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Nov 16th, 2019
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  1. Key:PHDOWN
  2. Character:SAM I AM
  3. Skill(or transformation):AT3
  4. How well do you know the source material?(obviously not relevant if it's a transformation): Large of power can be granted through stress and extreme physical and mental trauma, when someone is pushed over the edge they seem to transform completely ( but in this case xenop is fully going to consume sam to take over the fight.)
  5. Reasoning: There's a lot of hate that Sam has for high hops - alot of bad memories that had taken place, one of them being the death of her sister - forced by her own hand, but then afterward? When sam told them to pay respect to her sister's grave they they attacked her and threw her into a cell where they later sold her off to Dragon island and expelled her from high hops.
  7. After she saved their lives,.. after she chooses them over her own sister... And she has returned to reap their masses and cull their pathetic numbers... She wanted them dead.. all of them dead anything to amends for her sister's death.
  10. She singled out one of the main So-called heroes of High hops and issued a challenge to the death with him, and now with his newfound power, he was able to overwhelm her- causing her to drop down to her knees.
  12. She began to beg, she called out to her dead sister and who answered...was Xenop.
  17. What is the moment: A lethal fight against Blooaguard ... or however you spell his name..
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