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  1. [SIZE="3"][CENTER][B]WELCOME![/B]
  2. We offer Rainbow Six Siege Level 30 accounts & Platinum/Diamond/Champion Ranked accounts!
  3. Our Rainbow Six Siege accounts come at Level 30 or above, & the account is fresh and ready to go. Perfect for your alternative or smurf!
  4. We have had over [B]150+[/B] successful transactions with [B]100% positive feedback[/B]![/SIZE]
  6. [IMG][/IMG]
  8. [SIZE=6][B][IM=5170662]>> ADD ME ON IM <<[/IM][/B][/SIZE]
  11. [SIZE="3"]◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥
  12. [B]Steam/uPlay Level 30 ::「Ranked Ready」::「Full Account Access」[/B]
  13.  ━━━━━━━
  14. [COLOR="Green"]$19.99[/COLOR]
  15. ━━━━━━━
  16. [B]Extras [/B]
  17. +15,000 Renown :: [COLOR="Green"]$12.99 [/COLOR]
  18. +450,000 Level XP :: [COLOR="Green"]$6.99[/COLOR]
  20. ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥
  21. [B]Steam OR uPlay Ranked Smurf ::「Ranked Ready」::「Full Account Access」[/B]
  22. ━━━━━━━
  23. Platinum III Ranked Account :: [COLOR="Green"]$44.99 [/COLOR]
  24. Platinum II  Ranked Account :: [COLOR="Green"]$59.99[/COLOR]
  25. Platinum I   Ranked Account :: [COLOR="Green"]$69.99 [/COLOR]
  26. Diamond    Ranked Account :: [COLOR="Green"]$79.99 [/COLOR]
  27. Champion  Ranked Account :: [COLOR="Green"]$119.99 [/COLOR]
  29. ◤━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━◥
  30. [B]Rainbow Six Siege Win Boosting[/B]
  31. ━━━━━━━
  32. Gold or below :: [COLOR="Green"]$3[/COLOR] per win
  33. Platinum III :: [COLOR="Green"]$4[/COLOR] per win
  34. Platinum II :: [COLOR="Green"]$6[/COLOR] per win
  35. Platinum I :: [COLOR="Green"]$8[/COLOR] per win
  36. Diamond :: [COLOR="Green"]$10[/COLOR] per win
  37. Champion :: [COLOR="Green"]$13[/COLOR] per win
  39. ━━━━━━━
  40. [B]Placement Matches[/B]
  41. 10 Placement Match Wins (Platinum 3) :: [COLOR="Green"]$25[/COLOR]
  42. Custom Placement Match Wins :: [COLOR="Green"]$3[/COLOR] per win[/SIZE]
  46. [SIZE=6][B][IM=5170662]>> ADD ME ON IM <<[/IM][/B][/SIZE]
  48. [spoiler=Vouches (40)]
  49. [quote=ninjaa43;37669287]+vouch sent money then he gave me my account info i recommend u buy +++++rep[/quote]
  50. [quote=Neuroxium;37701886]+vouch bought 2 Accounts, no Problems at all![/quote]
  52. [B] ******* --> [url][/url][/B]
  53. [quote=Vezzo]+1 legit bought 2 accounts[/quote]
  54. [quote=CroNiX]+1 bought 1 account went first.[/quote]
  55. [quote=Expect]+1 verry fast, will buy again[/quote]
  56. [quote=Expect]+1 Bought 2 accounts, working like a charm[/quote]
  57. [quote=RiskyCake]+1 very fast and stupidly efficient[/quote]
  58. [quote=weasel]Bought an account, got exactly what I paid for hella cheap[/quote]
  59. [quote=christopher]bought an acc - reply time was fast and product delivery was even faster[/quote]
  60. [quote=Neuroxium]+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast[/quote]
  61. [quote=Mega]+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast[/quote]
  62. [quote=Riptide]+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast[/quote]
  63. [quote=Limerence]+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast[/quote]
  64. [quote=JesusIsGay]+1 bought 1 account,  got details very fast! Excellent![/quote]
  65. [quote=Atom]+1 bought 1 acc, got details everything went smooth and quick![/quote]
  66. [quote=Trulee]+1 bought 1 account, responded swiftly, recommend![/quote]
  67. [quote=Jmo]+1 bought 1 account, got the Details fast[/quote]
  68. [quote=esor]+1 started a chat at 12:19 and received the account at 12:23 extremely fast and highly recommended[/quote]
  69. [quote=johnystamos69]Bought an account, immediate and great service![/quote]
  70. [quote=Zeyfu]Great customer service, answered all of my questions and had fast delivery![/quote]
  71. [quote=Trulee]Twelve in the morning and this man still responds within one minute, what a wizard.[/quote]
  72. [quote=chief]bought an account yesterday, everything seems good!.10/10[/quote]
  73. [quote=Weeaboo Slayer]working[/quote]
  74. [quote=lando43]works :100:[/quote]
  75. [quote=YeezAE]Vouch[/quote]
  76. [quote=ℌ����������������������������]Works fine[/quote]
  77. [quote=TFG]This man is all around a great guy ! the account works great and ive been smacking famous streamers all morning !
  78. Honestly great service and he is willing to work with you .
  79. 20/10 service . Thank you for everything its been a pleasure![/quote]
  80. [quote=GrizzlyBear]Definitely 100% recommend I’ve searched online for hours and he has the best prices too[/quote]
  81. [quote=nam]vouch :)[/quote]
  82. [quote=Jxrdn]vouch 110% legit[/quote]
  83. [quote=Riptide]It's been a while since I bought a account but let me just say in case anyone has any doubts at all. In all honesty you will probably not find a better deal for a smurf. You are literally buying the game because the lowest version of this game costs $20 but if you buy this smurf then you get that plus a ranked ready account that you have full email access to and you get like 6 DLC ops to start with. Most other places try to charge you $30-$40 for a smurf. This is low of a price you can give. He is also 100% legit. Not one person has ever get scammed and no one ever will. I trust this sells with my life, that's how confident I am that he isn't ever gonna scam. There isn't a better place to buy accounts on the internet as far as I can see. So if you have any doubts at all you can message me and I will give you all the proof to show you he is legit.[/quote]
  84. [quote=TommehzUK]I have purchased two accounts using this service one via uPlay and one via Steam and both were delivered within minutes i would recommend anyone to use this service as it is quick and easy and you can use easy payment options such as paypal[/quote]
  85. [quote=Squishy Banana]10/10 Bought smurf, definitely trusted[/quote]
  86. [quote=Rough476]A solid service provided by a trustworthy guy, 10/10 would recommend.[/quote]
  87. [quote=ArayniMax]Fast and friendly: 10/10[/quote]
  88. [quote=FPSJaws]Fast very nice and good to work with 10/10 would recommend[/quote]
  89. [quote=NiBba MikeHawk]1010/[/quote]
  90. [quote=JT]instant delivery, no problems at all. I recommend[/quote]
  91. [quote=CrockDan]10/10 fast and trusted![/quote]
  92. [quote=Ricky]8/10 took only 20-ish minutes for the lvl 30 account. Unfortunately no operators but that's okay.[/quote]
  93. [/spoiler]
  95. [/CENTER]
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