Golden Opportunities II

Dec 10th, 2016
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  1. >Humans...
  2. >...
  3. >Humans were lewd
  4. >You already knew this
  5. >Any race that let their stallions walk around fully clothed IN PUBLIC was pretty much the apex on lewdness as far as you were concerned
  6. >But this...
  7. >THIS was lewdness on a whole other level
  8. >It was impossibly lewd
  9. >Too lewd
  10. >And it was both terrible and wonderful at the same time
  11. >At that moment, you were sitting in Sunset's living room
  12. >It was a small room frankly, as expected of such a small house, but what it lacked in size it more than made up for in coziness
  13. >A nice big comfy couch sat in the middle of everything, with a long, low-sitting hardwood table sitting in front of it
  14. >The walls were littered with pictures and posters and sports paraphernalia of all kinds
  15. >The floor was covered in a thick brick-colored carpet that seemed almost springy when you walked on it
  16. >The room was dim, the only light being from the fire that was merrily blazing in the fireplace
  17. >Hanging above said fireplace was a big magical picture screen
  18. >Sunset had called it "Tee Vee" or something along those lines
  19. >It was turned on, and the little men trapped in the box were swinging around in tights, shooting arrows at each other and stealing gold from the rich and giving it to the poor
  20. >...
  21. >The tights were lewd
  22. >Not the stealing gold part
  23. >...
  25. >Wew...
  26. >Sweet Celestia ABOVE were those tights lewd...
  27. >The air in the room--even with a fire going--was slightly chilly
  28. >Because of this, blankets had been placed strategically around the couch
  29. >Warm, thick blankets that a mare could get lost in
  30. >All-in-all it was a pretty nice place
  31. >You were happy that your friend had found a nice little house that she could live in
  32. >But buck that
  33. >BUCK. THAT.
  34. >Buck the room
  35. >Buck this house
  36. >Buck wherever Sunset had ran off to
  37. >Buck all of those weird do-dads sitting on the table in front of you
  38. >Buck the walls and the carpet and the ambience
  39. >Because you, Twilight "The Book Basher" Sparkle were wearing socks
  40. >And NOT ONLY were you wearing socks, you were wearing thick, fuzzy socks that went ALL the way up your leg
  41. >They were knee-high socks
  42. >Also known as the lewdest socks known to ponykind
  43. >The kind of socks that colts wore in back alleys
  44. >Or the kind of clothing that a colt wore when he was getting gangbanged by a bunch of rowdy mares in those magazines that you CERTAINLY didn't have a monthly subscription to
  45. >Socks, by their very nature, were a pretty risque article of clothing
  46. >But these brought it to a new level
  47. >No respectable stallion would be caught DEAD in these
  48. >Much less a BUCKING MARE!
  49. >But there you were, wearing the socks out in the open for all to see
  50. >...
  51. >By Luna's TEATS!
  52. >If your friends back home saw you wearing these you'd never be able to show your face again ANYWHERE
  54. >ANYWHERE!
  55. >You had thought it was a joke when Sunset had bought a pair of these socks at the mall
  56. >Something that the two would giggle at for ten minutes before putting them in a place where nopony would ever find them
  57. >But no
  58. >Both you AND Sunset were wearing these socks
  59. >You. Were. Both. Bucking. Wearing. Them.
  60. >You, MARES, were wearing streetwalker socks!
  61. >Thebuckwasthat?!
  62. >You, of course, had tried to loudly protest this
  63. >Twilight Sparkle was no carpet muncher!
  64. >You were straight!
  65. >STRAIGHT!
  66. >Your mom wasn't bucking right dammit!
  67. >You had just about been ready to boop the tartarus out of Sunset when the red-haired girl had dropped the mother of all bombs right in your lap
  68. >To humans, these kinds of socks, SLUT SOCKS, were in no way lewd
  69. >In fact, human mares preferred to wear socks like this when it got cold outside
  70. >She said that they wore these REGULARLY
  71. >The MARES wore these socks
  72. >MARES
  73. >And they LIKED wearing them
  74. >...
  75. >You could see why...
  76. >They WERE comfortable...
  77. >You couldn't look away from your feet, a blanket wrapped around you snugly and your mind racing
  78. >How had it come to this?
  79. >Just how far were you willing to get your marehood filled?
  80. >Were you willing to dress up like this?
  81. >THIS?
  83. >...
  84. "Buck..." you grumbled with a sigh, leaning back into the couch
  85. >The socks went very well with the pajama bottoms that Sunset had gotten you...
  86. >And just the like socks, the fabric of the pants felt awfully nice against your skin...
  87. >Biting your lip, you rubbed your thighs together
  88. >You then wiggled your toes while you slid your feet back and forth across the carpet
  89. >...
  90. >Yep
  91. >No matter how you looked at it this was lewd
  92. >L-Lewd-lewd
  93. >Your face felt warm
  94. >Really, REALLY warm
  95. >...
  96. >Horse feathers...
  97. >You were starting to really like these socks...
  98. >Thinking very hard about your life decisions, you wrapped your blanket around your body a little tighter
  99. "Sunset?" you called
  100. >Somewhere in the kitchen, you heard a bang
  101. >"Horse apples...!
  102. >There was another, louder bang, followed by come colorful language
  103. >"Hey, Twi, did you say something?"
  104. >You dryly swallowed
  105. >It wouldn't be THAT hard to bring these socks back home...
  106. >A couple spells and you could wear them all you wanted without anypony noticing
  107. >You could trot around your castle halls with your hooves all warm and cozy...
  108. "Are you SURE that girls wear these kind of socks?" you called back, not able to tear your gaze away from your feet
  109. >"Yes, I'm sure."
  110. "B-But LOOK at them!"
  112. >"I already told you, Twi, it's different here."
  113. >Some more banging came from the kitchen, which was again followed by a healthy dose of swearing
  114. >A groan came from behind you, which prompted you to finally tear your gaze away from the slutty, dirty, lewdy-lewd socks so that you could look over your shoulder
  115. >Sunset was making her way out of the kitchen
  116. >Just like you, she was dressed in preparation for tonight
  117. >Her hair was tied up in a tight pony tail
  118. >A Black "undershirt" covered her top, while a red and blue pair of checkered pajama pants covered her rump and legs
  119. >And then there were HER socks, which she seemed to be wearing without a SHRED of shame
  120. >The weirdo
  121. >"Stupid M&M's package," she muttered, hefting two big plastic bowls under either arm. "I'm never gonna get those things out from underneath the fridge..."
  122. >Grumbling to herself, she walked over and sat the bowls on the table
  123. >Leaning forward to inspect them, you saw that they were filled to the brim with chips and pretzels respectively
  124. >Not the most exciting of edibles, but since neither of you could cook it would have to do
  125. >"There, we got food and entertainment," Sunset announced, plopping down next to you with a groan. "Now all we need is Anon to knock the door."
  126. >She propped her feet up on the table
  127. >Her pant legs lifted up her leg slightly, revealing more of her socks
  128. >L-Lewd
  129. >...
  130. >Wow...
  131. >Those socks really made Sunset's hips--
  132. >Whatabuckingsecond!
  133. >You'renotabuckingdyke!
  134. >You'renotdammit!
  135. >Not able to help yourself, you flinched
  137. >Sunset--of bucking COURSE--noticed
  138. >She grinned, leaning over to nudge you
  139. >"You better not stare at me when Nonny get here. He might get jealous," she teased
  140. >Your face reddened
  141. "S-Shut up," you mumbled, borrowing a little deeper into your blanket cocoon.
  142. >Sunset chuckled, nudging you again
  143. >"Ah, don't worry, Twi," she said, throwing an arm around your shoulders. "Socks were really weird for me at first too."
  144. "I don't even see WHY we're wearing these," you said, wiggling your toes
  145. >...
  146. >Sweet Luna were these socks COMFORTABLE...
  147. >"Because it's cold in this house and we need to keep our toes warm," Sunset automatically answered
  148. "It's cold in here because you turned down the heat," you pointed out, a small frown on your face
  149. >"No, it's cold in here so we can wear these socks and these pajamas," Sunset told you as she lifted a leg in the air
  150. >She tried to boop your nose but you slapped her hand away
  151. >Not today filly
  152. >Not today...
  153. "Guys like when girls wear this kind of stuff, dummy," she continued "They think that we look cute; which is why we gotta wear this stuff."
  154. >You looked down at yourself again
  155. "...Cute?" you questioned
  156. >"Guys like when girls are cute here, Twi. So we have to look the part, act the part, and dress the part," your friend said, pulling at her pajama bottoms
  157. >You were silent for a few moments
  158. "...Since it's cold in here we might be able to cuddle Anon," you mumbled
  159. >"Exactly!" Sunset chirped, slapping your thigh. "If it's cold in here, and Anon thinks that we're cold, there's a good chance that we can get him to share a blanket with us!"
  160. >You turned toward your friend
  162. "And he'll do that because he thinks they we're cute?" you asked
  163. >"Human stallions don't like seeing girls shivering or looking sad," Sunset explained. "Even if Anon's nervous about coming here--which he probably is--he'll still want to make sure that we're comfortable, even if that means snuggling up with us."
  164. >You let that sink in as she leaned forward and helped herself to a handful of pretzels
  165. "Mom always did say that the best way to a stallion's cock was through cuddling..."
  166. >Sunset smiled
  167. >"Your mom's right, Twi" she said. "The second that we have ourselves pressed up against him everything else will be a breeze."
  168. >You found yourself frowning
  169. >Holy hay was this whole wooing thing a lot harder than you thought it was going to be...
  170. >You had just thought that sex just kind of... happened after a while...
  171. >A mare and a stallion loved each other and that love boiled over until they were kissing and touching...
  172. >...
  173. >And stuff...
  174. >But no, there was a strategy to it
  175. >It seemed like you had to play mind games with a stallion
  176. >Throw him off balance, make him confused and frightened
  177. >Then, when he was at his weakest and most vulnerable
  178. >BAM!
  179. >Letting out an exasperated sigh, you leaned against your friend
  180. >Wow...
  181. >Wooing was hard...
  182. "I'm really happy that you're here to help me out with this, Sunset," you said. "I'd be tripping all over my hooves if it wasn't for you..."
  183. >Sunset smiled
  184. >"I'm here for you, sister," she said, playfully punching your shoulder. "Now get off your lazy butt for a second. You and I need to set a few more things up before everything is perfect."
  186. >...
  187. >You were a dead man walking...
  188. >There was no hope for you....
  189. >At this very moment you were walking the last few feet of the green mile
  190. >This was the last stop
  191. >The Big End
  192. >That last goodnight
  193. >...
  194. >DAMMIT
  195. >Against all common sense and logic, you were standing out in front of "Sunset's house"
  196. >It was a little two story house
  197. >An old-looking house, but well maintained
  198. >The roof looked brand new, as did the windows and the front door
  199. >The paint was a little chipped and worn, but who's wasn't around here?
  200. >All-in-all, it looked like a nice little place to live
  201. >But there was... something about the house
  202. >To you, it seemed to give off a menacing aura
  203. >The hair stood up on the back of your neck as you looked at the thing
  204. >This was a death house
  205. >The place where you were going to die a horrible death
  206. >...Probably
  207. >You had TRIED to stay away
  208. >Tried to stay home where it was safe and murder-free
  209. >But that pic had thrown you for a fucking loop
  210. >After your initial shock and confusion, you had become excited
  211. >The WRONG kind of excited
  212. >Your other head had taken over, and before you came back to your senses you had texted Sunset that you'd be there tonight
  213. >After the fact, when she had sent you her address with a bunch of smiley faces, you had been horrified
  214. >What was HELL was wrong with you?!
  216. >Did boobs have THAT much power over you?
  217. >There was something going on
  218. >These girls were doing something
  219. >It might not have been a death cult--pleasedon'tbeafuckingdeathcult-- but it WAS something
  220. >You didn't get nudey pics
  221. >That didn't happen
  222. >Until yesterday, girls didn't even TALK to you unless they had to
  223. >This was an inside job
  224. >A work
  225. >Some kind of conspiracy
  226. >You were better than this!
  227. >Better!
  228. >The hook was dangling RIGHT in front of you and you were about to go for it just because of some tasty-looking bait
  229. >...
  230. >...
  231. >...
  232. >But maybe not...
  233. >If you wanted to, you could make sure that the pic she sent you was all over school by Monday
  234. >Sunset and Twi weren't stupid by any means; they HAD to know that
  235. >So, if they were doing this to just fuck with you, why the heck did they send you that picture?
  236. >They could laugh at you, even beat you up, but you could ruin their lives with just a few texts
  237. >...
  238. >So why did they do it?
  239. >What were they trying to get out of you?
  240. >Was this ACTUALLY some death cult?
  241. >Were you going to get MURDERED?
  242. >Was this some weird thing that girls just did that you didn't know about?
  243. >Did they actually want to...?
  245. >...
  246. >You know...
  247. >Ever since Sunset had sent you that picture--which you may or may not have jerked off to already--you had been asking yourself these questions
  248. >You had asked them again and again and again
  249. >Asked them so many times that you had very nearly ripped your hair out because of them
  250. >That was one of the reasons why you were here
  251. >To figure out what the hell was going on
  252. >You wanted to know
  253. >Even if the answer was going to be hazardous to your health
  254. >...
  255. >The boobs might have also played a pretty big part too
  256. >A really big part
  257. >Because even though your life might have been on the line, the temptation of having two beautiful women to yourself was just too good to pass up, even if you knew in your heart that all of THIS was probably nonsense
  258. >Fuck your hormones
  259. >Fuck them so hard...
  260. >You STUPID virgin piece of shit...
  261. >...
  262. >Goddamnit...
  263. >You ran your fingers through your hair
  264. >A sigh escaped your lips as you looked the house up and down
  265. >The house that you were probably going to be RUNNING out of in the next hour or so
  266. >If you were lucky...
  267. >Hefting the little bag full of clothes in your hand--because why wouldn't you bring an extra change of clothes when you were going to get pussy juice all over the ones that you were wearing now because all of the sex that you were about to have, you stud--you puffed your chest out
  268. "Fuck it. If I'm going to die I'm going to die trying to get laid."
  269. >You quickly made your way to Sunset's front porch
  271. >Walking up the steps like a man that was ready to meet the gallows, you made your way to the door
  272. >Stopping just a foot away from it, you raised a hand
  273. >Before you could knock, however, you paused
  274. >...
  275. >You could still turn around you know...
  276. >You could go back home and spend the whole weekend working on that chair that you were making and jerking off like you had planned
  277. >There was no shame in being a coward
  278. >Cowards lived long, fulfilling lives
  279. >They didn't USUALLY fuck drop-dead gorgeous girls, but still
  280. >...
  281. >Fuck...
  282. >Biting your lip, you lowered your hand a bit
  283. >You looked behind you, half expecting there to be a bunch of guys in black hoods standing on the porch with you
  284. >Fortunately there were none
  285. >None that you could see anyways...
  286. "Shit," you quietly cursed, bouncing on your heels. "Shitshitshitshitshitshit..."
  287. >Maybe you shouldn't be doing this...
  288. >Maybe you SHOULD go home
  289. >You could get laid some other time
  290. >Maybe
  291. >Hopefully
  292. >Someday in the hopefully near future
  293. >Just as you were about to spin around and walk home, Sunset's picture came to mind
  294. >You could see it as clear as day
  295. >Two topless women with flawless, beautiful skin, flat bellies, big, perky boobs
  296. >...
  297. >Justdoityoufaggot!
  298. >Your hand came right back up
  300. >Quickly, before you could talk yourself out of it, you knocked twice and took a step away from the door
  301. >...
  302. >Maybe she wasn't there?
  303. >Maybe she just gave you a random address?
  304. >Ma--
  305. >Not two seconds after you knocked, you heard someone rushing toward the door
  306. >A giggle came from inside the house
  307. >A girlish giggle
  308. >The same giggle that you had heard in the cafeteria only a few hours ago
  309. >Shit...
  310. >Gulping, you took another step backward
  311. >You heard the giggle again, louder this time
  312. >"Who is it?" a voice sing-songed
  313. "IT'S A--"
  314. >You cleared your throat
  315. "It's Anon. It's me. I'm here. Like you asked!"
  316. >Smooth as a motherfucker...
  317. >From the other side of the door there was a click
  318. >The door knob was turned before the door itself was opened, revealing Sunset
  319. >Her eyes lit up when she saw you, and the smile that came to her face nearly made you call over
  320. >"There you are, Anon!" she cried with a happy bounce. "Me and Twi--"
  321. >"Twi and I!" someone from inside the house yelled
  322. >Sunset's mouth snapped shut
  323. >She stopped bouncing for a second--thank fucking god-- and frowned, her brow furrowing
  324. >...
  325. >Heh...
  326. >"...Twi and I were wondering if you had gotten lost," Sunset finished, her nose scrunching up as she looked behind her
  327. >As she did that, you couldn't help but let your eyes travel down the girl's body
  329. >She, of course, looked cute
  330. >Really, really, REALLY cute
  331. >So cute, in fact, that when you swallowed you swore could almost feel your heart in your throat
  332. >Holyfuckyouwereactuallygoingtodothis...
  333. >Your eyes snapped back up to Sunset's face as she looked back over at you
  334. >"Hey, why don't you come in here and get out of the cold?" she asked
  335. >You looked down at your feet
  336. "I'd like to come in. Yes. That sounds nice. Since it's cold and all."
  337. >...
  338. >You were really killing it with the whole talking thing today weren't you?
  339. >Thankfully, Sunset giggled at your nonsense.
  340. >"Come on, I'll show you where you can put your things!" she said, spinning around and making her way into the house
  341. >...
  342. >You could still leave...
  343. >You SHOULD leave...
  344. >The second that you stepped into this house there was no going back
  345. >...
  346. >Fuck...
  347. >With a very real sense of foreboding, you stepped inside of the house and closed the door behind you
  348. >When the door clicked shut you shivered
  349. >Reaching back, you quickly checked to see if you could still open the door
  350. >You eyed the lock, drawing upon all of your locksmith skills to see if the door was just a regular door
  351. >...
  352. >It would have been nice if you would have had ANY locksmithing skills to speak of, but you were kind of grasping at straws here...
  353. >Still though, the door opened when you twisted the doorknob and pushed on it, and even if there WAS something wrong with the door you weren't above jumping through a window if you had to
  355. >And you'd do it too
  356. >You'd do it with a smile on your face!
  357. >With that thought in mind, you took another step into the house
  358. >Then another, then another
  359. >To your left was a set of stairs that led to the second floor
  360. >Straight ahead there was a hallway
  361. >To your right was all
  362. >It was dark
  363. >Incredibly dark
  364. >Suspiciously dark
  365. >The kind of darkness were some poor, unlucky fool for his ass murdered
  366. >...
  367. >S-Shit...
  368. >"I'm here in the kitchen, Anon!" Sunset called down the hall. "Come on, silly! Let's get a move on! We got a bunch of fun stuff planned for tonight!"
  369. >As long as none of those plans consisted of your untimely demise you were all for it
  370. "I'm coming!" you called. "I, um, I was using your mat to get the dirt from the bottom of my shoes. I don't want to track anything in here and ruin your carpet!"
  371. >Nailed it
  372. >"Don't worry about that! Just get that cute butt of yours in here!"
  373. >C-Cute?
  374. >You looked back at the door, bouncing in place
  375. >It beckoned to you
  376. >Called to you
  377. >It wanted you to leave
  378. >Wanted you to live another day
  379. >...
  380. >But Sunset called you cute...
  381. >Again you took a small step forward, then again, then again until you were walking down the hall
  382. >You kept your eyes and ears peeled, your head on the swivel
  383. >You listened for any sounds, looked for any movement or anything that looked off or unusual
  385. >There HAD to be something...
  386. >Someone was hiding in the shadows
  387. >Something was lurking around here that was going to ruin your day
  388. >You could FEEL IT
  389. >It was GOING to happen
  390. >No matter how much you wanted it not to...
  391. >At the end of the hallway you could see Sunset's kitchen bathed in artificial light
  392. >It looked like a nice little kitchen from what you could see
  393. >There was a nice hardwood table with a couple of chairs near a big, window
  394. >The floor was made from what looked like granite, and the sink and fridge looked like they were stainless steel
  395. >As you came closer to the kitchen, a sound became to make itself known
  396. >Humming; girly, sing-songy humming
  397. >It was Sunset you knew, waiting for you to walk through those that archway so she could do lord knows what to you
  398. "Hail Mary, full of grace, the lord thee," you whispered to yourself. "Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus..."
  399. >Suddenly stopping, you looked behind you and listened as hard as you could
  400. >...
  401. >There still wasn't anyone there
  402. >As far as you could tell, the house was empty
  403. >...Huh
  404. >You stood up straight, confused and nervous and just a little, teeny-tiny bit hopeful
  405. >Maybe you had been wrong...
  406. >Maybe there was no death cult or guys lying in wait to beat the shit out of you
  407. >Maybe Sunset and Twilight just wanted to hang out with you like they said, no matter how crazy that sounded
  408. >You leaned against the wall, your eyes wide
  409. >You were alone with a girl
  410. >No...
  411. >You were alone with two girls
  412. >Two very pretty, very smart girls
  414. >And these very pretty, very smart girls wanted to spent time with you
  415. >Maybe...
  416. >As long as this wasn't a trick or something
  417. >Which it still might be
  418. >...
  419. >But WHY...?
  420. >"What do you want to drink, Anon?" Sunset called, making you jump. "Pop? Water? Tea? I even have beer or something a little stronger if that's your taste."
  421. >Because you were still a little nervous--more freaked out really--your mind began to race
  422. >When your mind began to race you liked to overthink things
  423. >And panic
  424. >You liked to panic A LOT when your mind raced
  425. >Pop?
  426. >Tea?
  427. >Whatthehelldoyouget?!
  428. >Whatdopeopledrinkforsleepoversorwhateverthisis?!
  429. "C-Can I get a water please?" you asked, quickening your pace toward the kitchen, both because you didn't want to seem like a weirdo for standing in a dark hallway for no reason and because a drink sounded REALLY good about now. "Just for now. I'll have something later. Probably. If that's alright."
  430. >"That's fine. Do you want any ice in the water?"
  431. "Yes please."
  432. >"What about lemon? I have both the bottled stuff and the real thing."
  433. "Just plain water is fine."
  434. >"Do you want a big glass or a little one?"
  435. "I'll take whatever sized glass that you--"
  436. >You flinched as you stepped into a pretty bright light
  437. >Startling, you looked around to see that you had found your way into the kitchen
  438. >What?
  439. >But you were--
  441. >And she--
  442. >The--
  443. >...
  444. >Holy shit was Sunset good at distracting people...
  445. >You jumped again as a cabinet closed behind you loudly
  446. >ThisisfuckingitJim!
  447. >Dropping your bag, you spun around to face your attacker, putting up your dukes to punch the SHIT out of some cultists
  448. >The person standing behind you wasn't a big, burly, crazy-eyed man in a black hood like you were expecting, however
  449. >It was Sunset, a glass in her hand and smile on her face
  450. >"Oops, sorry if I scared you," she said with a giggle, offering you the cup. "And I'm sorry with how dark that hallway is. The light broke and I just haven't had anytime to fix it."
  451. >...
  452. >Oh
  453. >You unclench your fists, looking down at the offered cup
  454. "...Thank you," you said, carefully taking the cup from her hand
  455. >"You're very welcome!" Sunset said, blowing a bit of hair from her face. "Here, let me take your bag. The freezer is on the left side of the fridge. The ice in a container on the top shelf; take as much as you want."
  456. >You just kind of stood there while the bacon-haired girl, still smiling, bent down, grabbed your bag, and carried it over to a small closet
  457. "The only water I have to drink here is from the tap, but I have a filter on the sink in here so it's just as good as bottled, so help yourself."
  458. >You lifted the glass to your face, quietly inspecting it
  459. >...
  460. >Thank god you just didn't start throwing punches when you turned around...
  461. >That would have been bad
  462. >Very, very, VERY bad
  463. >"I'm also sorry if it's a little chilly in here; my heater's been acting up," Sunset continued as she threw open the closet door and poked her head inside. "I have a fire going on in my living room, but it's not doing a very good job keeping the whole house warm."
  465. >With her partially hidden by the door, she bent down to do something
  466. >"Is it alright if I leave your stuff in here for now?"
  467. >You barely heard a word that she said, instead staring at her protruding backside unabashedly
  468. >Man...
  469. >Look at that thing...
  470. >"You can leave your shoes and jacket in here too if you want. Anon?"
  471. >You jumped for what felt like the hundredth time that day
  472. "What? Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's fine. Do whatever. It’s your house."
  473. >Sunset wiggled her butt
  474. >Your toes curled in your shoes, and you bit your lip hard
  475. >Sweet Jesus Christ on his golden throne...
  476. >Somehow tearing your gaze away from her backside, you walked over to the kitchen sink, you placed your glass cup onto the counter
  477. >You then pulled off your jacket and made your way toward the closet
  478. >You hadn't heard much of what Sunset said, but you were smart enough to piece everything together
  479. >Closets held things
  480. >Things like shoes and clothes and jackets
  481. >You were wearing shoes and clothes and jackets
  482. >Sunset probably wanted you to put your things in the closet so you weren't tracking mud and rocks into her house
  483. >Even though you had solved the mystery of what your host wanted you to do there was still an obstacle in your path
  484. >A big, perky, heart-shaped obstacle
  485. >Sunset was still wiggling her butt back and forth
  486. >A part of you still wanted to look around, to look out for any dangers, but you just couldn't look away
  487. >You couldn't
  488. >Even though the pajama bottoms that she was wearing were two sizes too big, her fantastically large posterior could be clearly seen through the thin fabric
  490. >Round...
  491. >Big...
  492. >A jiggle that made men weak...
  493. >The lizard part of your brain sparked to life
  494. >You suddenly wondered how her ass would feel against your lap...
  495. >How it would feel rubbing and grinding against you?
  496. >How far would your fingers sink in if you grabbed it?
  497. >Was her ass mostly fat or was there a healthy amount of muscle hidden beneath?
  498. >Could she make her buttcheeks clap together like in those rap music videos?
  499. >It looked like they could
  500. >You hoped that they could
  501. >You hoped that you could see it happen
  502. >With a few more delightful, delicious wiggles, Sunset stood back up, prompting you to look away from her ass
  503. >Somehow
  504. >"There, all tucked away safe and sound. Now, how around you give me your shoes and coat?" she asked, looking over her shoulder at you
  505. >Feeling a little lightheaded, you offered her your jacket
  506. "H-Here."
  507. >She quickly turned around and took your coat from you
  508. >"Thanks, Nonny," she chirped, smiling sweetly
  509. >You smiled as best as you could, not quite managing it
  510. "Y-You're welcome," you shimmered
  511. >For some reason or another, Sunset's shining blue eyes drifted away from your face
  512. >They traveled downward, going lower and lower and lower until finally stopping
  513. "Oh," Sunset murmured. "Hello there..."
  514. >Her smile became a little more playful and mischievous
  515. >She place her hands behind her back and leaned forward, much to your confusion
  516. >"Something you like, big boy?" she asked, her voice becoming just a tad bit huskier
  517. >...
  518. >What?
  519. >You looked down at yourself, immediately stiffening
  521. >Though, it seemed, that a part of you had already stiffened quite significantly
  522. >...
  523. >Ohmyfuckinggodwhatthefuckisthisshit?!
  524. >A blush exploded across your face
  525. >Sunset just giggled
  526. >"I was wondering if you liked my pajamas," she coyly remarked, her eyes not leaving yours as she hung up your coat. "I guess I got my answer huh?"
  527. >You sputtered, trying and very much failing to think of a way to save yourself
  528. "I didn't!--I mean, it isn't what it looks!-- that's not my!--"
  529. >You tried to take a step away from Sunset, but the bacon-haired girl was too quick
  530. >She closed the distance between the two of you in the blink of an eye
  531. >Before you could so much as blink your nose was buried in the crook of her neck and her arms were wrapped around your head
  532. >Your tried to jerk your head away, out of reflex more than anything, but Sunset was a lot stronger than she looked
  533. >Her grip on your head was iron, keeping your face right where it was
  534. >You struggled for a few moments, red-faced and as horrified as you've ever been in your life
  535. >Slowly but surely though, you began to tire out
  536. >Eventually, after about a minute, you were just standing there
  537. >Defeated
  538. >Ready for whatever punishment that your host have you
  539. >...
  540. >The scent of cinnamon still clung to her, you noticed
  541. >She also felt just as warm as you remembered...
  542. >You found your eyes slowly slipping closed
  543. >You began to take slower, deeper breaths
  544. >Hugs...
  545. >You liked hugs...
  546. >Sunset let out a coo as your body slowly went limp
  547. >"There's nothing to be freaked out about, Nonny," she murmured. "I'm not mad or anything silly like that."
  549. >Fingers brushed against the back of your neck, so gently that if you hadn't paying attention you might not have noticed it
  550. >...
  551. >You had to get away
  552. >You had to move
  553. >This was when she got you
  554. >When the guys started to line up for your ass whooping or the cultists came
  555. >A punch to the back of the head, a needle pinch, hands grabbing you and throwing you to the ground, something was about to happen
  556. >Something bad
  557. >Come on!
  558. >Man up and tell this crazy girl to fuck off so you can jump out a window!
  559. >Do it before the bad men get you!
  560. "R-Really?" you whispered. "You're not mad?"
  561. >One of Sunset's hands traveled down your back while the other she began to run through your hair
  562. >It felt... nice
  563. >Even though you were still more than a little freaked out and your heart was beating a mile a minute found yourself relaxing further
  564. >Please don't be a trick...
  565. >Please don't let this be a trick or dream or front of something...
  566. >You very nearly whimpered when you felt Sunset nuzzle the top of your head
  567. >"Of course I'm not mad, Anon," she assured, her voice like honey to your ears. "I know how you guys are hardwired. If you think a girl's attractive then you bodies respond. It's only natural."
  568. >Her hand brushed against your side, making you flinch
  569. >"Why in the world would I be mad that you think I'm attractive?"
  570. >Her hair was tickling the side of your face
  571. >"A girl likes to be reminded that she'd sexy with more than just some empty words you know. Sometimes we need someone to SHOW us and not tell."
  572. >You could feel your knees getting weak
  573. >You pressed more of your weight against Sunset, who took it without complaint
  575. >Any second now...
  576. >Your death was right around the corner...
  577. >Your death or WORSE...
  578. >All because you didn't have the heart to run away like a man when a girl was hugging you
  579. >You pussy
  580. >Sunset's hand slid down your head and along the side of your face
  581. >She placed two fingers under your chin and gently lifted your head up
  582. >"I'm not mad, I'm flattered. I mean, it's not every day that I can get a cute guy to stand to attention like that just by bending over."
  583. >Like a shark on his back, you let her do as she pleased, allowing her to lift your face from her neck so that the two of you were looking into each other's eyes
  584. >Hers warm and affectionate
  585. >Yours wide and fearful
  586. >You twitched again when you felt Sunset's wandering hand brush across your stomach
  587. "I-I'm still s-sorry though," you blurted out loudly. "I shouldn't have-- I mean, that wasn't--I couldn't--shouldn't--!"
  588. >Sunset chuckled, leaning forward and pressing her forehead against yours
  589. >"Sweet harmony are you the most adorable thing in the whole world," she murmured, her pointer finger tracing your jawline. "Twi really knows how to pick'em..."
  590. >A crazed, screaming murder could have been behind you with with a knife raised and you would have noticed him
  591. >At that moment, there was nothing else in the room
  592. >No tables, no fridge, no sink
  593. >There wasn't a TV playing in the background
  594. >The room wasn't hot or cold or dry or moist
  595. >There was only Sunset
  596. >Her pretty blue eyes
  597. >Her pretty face
  598. >Her pretty red and yellow hair that was tickling both of your cheeks
  599. >The hand that brushed against your stomach suddenly found itself on the back of your head
  601. >Sunset, her eyes never leaving yours, pushed you towards her
  602. >Her lips puckered, and before you knew what had happened, you felt them against your cheek
  603. >...
  604. >Sdnjnkjnjkj?
  605. >As quick as it happened, however, it was done
  606. >Sunset, with one playful tap of her finger against your chin, moved away from you
  607. >"I'm going to see how Twi'd getting along in the living room," she chirped, turning around and making her way toward the kitchen's other exit. "Come and join us after you get your water!"
  608. >It was only when she had left the room was the spell cast on you lifted
  609. >You looked around the room, sweaty, your knees weak, and your heart pounding in your chest
  610. >You could feel something dripping down your nose
  611. >Lifting your hand up and touching your upper lip, you saw that it was blood
  612. >You had gotten a nosebleed
  613. >A bad one
  614. >...
  615. >You had gotten a nosebleed like one of those losers from those Japanese cartoons that you liked to watch on occasion
  616. >...
  617. >A lot of thoughts were running through your head, but one in particular kept coming to your mind
  618. >It summed up pretty well how you thought about what just happened
  619. >Holy...
  620. >Shit...
  623. >"Now some of you might think that our loyal host intended this treasure for the coffers of Prince John, instead of to ransom the king- and you'd be right. But a strange thing happened. A change of heart overtook him in the forest and there it is safe and sound!"
  624. >You sat there enraptured as you watched the little men in the magical box scream and shout and dance around like a bunch of adorable, excited colts
  626. >To be honest, you really didn't know what was going on
  627. >Or why these stallions were stealing money from their king
  628. >But you kind of liked watching it...
  629. >Out of the corner of your eye you saw Sunset, a big, pleased smile on her face, walk into the room
  630. >Your chest immediately tightened at the sight of her
  631. "Where's Anon?" you whisper-yelled. "That was him at the door right?"
  632. >Sunset walked over to the couch and sat down beside you
  633. >"He's getting a glass of water," she said, placing her hands behind her back and kicking her feet up on the table. "He'll be coming in a minute or two."
  634. >You poked your head over the couch, looking toward the archway that led to the kitchen
  635. >Your chest tightened just a little bit further
  636. "D-Did you get him warmed up like you said?" you asked
  637. >Sunset's smile widened just a hair
  638. >"Yep, he was the cutest thing in the world too," she said with a happy sigh. "I swear that I've never seen a guy get so red when I kissed his cheek."
  639. "So you think he's going to stay a the night then?" you asked
  640. >"I'd bet you anything that he'll at least stay the night," your friend confidently told you."Which is good, because I can already tell that it's going to be really fun to get to know the cutie."
  641. >She nudged you in a sisterly way
  642. >"It looks like you picked a really good one, Twi."
  643. >You found yourself releasing the breath that you didn't know you were holding
  644. >Thank Celestia...
  645. >You had almost half expected that he'd run right out the house...
  646. >A minute or two passed as both you and Sunset patiently waited for Anon to appear
  647. >You were just about ready to get up to see if he had gotten lost or needed help with anything when he did appear
  648. >You found yourself gently frowning as he entered the room
  649. >He looked a little dazed as he stood there with a glass full of water in his hand, and he had this cloudy, thousand-yard stare
  651. >His mane and shirt were ruffled slightly, and you could also see that he had a bloody paper towel stick up his nose
  652. >...
  653. >By Luna's moon!
  654. >What the hay did Sunset do to him?!
  655. >"H-Hey, Twi?" he said, giving you a little smile
  656. >You quickly tried to stand up
  657. >Because you were still wrapped up tightly in your blanket you nearly fell over, only being saved my Sunset, who grabbed you
  658. "H-Hi Anon!" you said, feeling your heartbeat quicken. "Are you alright? Your nose is..."
  659. >Anon anxiously looked down at the paper towel in his nose
  660. >"Y-Yeah, I'm alright," he said. "I just, um... fell down some stairs?"
  661. >You tried to stand up again, only managing to slump against Sunset, who snorted quietly at your antics
  662. >He hurt himself?!
  663. >That was the WORST!
  664. >Quick! Say something that will make him feel better
  665. >BE there for him, filly!
  666. "I-I'll kill all s-stairs to defend your honor!" you blurted out. "ALL OF THEM!"
  667. >The fire crackled in the background as the three of you tried to process what had just come out of your mouth
  668. >...
  669. >The best
  670. >You were the best at talking to guys
  671. >Not wonder you have them LINING up back at him
  672. >...
  673. >Whatthebuckwasbuckingwrongwithyouyoustupiddummy?!
  674. >Sunset was the first to recover, leaning toward your now horrified, red-faced self
  675. >"I swear to Celestia if you don't stop it I'm going to hug and kiss the ever-living SHIT out of you, you adorable little dork," she whispered in your ear, sounding deadly serious
  676. >You tried to hide your face in your blanket cocoon
  677. "T-Thanks..."
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