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  1. Mr. I'm Smurt and Know What You're Doing's Dox
  2. Real Name: "Bella Baldwin"
  3. Birthday: "April 13, 2002"
  4. Relationship Status: "Is probably dating some soylent cuck at this point, beats me who though."
  5. Current Location (Dad's): "Hull, Illinois"
  6. Muh Dad Cockslaped Me Out of (Mom's): "Quincy, Illinois"
  7. Mother's Real Name: "Amanda Nichols"
  8. Has Sister: "No, it's some adopted little nigger, lol Tyrone ran for it like usual. -#justsinglemothers"
  9. Has Brother: "Confirmed."
  10. Instagram: ""
  11. Instagram mirror: "FB Jews Won't Allow That"
  12. TikTok: ""
  13. TikTok mirror: ""
  14. Mom's Facebook: "" - Get fucked, lol.
  15. Mom's Facebook Mirror: ""
  16. Facebook: ""
  17. Facebook mirror: ""
  18. Facebook mirror #2: ""
  19. Respect to her fathur. Dominated that little whore and her hole of a mother. Nice work, my hat is off to you my nigga. :)
  20. PayPal E-mail: "" - Old e-mail address of her mom's. PayPal name is also her mother's not hers.
  21. A Known IP Address: ""
  22. Phone Number+Telegram: "+12174900906" - Careful will be shutdown and rage tapped. :^)
  23. Discord: "Samthefurrytrash#3888"
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