady catches her husband (Wah Yuen) with lipstick on his cheek and throws him out of a building. He falls down hitting a number of things on the way and when he hits ground a flowerpot falls on his head.<br/><br/>I&#39;m going to take this minute to praise Stephen Chow because he stars in the film he directed yet avoids the pitfall of self-indulgence. Instead of making his character unbelievably witty and with an unattainable love interest (something Woody Allen can&#39;t seem to stop doing), he plays a pathetic and intensely despicable character up until about the last fifteen minutes. Actually, scratch that. He does have a love interest but she has so little screen time she&#39;s barely worth mentioning.<br/><br/>The oddest character though has to be the Beast (Siu Lung Leung). About halfway in the movie Sing is accepted as a member of the Axe Gang. The Axe Gang leader needs someone to get the Beast and Sing is the only person desperate enough to do it. You see, the Beast was so obsessed with kung fu he went crazy. And it&#39;s up to Sing to free him. I&#39;m not going spoil the moment, but let&#39;s just say that he&#39;s hardly the image of terror and bloodlust Sing expected.<br/><br/>Kung Fu Hustle has such an infectious tone that it helps to cancel out some of its flaws. For example, just about everyone&#39;s personality changes immensely in the final few moments. And I&#39;m even willing to forget the handful of gross-out humor moments. Because Kung Fu Hustle is a joyful film, and it&#39;s rare I ever see that these days.
  47. Half-amazing, half-ridiculous, thoroughly exhilarating.
  48. In contrast to the rest of the world the US-DVD is slightly censored in terms of violence and features some alternative shots of non-violent scenes.<br/><br/>It is assumed that Sony Pictures tried to trim the film to get a PG-13 rating, yet it still ended up with an R rating. While the footage in the uncut version is on par with an R-rated level of violence, Sony most likely didn&#39;t want to pay to resubmit the film in its uncut form for an R, so they just went with the version they initially submitted to the MPAA.  a5c7b9f00b
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