Heist Time

Apr 10th, 2013
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  1. [01:14:09] <Giantree> The thing I'm HOPING to do actually involves convincing Fenna to stay with Eiko and become buddy phantom thieves, because considering her personality that is UNSPEAKABLY CUTE to imagine.
  2. [01:14:37] <castfromhp> >Phoenix
  3. [01:14:39] <Giantree> Before we left Lindblum the first time I really wanted to ask if Nat could help Eiko steal shit but all my hints got ignored and our leaving town was totally rushed
  4. [01:14:45] <castfromhp> >All about FLASHY FIRES and SHINY FEATHERS
  5. [01:14:49] <Giantree> yes isn't that fucking kawaii?
  6. [01:14:51] <castfromhp> >chirps all the time
  7. [01:14:53] <castfromhp> >be a good thief
  8. [01:14:59] <Giantree> Yeah but see
  9. [01:15:05] <Giantree> she could have a cool-sounding thief name
  10. [01:15:06] <Giantree> like...
  11. [01:15:19] <Giantree> oh my god Eiko is already 'Canary' they could both be birds
  12. [01:15:27] <Giantree> IT COULD EVEN BE ABSOLUTELY BLATANT
  13. [01:15:31] <Giantree> SHE COULD GO BY 'PHOENIX'
  14. [01:15:33] <Giantree> NOBODY WOULD KNOW
  15. [01:15:50] <castfromhp> Also, Titan would be the funnier phantom thief.
  16. [01:15:57] <castfromhp> STOMP STOMP STOMP
  17. [01:15:59] <castfromhp> CRASH
  18. [01:16:00] <Giantree> it would be all four- five of them
  19. [01:16:00] <castfromhp> SNATCH
  20. [01:16:05] <castfromhp> STOMP STOMP STOMP
  21. [01:16:05] <Giantree> maybe six if madeen wants to come
  22. [01:16:09] <Giantree> but I mean
  23. [01:16:11] <Giantree> no think about it
  24. [01:16:16] <Giantree> she rides on fenrir to make getaways
  25. [01:16:27] <Giantree> titan... titan can actually go underground
  26. [01:16:28] <Giantree> and like
  27. [01:16:30] <Giantree> do breakins
  28. [01:16:46] <castfromhp> I think you have to think of this more in terms of the roles in a heist. Lemme pull up that one thing I had.
  29. [01:16:59] <Giantree> ok that sounds better than what I was coming up with already
  30. [01:20:20] <castfromhp> Okay, so you need a Grifter, who is the social person who gets to know the mark and finds vulnerabilities or aspects of their personality that can be taken advantage of. I can ACTUALLY see Fenna pulling this off by being all innocent and shit.
  31. [01:20:51] <Giantree> God she's even more oblivious than Natbuncle has been though
  32. [01:20:57] <castfromhp> A Hacker is someone who, well, hacks shit. Though in this context you would have someone who disables magical defenses rather than electronic ones, most likely. Eiko would PROBABLY handle this?
  33. [01:21:19] <castfromhp> Though she's also probably the Handler, the one who coordinates and plans everything.
  34. [01:21:36] <castfromhp> makes sense though, cause if she has an idea of the defenses, then she can also coordinate everyone to deal with them.
  35. [01:21:50] <Giantree> Yeah, I don't doubt the Bunc could try at that, I mean
  36. [01:21:52] <castfromhp> (btw if you wanna follow along I'm just reading the glossary of terms in the Fate Crimeworld preview~)
  37. [01:21:58] <Giantree> being 'the eidolon of fucking over spellcasters' and all
  38. [01:22:03] <Giantree> oh THAT'S where it is
  39. [01:22:04] <Giantree> I was like
  40. [01:22:07] <castfromhp> Titan would be the HEAVY which is just as it sounds
  41. [01:22:08] <Giantree> "fuck I know I've read this before"
  42. [01:22:55] <castfromhp> And then of course you have the person who actually goes in and physically infiltrates to get the Score.
  43. [01:23:20] <Giantree> and Fenrir is stuck being the getaway vehicle
  44. [01:23:22] <Giantree> poor doggy
  45. [01:23:29] <castfromhp> Yeah, I could see Nat doing the Hacker thing while Eiko herself sneaks in to grab the Score. She'd use the summoner horn to coordinate it all too.
  46. [01:23:47] <Giantree> ... okay what page is it on again?
  47. [01:23:53] <Giantree> oh yeah, you're right
  48. [01:23:58] <Giantree> the horn DOES cheapen everything
  49. [01:24:02] <castfromhp> It's the very beginning.
  50. [01:24:06] <castfromhp> THE LINGO
  51. [01:24:13] <Giantree> oh there we go I found it
  52. [01:24:22] <Giantree> 'Glossary' always makes me look at the back
  53. [01:24:25] <castfromhp> So yeah, Eiko would be the Box Man and the Handler at the same time.
  54. [01:24:32] <castfromhp> Assuming Nat is the "Hacker".
  55. [01:24:58] <Giantree> yeah, I can see that
  56. [01:25:26] <castfromhp> Though for the sake of excitement I could see the roles swapped just so Nat ends up actually being the one to pick locks and grab shit and whatnot.
  57. [01:25:47] <castfromhp> If you somehow dragged Ammy into it, she'd be the Grifter.
  58. [01:25:47] <Giantree> yeah
  59. [01:25:57] <Giantree> yeaaah
  60. [01:26:00] <Giantree> though I AM, you know
  61. [01:26:12] <Giantree> imagining that Titan burrows a way underground
  62. [01:26:14] <Giantree> and they like
  63. [01:26:22] <Giantree> laser a whole in the floor to get into the building
  64. [01:26:25] <Giantree> (guess who does the laser)
  65. [01:26:28] <Giantree> >whole
  66. [01:26:29] <Giantree> goddamnit
  67. [01:26:48] <castfromhp> lol
  68. [01:27:10] <castfromhp> I could see that, but Eiko would probably coordinate it from a balcony the next building over and remotely disable spells as you ran into them or something.
  69. [01:27:25] <Giantree> yeah that would be the most badass thing ever
  70. [01:27:27] <Giantree> but
  71. [01:27:37] <Giantree> it's guaranteed to just be handwave/offscreen though
  72. [01:27:42] <castfromhp> Or you'd have to do acrobatic maneuvers and use reflect and shit to get through a field of laser traps.
  73. [01:27:50] <Giantree> 'cause there's no way the lindblum trip will be "more than one side-session"
  74. [01:28:06] <castfromhp> While at the same time Eiko is furiously "hacking" the magical defenses to disable the laser corridor.
  75. [01:28:15] <Giantree> that is maximum kawaii
  76. [01:28:55] <castfromhp> And it'd be all really tense cause you have to keep making increasingly difficult checks while watching Eiko make her opposed Lore: Magic checks or something to reach a certain number of opposed successes before you can have the field disabled.
  77. [01:29:14] <Giantree> so why don't you want to run crimeworld again?
  78. [01:29:19] <castfromhp> Meanwhile, Eiko is giving you real-time feedback on whether or not Fenna is successfully keeping the guards away from their patrol.
  79. [01:29:23] <castfromhp> (Who said I don't?)
  80. [01:29:31] <Giantree> (The fact that you haven't tried it yet!)
  81. [01:29:57] <Giantree> Fenna's role sounds more and more spot-on the more I think about it though
  82. [01:30:01] <Giantree> because she would be so comically bad at it
  83. [01:30:02] <castfromhp> And while it's still possible to get by when the guards are on patrol, it's a lot harder and so you have to coordinate to make things easier for Fenna too by creating targeted distractions that let her guide the guards elsewhere.
  84. [01:30:07] <Giantree> but being comically bad is being good
  85. [01:30:13] <castfromhp> Yes exactly.
  86. [01:30:39] <castfromhp> Titan moves SLOWLY underground so what he can do is occasionally provide you a tunnel to bypass an area or escape quickly, but you have to let him know in advance where to do so.
  87. [01:30:57] <castfromhp> And so you can have scenes where you have to stay hidden from a patrol of suspicious guards until Titan can arrive to bail you out.
  88. [01:31:04] <castfromhp> And you have to think in advance of where to have him go, etc.
  89. [01:31:04] <Giantree> Hmm, IS there anything for the dog to do besides be the getaway vehicle?
  90. [01:31:22] <Giantree> kinda cheap though to think that we're all like
  91. [01:31:24] <castfromhp> Honestly? Probably not, aside from patrol the outside.
  92. [01:31:26] <Giantree> superpowered magical creatures
  93. [01:31:45] <Giantree> so we have RIDIC illusions and other magics- oh I guess it could technically be an antimag field
  94. [01:31:48] <Giantree> since those are a thing
  95. [01:32:01] <castfromhp> Nah more like rich supermagical noble.
  96. [01:32:24] <Giantree> well that would just give us MORE incentive to disguise ourselves with illusions or magical invisibility or etc
  97. [01:32:33] <castfromhp> That's the point.
  98. [01:32:35] <castfromhp> Magic vs magic.
  99. [01:33:00] <Giantree> Yeah I'm just sayin' we're FUCKING EIDOLONS so we're too good for this
  100. [01:33:06] <Giantree> the failure rate is "not high enough to matter"
  101. [01:33:14] <Giantree> unless it's the Glutton
  102. [01:33:25] <castfromhp> Eh is that really the point though?
  103. [01:33:31] <castfromhp> It's just shenanigans.
  104. [01:33:35] <Giantree> that's true
  105. [01:33:49] <Giantree> if anything it's adorable to- OH RIGHT
  106. [01:33:50] <Giantree> I FORGOT
  107. [01:33:54] <Giantree> THEY'RE ALL AMNESIACS
  108. [01:34:00] <Giantree> +200% incompetence
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