Scaly Wind Monster x Androgynous Flying Horse Rider C-B

Mar 5th, 2013
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  1. [00:11:46] <Sylpi> WELL a question first, you think Ash would take Thor out for rides?
  2. [00:11:51] <Sylpi> You know, in a... non-combat situation.
  3. [00:11:57] <Ash> Probably.
  4. [00:12:00] <Sylpi> Excellent.
  5. [00:12:48] <Sylpi> One such fine day, and a windier one than normal at that, you swear you see something to the side in the sky every now and then, trying to keep up!
  6. [00:13:17] <Ash> ?:?
  7. [00:14:00] * Ash shrugs and keeps flying, halfway patrolling around the camp, but mostly just enjoying the ride.
  8. [00:14:57] <Sylpi> It shows up to the left.... to the right! After a moment the wind becomes unnaturally heavy, like there's suddenly a storm starting up without warning or somesuch.
  9. [00:15:42] <Ash> "Uh oh."
  10. [00:16:03] <Ash> "Better fly lower, Thor. Don't want to get swept up in a sudden storm."
  11. [00:16:04] <Sylpi> Suddenly a DRAGON flies up to the side.... is it winking? It looks like it's determined, trying desperately to outglide the pegasus' wings.
  12. [00:16:13] <Ash> !!!
  13. [00:16:17] <Ash> "ACK!"
  14. [00:16:19] <Sylpi> "GWAAAR!"
  15. [00:17:00] <Sylpi> .... But try as it might, and even with cheaty wind trying to blow the winghorse back, the beast just doesn't quite outpace Thor's.
  16. [00:17:35] <Ash> D:
  17. [00:17:40] <Ash> "Go faster, run!"
  18. [00:17:58] <Ash> Thor tries to speed up, Ash is starting to panic a bit.
  19. [00:18:10] <BlendedSolosis> run!
  20. [00:18:13] <Ash> "Dragon dragon dragon!"
  21. [00:18:37] * Sylpi shifts to the side and keeps trying, wings beating in desperation now. Considering it's barely bigger than the pegasus itself this is probably the wimpiest-looking dragon ever. Wimpier than the ones there are probably books about anyway.
  22. [00:19:27] <Sylpi> "Raa.... aaarr...." It lets out a roar but the second half of it sounds more like a girl's voice. Giving up, the monster starts to drop out of the sky and make a nose-dive toward the ground.
  23. [00:19:35] <Ash> ??
  24. [00:19:59] * Ash looks back and realizes that the dragon isn't chasing him anymore.
  25. [00:20:17] <Sylpi> The wind stops and returns to being clear weather... comparatively, anyway.
  26. [00:20:23] <Ash> "Wait... didn't the lord just recruit a...? Oh dear!"
  27. [00:20:48] <Ash> Is she falling like aaahhh help me I'm gonna die falling or just showing off?
  28. [00:20:54] <Sylpi> The latter for sure!
  29. [00:21:03] <Ash> :I
  30. [00:21:10] <Sylpi> It looks like it just got bored and stopped chasing.
  31. [00:21:22] * Ash heads down to a grove of trees down below and lands, looking up at the dragon.
  32. [00:21:40] * Ash calls up, "You shouldn't go sneaking up on people!"
  33. [00:22:08] <Ash> "You nearly scared the pants off me."
  34. [00:22:40] <Sylpi> The dragon's watching too and descends the same time he does, actually crashing on the ground and then curling up. Wrapping itself in its wings, it unfurls them to emerge in the form of a young girl. "Ughhh! Sylpi just wanted a race, that was all!"
  35. [00:23:12] * Sylpi shakes her head and blinks her eyes a couple times. The fact that they're radically different colors makes no sense. "And you get to win... this once! Just this one time!"
  36. [00:23:34] <Ash> "Good for you. If you wanted a race you could have asked for one instead of giving me a heart attack."
  37. [00:23:34] <BlendedSolosis> accounting for the operating on a heart attack.
  38. [00:23:42] <Ash> "You're the manakete. Sylpi, right?"
  39. [00:24:09] <Sylpi> "Oh, well, she didn't decide she wanted to race until she saw you flying. THAT'S when it looked fun!" She puts her hands to her hips and nods. "That's right, Sylpi is Sylpi!"
  40. [00:24:35] <Sylpi> "And you're..." She looks like she's talking to the horse all of a sudden.
  41. [00:25:39] <Ash> "I'm Ashley. This is Thor. And who are you talking about when you say "she?" I didn't see another person here."
  42. [00:26:43] <Sylpi> "Hmm? What do you mean who's she talking about? Sylpi is Sylpi, and when she says 'her' she means herself, right?" She gives Thor a greeting that almost looks a bit formal, then turns to Ash and narrows her eyes. "Don't you get it?"
  43. [00:27:09] <Ash> :/ "How unfortunate. I do."
  44. [00:28:28] <Ash> "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Sylpi, It's my first time meeting a real dragon. Did you need anything from me, or just racing?"
  45. [00:28:56] <Sylpi> "See, that wasn't hard at all! But of course she does... both of those things actually." Still handhipping, she spins around in a little circle, wings a-fluttering. "Okay, Thor! You're fast, but Sylpi was the fastest in her clan!"
  46. [00:29:29] <Sylpi> "So she DEMANDS a rematch sometime." Flutter flutter. "DEMANDS. That means you can't say no or she'll cut your wings off!"
  47. [00:30:01] <Ash> "Hey, I'm up here. If she wants a rematch she talks to me."
  48. [00:30:19] <Sylpi> "Huh? Why doesn't she talk to the one with wings?"
  49. [00:30:43] <Ash> "And don't talk about cutting his wings off so casually! Honestly!"
  50. [00:32:09] <Sylpi> "Well," her wings flutter again and she makes one of those animu poutyfaces, "That's why it's a challenge! If it doesn't sound serious it's easier to say no."
  51. [00:32:21] <Sylpi> "And what kind of a LOSER says no to challenges?!"
  52. [00:32:54] <Ash> "It's my job to take care of Thor. I take care of him and he helps me in battle. That's the deal. If we race, it's both of us racing, that's all."
  53. [00:34:04] <Sylpi> "Hmmm..." Sylpi ponders for a moment but nods. "Okay! Then it's a challenge to both of you, next time. Got it? You won't back out, right?"
  54. [00:34:33] <Sylpi> Flutterflutterflutter. Her wings are flittering about more like an excited bird than a dragon. But they're totally dragon wings.
  55. [00:34:54] <Ash> :I "As long as you give me ample warning next time, we would be happy to race you."
  56. [00:34:55] <BlendedSolosis> i'm thinking about how pure she is midnight bliss to turn the technical win at least, with ample jugs of liquid metal wolf chaos
  57. [00:35:37] <Ash> "Backing down from a challenge is something I don't want to be known for."
  58. [00:36:12] <Sylpi> "'Kay~!" The dragongirl nods enthusiastically, turning around and flapping her wings as she dashes off to get a running start. "Just like Sylpi doesn't want to be known for losing- so, she was tired this time, that's all! She'll come see you when she's ready!"
  59. [00:36:36] <Sylpi> Giggling, she starts levitating and then curls into dragonform in midair, flying off into the middle of nowhere.
  60. [00:36:40] <Ash> "I'm sure she will," mutters Ash.
  61. [00:37:05] <Sylpi> Aaaaaand that's </C>?
  62. [00:37:21] <Ash> What's your affinity?
  63. [00:37:26] <Sylpi> Wind, of course~
  66. [00:44:50] <Sylpi> An unspecified amount of time later...
  67. [00:45:52] <Sylpi> ... Actually, Ash and Thor rest separately at night when there's a camp set up, right? Gotta wonder if he's silly enough to sleep in the stables or something first.
  68. [00:46:20] <Ash> Yeah. Thor sleeps in the stable with the other horses.
  69. [00:46:31] <Ash> Ash sleeps in the barracks
  70. [00:46:43] <Sylpi> Okay, then it's only Ash that gets subject to constant nudging.
  71. [00:46:52] <Sylpi> SOMETIME AT CAMP
  72. [00:47:44] * Ash is apparently sleeping?
  73. [00:47:47] * Sylpi barges into the barracks/tent/etc. Fortunately, the darkness makes it more difficult to look at her impossible eyes, but either way Sylpi's obnoxious nagging voice meets Ashley waaaay into the night.
  74. [00:47:53] <Sylpi> "Now!"
  75. [00:48:26] <Sylpi> "Now now now now!" He's assaulted by being rolled around by... claws? Nope, they're hands.
  76. [00:50:36] <Sylpi> This dragon was apparently cautious enough to not make a racket that would wake the others up, speaking in a pseudo-whisper. But there's still a hint of excitement in her voice, and she's wearing the same outfit as usual which is probably a bit chilly at night.
  77. [00:50:45] <Ash> "Uggghhhh."
  78. [00:50:49] <Ash> "What time is it?"
  79. [00:50:50] <BlendedSolosis> can i cancel it?
  80. [00:50:58] <Sylpi> No, you can't, Blendy. Be quiet.
  81. [00:51:17] <Sylpi> "Who cares about that? Sylpi decided this was the perfect time so she picks NOW! Get up, get up!"
  82. [00:51:30] * Sylpi grabs him by a wrist, :Ding.
  83. [00:51:58] <Ash> "Go away. It's the middle of the night. We have training early."
  84. [00:54:01] <Sylpi> :< "'Backing down from a challenge is something 'Eye' don't want to be known for,'" she rattles off in a voice that's intentionally mocking, hands already at her hips. Her nails actually do look a little claw-ish at closer glance.
  85. [00:54:20] <Sylpi> "Wasn't that what you said? So does that make you a liar? Or is it a forfeit?"
  86. [00:55:07] <Ash> "It makes it midnight! Come back in the morning after tea. We can race then."
  87. [00:55:48] <Sylpi> "Hmph~" She spins around, streamer-ribbon-things at her back exaggeratedly flapping around. Her wings do a single excited flutter too. "Yep, sounds like a forfeit alright. Guess she's got her title back. That was easy! Didn't even have to stretch her wings!"
  88. [00:57:00] <Ash> "Ughhh!" he cries suddenly, "I certainly hope you did that on purpose!"
  89. [00:57:33] * Ash sits up on his elbows, "Choosing the absolute WORST time just to have a clear advantage over me? It would be brilliant if it weren't infuriating."
  90. [00:58:14] <Sylpi> "Nyeeeeeh," she spins around and sticks her tongue out. Flutter. "Well, last time she was tired too! So it's ooooooooonly fair!"
  91. [00:58:43] <Sylpi> That's the wings fluttering, of course, not the tongue. A fluttering tongue would be weirder than her heterochromia.
  92. [00:58:49] <Ash> "Well no wonder you were tired if you're up and about at all hours of the morning."
  93. [00:59:04] <Ash> "Why don't you get some sleep?"
  94. [00:59:39] <Ash> "You're going to be useless in a fight if you stay up all night and make yourself exhausted."
  95. [01:00:04] <Sylpi> "Sleep?" She giggles like he just told a funny joke. "No way, this is the best time anyway! Everyone's quiet, nobody shooting any arrows or yelling..."
  96. [01:00:36] * Ash is lecturing out of sheer annoyance. He's wearing one of those beauty-masks and has it raised up with a hand to look at her.
  97. [01:00:56] <Ash> "Everyone's quiet because they're trying to sleep."
  98. [01:01:05] <Sylpi> "Besides, nothing can ever make Sylpi useless." Oh man he's cute. Regardless, Sylpi flexes an arm a bit, perhaps tauntingly. "Dragons are always strong!"
  99. [01:01:46] <Ash> "Whatever you say. Congratulations. You won the race. I am beaten oh the humanity."
  100. [01:01:47] <Sylpi> "So, if they sleep all the time, that means humans are always weak?" Now both her wings stretch straight out.
  101. [01:02:32] <Sylpi> "Oh, okay!" The dragongirl accepts the victory happily(?), turning around and taking a few steps. "Now she's got..."
  102. [01:02:45] <Sylpi> "... A bunch of hours of being bored."
  104. [01:03:07] <Ash> "GO TO SLEEP"
  105. [01:03:39] <Sylpi> "Okay, she'll have to tell Thor about the loss too~" Poutyface... she's grinning underneath it though. "After she went out of her way to ask him first and everything..."
  106. [01:03:50] <Ash> "You..."
  107. [01:03:53] <Ash> "Wait."
  108. [01:04:09] <Sylpi> "Hmm?"
  109. [01:04:11] <Sylpi> :3
  110. [01:04:19] <Ash> Up goes the beauty mask again, "What about Thor?"
  111. [01:05:05] <Sylpi> "Well she was all, 'Now's a good time, how about now?' and he was like 'Neiiiiiiiiiiiigh!' and obviously that means 'Yes.' So..."
  112. [01:05:27] <Ash> "Neigh doesn't even mean yes in english." :I
  113. [01:05:41] <Ash> "And where is Thor right now?"
  114. [01:06:09] <Sylpi> "Well, he looked bored in there so she asked if he wanted to spread his wings first..."
  115. [01:06:23] <Ash> D: "You let him out!?"
  116. [01:06:40] * Ash jumps to his feet suddenly, Jeeze!
  117. [01:06:42] * Sylpi wingspreads again. "Why not?"
  118. [01:07:29] * Ash rushes past the dragon and out into the open air, calling "Thor!"
  119. [01:08:13] * Sylpi follows out, excited as a dragon gets- and a bit curious since she has no idea where he actually went after that.
  120. [01:08:31] <Ash> D:> "Thor!"
  121. [01:08:35] <Sylpi> Who knows, maybe he DIDN'T go anywhere?
  122. [01:09:05] <Sylpi> "Well he's gotta be waiting, that way we can..."
  123. [01:09:16] <Sylpi> "..."
  124. [01:09:38] <Sylpi> "He IS just gonna stretch his wings, right?"
  125. [01:09:39] <Ash> "Pegasus are DAYTIME flyers you little idiot!" cries Ash as the dragon comes up, "They fly by the sun!"
  126. [01:09:59] <Ash> "He's blind out here. Go find some torches. We need to lead him back to camp!"
  127. [01:10:06] <Kraken> (Way to interrupt Thor's lewd fun times with Hal- I mean...)
  128. [01:10:41] <Sylpi> "Blind...?" Sylpi's wings droop a little. "Uh, but the race was a big thing! He can't just run off like that!"
  129. [01:11:21] <Ash> "UGH!"
  130. [01:11:34] * Ash goes to find a torch and lights it, waving it around and calling out Thor's name
  131. [01:12:22] <Ash> Eventually the wing-horse swoops down and lands next to Ashley, shivering but fine
  132. [01:13:09] <Sylpi> "Hey, what was that for?" The whole time, Sylpi was looking... a bit guilty? Nah, couldn't be! She looked like she was about to say something before the horse landed, but now she's just pouting at him.
  133. [01:13:26] <Sylpi> "Didn't you even hear what Sylpi SAID?"
  134. [01:13:30] * Ash is super relieved.
  135. [01:13:45] <Sylpi> "'Don't go anywhere, we'll be right back!'"
  136. [01:14:07] * Sylpi makes quotation fingers by the by.
  137. [01:14:43] <Ash> "Listen, you!"
  138. [01:15:04] <Ash> "I can appreciate that you want to be friends or whatever but this was too much!"
  139. [01:15:06] * Sylpi only gives a little attention, still intent on believing the pegasus understands her scolding.
  140. [01:15:19] <Sylpi> "Friends? Nuh-uh! We're RIVALS!"
  141. [01:15:25] <Ash> "Oh for...!"
  142. [01:15:55] <Sylpi> "Normally Sylpi eats his kind for lunch, he should be happy she's even THIS grateful!" She folds her arms and hmphs, turning around.
  143. [01:15:56] <BlendedSolosis> to be fair, i doubt there's any xmen from lunch, then
  144. [01:16:14] <Ash> "DON'T... DON'T... DOON'T Touch Thor without my permission, you understand?"
  145. [01:16:42] <Sylpi> "... 'Kay." After a bit more pouting her wings drop in defeat. Or, fold up, rather.
  146. [01:17:20] <Sylpi> "Fine, the rematch can be put off this time, but make sure he stays healthy UNTIL then, okay? D-Don't let him do STUPID things like running off!"
  147. [01:18:16] <Ash> :I
  148. [01:18:19] <Sylpi> :<
  149. [01:18:42] <Sylpi> "And... And she'll ask during the day, fine. She'll prove she can win no matter what!"
  150. [01:18:45] <Sylpi> "No! Matter! What!"
  151. [01:19:10] * Sylpi gets another running start and levitates off in humanform. Before going she flashes Thor back a face that says 'sorry' though.
  152. [01:19:18] * Ash doesn't say anything else, just sighing, before he leads Thor back to the Stables, "Good NIGHT Sylpi."
  153. [01:19:38] <Sylpi> "Nyeh!" And.... gone.
  154. [01:20:25] <Ash> (:B Pretty unlikable)
  155. [01:20:31] <Sylpi> (Thanks~)
  156. [01:23:26] <Ash> So that's /B
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