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  1. Runa took a deep breath. This was not good, it was the two individuals who her Father pointed her to. Two individuals that her Father had trust in the strength to protect her in things went wrong. And now, they seemed to be fighting. And from the sight, she saw currently, it was more than likely to death. "It should only be fair..." A soft whisper escaping from her before her Tenseigan activated. Enhancing her sight even more through the animals around her.
  3. A single thought running through her head. 'If one shall fall, then both shall be on even grounds. A fair fight is what will be had.' And with that, she focused on Ban's very life force. Aiming to cause it to explode, and for his youth to be restored to him, just as she had done for Ming. She would not allow this to be so heavily skewed in the favor of Ming, for what she did to him. No, she would aim to make it as fair as she could.
  5. There was no bias from her for either individual. She saw them both as figures with the strength to protect her from even individuals like Rangar. And if they do not end up fighting? Then, she would not regret her choice. For it was something she intended to give Ban in the first place. She just hoped that this was all the right choice.
  7. "Ullr, we will head to Arcadia soon. Make sure you're ready, ok?"
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