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  1. As Arntor was getting closer to his village, he saw a big cloud of smoke rising from the villages' houses, and an injured man laying near on of the houses, on the side of the road. As he approached the man he saw it was his father, and he was mortally wounded. Arntor dropped the bear pelt and rushed to his father, he quickly checked his wounds, his father had two arrows stuck in him and his leg was bleeding heavily, Arntor patched his leg up and asked him what what had happened. Breathing heavily, his father told him that bandits have raided the village, they were five horseman, they've slaughtered everyone and he survived by pretending to be dead. The father coughed heavily, spitting blood, he said he doesn't have much time left and he wants Arntor to head to the nearest city, the city of Thirn, there he should search for a man named Otergar. “Tell him you are the son of Heimshid, and your village was raided, everyone died and your father too, you are a skilled archer and you have nothing to lose” Arntors' father told him, “Father, I will avenge your death, and I will head to Thirn as you asked me to. Thank you for everything you did for me”, “Farewell, my son.”. His father inhaled his last breath of fresh air, and closed his eyes for his eternal rest.
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