November Mid Month Update

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  1. November Mid Month Update
  3. Planned Update:
  4. Post Capitalism Update:
  5. Planned release on the night of the 14th at midnight ET time, about half way through the round
  6. The changes are basic but are expected to have a large meta affect
  7. * Income will have a floor of $0, no losing money because of upkeep
  8. * Dungeons balanced to make higher levels increasingly impossible to be profitable
  9. * Minutes will be tied to dungeon size
  10. * Whipping Punishments only cost 5 minutes. Still requires 30 minutes cooldown
  11. Exact numbers are still being decided
  12. Basically, whales will at a certain point be unable to sit on a hoard of whores making cash, and will have to buy low, sell high to increase their cash and whore hoard.
  13. This will also prevent whales from being able to overpay, which has caused the market to sometimes become unaffordable while a whale is on a spending spree
  14. Whales are generally defined as starting around 500 slaves, as that's what separates the "poke players" that only want to collect them all from the fighting for leaderboard position players
  15. I hope this makes the gameplay more forgiving for casual players and collectors, and more of an interesting challenge for players fighting on the leaderboard
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