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  1. RC Battle Boats
  3. Overview
  4. This event will take place on the SRH Sandbox server, it will be a small competition between teams/individuals using RC boats no larger than One player tall, and two players wide/long. (In source engine units that's 64x128x128) The goal of the competition is to either pop the five balloons placed by the judges or flip your opponents boat.
  6. Rules
  7. 1. The boats can be no larger than 64x128x128 units in size.
  8. 2. All functions of the boats must be controlled by some part of wiremod.
  9. 3. E2 is restricted to aiding in the control of movement of boats or boat parts only.
  10. 4. The use of Stool or Sent to aid in the flotation or to prevent the flipping of boats is prohibited. (Ex. Buoyancy and keep upright. Manually controlled correction thrusters are allowed.)
  11. 5. Loss occurs when A: All balloons are popped. or B: Your boat is flipped.
  12. 6. Any and all devices used in the competition must be part of your boat, or spawned in/on your boat.
  15. Extra Information
  16. * At the time of each match teams will be given two minutes to verify their boats are in working order after spawning their dupes.
  18. * There is at this time no award, however we are interested in trying to find one.
  20. * This event is loosely based off robot wars. (Deal with it.)
  22. * If this even gets enough interest I may do another for fully automatic bots.
  23. Judge Application
  24. Send the following in a PM to ryladine.
  26. Contestants cannot be judges!
  28. Name:
  29. Why you wish to be a judge:
  30. Time Zone:
  31. Hours available to judge:
  33. Entrant Application
  34. Post your application in this thread.
  36. Team Name:
  37. Team Member(s): (Note, you can be a team of yourself.)
  38. Boat Name:
  39. Time Zones of all members:
  40. Times available to participate for all players: (No guarantee is made to match your schedule, however I will do my best to match the original teams up based upon time.)
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