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  1. Demons in this particular Netherworld can utilize what is known as a "Heart Bank," which is where most demons store memories and feelings that would inhibit them from doing whatever immoral things they please. The thing about Mao is that he tries so hard to force himself to be what he feels a demon "should" be, that he's crammed more of his heart into the bank than any other demon in history.
  3. Depositing one's heart into the bank gives the demon the ability to visit the Heart Bank and literally walk through their heart; which seems to be like its own little world, complete with residents. Many of the residents of a demon's heart are alternate versions of people they know or palette-swapped versions of themselves that represent certain aspects of their personality. The latter can be anywhere from very important things to extremely small details--for example, there are multiple Maos in his heart that can only say the word "Daddy" due to his issues with his father as well as Maos that exist to express his love of hot sauce. The two most notable residents of Mao's heart, Dark Mao and Mao's True Heart, have shown themselves to be able to manifest outside of it. While they can exist alongside Mao outside of his heart for a limited span of time, it is also apparently possible for at least Dark Mao to take over Mao's body completely.
  5. Hearts are very fragile, and making changes while inside one can alter a person--defeating the hot sauce loving Maos, for example, made Mao grow to <i>hate<i> the stuff. The heart however, cannot handle a change too great--Almaz's attempt to remove the version of Mao's father in his heart made Mao regress mentally into an infant until Almaz put things back as they had been originally.
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