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Dec 15th, 2014
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  1. * Competition is part of a man's life, more so than of a woman's because of the way the sexual market place works. It's the lot evolution has given you. No matter how great you are, even if you're Orlando Bloom - you'll be challenged by Justin Bieber. But at least you know that whatever you have, you EARNED it.
  3. * Hippies who took drugs often talk about looking beyond their own perspective at the collective consciousness, everything in the world being one, etc. But humanity's collective identity is still a product of our personal struggles against eachother. In our neverending fight to gain status in the hierarchy, we produce all the things that are known as "humanity" and "culture".
  5. * To your psyche, entering a new field is a stupid idea. It's not "smart" to start dancing lessons, because the other dudes will be rocking it while you can't do shit. It challenges your ego, so you tend to remove it from your life. Your whole being goes, "Why are we doing this? There's got to be an easier way. This is a waste of time." And that's the nature of change. It always seems ridiculous within the current system, that is until the change becomes the new system.
  7. * Rather than hide, begrudgingly co-exist with or deny your weaknesses you must acknowledge them and accept them. Only by doing this can you gain the power to rid yourself of such afflictions. Accepting your weaknesses allows you to own your flaws rather than permitting them to imprison you within a negative mental feedback loop of helplessness. The most unintelligible thing a person can do, and “the average person” does this all the time, is to ignore one’s weaknesses. Weaknesses are ignored out of ego, out of emotion, to sustain your sense of being, and whatever shaky foundation of self-confidence it is that you have. However, it is this wilful ignorance of such weakness that amounts to nothing more than a shoddy farcical fabrication of confidence. It’s not pure, rational confidence, but delusional, narcissistic confidence. By not addressing your weaknesses you allow them to take control of you in whatever manner it is they manifest. Rather than patch up the hole in your armour, you are pretending there is no hole there at all. And thus by ignoring the problem, you only grant it the opportunity to extend its foothold within your psyche, damaging your chances at success and happiness.
  9. * A conscious denial of an accepted truth for the sake of one’s ego leaves you vulnerable to the potency of the truth. A core part of red pill philosophy is to be harmonious with the truth so that the truth is fighting on your side rather than against you at the side of your enemies. Whoever is congruent with the truth, can monopolise the truth and expose liars. Those who are reliant upon fabrications must expend massive energy on maintaining their façade. As someone who lives harmoniously with the truth, you need not expend such energy, giving you a further edge. When a person tries to use one of your weaknesses against you, aware of the truth, the power of embarrassment will be absent and you will be able to keep composure (hold frame) rather than let a scrupulous detractor rob you of your power within the primacy of the moment. You need to be honest with yourself so that you know what you’re working with, without awareness you cannot hope to achieve success. On a Machiavellian tangent, nobody lucks into success contrary to what they may have led you to believe about their accomplishments.
  11. * Not all weaknesses can or need to be completely overcome. Beauty is a strength that people either have or don't have. And in this world you have to play to your strengths or you're gonna get crushed. When you put yourself in a place where you're playing to your weaknesses not your strengths, people are going to ignore you, be mean to you, push you out the way, step on you and treat you like dirt. You have to find the place where your strengths matter. Don't feel bad if you can't dance - just don't go to the club then. Some of the most amazing dancers there would look like losers in the workshop, next to the skilled woodworker.
  13. * Fear not the man who has practised 10,000 kicks once, but the man who has practised one kick 10,000 times. If you try something new, stick to it for a while and master it. Don't move on to the next thing in a week. Leverage the fuck out of your talents.
  15. * If you're successful and highly respected, your audience will genuinely consider your jokes to be more funny.
  17. * Complete security is impossible. There are no guarantees. No matter how great you are, the future holds the possibility that someone will betray you, steal your possessions or mate, etc. The fact that you haven't excluded this possibility or rooted out every potential threat is no cause for worry: it is this way for every single human, and a smart man will deal with problems as they arise instead of being pre-emptively brought down by the gloom of hypothetical but improbable disasters.
  19. * A possibly flawed strategy is better than no strategy. A perfect strategy doesn't exist, so don't sit around forever contemplating what to do. Accept that you will win some and lose some. 80% of life is showing up, and if you only show up when you feel 100% prepared, you won't. Derive pride from dealing with things immediately when they arise.
  21. * The best diet is the one you can do. The same is true for any strategy.
  23. * Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away." Kill your darlings.
  25. * We are used to hearing people say life is a marathon, but a lot of evidence shows that it's better to treat life as a series of sprints interspersed with rest periods. This is the way to train with weights and this is the way to train your mind and get work done.
  27. * The young bull says, "I'm going to run down this hill and fuck me a cow!" So he takes off running, when he gets to the bottom, he fucks a cow. The old bull walks down the hill and fucks ALL the cows. Lesson: invest your energy wisely, don't approach EVERYTHING as a marathon.
  29. * A perfect life is not possible. There are going to be bumps. You weren't dealt a perfect hand. Don't fall for the idea that your life should either be perfect, or nothing at all. Don't let the idealistic desire for a perfect life freeze you and prevent you from having a good life.
  31. * A perfect girlfriend is not possible. You are going to be making compromises and dealing with certain flaws.
  33. * There’s always another level. Just be content knowing that you are still better off than most who have ever lived.
  35. * If you're the best man in the room on all fronts, you're in the wrong room. Surround yourself with people who can teach you something. Show mutual respect to these people, bring some value of yourself, and it will benefit everyone. If you surround yourself with losers, they will just steal your energy and eventually bring you down to their level.
  37. * Measure yourself only against your previous self.
  39. * Don't think about the things you can't do/be/get/experience. Set your sights on the things that you CAN get with a little work.
  41. * Happiness comes from being on a journey of improvement, not from being in a good place. Unhappiness comes from stagnation, not from being in a bad position. Look at celebrities beyond their peak: after a major tour when they're no longer skyrocketing, they get sad and miss the dopamine shots. They're still more famous and attractive than 99% of other people, but the lack of improvement is what causes their unhappiness. So it is for you: improve, and be happy.
  43. * Every life in which something is achieved is better than nothing.
  45. * Girls will come, girls will go. Status will come, status will go. You win some, you lose some. It's natural for these things to fluctuate. Don't expect to be able to hold on to them, but enjoy them while they're there. It's a big world full of competitors: nobody can always be the best. Even the most famous, handsome talented rock stars end up in the gutter at some point.
  47. * Live mostly in the now. Don't let the possibility of future troubles seduce you into brooding on how the attack may play out and how you will set up your defense. Terrorism does more damage to a country by paralyzing it with fear (causing a big decrease in productivity) than by the actual acts of terror.
  49. * Spend your physical and mental energy wisely. Many things are not worth getting to the bottom of. Your brain has evolved instincts to cheaply deal with many situations, so make use of that. It will save you a lot of energy to be used on more productive pursuits. Beware of analysis paralysis.
  51. * You let action and reality teach you what will work rather than your worry, guessing or speculation. Trying out ideas and failing is often much cheaper than gathering tons of research and data as to what will work. It will allow you to find a successful path faster than your competition. Recognizing success and failure quickly is an important skill. You will also be prepared for failure and have backup plans. This will get you used to erring towards boldness and away from analysis-paralysis.
  53. * When you're in a hole, stop digging. If you're in a rut, don't analyze. Instead narrow your focus on one point of ACTION and build momentum on that. Get some blood flowing by running.
  55. * Cut your losses as soon as you find out you're on a wrong path. If you've been buying into the narrative that being the opposite of a bad boy will make you sexually attractive, it's tempting to hold on to this worldview because you've invested in it. Let go of the sunk cost.
  57. * When you're on the way up, that's when you have to step on the gas even more. Keep the good momentum going.
  59. * When you're halfway on the unstable bridge of a ropes course, you need to keep going. It's tempting to stop for a while to triple-check that you've properly landed on the current piece of wood, but exactly that causes you to lose balance. The problem is that you're changing your mindset from MOMENTUM to HALTING, but in order to move forward you need to get back into the MOMENTUM mindspace. It's better to just stay in that mindspace and keep focus on the goal. So you've read about hypergamy? Great, now don't dwell on that topic for ages collecting story after story that confirms it. You've learned the background information necessary to change your life, so go and implement the advice of No More Mr Nice Guy.
  61. * After going through the experience, you say "it's so simple and obvious, doing X is just a slightly different variant of Y!" But it's only obvious in hindsight. Before you had the experience, someone could have given you that very same piece of "obvious" advice and it would have made no sense at all. Conclusion: experience is often a better teacher than analysis. Reflection and analysis afterwards is good, but don't overdo it, and don't assume that your "obvious" pieces of advice will be able to enlighten the unexperienced.
  63. * You don't need a constant conscious awareness of Red Pill theory (male/female behavior, sexual market place, evolved strategies, self deception etc.) or any other theory for that matter. You need to internalize it. Consider the theories you learned at university: when you get to the level of applying them to actual situations (e.g. experiments), you find yourself using the relevant parts on auto-pilot. You don't continually rehearse the whole picture, you just master the specific branches of the theory that are relevant to your research. When you write the theory section of your thesis, you need to actually dig deep in your mind "what was the big picture like again?". Or consider driving: you don't consciously use everything you've learned, because when you try to do that, that's when things go wrong. In the beginning you need to consciously acquire the theories, but when you've mastered them, you use them on auto-pilot. The same applies to Red Pill theory: constantly re-reading the textbooks actually keeps you from mastering it.
  65. * Theories are easy and fun to make up. But in the end, a theory is just a framework to help you remember the things that JUST WORK. A theory is a bundle of experiences, and it's the experiences that really matter.
  67. * The 4 stages of learning: 1. Unconscious incompetence - you don't know that you don't know, 2. Conscious incompetence - you know that you don't know, 3. Conscious Competence - you know that you know, 4. Unconscious Competence - you don't know that you know
  69. * Often, solutions are lost in abstraction. Abstract concepts (the big picture) are intellectually very gratifying, but concrete wisdoms and even stereotypes are usually more directly applicable. They are also mentally less exhausting - that's why stereotypes evolved in the first place, to save mental capacity. So separate abstract thinking from concrete thinking and prioritize the latter when dealing with practical problems. Part of concrete thinking is that you will have to accept empirical "just-so" evidence: if you see that something works, it works - no why-questions asked. This is the mechanism through which unconscious competence operates.
  71. * Save yourself first. Only then can you be effective working on societal issues. Nobody will listen to a loser. You can't effectively communicate information that you haven't yet made peace with yourself. If you see someone fighting societal issues without having inner peace, (s)he's really fighting his/her own inner demons. That's why adolescents are so idealistic, rebellious and always debating one another: they are trying to find peace and a place in the world. Once you have matured beyond that, you have no more need to engage them on it.
  73. * If it were World War II right now, could you rely on your girlfriend not to rat you out to the evil occupying force? Could you rely on your friends to have your back? Would you be a reliable dude for THEM? The guarantees and luxuries of modern life have hidden the relevance of this question of loyalty, but that doesn't mean it has disappeared.
  75. * We live in a society where abundance has made natural selection obsolete, so intense sexual selection games have supplanted the old struggles against natural selection. The standard example of sexual selection is the peacock's tail - it serves no practical purpose, but female peahens like it and choose to mate with males who have an awesome tail, so it stays in the gene pool. This effect is constrained by natural selection: peacocks with tails that are really, really big are super hot to peahens, but they are easily spotted by predators and can't run very well either. Now imagine what happens if you take away all predators and supply an abundance of food to a group of peacocks and peahens. Natural selection won't constrain the sexual selection game anymore, and every new generation of peacocks will have bigger and bigger tails. Useless tails, but that's okay - there is no need to be useful anymore, just hot. Something similar is happening to our human society due to a lack of predators and an abundance of food.
  77. * When groups of adults form for a common purpose, the leaders end up being those who are best at it. The problem with a society without common enemies or goals is, they have no purpose. But hierarchy there must be. And so the members make one out of nothing, based on arbitrary standards (like the peacock's tail). We say that the situation degenerates into a popularity contest. [...] When there is some real external test of skill, it isn't painful to be at the bottom of the hierarchy. A rookie on a football team doesn't resent the skill of the veteran; he hopes to be like him one day and is happy to have the chance to learn from him. The veteran may in turn feel a sense of noblesse oblige. And most importantly, their status depends on how well they do against opponents, not on whether they can push the other down. Sexual selection based hierarchies are another thing entirely. When there's no communal victory to be gained, the only victory left to chase is personal - at the expense of others. This type of society debases anyone who enters it. There is neither admiration at the bottom, nor noblesse oblige at the top. It's kill or be killed. (Adapted from: Why Nerds Are Unpopular, by Paul Graham)
  79. * Women have an advantage in a society where sexual selection games reign. Their innate social value has always given them the upper hand in the popularity contest, but in the past that contest was not the only thing that mattered to a society. Inner-society politics were balanced by the fight against external forces such as natural selection. When the popularity contest becomes the only thing that matters, women gain a disproportionate amount of social power. Female hypergamy dictates that at any point in time, only a minority of the men in a society (~20%) are sexually attractive. The majority of women on the other hand are attractive, just by virtue of being female. A typical woman on a dating site gets 3x as many messages as the most attractive men: that's the power imbalance.
  81. * A man needs a mission in life. You need a purpose, a passion, something to build, live for, strive for, fight for. A mission is the only way you can escape the vagaries and whims of the sexual selection game and enjoy the relative calm of a productive, cooperation-based hierarchy with a common purpose. A man's mission is a source of satisfaction and self-worth that he controls, giving his life meaning and more importantly stability. A man without a mission is an unstable man because he is completely dependent on the fleeting, volatile approval of others for his self-worth. Depending on someone else for your satisfaction in life is a surefire way to end up suffering, especially if you don't have the stable, guaranteed innate value that women can rely on.
  83. * First find out what it is that you want. (Not necessarily what society suggests you should want!) Then, whenever you're spending time on something, ask yourself "does this activity help me achieve my goals?" If reading all this text isn't helping you forward, then go do something else.
  85. * A man should not depend on the fleeting, volatile affections of women for his self-worth. To the outside world, a man is either a zero or a hero and that position can shift rapidly. Female hypergamy means you're either one of the 20% best men in the room, or invisible - and it just takes one hot biker dude to drive his rig into your scene to make you fall from a hero to a zero. The day by day fluctuations are immense for men. For women this is different: they are the valuable sex, having a secure baseline social value just for being women. They can, to some degree, rely on their innate social value. They'll never be a hero like George Clooney, but they'll never be a zero begging for money in the subway either.
  87. * Don't make women (or a woman) the mission of your life. Learn the basics of how to seduce a woman, but don't turn it into your job and profession like "pickup artists" do. Focus on yourself and your mission, and view women as a fun treat on the occasion. You will find stability, and women will be drawn to that. They should be the cherry on top of your cake. If my life is going great, I won't stop myself from meeting women if they happen to be near me. Look at them as an effortless pastime. If it takes too much effort, then don't bother. But if you happen to be at a party, go ahead and chat her up. Remember that in any two-party relationship, the party that cares less enjoys more control.
  89. * Why does this bodybuilder and that wimpy artist get the girl? What do those two totally different men have in common? They both created their own world. The women find the artist interesting and imaginative. The women also find the bodybuilder strong and forceful. They like both. We ridicule "Just be yourself!" as terrible advice. Here is a better translation: Show her the world you have created. If that still isn't working for you, you probably haven't created a world women are interested in. Like tourists on a street full of shops, they pop their head in the door, and do a quick scan to see if anything exciting stands out. If they see something cool, they may come in for a closer look. Assuming your world is exciting, your shop will soon have a lot of traffic. Your goal now is to identify and target the genuine customers and weed out the time-wasters.
  91. * "Being attractive and being "what women really want" isn't going to fill a huge void in your life. Casual hookups? They're pretty fucking empty, by design. Even LTR's are meant to augment your life by giving you a partner in achieving your goals; an LTR on its own isn't going to give you satisfaction. A lot of guys think that if they could just git gud with women, then they'd be happy. That if they could be the coolest and most attractive guy in the room, then they'll be satisfied with their lives. It doesn't work that way. Anyone who thinks that being on the most wanted list is the key to attaining existential satisfaction, is in for a rough surprise."
  93. * If you hate yourself or do not value yourself it’s because you give yourself no reason to value yourself. We don’t just disrespect other people who are low value, but we disrespect ourselves for being low value. (Unless you suffer from narcissism.) If the bulk of your time goes on junk activities, you will be directionless. There will be no feedback loops in your life to give you self-esteem. There will be an absence of activity where you push yourself, see a small gain, get validated by your small gain and then feel the resulting pride that comes from being better at something and seeing yourself grow in some small way.
  95. * As humans, our psychology has evolved around growing, flourishing, actualising. We are meant to live high input, high output. We desire growth and live for growth, for without growth we feel purposeless. In the absence of growth, we flounder. When junk activities start to comprise the majority of your time expenditure you rob yourself of the opportunity to grow. The higher your social value, the more you will come to value your time by merit of recognising your abilities and possessing a resulting self-respect as such. High value or not, we all have a finite amount of time until we die and every second wasted is a missed opportunity feeding into a sense of lethargy and mediocrity.
  97. * Have a fun interesting life. Women will drift in and out based on that.
  99. * Whenever possible, go with the decision that will make a good story.
  101. * Unless you're entertaining a room, ask more than you tell. Everybody likes to talk about themselves.
  103. * Build up some mystery. If she's been a good girl and you want to reward her, then text her to put on her red dress and be ready by 8.
  105. * Nothing is as thrilling to women as that one Man with a Strong presence, intensity, focus.
  107. * Talk slowly and deliberately, people will respect what you have to say. Don't ramble out a waterfall. Waiting to speak is almost NEVER a mistake.
  109. * Walk slowly and deliberately, people will respect you. Don't run around like a nervous teenager who's late for class.
  111. * Don't overdo the above things so as to make them comically artificial.
  113. * Performing in front of a group of people is a panty dropper, the larger the group the better. Doesn't matter if you're giving a speech, doing stand up comedy, playing sports, acting in a play, teaching a class, leading a workshop, fronting a band, whatever. This works because it makes you the absolute center of attention. You are a man with a mission and you take your audience along for the ride. You have invested a lot of energy in yourself and that radiates to your audience. Through your performance you are "commanding" everyone and completely controlling the atmosphere. You appear powerful and important. Everyone in the room knows who you are, like a micro-celebrity. This presses all the social proof, preselection, and dominance buttons that women are wired with. You're also giving something of value ("positive energy") to the audience. Women like to be entertained by a man who knows what he's doing.
  115. * Men will put on their best self to attract a woman, tie her down in a monogamous relationship and then expect her to love him "for who he really is" when reverting back to more unattractive behavior. Do this and women will hate you for it every single time. And they will make you pay. This is why the mentality of "getting women for the sake of getting women" is dangerous - you won't keep up your attractive lifestyle. If women are just a side-product of your attractive lifestyle, none of this disaster will happen.
  117. * When a woman has locked you down in a committed relationship, she will instinctively try to push you towards becoming an unattractive slob. ("Betaization".) It is in the interest of her genes that your behavior be steered towards beta and away from alpha displays, because she wants to keep you as a provider.
  119. * Feel free to pay more regard to the voices of men: not because women have nothing of value to say, but because you are part of a generation that was fed a diet rich in feminine imperative and poor in the balancing masculine view. We are a generation of men raised by women. You don't have to apologise for compensating your worldview. There are many uniquely male experiences that only other men can understand and help you deal with: another reason why you need male friend groups.
  121. * Women always get their emotional support from 10 different sources. Men tend to depend completely on their girlfriend. Don't do this, it makes you vulnerable.
  123. * Any idea you're emotionally invested in, becomes a grappling point for people trying to manipulate you. You're already desensitized to rational thinking by believing in something regardless of evidence, logic and common sense. So you can be made to believe and do other wrong things as well, as long as you are convinced those things will uphold your preferred comfortable world view.
  125. * Not all opinions are equal, so don't value everyone's opinion. Some opinions are well-supported by evidence, others spring from emotional reasons and are enforced by shaming tactics. Always acknowledge what people say as a courtesy, this makes them feel personally acknowledged and avoids unneccesary fights. Acknowledging someone's right to an opinion does not mean you have to give it any weight in your own thought processes, of which you are the undisputed boss. People have a right to free speech; you have a right not to listen to the rambligs of an idiot.
  127. * When you're getting lots of flak it means you're right over the target. If people get really pissed off when certain things are mentioned, you know they don't just disagree - they have an emotional and/or social reason for disagreeing and trying to shut down the conversation.
  129. * Getting drawn into debates with emotionally vested people is like throwing pearls in front of swines. For every rationalization you spend 10 minutes disproving, they will make up another one in 10 seconds. Remember, logic has to follow rules that rationalizations can shit all over. You'll just spend the rest of your life meticulously mopping up other people's shit - and they have no reason to stop shitting. If someone needs to believe something in order to keep their self-image alive, they will. Don't let such idiots with an agenda ruin your day.
  131. * You can fight lies with truth, but it takes 10x more energy to disprove a lie than to make one. That's why the more effective way of dealing with lies is through power. Be willing to cut people who lie to you out of your life, and be the kind of person that people don't want to lose.
  133. * Get rid of your obsession with being right. Being right means nothing. Whether or not people acknowledge you depends more on your social skills and popularity than on the validity of your argument. Getting overly worked up about an argument only harms you because you're losing frame. Always ask yourself: what's in it for me, what is to be gained if I start an argument now? Are there any better ways I can achieve my objective? (Demonstrating instead of explicating comes to mind.) Your objective shouldn't just be to "be right" about something. That's childish.
  135. * Sometimes some insecure cunt will directly challenge you in a social setting (i.e. with an audience). This is a dick move. Their goal is usually to get their feelings validated by an external source. ("If I can kick this guy's ass while he tries defending the idea that women tend to be less funny than men, then I'll have beaten my insecurities and proven to the evil world that I AM FUNNY!") Your goal in this case is to get out of the encounter with your social status and image intact. To do that, DON'T enter an honest and elaborate argument with the idiot (unless you do it so eloquently that the audience is instantly swayed to your side). The insecure cunt would rather escalate, try to draw you into a screaming match, and resort to other dishonest tactics than admit that they are wrong - because to them, admitting they're wrong is like admitting that their emotional insecurities are real and valid. Instead of debating, which they expect you to do, agree and amplify. This throws them off balance. Make the rationalization hamster choke on its own bullshit. Recognize that this isn't a real discussion, it's a power game disguised as a discussion - and play it as such.
  137. * You can tell the size of a man by the things that bother him. Don't ever get angry at an opinion, theory or piece of information. Only emotionally vested people do that: apparently you feel that, if you leave the offending communication unchecked, it gives credence to something that emotionally hurts you. (See points above - don't be that guy.) If you feel anger over information or opinions, investigate what insecurity it touches and privately work on fixing that instead.
  139. * Suppose you were a woman. You'd then have the option of selectively tuning in to all the voices in society that advocate female oppression and all the other things that offend you. This is what feminists do. They ignore that there are many other voices in society advocating the opposite. For ANY existing position, you will find someone broadcasting it. So as a man, don't make that same mistake by tuning in ONLY to the voices of misandry. Society is a wide spectrum of many different voices. It's okay to just ignore some. Remain conscious of the ongoing power games (where the real decisions come from) rather than the ongoing debates.
  141. * When Republican test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by George W. Bush and when Democratic test subjects were shown self-contradictory quotes by John Kerry, both groups tended to explain away the apparent contradictions in a manner biased to favor their candidate of choice. Similarly, areas of the brain responsible for reasoning did not respond during these conclusions while areas of the brain controlling emotions showed increased activity. When subjects were subsequently presented with information that exonerated their candidate of choice, areas of the brain involved in reward processing showed increased activity. "None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged. Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want. Everyone may reason to emotionally biased judgments when they have a vested interest in how to interpret 'the facts.'"
  143. * Arguments are only decided by reason when there are no interests at stake. When there are parties with stakes in the argument, it will always be decided by power and manipulation. Certain facts, statistics and pieces of research will be unmentionable. Participants in the conversation will be shamed into submission.
  145. * Society needs to actively push the blue pill propaganda of settling down and being a good provider husband. If society let everyone be honest to their sons about Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks and the competition for being a top male, then no work would ever get done, most children would be fatherless and we'd still be living in mud huts. No amount of debating and logical arguments is going to change any of this. The stakes are too high. Propaganda is not about truthfulness, it's a power game. You cannot win this one.
  147. * People always got married and especially stayed married for practical reasons. Forget the fairytale foolishness.
  149. * If your wife tells you that she's "with you not because you're the best at sex, but because you're the best overall, you're better than those other guys at a 1000 other things, and sex isn't the end all of a relationship" then that means her Sexual Selection system doesn't see you as any good, but you can do other things well for her (buy her shit, listen to her rants, etc.). Genetically, you're still a low value mate in her eyes.
  151. * Be aware that many people are deceived by their own subconscious, which is an evolved mental mechanism that enables them to more effectively deceive others (you). People lie, and often even believe their own lies. Be firmly grounded in your own reality so you don't take shit from anyone. "As men grow more attuned to the threat of cuckoldry, women should get better at convincing a man that their adoration borders on awe, their fidelity on the saintly. And they may partly convince themselves too, just for good measure. Indeed, given the calamitous fallout from infidelity uncovered -- likely desertion by the offended male, and possible violence -- female self-deception may be finely honed. It could be adaptive for a married woman to not feel chronically concerned with sex, even if her unconscious mind is keeping track of prospects and will notify her when ardor is warranted." (The Moral Animal by Richard Wright, Chapter 3, What Else Do Women Want?)
  153. * Humans in general are terrible at predicting their own future choices, feelings, performance, actions and reactions to situations. We're great at explaining them afterwards, and that 20/20 hindsight makes us overestimate how well we understand ourselves.
  155. * What people tell you about themselves is especially unreliable. As any psychologist or sociologist will tell you, self-reporting is one of the most inaccurate ways to gather information on people's inner lives. Why? Because people believe what they want to believe or need to believe about themselves in order to function. Self-image is often completely out of touch with reality. And I haven't even touched on the possibility that people will sometimes CONSCIOUSLY make false statements on their feelings because they know it is in their advantage to deceive others.
  157. * If a chick EVER insists that you don't need a condom, baby rabies. She may not consciously plan it, but it's a manifestation of her "body agenda".
  159. * A person is not a coherent, homogenous unit or an indivisible entity. One brain is a mixture of many different cognitive processes, and they sometimes contradict eachother. One of these processes may verbally interact with you, while another sends a completely different message non-verbally, while yet another thinks something of you and doesn't communicate it at all.
  161. * When she says she loves you, there is a part of her that doesn't mean it. What she says and what she does are handled by two different departments. They usually exchange information (not always), but they have distinct purposes. Evolution has made sure that each department's protocols, methods and information channels are optimized for its specific purpose. The speech department's end-game is certainly NOT honesty and promotion of truth. The mate-selection department, on the other hand, does want to work with information as accurate as possible. That's why it operates subconsciously - it picks up on queues and uses methods that the speech department is not aware of, because such conscious awareness would interfere with its purpose of spinning the most convenient and convincing narrative. This is why she will never tell you that she judges your performance - but subconsciously, she does. It's just done in another department.
  163. * Don't listen to what she says, look at what she does.
  165. * So your girlfriend is asking if she can go have drinks with her ex? Most men will not tell her directly "I don't want you to do that", instead they'll beat around the bush because they want HER to take the initiative to decline the invitation, because SHE doesn't want to have drinks. The typical boyfriend will say things like "I don't want to hold you back from your friends", and "I can tell you want to go, so go". The deeper problem here is that no amount of conversation will ever reveal what her true intentions are. She doesn't really know those herself! Her brain's Motivation/Desire department operates subconsciously, and her brain's Speech/Propaganda department doesn't get to look at the actual meeting notes. The Desire department just presents the Propaganda department with a done deal, an already made decision (i.e. a feeling) and then gives it the job to come up with a plausible reason to sell the decision. Whatever you ask her, she'll give you a Propaganda story that she herself also believes. The only solution? You need to look at her ACTIONS. The fact that she is interested in having those drinks, says enough.
  167. * When you start dating a girl you might have kids with, make it clear through casual conversation early on that you WILL insist on a paternity test. She's not okay with that? You bail.
  169. * She wants to feel some passion, she wants to feel like a woman, she feels like the romance is gone, she wants to feel wanted... No matter how she dresses up her desires to hide their true nature, they still invariably involve the man carrying the weight of taking the lead so that the woman can enjoy the experience. Dancing is an inhertently sexist activity based on the traditional roles of the pursuing male predator and the flighty female prize.
  171. * When a girl is desperate to keep a long-term relationship, she may decide to suppress, sublime, bury and hide any inclinations that make the boyfriend uncomfortable. For example, any time he mentions that he doesn't like girls who want to be dominated by a strong, confident man - she pretends to him AND to herself that she's not like that. But one day a guy will show up who tickles those urges she thought she got rid of, and next thing you know she's that girl who "didn't know what got into her". Girls who lie about their instinctive urges (also to themselves) are not relationship material.
  173. * She talks to do damage control and soothe your instinctive suspicious feeling, not to convey accurate/honest information.
  175. * Girls who are insecure and lack self-awareness are cheating dangers. If she's in denial about anything, especially about her attraction to dominant men, that makes her susceptible to manipulation. It means she isn't really in control of herself because she doesn't know which triggers drive her. So if you make an observation about something in her behavior (e.g. you fillet me every time I mention a female colleague, but you call me jealous when I ask why you're going to dinner with a male one) and she vehemently denies it, that's a red flag. She has just shown a capability for sticking her head in the sand about her own behavior, which is a very useful skill for cheaters.
  177. * There are two kinds of women: the ones that get hot and bothered for the exciting bad boys who passionately sweep them off their feet, and the ones that don't admit it to themselves so they can keep up the "good girl" image. If you can't deal with this fact, then you shouldn't be in a relationship.
  179. * There are two kinds of men: the ones that fall for women primarily based on their looks, and the ones that don't admit it to themselves so they can keep up the "good guy" image. You should freely admit how important sexual passion is to you.
  181. * Men pretend that a girl has an interesting and valuable personality so they can get sex from her; women pretend that a guy is sexually attractive so they can get emotional and financial support from him. Women can then find an actually sexually attractive man who will fuck them on the side; but men cannot find an actually interesting woman who will also care for them on the side. This is why relationships have an unequal playing field.
  183. * Girls want the cheeky, cocky guy who's fun to be around, and who makes them feel like they must have done amazingly to attain such a guy. Keep that up and she will feel like she has to continue doing amazingly to keep you around. She wants someone she can be proud of, someone that other women want. The guy who shares his feelings with women, is uninteresting. Mystery is food for the hamster, it will make it spin up all kinds of stories about you.
  185. * If you're not exciting and entertaining and stimulating, she's going to get excitement and entertainment and stimulation somewhere else. Since she's a girl, exciting and entertaining and stimulating experiences are given to her free of charge by "those guys" who "just enjoy some harmless joking around, just for fun" (but of course they only do this with girls). This will never change. You either adapt or stop dating.
  187. * Did some guy own the room and make all the girls drool, right in front of your girlfriend? Even if you're Orlando Bloom, one day Justin Bieber will do that to you.
  189. * A relationship is a job for a man and a lifestyle for a woman. As a man, you don't get to relax and "just be in love" - that's a luxury only women get to enjoy, just like being allowed to cry in public. A man in a relationship has to be on top of shit all the time, or face serious consequences. She latches on to him, not the other way around. He leads the dance, she gets to let go and immerse herself in the experience. If you aren't this man for her, someone else will be.
  191. * Women are dream killers. Cautiously indulge in them sporadically. Do it on your own fucking terms. Your mission comes first. Focus on women too much, and they will drain your energy. Don't be a fucking pussy begging idiot. Don't look for a replacement mommy. You are more important than the pussy your dick needs to fuck occasionally.
  193. * All women want to be fucked by confident masculine men, particularly at certain times of the month. If she is together with a "provider" man who just isn't like that, you can bet good money that she's getting alpha cock on the side.
  195. * When you are trying to discover the real sexual past of a potential LTR, you must seem like the non-judgmental guy who thinks there is nothing wrong with being a slut. She must think you are okay with marrying a retired stripper. It's the only way she might let you know the truth.
  197. * She looks innocent? It means nothing. Remember all the innocent girls who had boyfriends that were all over you anyway.
  199. * A girl who is desperate for a relationship will put on her best behavior when the boyfriend or boyfriend material is around. What you need to find out is how she behaves when (she thinks) you're NOT around.
  201. * Sluts will go through the motions of sex, almost robotically. They're just following a well-known script. Sex is nothing special for them, it's often just a means to get what they really want (e.g. keeping you around as a provider). They'll tell you "all this is yours, I'm only for you" when they undress, but it will sound artificial, like an act, like she doesn't really believe it herself, it's just a motion she goes through because she knows it's what you want to hear and it'll get her a nice boyfriend. By contrast, with women who don't easily put out, when they do - you know they really want it. Those girls will be genuinely giddy at the prospect of sex with you.
  203. * That information about her partner history is not important. In fact, it is so unimportant she will lie to everyone, and ask her friends to lie for her too, to keep that unimportant information from ever reaching a man she wants to marry someday. That is how unimportant that information is. She's absolutely not ashamed of it, that's why she doesn't want to talk about it. I once killed a few hookers on a coke binge and I'm not ashamed of it either but I do not tell my girlfriend because honestly it's none of her business. That's who I was then. This is who I am now.
  205. * "If you are planning to build your future with me, your past is 100% my business. Why? Because I want it to be my business. Don't like it? Don't build your future with me. Feel free to leave." Live life on your own terms. Don't settle. Don't get settled for.
  207. * Someone's past behavior is the best predictor of her future behavior.
  209. * "Girl, people who judge your human worth based off of your number are jackasses. But guys who just aren't ATTRACTED to you because of it will make up a significant portion of your prospects. And they're allowed to feel that way. Don't fall into the trap of hiding it just so that you can end up with a guy who doesn't actually like you. In a sense, you do have to accept that your dating pool is reduced, but you'll be happier finding someone who is entirely not bothered by promiscuity, even if that's harder."
  211. * Every age has its taboo topics. Ours is no exception. We are now free to discuss how the earth revolves around the sun, but there are other ideas that cannot even be brought up. Don't let societal shaming discourage you from believing and working with the evidence you see. Be firmly grounded in your own reality which you have investigated carefully.
  213. * "The decadent tactic and regressive culture of constantly claiming offence whilst projecting a facade of calling for tolerance and respect is nothing but pure hypocrisy, opportunism, egotism, arrogance, dishonesty, insecurity, narcissism, ignorance and the manipulative lust for power and control over others."
  215. * Just because you feel offended doesn't mean I did anything wrong.
  217. * If you put it out there, I get to look at it.
  219. * The famous Pavlov's Dog experiment, part two: they rang the bell, then alternated between beating the dog and giving it food. The dogs entered neurosis and many broke down. This is what happens to men nowadays: women send subtle ambiguous signals of interest, then when a man approaches he sometimes gets praised for his "confidence" and "initiative", but other times gets shamed and reprimaned for being a "creep". Do not allow women to ring the bell of Female Sexual Signals and then Beat the Men that respond to it.
  221. * Men being overly confused and careful about female sexuality serves one purpose: it raises the value of female sexuality, and thus enhances women's power in society.
  223. * Whether or not women are offended by overt displays of female sexuality, mainly depends on one thing: is it classy, or not? "Cheap" displays of female sexuality (e.g. attached to an advertisement for a $5 cologne) are misogynist. "Expensive" displays of female sexuality (e.g. attached to an advertisement for $500 jewelry) are "celebrations". The reason? Women want to see the price of their sexuality remain high. It has to be something exclusive, so that they can hold on to the leverage of having something expensive that others desire.
  225. * In practice, communism is over in China. Reality caught up with them. But you can't explicitly say that there, because so many Chinese are still emotionally invested in the concept. So the "Communist Party" and its symbols are kept alive, even though it's not really communist anymore. The same will happen to feminism.
  227. * Like communism, abolishing sex roles is a noble goal in theory, but it just doesn't work in practice because of human nature.
  229. * Know and expect that hamsters are gonna hamst. The closer a topic gets to sensitive existential matters such as status, love, sex, gender roles etc. the more self-deceiving bullshit you're going to hear. Pick your battles wisely: you don't have to confront every taboo and every hamster publically. Accept that it is part of human nature that there will always be emotionally or politically motivated bullshit proclaimed in public without challange, and that it is not your job to correct this. Instead, use taboo knowledge internally in your own mind as a strategy that not everyone is aware of. If you feel the need, discuss it in private with good, stable friends who are on the same page as you. Don't try to defuse every single false truth: there will never be a utopia where humans don't engage in collective self-deception on a massive scale. Self-deception serves a function on some level and society cannot function without it.
  231. * The masses cannot be manipulated easily; but they can be manipulated utterly.
  233. * When you consider how the masses are manipulated by propaganda, you will understand how futile it is to assign any value to the opinion of a stranger (on the internet or otherwise). Hold his arguments in zero regard until he has proven his intellectual merit. (That includes your own arguments.) Whenever you meet a random person online, the chances are much higher that he is using "arguments" to fight his own insecurities, rather than for the sake of actually finding truth. The only reason you should pay attention to the brainwashed masses is to probe which way the current wind blows - so you can smartly adjust your behavior accordingly.
  235. * Women are the safest demographic in society, they have special laws and services specifically protecting them. Men have specific responsibilities such as conscription. So don't let any woman make you feel guilty for your "privilege".
  237. * In most public situations it's better to be to-the-point and funny than elaborate. Nobody in the bar has the time or interest to listen to a 30-minute monologue that meticulously covers all angles of a debate. Agree and amplify. Take the example of Patrice O'Neal. When hamsters are spewing their rationalisations, just laugh and shrug. Display amused mastery: you're above that topic and have no need to discuss it, because you are comfortable in your reality.
  239. * Be unapologetically manly. Don't let random people with an agenda (feminists) dictate your view of reality. Instead, look at men who fully embrace their masculine power without shame, and see the benefits they get for it. Most people enjoy being around these confident, assertive, charismatic and skilled guys, don't they? People will RESPECT you for it, women will defend you for it if you come across as genuine and non-bitter. Women even defended Patrice O'Neal.
  241. * If you try to please everybody, you will end up pleasing nobody. If you defend yourself against everybody's complaints, you will die frustrated.
  243. * Don't justify yourself to people who have already decided on their opinion of you.
  245. * If women were anything like men, then sending a woman a photograph of your erect dick would be a good way to get laid.
  247. * Women think they want to be treated amazingly by someone amazing. Seems obvious, right? However, women will think that a guy is much less "amazing" once he starts doing tons of romantic shit for her. Therefore, one must treat women "okay" in order to keep them interested in the possibility that they might eventually earn the "amazing" treatment. A man's reward should be proportional, and short in duration.
  249. * If you're not bitter about it, you can get a lot of people to acknowledge red pill truths. Entrenched debates ensue mostly when women feel like you're pushing a bitter retaliatory strike on them, painting them as the bad guys. It makes all the difference if you're not bitter but just interested in the way the world works (and willing to accept that).
  251. * Feminism is an equality-disguised expression of the oldest, most fundamental, principle of the human condition: Eggs are valuable. Sperm is cheap. Women matter by default. Men matter only when they have proven their worth.
  253. * Treat women the way other women treat them. In other words, no chivalry.
  255. * A woman's mother is a good indication of how she will become later, both physically and mentally.
  257. * A girl who is not marriage material when she is young will never be marriage material. Don't believe the myth of the "reformed slut".
  259. * Girls of every age are the manipulators far more often than they are the manipulated.
  261. * Unconditional love does not exist. She does not love you for no reason. Being with you gets her something: whether that be domestic bliss contentment or OMG-I-can't-believe-this-is-real excitement, that's up to you. Men have to pay the admission price. Only women get to pay this entry fee with their bodies, and even they have to bring something more to the table for high-quality men. (Be that man who doesn't put up with everything just because of her pussy.)
  263. * Be aware of the female Emma Bovary mating strategy. ("Alpha fucks, beta bucks.") The perfect relationship where two people form a team with completely united goals is impossible. Most of your goals will align, but there will always be diverging interests. For more information, read The Moral Animal by Richard Wright.
  265. * Love is the feeling you get when you think you can't do any better. That's why love is a bluffing game. There will always be younger, better looking, smarter, richer, more interesting people out there than you. So how is it that seemingly regular men are able to make get extremely attractive women to fall head over heels in love with them? Because they are able to convince these women that they are the one with higher value. The minute a woman senses that her value has exceeded her partner's, he's more or less dead to her hindbrain. This is why the beta/BP mindset is so stupid. It asserts that if I hang around long enough, and kiss enough ass, I will eventually be rewarded with some chick's undying love. All those other guys she fucks in the meantime are just "phases." Sit around and wait around long enough and you'll eventually get her without having to work on being a quality guy! But even though the 35 year old chick's value has drastically dropped, she STILL won't love the beta because he will continuously put himself below her, even if his true SMV is higher.
  267. * If you're not exciting and stimulating, the only reason any girl would want to be with you is for your stability.
  269. * Being in charge costs more energy than following because of choice fatigue. The choices you have to make or questions you have to answer during the day fatigue your brain. Even something as simple as choosing what to wear is stressful, which is why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same outfit everyday. The most basic and common fights start when someone asks "so what do you want to have for dinner?" It stresses people out when they have to take the responsibility of making decisions.
  271. * Choice fatigue is why girls actually like it when you simply tell them what to do, instead of asking.
  273. * Don't invest your energy directly in women. Invest it in yourself and let it radiate from you towards women. (E.g. invest in becoming a musician, then perform.)
  275. * Instead of using your energy to aim a tractor beam at a specific girl, invest your energy in yourself so that YOU grow. Eventually girls will be pulled in just by your gravity, without much active work on your part. You won't have pursued her, everything will happen because that's "just who you are".
  277. * An investment in yourself is always a smart decision, but the more you invest in someone else, the more you stand to lose when they leave. Investing in someone else just makes you more dependent on them.
  279. * You'll never have a 100% guarantee that she won't become a net negative influence on your life, e.g. by cheating, or abusing you, or neglecting you, or talking shit about you behind your back, or leeching off your energy without reciprocating. You do have a 100% guarantee that YOU will be faithful to yourself. So invest your energy in yourself, not in her. You can cut her out of your life when necessary, but you will always have to live with yourself.
  281. * "Man suffers only because he takes seriously what the gods made for fun." (Alan Wilson Watts) Don't take women too seriously, and don't value them too highly. They don't deserve a pedestal. Amused mastery is your friend.
  283. * Take women off the pedestal. They have turn ons just like us but instead of tits and ass it's power and fame. If you've ever had a friend with a bit of fame, he can tell you how women are completely disgusting pigs. They are worse than perverted men in their desperation. It just takes an elite male to bring it out of them. They're sexual beings with near limitless sexual options, and that makes them nastier and freakier than you can imagine. How sober would you be if you lived in a liquor store and the owner said,"everything's a dollar!". You should have seen the 20 to 30 year old women at a concert by Mr Handsome Jake Owen. It's like they're fucking hypnotized, swooning like 12 year olds. There's an old dude on the crew who goes around collecting bras and panties after each gig. And Jake Owen really makes it rain underwear.
  285. * When a girl says she's a "freak in bed" that means she wants to be TREATED freakishly, not that she wants to ACT like a freak. Actually girls aren't wild animals themselves, they are LOOKING FOR a wild animal to fuck them.
  287. * With the right kind of guy, every woman wants to be submissive in bed. This is the kind of sex they enjoy the most, but also feel most ashamed about.
  289. * If she doesn't enjoy being dominated by you in bed, then you're either not "that guy" or she's not feeling comfortable enough to trust you with that desire. For most girls, your dominance is only enjoyable when it is credible: if you're shorter and weaker than her she KNOWS she could overpower you and that's a turnoff.
  291. * Unable to get in a sexually dominant state of mind? Don't enjoy degrading her? You unlock this ability in your mind outside of the bedroom, when you start experiencing being "that guy" who charms all the girls. Thats when they fall off the pedestal that keeps you from dominating them. You have to experience this power flip: first the girls could make you or break you with one word, now it's the other way around.
  293. * Your girl is replacable; your reputation is not. Girls get feelings for a guy when they see how much other girls are into him. So if you let your girl disrespect you, e.g. by being the guy who gets cheated on for 2 months, that sends the subconscious message that you're dating out of your league and you're not that great of a catch after all. You'll find that girls somehow don't dig you anymore when you have this reputation.
  297. * You cannot expect a woman to be your true confidant, your soul-mate, and your respite to lean upon during the stormy times in life. Hypergamy dictates that if you want her to be attracted to you, you have to take up the leading role. If she loses confidence in and respect for you, she will go about illustrating her resentment by making your life as miserable as she possibly can. This may be one of the hardest lessons for a man to learn in life because it turns the whole notion of modern love as an equal give-and-take relationship upon its rear. The implications can be rather depressing, as it means that on a certain level a man will always be alone. A parent who expects their child to be their equal friend to lean upon for support, will also find himself sorely disappointed. The child instinctively expects the parents to be superior and to cater to her needs. The reverse will only result in a resentful child and a heartbroken parent. Although a child really likes hearing that she is as mature as an adult (and thus can go to bed as late as she wants), she merely wants lip-service: the moment you start actually holding her to adult responsibilities, resentment kicks in.
  299. * When your girlfriend calls and acts all sad or upset for no reason, the worst thing you can do is take her seriously and make a big deal out of it. She is looking for someone to take the pressure off. She is looking at you to take her hand and ground her in reality. So if you take her sadness seriously, then the message she receives is that there apparently really is a good reason for her to be sad! I'm not saying you should dismiss her emotions. You're walking a thin line: on one hand you need to acknowledge how she feels and make her feel understood, but on the other hand you need to be the cheerful optimistic guy so she can join you in that state of mind. What she wants to see is a man who understands how she feels, but who knows and shows that it's going to be all right. So you distract her and show her the good sides of life by telling an engaging story, dancing with her, whatever works for you.
  301. * Don't let overly needy women abuse you and suck the energy out of you. Like children, you support and guide them, but you do hold them to a certain standard of self-reliance. If she's calling you crying about something every day, don't be her Oak Tree. You have better things to do.
  303. * If a lot of women want to fuck a man, it means he is in the top 20% most attractive men. If a lot of men want to fuck a woman, it means she is a woman. This is why male sluts are respected.
  305. * If men could spend one day in a woman's body... they'd fuck half the town and be frustrated with how cold their hands and feet keep getting. If women could spend one day in a man's body... they'd walk out of the house feeling like they own the world, ready to finally be the privileged fucker who gets to objectify women and conquer them with his dick. Then they'd fail horribly at seducing anyone, be surprised at how nobody gives a shit when they walk into a bar, be upset at how invisible they are and how nobody cares, and be insulted at how entitled and superior women suddenly act. After 23h of this shit they'd be so frustrated at their utter inability to get laid, that they'd haul their miserable asses to a whore house since it's the only way they could get any action.
  307. * Every time a woman exercises her "independence" at the expense of her man, she is sabotaging her own sexual attraction to him. Every time a man meekly defers to his wife, submitting to all her decisions, he squashes his own sex life.
  309. * Little boys get browbeat by women and on television they see grown men browbeat by women. Many have fathers browbeaten by their wives. It can make men never realize that the rope tying their foot to a post was only strong in their youth. Now that you're a grown man, try saying something edgy to a girl. On a date and she's on her phone instead of making an effort at conversation? "Wow you're really interesting." She: "really, you think so?" You: "No! Not really." Then you'll see that the female wrath you feared so much, is not so powerful anymore now that you are a valued man.
  311. * Low SMV guys can't win by mate guarding harder. It simply confirms their low SMV. The ONLY strategy worth pursuing is to gain status, get a toned body, cultivate passion in some talents, then have your girlfriend/wife see how many other women are interested in you.
  313. * What girls tell you about themselves often does not match up with their actual behavior. What they tell you is how they would like to see themselves; how they behave is how they really are. For example, she gives you the impression that she's strong, shows you her black belt in martial arts, saying she can defend herself. Then when she hears a noise in the middle of the night, she gets scared and will feel protected only if you take charge of the situation. (But she can't verbalize this and hence won't tell you explicitly.) If you don't take charge and instead expect her to follow up on her words, she may feel resentment towards you that she herself cannot rationally understand. The underlying question her subconscious is asking you: "Are you confident enough in your understanding of the world and of me, that you know what will make me feel happy and safe better than I do?" She wants you to "just get it", despite all the misinformation. Her emotions operate by the rule that, if you have to be taught how to be an attractive man, you're not the real deal.
  315. * The unicorn girl whose ultimate thrill is to just cuddle at home with her reliable but boring partner doesn't exist. Sure, many girls choose to cuddle at home with such a guy. That doesn't make them unicorns, because their hindbrains will still respond well to the excitement of being taken along on an exciting guy's adventure. They're still women, they're still hypergamous, and they still follow the Bovary strategy (AF/BB). Social status is a big factor of attraction for women. If you want her to be sexually attracted to you, you will have to be exciting and stimulating. End of story. If you're boring, you will at best be the provider guy with her PRETENDING that she thinks you're hot.
  317. * So you've seduced many women, but "this one is different". What's different about it? That she's yours? Please. You gamed her, but any guy with similar skills can do the same thing.
  319. * Women pick the men that get to have their pick of the girls. It's like they collectively elect a few Kings among all the men, and then each woman hopes that one such King will choose HER of all women to be his Queen.
  321. * Women hate stable, unless it is the stable Beta Bucks that allows her to seek Alpha Fucks.
  323. * She desires and pushes for you to become consistent and predictable. This is her version of conquering. If she never feels like she's conquered you, she will always want you. These are the women who will make a big show of saying, "Ok, I'm done having all this sex with you. I've found a guy who can be a good provider and father, he treats me right and pays for all our dates and brings me flowers. I'm going to start a new life with him." And a month or two later, she's back in your bed screaming because there's just something so "magnetic" about you and she "can't figure you out".
  325. * A woman would rather be beaten to death than bored to death. Seen on a confessions website: "My husband suffers from PTSD and used to hit me. Now we're in counseling together and we are doing great a year later. But I secretly miss the aggressive, passionate sex we used to have before the meds mellowed him out so much."
  327. * If you’re fit, successful, socially apt, and in possession of useful and interesting skills and hobbies, you should be able to have a decent life without women. Women would rather line up to be the gravy on your awesome life than be the main course, featured on the otherwise empty plate of a loser.
  329. * The era when men courted women is over. We're in the age of building attraction and escalating that into sex. You don't do that by being a gentleman, you do it by being fun and exciting and stimulating and mysterious and impressive and challenging and maybe a little dangerous.
  331. * Don't look for a mother-figure in your partners. Instead, become your own father figure. Find that parental authority and stability in yourself.
  333. * If the boyfriend insists on being vulnerable, some women switch into caretaker mode, and that destroys all sexual chemistry. A woman may enjoy the process of discovering a man’s vulnerabilities (so she can set her hooks in him) but she doesn’t want the full level of responsibility. Her man is her rock & oak tree, not her child needing nurturing and protection. She wants to be the little girl. The man being emotionally dependent on the woman is the worst place for him to be in.
  335. * When a girl feels her passion for a guy waning, she will slowly emotionally detach herself from her boyfriend over the course of months. During all those months she'll never mention anything to the guy. She's covertly preparing for a break that is as easy on her as possible. When she's finally ready to tell him it's over (which is usually when she is sufficiently assured that a new guy is interested), she can immediately move on.
  337. * Don't immediately confront someone when you are suspicious or have a small amount of unclear evidence. They will become more private, secretive and learn how to hide things better.
  339. * When a cheating girl gets caught, she often first scrambles to try and make it official with the hot lover. Usually that fails, and then she crawls back trying to patch things up with the original beta boyfriend, the safe backup plan. Anything is better than being alone.
  341. * The absolute worst thing you can do to a girl is "nothing" her: zero emotional reaction, utter abandonment. If you get angry, she will use that to spin her internal narrative so that she isn't the bad guy. She only cheated because you are angry and abusive. But if you give her the perfect poker face and only 4 or 5 chillingly calm words, she will have very little ammunition to use when trying to fight her own guilt. That's what will destroy a girl inside.
  343. * When a woman fails at climbing the corporate ladder or at launching her career as a comedian, she can blame sexism and the glass ceiling. When a man fails, he is not allowed to blame anything but himself. Men are expected to succeed against all odds, and it has always been this way. Failure in a woman is considered as "not so bad", because at least she still is a (valuable) woman.
  345. * Your girlfriend fears and/or doesn't like your mother because your mother knows what kind of shit she pulled on your father, and fucking nobody is allowed to do that to her son.
  347. * Society protects women without question and rejects, or at least abandons, men who cannot protect themselves. Also without question.
  349. * The world is not looking out for you. Even your own tribe isn't looking out for you, they are looking out for their women and children and expect you to do the same. When a woman accuses you of rape with no evidence except her word against yours, who will everyone believe? This is the lot a man has to bear in life. To compensate for it, life made you less emotional and more capable than those women who need protection.
  351. * Every cooperation, partnership or pair bond exists because both parties derive benefit from it. The partnership is possible because most of your interests align: in 80% of the cases, what's best for her is also best for you. But for the other 20%, there is a mismatch of interests: either party A benefits at the cost of B, or party B benefits at the cost of A. This sets the stage for a tug of war where both parties try to finetune the details of the partnership to their benefit. Usually, the person who is the least dependent on the partnership (most willing to blow it up) wins the 20%. Although both parties benefit, the winning party benefits more.
  353. * Nobody has your interests on priority #1 except you. Your parents have your interests on #2 or #3 (after their own, which usually align with yours). Your partner also subconsciously prioritizes your interests after her own and her family's.
  355. * In every couple, one person is always slightly pining while the other is settling.
  357. * "Once you accept women for what they are you will learn to appreciate them in ways you never dreamed possible before. The way a real smile differs from the fake shit you get every day. The way her body just seems to slide perfectly into your favorite sexual position because she's realized what you like. The way she responds when you remain stoic in the face of her capricious whims. Women are great if you let them be."
  359. * Trust your instincts. Your gut feeling is usually right about shady girl behavior. Your brain tries to deny it, because that's how you have been conditioned by the feminine imperative. The blue pill dream says: women are noble loving honest creatures, she would never do such a thing. She deserves your trust so you should definately not investigate these red flags. Instead talk to her about your worries. (So that she can go ahead and hide the evidence.) If you see the red flags and refuse to believe she's cheating on you, I know a Nigerian prince who's got a great business opportunity.
  361. * Society spends most of your life programming you to ignore your instincts. "You're just being untrusting, you should trust her", "That's just irrational, I'm sure there is a logical explanation and you'll laugh about it", but yet, when these suspect things happen it seems there is always fire to the smoke. Most guys have a fairly good understanding of what is real and what is just being unrational, but the world has a habit of telling them that their observations aren't real. The human brain runs millions of calculations a second, most of which we'll never consciously be aware of. Just me standing in my kitchen, holding my phone and typing this is nothing short of amazing. When your brain/instincts/guts tell you to run, just fucking run.
  363. * "You're making a big deal out of it; it's just a phone number!" That shit IS a big deal if you say it is.
  365. * If there's an asshole guy in her life and it's not you - watch out. If he were a loser who acted like an ass she'd just call him a loser. The fact that she calls him an asshole means that she cares about how he treats her. She longs to be treated well by him, because she values him on some level. The chase is on.
  367. * When it comes to relationships, your end goal is not to keep your girlfriend/wife with you. Your end goal is to keep a high SMV (sexual market value). A high SMV ensures that your girl will stay, and if not, that you will find another one. With a low SMV, even if she stays, it won't be genuine (since she won't be attracted to you) and you'll constantly fear losing her. So even in a relationship, your focus should be to maintain and increase your SMV.
  369. * Reputation is everything. When people try to fuck you over, be prepared to cut them out of your life or fight them if necessary. If you establish a reputation as a pushover, you become a target for bad things. The opposite is also true: when people treat you well, be willing to reward them generously. (But don't reward people for no reason.) If you establish a reputation as a generous friend, you become a target for good things. So tip well in a restaurant, for example.
  371. * You teach people how to treat you. If somebody pulls a trick on you and you don't call them out on it, you're sending the message that this is normal.
  373. * You teach people how to value you. If you have internalized the belief that women are superior creatures, you'll supplicate to your girlfriend and shower her with attention. She will get the message that you're not such a catch after all, and your attention will be like water to her: she takes it for granted, but gets upset when it stops freely flowing in her direction.
  375. * Waterworks are easy for a girl and years of experience have taught her that when she cries, people will come to her aid and give her what she wants. The correct answer to her "I'm sorry" is "What are you going to do to prevent this from happening again?"
  377. * When a woman likes a man, she looks up to him and treats him like a king, yearning for his approval. All the other men she looks down on and expects them to reverentially kiss her ass, treat her like the queen she is, etc.
  379. * When a woman likes a man, she's constantly trying to prove herself to him, afraid that he'll think of her as childish, not good enough, pathetic, and so forth. Her fear originates in PROJECTION, because that is exactly how she looks down on the lowly guys that like her, and how she thinks those guys should be behaving towards her.
  381. * Donald Rumsfeld said once that weakness is provocative. Women understand and respect power when they see it, and will then allow themselves to treat you reasonably. If they see a lack of it, they will not stop themselves from using you for free meals, free rides, and so forth.
  383. * People's feelings are always in the present. They care less about your past failures to achieve than you think. If you show up successful the next time, that will be the reality they remember the most. Past success is not a guarantee for the future, but likewise past failure does not doom you forever. For example if you've failed to answer people's messages for a few days, if you get back on track they'll have forgotten about it in no-time.
  385. * Being a man is a high risk game - you either win big, or you lose big. You're either a hero or a zero. You can either engage in the harsh competition, or be a chump.
  387. * "Rules are for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men." Rules exist for pragmatic rather than absolute moral reasons. They are pragmatic because they benefit whoever instated them or pushed for them, more often than they are harmful. Some rules are meant to be broken by a certain selection of people who qualify. For example, when an unattractive man initiates a flirt with a woman at work, he is a "creep" and may get reported for harassment. When the man is attractive, it's extra hot to her because he was so confident that the risk of getting reported did not repel him. In this case, the rule against harassment serves as a filter to weed out unattractive guys - it owes its existance to that pragmatic effect, while the morals that people cite (and believe!) are only used to justify it. If they really believed in those morals, they would also report the attractive guy to HR. But instead they fuck him. Conclusion: the rules and morals are just tools.
  389. * The rulebook should only be broken by people who have first understood and mastered it.
  391. * Follow the small rules and you can break the big ones.
  393. * Your body and mind are tools that need to be used and maintained with care. Don't abuse or overload them by endless exercise without rest. Endless thinking is also overloading! If you only care about it when it's broken, you don't deserve it at all.
  395. * The same thing is true for your status and social standing. If you only care about it when it's broken, you don't deserve it at all.
  397. * Eat well, don't forget the proteins. You will feel more energetic.
  399. * You cannot control which thoughts pop up in your head, but you can control which thoughts get to stay to be taken seriously. Meditation teaches you to let thoughts appear and to immediately let them fly out of the back door again, without judging or engaging them.
  401. * The veneer of civilization is thin. Look at how fast things get out of hand when a minor disaster strikes, let alone in places like Africa. That's why every man needs some experience with fighting and other primitive skills. It doesn't even take a disaster for you to be confronted with this part of human nature - just a night in a neighborhood with a lack of police, or a heated exchange in a bar. Don't fool yourself into thinking the state protects you 24/7. Don't fool yourself into thinking gender equality is still a thing when shit hits the fan. There are no feminists in a burning building, sinking ship or bar fight.
  403. * Just the knowledge that you would be able to fight should it ever be necessary, will change the way you interact with the world and the way the world interacts with you. The Mutually Assured Destruction doctrine wouldn't have worked if the US or Russia had dismantled all its nuclear arms.
  405. * The more you hang out with a crowd, the more you'll become like them. Hang out continuously with internet crowds like Reddit and you'll be overly serious and offended at everything. Hang out continuously with 4chan and you'll be lazy and weird.
  407. * If you keep hanging out with a crowd you've surpassed and grown out of, you will stunt your growth and stay on their level. If you want to grow, hang out with people who are better than you and who are sympathetic to mentoring you. Or even just one such person.
  409. * Beware for narcissism and narcissistic withdrawal in yourself. People who are highly successful get used to the large amount of praise and attention. When their external validation stops (e.g. right after a star's tour around the country) their dopamine levels drop and they get withdrawal symptoms.
  411. * This is your life, if you don't want to marry her / live together / have children / whatever, that is your right. You don't need to provide a reason to a committee who accepts or rejects it. (Hint: she and her friends will try to be that committee.) Do not let people shame you into giving up your right to making your own damn life decisions. It's always courteous to give a reason when you're breaking up with someone, but the moment that person starts disagreeing with your reasons (i.e. challenging your right to making your own decisions), that's the moment he/she loses eligibility for such courtesy.
  413. * "If you really loved me, you would do X for me." is the classical line of emotional blackmail. Clearly set and defend your boundaries.
  415. * Men are overt, women are covert. A girl will just do what she wants and take her chances that you'll not notice or stay silent about it. She'll do her thing as stealthily as possible. If you ask any questions about it, she will mislead you and divert attention away to something else (e.g. "why are you not trusting me?"). That's why the man needs to ACTIVELY maintain his boundaries. If you aren't calling her out on bullshit, that means she's getting away with bullshit.
  417. * She has to feel a little discomfort, because if she's 100% comfortable, that means you're taking all the responsibility and making all the compromises while she has to put in 0 effort. If you hold a person to a standard, they will face some level of pressure. A completely comfortable wife means a wife who is not held to any standard.
  419. * All your words, gestures and actions within your relationship can be perfect, but if you don't have status, it will fail. Telling her "I believe in you!" when she's feeling insecure before an important presentation at work means nothing to her when you are a jobless loser. She will only feel encouraged and supported when this is said by someone whose advice people respect. If that's not you, then it'll be her professor who she "maybe thinks is a little bit attractive".
  421. * You will always depend on a few people in life. Many great jobs are found through the recommendation of a friend who already works at the company and is willing to vouch for you. Neighbors have skills you are less talented in. This is not a problem as long as you choose the right people to depend on, keep your boundaries and treat them right. The latter requires that you also have something to offer, i.e. have your own unique skill.
  423. * Be generous with your time, but only to those who have deserved it. Treat the rest with firm boundaries: don't let them manipulate you into listening to their yapping for hours or doing free stuff for them. In other words, don't be a pushover. Realise that your time is valuable.
  425. * Smile and be friendly to people who have deserved it. Treat the rest with a firm and confident common courtesy. Get rid of the supplicating smile that screams "please like me!".
  427. * Give and perform from a confident position of abundance, not from a supplicating position of need (for approval or acceptance).
  429. * Demonstrate, do not explicate. Be awesome, don't tell everyone you're awesome.
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