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  1. d a z ★ t o r a: i GOT  A 10 INCH WUN
  2. giant弁retarded務dragon官: cockjoke.jpeg
  3. d a z ★ t o r a: inyourmouth.gif
  4. giant弁retarded務dragon官: fuckyou.png
  5. d a z ★ t o r a: ohsoyoudontwantthisfigurethen/mov
  6. d a z ★ t o r a: fuck slash
  7. d a z ★ t o r a: aaaa
  8. giant弁retarded務dragon官: too many files
  9. giant弁retarded務dragon官: ctr alt del
  10. d a z ★ t o r a: :C/programfiles/daztora/hot4u/youdontwantthisthen.mp4
  11. d a z ★ t o r a: DEFRAG
  12. giant弁retarded務dragon官: C:/programfiles/dickhead/learntofilelocation/idontknowhowtosenditeither.exe
  13. d a z ★ t o r a: Air mail?
  14. d a z ★ t o r a: http://www.hongfire.com/cg/showphoto.php?photo=198140&title=moonlight&cat=6
  15. giant弁retarded務dragon官: Could easily fap to this
  16. d a z ★ t o r a: ragnarock online lol
  17. giant弁retarded務dragon官: I played that shit on a private server
  18. giant弁retarded務dragon官: for like one night
  19. d a z ★ t o r a: so many cyber sex
  20. giant弁retarded務dragon官: i'd cyber her sex whateverthatssupposedtomean
  21. d a z ★ t o r a: Theres a picture of her actual ingame model in the comments
  22. d a z ★ t o r a: no pants
  23. giant弁retarded務dragon官: totally legal
  24. d a z ★ t o r a: http://www.hongfire.com/forum/member.php/485005-DazTora , lol never on it now
  25. giant弁retarded務dragon官: ass rock shooter
  26. giant弁retarded務dragon官: as in her ass makes a rock out of my shooter
  27. giant弁retarded務dragon官: I am a fucking natural.
  28. d a z ★ t o r a: yes
  29. d a z ★ t o r a: Ill ask mum later how I can send it
  30. d a z ★ t o r a: doubt it be expensive
  31. d a z ★ t o r a: you can walk round it in a day
  32. giant弁retarded務dragon官: bomb in church
  33. d a z ★ t o r a: cheap
  34. giant弁retarded務dragon官: clap your hands three times and say there's no place like malta
  35. d a z ★ t o r a: yellow bomb road
  36. giant弁retarded務dragon官: yellow with all the piss and vomit from drunken teenagers
  37. d a z ★ t o r a: changed since i was 17
  38. d a z ★ t o r a: Do you still have waitresses that offer little square chips with your meal with a bit of flash that give you a slight hint of a blowjob later
  39. giant弁retarded務dragon官: That's most teenage girls nowadays.
  40. d a z ★ t o r a: Nah man just waitresses
  41. d a z ★ t o r a: like 20 odd year old ones
  42. giant弁retarded務dragon官: Of course you have to be as big as Chris Redfield if you want to be noticed.
  43. d a z ★ t o r a: Yeah I got a bit of attention
  44. giant弁retarded務dragon官: I never knew you were a refregerator with watermelons injected in your arms.
  45. d a z ★ t o r a: Bit innapropriate to be getting sucked off though when your mum and grandparents are there
  46. d a z ★ t o r a: no matter how good the meal is
  47. giant弁retarded務dragon官: Good around your dick.
  48. d a z ★ t o r a: dat steak
  49. giant弁retarded務dragon官: steak around your dick
  50. d a z ★ t o r a: uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
  51. d a z ★ t o r a: Why dont you quote this gold
  52. d a z ★ t o r a: favouritist
  53. giant弁retarded務dragon官: How the fuck am I going to fit all of this shit
  54. d a z ★ t o r a: Thats what she said
  55. giant弁retarded務dragon官: Fuck you quoted.
  56. d a z ★ t o r a: Huzzah
  58. giant弁retarded務dragon官: I'm surprised too considering it's owned by Valve
  59. giant弁retarded務dragon官: lolgabeisfatjoke
  60. d a z ★ t o r a: Steam Profile Episode 3
  61. giant弁retarded務dragon官: Worth the weigh
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