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  1. [21:33:13] DuLciKa > i just recognise the name
  2. [21:34:31] Nostradamous > all I care about is getting to fly the ship I want to.....Though I have to say, we have decided after that domi fight, if we fly shinies, WE ARENT ACCEPTING FW PILOTS!!!!......
  3. [21:34:47] Nostradamous > domis land on us on gate and half the fleet warps to station and docks....
  4. [21:35:02] Nostradamous > turned out to be most of the non alliance members in fleet
  5. [21:35:07] DuLciKa > lol
  6. [21:35:37] Nostradamous > even our guardians arent cheap at this seeing half the fleet warp off and me getting tackled made the evening some what fun
  7. [21:35:55] Nostradamous > ofc it wasnt my guardian (alliance ship) so I wasnt too woried ; D
  8. [21:36:01] DuLciKa > whats the fit??
  9. [21:36:41] Poision Kevin > so bad
  10. [21:36:47] Poision Kevin > we burned away from them
  11. [21:36:54] Poision Kevin > the primary obviously got primaried
  12. [21:36:59] Poision Kevin > getting webs etc
  13. [21:37:02] Poision Kevin > got out of rep range...
  14. [21:37:10] Nostradamous > ummm, dont really remember T2 rigs, and a deadspace tank....dont really remember, I just get in it and rep/give cap to who ever im supposed to
  15. [21:37:11] Poision Kevin > and people fucking failing at RR
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