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  1. GoldenRaven  he bit his lip looking at the other male then back up to her as he smiled softly "please let me put your big cock in my little throat pussy~" he opened his mouth sticking his tongue out
  2. KonaKin: That's the boy I know ♥
  3. Mals1: hmm, maybe for a little bit? ;3
  4. Mals1: *motions for him to come closer* No hands tho, you said mouth~
  5. Mals1: Kona, hold his hands behind his back~
  6. GoldenRaven  he scooted forward toward her him looing up as he stood at the bottom of the table him kissing around her tip slowly as he nodded putting his hands behind his back opening his fingers for the other male to intertwine his fingers with him
  7. KonaKin: ~I giggle softly as I scoot behind Gold, reaching down for his wrists to hold them behind his back~
  8. Mals1: *steps to the edge of the table, letting him touch my heavy hot cock with his lips. Kissing around, causing my shaft to slowly engorge and harden with gentle throbs. My hands play with my tits over my bra*
  9. GoldenRaven  he looked up at her him smiling as he watched it grow infront of him as he now took his turn him leanindown kissin gher heavy balls as he sucked softly on them kissing up the underside of her cock as he blushed softly as he got to the tip his tongue wrapping around it slowly as he then took her tip softly suckling on it as he reached up wanting to intertwine his fingers with kona
  10. KonaKin: ~I move my hand around so his fingers can lace in between mine while I hold his arms back, my head leaning to the side a bit to watch as he kissed and suckled on the girl~
  11. Mals1: *As my cock grows its strange demon features become more obvious. mainly the lustful heat radiating from it and lumpy ridges on the underside that get larger towards the base. My Heavy balls hanging, warm to your lips as you kiss them so lovingly before licking at the head and finally suckling. Moaning a little as i grin with my lower lip between my teeth*
  12. GoldenRaven  he smiled as he was sucking softly on her tip seeing kona look from behind as he turned his head letting her tip rub up aginst his cheek as he wanted to show him how good of a boy he could be for the beautiful demon girl as he started sucking taking about half of her at first gaging a little bit blushing pulling away breathing quickly pushing himself all the way down onto it not gaging this time
  13. KonaKin: Look at him ♥ He's so cute when he sucks cock ♥
  14. Mals1: *my thick cock sinking half way, my hands stay back to let him suck, letting him get the most out of his touching Mals time. Giggling as he gagas and pulls off, needing go breath for a second and then attacking and burying my thick cock inside his squeezing throat. Lifting a little on my hooves, i moan out as my fingers pinch my nipples, pressing my hips foreward and leaning into his hungry lips*
  15. GoldenRaven  the male didnt stop as he held himself down on her cock him looking up into her eyes his eyes were a soft purple as he showed her how much he was enjoying her cock buried into his throat as he slwoly began to pull off her cock the thick lines of saliva following from her base to his lips as he moaned softly only her tip was in his lips as he seen her pinch her nipples his cock was throbbing under his skirt
  16. Mals1: Such a good boy~ Getting hard from burying a cock down your throat *Rolling my hips around, My cock still throbbing agaisnt his lips, filling them with my precum leaking head. The lightly cinnamon flavored pre quickly hitting your attending tounge, sending the addictive tingly sensation across your tounge and down your throat*
  17. GoldenRaven  he tasted the precum as his eyes almost formed to a heart him now wanting to taste even more as he began to bob his head up and down over her tip him making a slobbery mess of himself as he drooled all down all over his chest him panting through his nose as he was making lew slurping sounnds as he moaned aginst her giant meat rod
  18. Mals1: *my cock throbbs agaisnt your quickly bobbing and suckling mouth. Leaking more precum as i edge closer and closer to cumming. My tail swaying side to side, spreading my legs, leaning back a little as i throw my head back. Groaning as the boy turns his mouth into a cocksleeve. Letting him feed his own lewd hunger. Feeling your drool trickle and splatter down on my balls and theighs, your moans filling the room*
  19. Mals1: Thats it, suckle Malsy!~ Shes gonna cum so much for you~~
  20. KonaKin: You hear that Gold? SHe's gonna fill you with her cum ♥
  21. GoldenRaven  the male looked up his bangs falling over his eyes as he was panting him feeling her cock throbb and grind in him as he panted him blushing as he then took her once again deep into his little throat pussy him gurgling as he closed his eyes his tongue rubbing around the base as he panted his hands squeezing konas as he blushed trying to speak but only a bunch of mumbled slured words coming out of his throat
  22. Mals1: *finally unable to resist i reach down, grasp two handfulls of your soft hair, curling my fingers through it.* Cumming!! *I yell out as my balls lift up in the same moment as a huge shot of jelly like jizz is launched out of my cock deep into his hungry throat. The sudden pressure pushing him back off my cock, my grip on his head pulling his face deeper onto me. Making the pressure inside him rise, forcing cum from his nose and filling his sinus's as i bury my shooting shaft deep inside again. Holding it there. My cock Shooting that steamy heavy spunk deep into his throat. Each shot of cum making my cock buldge out, streaching his throat visibly. My head thrown back, groaning and moaning in lewd pleasure. Sometimes roughly moving his face from my cock a few inches and thrusting deeply inside his clingy throat.* Sooo Muuh-CH
  23. JessieCream has joined the chat
  24. JessieCream: Hihi
  25. Mals1: (Hai Jessie~)
  26. KonaKin: Hello c:
  27. GoldenRaven  the male grunted at the force soon his head was yanked back down him feeling the claws in his har as he closed his eyes him feeling cum spray out of his nose as his eyes had small hearts in them now as he swallowed gulp after gulp down him enjoying how well she tasted his cock was leaking massive amounts of precum now as he was being claimed by her, her cock clearly vissable in his throat as he moaned and muffled words him not even able to think as he was to lust full him wanting even more of her now as his asshole twitched at the thought of her taking more of hiim
  28. Mals1: *holds him firmly agaisnt my hips as the last of my hot sticky cum is forced inside, my fingers loosening from his hair and letting him return to control, giggling as i relish in the afterglow or cumming* Such a good boy~ Make sure to Thank Kona for holding your hands back *using my fingers i scrape some of my thick jelly like cum from his cheek that leaked from the outside when i slammed back inside him. Licking it off my own fingers*
  29. GoldenRaven  he looked up at her feeling him pull off slowly as he then procceded to lick the females cock clean him making sure not to leave her cock a mess him keepiing it in his mouth as he made sure her cock was only shining with his saliva when he was done him then turning around grabbing kona's face kissing him deeply letting some of the cum spill into his mouth
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