hyper hung john and curvaceous roxanne and rose

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  1. [11:44:13 AM] Johnaya: Roxanne happily hummed to herself as she dusted off parts of the house. Now she would normally be doing this anyway but for once Rose asked something of her. She had said something about a friend of hers coming over and for the house to be clean before they arrived. A smile formed on Roxanne's face as she finished up, hands resting on her hips as she looked over the house, seeing her daughter resting on one of the couches. With a sigh she glanced over to the kitchen which had snacks lining the counters. Oh yeah. This was going to be one hell of a slumber party. Even if Rose hated her mother calling it a slumber party. Now to wait for the guest or guests to arrive.
  2. [11:50:52 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Oh boy, a slumber party! It wasn't common for Rose to even respond to the idea, but after days of woeful moaning and puppy-eyed messages she had finally caved in. John was incredibly excited as he paid the cab driver and began to walk up the steps to the Lalonde residence, a large duffel bag around his shoulder that seemed a bit too big for him. Of course Dad had been the one to pack most of the stuff and wouldn't take "I can't carry 200 lbs worth of pjs and cake mix!" for an answer. Sadly neither of his other two friends could make it, but Rose was fun to hang out with as well. Hopefully she wouldn't psycho-analyze him too much though... He pressed the doorbell and put on one of his best boyish smiles, pretending that the bag strap wasn't crushing his shoulder.
  3. [11:55:42 AM] Johnaya: Another smile beamed across Roxanne's face as she heard the doorbell, leisurely strolling to it before Rose could even get up. Which the younger Lalonde was fine with. It let her sit on her plush rump some more and read. Roxanne giddily stood in front of the door and slowly swung it open, smiling down at John. Which of course was a bit difficult with the size of her chest, partially blocking his face from view but she definitely noticed his struggling. "oh you must be roses friend! here let me get that for you." Without another word she leaned down and hooked her fingers in the strap, lifting it up with a small grunt as her chest hung forward. "ooph. you packed a whole lot didnt you?"
  4. [12:01:29 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John kept the same smile as the door opened, despite the fact that he was greeted with a pair of large tits instead of Rose's face that he had expected. He quickly took a step back and looked up, trying not to let his eyes slide down onto the lab coat dress the woman in front of him was wearing. "oh hello madam! yes, i'm john, nice to meet you!" he said politely, as his father taught him. He tried to mention something about being careful with the bag being so heavy, but by then Roxanne had already gotten a hold of it so he supposed that information had already been recieved. "yeah, heh, dad insisted on that i should bring a gift to the house and so he stuffed most of the bag full with cake mix. uhm, is rose inside?" Who wouldn't want to change the subject when you've admitted to bringing -cake mix- as a gift?
  5. [12:04:45 PM] Johnaya: "Right here, John." Rose slid up next to her mother though most of her body was obscured by her mother's chest and hips. "Just squeeze by mother and she'll take your bag. Right?" She passed a glance to her mom who just nodded and lifted the bag higher. "yup. i got this." With another grunt she hefted it up and stepped back, nearly knocking over Rose, and planted the bag next to the couch. Her huge rump could be seen from the door but John would most likely end up staring at Rose's own prodigious chest, each of her tits larger than her head. "Please come in."
  6. [12:10:47 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "thank you miss lalonde!" John severely doubted that it'd be possible to squeeze past such a voluptuous woman as Roxanne Lalonde, and he wasn't going to try either. There was no need to get excited, especially considering his own features... No, better not linger on any such thoughts. Which was pretty difficult, considering that the daughter's body wasn't any less appealing. He swallowed discreetly and stepped inside, beaming at Rose. "hello rose! boy am i excited to see you." He happily (although respectfully) wrapped his arms around her in a hug, making sure that his hands didn't land anywhere improper on her large backside. "sad that jade and dave couln't make it, but we can have fun without them too."
  7. [12:14:21 PM | Edited 12:20:55 PM] Johnaya: "Maybe they'll come tomorrow. Let's just hope Dave isn't forced to bring any of his brother's puppets." She happily hugged him back, chest pressing against his with his hands just a few inches from her equally massive rump. Roxanne meanwhile had finished placing John's bag, sighing and standing up, giving a few clenches to her ass cheeks and making them briefly wobble before heading off to the kitchen. "you want anything to eat or drink john? must have been quite the experience crossing the country."
  8. [12:41:11 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John quickly averted his eyes from the older Lalonde's behind, glad that Rose wouldn't be able to see anything thanks to the hug. Such excitements would come later, he thought to himself, but not with Rose's /mom/. Nope, nope, better save that for later once the slumber party started and he was alone with Rose. That, and Rose's mom had to be, what, forty-fifty maybe? How old do you have to get a phd in like all sciences? Whatever it was she sure didn't look it though, she might as well have been in her late twenties. "uuh i think i can take a little snack. do you want me to help make the guest bed or where we are going to sleep?" He looked around the large room which they were in, wondering how much it had to cost. Probably gazillions.
  9. [12:48:12 PM] Johnaya: "oh no the guest beds are already done. which rose had figured you guys would sleep out in the living room if thats alright. but if you need a bed theres some upstairs." Roxanne smiled as she spoke, quickly whipping up a small snack for John and Rose. Speaking of Rose she stepped back from the hug and casually sat down on the couch again, picking up her book and the remote for the TV. "How's about we just relax for a bit, John? Mother's been doing quite well getting everything set up, bless her heart." The older woman just giggled and swayed her way over to the couch, holding a tray with some sandwiches and some drinks, placing it on the table and sitting down herself, each ass cheek nearly as big as one couch cushion.
  10. [5:41:33 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John couldn't tell whether Rose was being sarcastic or not (he knew himself how parental relationships could be a bit wonky), but decided to just shrug it off and assume it was nothing. The older Lalonde just seemed like a really kind person to him! "relaxing sounds good to me. the trip here took a lot on my super powers." he joked, as if he ever was funny. He made his way over to the couch and realized that, damn, seemed like all spots were taken. No one would willingly dare squeezing into the tight space between the two women, the risk of being crushed too high. And so John took a sandwich and sat himself down on the floor in front of the couch casually, facing the TV. "my dad thinks i'll be some amazing guy capable of lifting 300 pounds when i grow up. he sure has some fantasies, haha!"
  11. [5:47:16 PM] Johnaya: Seeing John sit on the floor made both of the Lalonde scooch up a bit more on the couch, Roxanne pressing her ass into the arm and Rose pulling up her legs. "I wouldn't sell yourself too short, John. I have no doubt you'll end up quite the amazing man when you're older. But for now you're just a scrawny teen, like me." Scrawny might've been the wrong word to use she thinks but compared to her mom it was apt. "yeah! you made it all the way here with that suitcase." As she said that Roxanne hauled the bag over to her, inadvertantly unzipping it as she pat the cushion next to her to let John sit.
  12. [5:54:15 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Hopefully they wouldn't scoot back and trap him between them, but John would have to take his chances this time. He smiled at both of them as he got up on the padded cushion, wishing in his mind that the mom would leave for a moment so that he wouldn't have to grin like a goof constantly. But a man has to be polite, no buts! "oooh i mean it wasn't that heavy he he he. dad makes me carry more laundry than that every day." Roxanne would get to notice one thing as the bag unzipped, something that John really wouldn't want her to. The corner of a box of Skaianet XXL Custom Condoms was sticking up, enough for Roxanne to take notice but not the other two. Wonder what they were doing in the bag of a boy in puberty, hmm... "so how's knitting going, rose?"
  13. [6:01:41 PM | Edited 6:01:47 PM] Johnaya: "Oh it's going well thank you. Mother's been supplying me with more yarn whenever I run out." She turned the page in her book and briefly looked up to see John sit down, smiling at him and sliding the remote along the couch. "Here. You'll get more enjoyment out of this than I will." Meanwhile Roxanne was happily watching the two of them talk until her eyes went down to John's bag. Seems she accidentally opened it when she moved it. But before she could lean down to zip it back up something catches her eye, a green box with Skaianet written on the side, a look of shock on her face. Her face gets further intense as she notices the size on the front, glancing over to John and then his crotch. John's dad must have accidentally put in a box of his own condoms right? No way someone as young as John could be that well endowed. Rather than bring it up though she tries to fix her face so her mouth wasn't hanging open, hearing the TV turn on and sighing.
  14. [6:22:22 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John happily accepted the TV remote and began to zap through the various channels. He almost stopped on a shitty cop movie but realized that his company was probably a bit too refined for such things, so he switched it to some documentary about whales. Interesting, interesting... Time went on and John found himself actually having a pretty fun time, even if it was in the presence of an adult. Rose told John about her recently read books (spooky!) while Roxanne said some scientific facts that he didn't quite get the relevance off. Soon it began to be late though and John's stomach made a telltale noise to show how he felt. "anyone else feeling a little peckish? i could go with some warm food right now."
  15. [6:31:45 PM] Johnaya: "oh. yeah it is about dinner time isnt it?" She readjusted herself on the couch as Rose closed her book, a smile on Roxanne's face. "rose. why not you go pick out something you think you and john would wanna eat." Rose quirked her eyebrow before just shrugging and making her way to the kitchen, humming as she looked through the cabinets. Roxanne meanwhile sat next to John, eyes still glancing at his crotch. Her mind had been focused on that since she saw that box in the bag, eyes moving to the bag once more. An idea pops into her head as she lets out a small gasp, looking at the piece of luggage. "oh gosh. sorry john. i think your bag opened up when i moved it." With a hum she stood up and promptly crouched next to the bag, her humongous ass cheeks facing directly at John. Skillfully she lifted them up and down with her muscles as she hummed, nearly making them clap but knowing that might alert Rose. "dont worry. ill zip it right back up!"
  16. [6:41:02 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "oh, dinner a la rose. how interesting that'll be." John teased Rose as she got up, eyes lingering on her shapely behind a bit too long for it to be innocent. Luckily for him Roxanne was busy with his crotch and ideas on how to see more of it, so no one saw his glance. When she told him about the bag he just shrugged and said "just close it, no big deal." That gave him the chance to shoot a few glances at Rox- Oh wait, shit. It was a big deal. If Rose's mom found his condoms, she'd probably throw him out head first. John quickly scrambled out of his seat and to the bag. "don't worry!! i got it!" He quickly zipped it up and then tried to pretend he hadn't panicked at all. Obviously he failed with the later. "ummm i just don't, er, want my pjs exposed to the uh air yet. it's bad for their... posture. on me. i mean they get stale easily."
  17. [6:52:14 PM | Edited 6:52:46 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne was a little startled at how quickly John moved if only because she was in a very precarious position. So precarious in fact she ends up swinging her arms to try and regain her balance, failing spectacularly and ending up falling on top of John. This of course put his head directly into her tits, Rose turning her head to see the commotion. Roxanne just waved back before moving back as she heard the muffled noises coming from John, bashfully smiling down at him. "sorry. maybe i should have just let you get it in the first place." Slowly she moved back more and stood up, reaching a hand down to pick up John. "By the way I found something you two both might like for dinner. So get your butts in here so we can eat. I'm a growing girl and I need my nutrients." As she said that she gave a little swish to her hips as she tapped her foot on the ground, making her ass wobble as she looked back at the living room.
  18. [1:25:38 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Hell, if he wasn't tits deep now, both literally and figuratively. John flailed with his arms and made various displeased noises as his face was pressed into Roxanne's cleavage. Once he got free he didn't even dare to look her in the eyes, his face red while he mumbled several apologies. Hopefully she hadn't seen the box, but she didn't seem any mad so probably he was in the clear. Well, mostly, but he could feel his more primal parts get excited about the prospect of burying his head into the cleavage again. Thankfully he managed to keep himself from getting an erection, but he could feel his manhood throb slightly. "oh uhm yes rose! let's eat!" He hurriedly went after her into the kitchen, if only to not be too close to Roxanne. "i could eat a whole horse, haha!"
  19. [1:32:53 PM | Edited 1:32:57 PM] Johnaya: "Well we don't have any horses here right now so you'll have to settle for this." Rose lifted up a box of chicken strips to show John as she pushed them into the oven, moving back to the cabinets. One hand gestured to John for him to start looking as well in case there was anything he wanted. Roxanne meanwhile readjusted her dress and made her way to the kitchen. The fold up table already had a few plates and silverware on it but that didn't mean she couldn't do something else. Leaving Rose and John alone for the moment she makes her way into the basement to get some chairs. Rose glanced back and sighed as her mother passed out of view, stretching briefly and smiling at John. "So. I know you basically just got here but how do you like it so far?"
  20. [1:37:26 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Truth to be told John also breathed a (hidden, of course) sigh of relief as Roxanne left the room; something about her just screamed tension. Moms, tsch. Always on your case. He simply decided to sit down at the table and lean against it, giving Rose a casual smile back. "i like it, it's so... big i guess is the right word. you also got a bunch of stuff! i mean is that a bronze vacuum cleaner on a pedistal over there?? your family is crazy haha." Now that now parents were in sight John allowed his eyes to wander on Rose's body, although making sure that she wasn't looking at him while he peeked. Her ass looked so soft and round, not to mention those pillowy breasts of hers. "sooo... is your mom going to sleep in her own room somewhere else in the house or how's the sleepover gonna go down, now that jade and dave aren't coming?"
  21. [1:42:41 PM] Johnaya: "I honestly couldn't tell you. More than likely she'll probably attempt to sleep in the same room as us, possiblyjust to make sure we don't do anything naughty~." Rose mockingly inflected the word naughty to sound more like her mother before giggling and taking out a box of noodles. A pot was filled and set to boil next, the girl leaning forward on the counter. "I do hope they come still. It wouldn't be as fun if it's just the two of us. Not that you aren't fun of course. You're wonderful so far, John." As she spoke her ass cheeks flexed up and down as a smile crossed her face. Seems her and Roxanne both did that. Must be a tic or something. Meanwhile Roxanne could be heard walking around downstairs, the sound of doors shutting and metal clanging saying she was still down there.
  22. [1:52:55 PM | Edited 1:57:13 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "naughty??? hahaha i wouldn't even DREAM of it rose! haha" John gave off a few more short chuckles and looked away at nothing in particular, cursing internally. Hopefully Rose was just joking, because John wasn't sure he'd be able to take the awkwardness of having Roxanne in on the slumber party. "yeah, having a flight delayed or whatever it was must've sucked hardcore. we'll just have to live without dave's sick beats for the moment. and you're pretty fun too, rose" Soon the extra chairs had arrived (Roxanne practically creeping up on them both so that they almost got a scare. Damn parents.) and the food was done, and so dinner was served. Rose had actually succeeded in making something resembling food, so John ate heartily until he was full with noodles. "phew! i'm feeling all warm and fuzzy in my stomach. maybe i'll end up asleep instead of having a sleepover, heh."
  23. [2:04:10 PM] Johnaya: Both of the Lalondes were quite full as well, Rose letting out a pleased sigh and stretching once more. "Yes I did a pretty good job that time." Roxanne just smiled and giggled as she stood up, chair shifting now that her colossal ass wasn't curshing it, and grabbed everyone's dirty dishes. With a hum she made her way over to the sink and placed them inside, a brief shiver going down her spine. Maybe it wasn't too smart to drink wine with dinner. It was making her feel warm all over and giving her lewd thoughts. But she can't resist, making a show out of her bending over to scrub and clean the dishes rather than stuff them in the dishwasher. Her rump was just behind Rose, the smaller girl just sitting content at the table. "You wouldn't be opposed to me lying down for a bit would you, John? That meal was quite filling." For some reason he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. Did she really cook that well?
  24. [2:17:03 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: At first John didn't see any problem with Roxanne taking the dishes, other than that perhaps he should offer his help as well. But eh, not his job. But it was impossible not to notice the huge, round ass leaning over, shaking lightly as Roxanne did the dishes. John's eyes were stuck watching it jiggle and bounce, so much that it just couldn't be accidental anymore. He swallowed a few times and didn't realize until it was too late that his pants were feeling awfully, awfully tight. That brought his attention back to the surrounding world, and that Rose had just said something. "ouhuhmm yeah, yeah sure. look i just have to go, er, do a thing and i'll be right back!" He shot her a quick smile and then got out of the chair, one hand discreetly on his thigh as he walked out of the kitchen. To be sure he angled himself away from Rose, but sadly that meant Roxanne got a full view of the bulge that was running down his pants leg, making it look like his leg had swelled grotesquely. "just a moment rose, just a moment!" He stumbled down a passage and went into the room it lead to, closing the door behind him. Hm, judging from the home barcounter and the bed it had to be where Roxanne slept, probably. Whatever, what he had to do now was to take deep breaths and concentrate on getting the boner down. At least his pants didn't rip. Close one.
  25. [2:24:40 PM | Edited 2:31:48 PM] Johnaya: Rose yawned a bit as John stood up, nearly missing him covering his leg. She just blinked vacantly as he walked away before shrugging and getting up herself, vaulting onto the couch and resting. Roxanne meanwhile picked her head up when John stepped over, eyes going down to his hand and widening as she noticed the monstrous bulge in his pants. Vacantly she stared as he quickly made his way up the stairs and down the hallway. She figures his plan was to go to the bathroom but only her room was down there. With a grin she finished up the dishes and stood back up, smiling at Rose. "you rest rosie. ill go check on your friend." Though it seemed Rose had already ended up passing out on the couch, small snores coming from her. Sneakily she made her way into John's bag, taking out the Skaianet condom box, but noticing there was at least two more, and snuck her way up the stairs.
  26. With heavy breathing she briefly knocked on the door before casually opening it, walking in backwards to try and not be too obvious. Plus it let him get a great look at her ass. "are you alright john? rose asked me to come up and check on you." For now she hid the condom box from him and her face, hiding the nervous grin on it.
  27. [3:42:44 PM | Edited 3:42:50 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John was having hard times coming to terms with the fact that, when you spend time around a voluptuous woman who's intentionally teasing you, you're going to have some difficulties with boners. "come on, come on... not now, later!" He tried his best to push back against the throbbing girth running down his leg, biting his lip. Those XXL condoms weren't without reason, especially since they were off-brand stuff. Skaianet was known for their experiments and John would in no way be able to fit himself in a condom made by a normal company. Not a chance. It was then he heard the knock which made him jump away from the door and turn around at the same time, a small yelp coming from his lips. "nonono i'm fine, just fine! don't come in!!!" But by then it was too late, the large-reared Lalonde pushing up the door. The sight, along with the scare he got from the knock, was enough to force John to use both his hands to push his erection back down against his leg, where his pants had begun to tear with a low but too obvious ripping noise. Gulp.
  28. [3:50:09 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne of course pretended like she didn't hear him say not to come in, managing to wiggle her self the rest of the way in and shut the door behind her. That ripping noise made her pick up her head as she sneakily locked the door, turning to face John. One hand stayed behind her back to hide the condoms while the other went to her mouth, her jaw hanging open and eyes gone wide. She tries to play off her surprise though, acting as natural as she can as her hand comes out from behind her. "n-now i didnt look too deep into your bag but rose said you mightve been allergic to the food. so i brought this up." With a smile she held out the box before gasping as she looked at it closer to tease John further. "my word! is this a box of condoms john? and theyre... xxl. oh my. did your father slip in a box to mess with me? theres no way a young boy like yourself is that well endowed!" She was playing oblivious pretty well even if her eyes did occasionally glance at John's incredibly swollen pants, gulping as she briefly bit her lip.
  29. [3:58:37 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John couldn't really do anything but accept fate at that point, his cheeks red in embarrassment as Rose's mom turned around and saw him. Of course she would look like she had seen the devil himself, he thought, but what she followed up with made HIM open his eyes widely in surprise. "n-no it's not what it looks like! i didn't mean to, shit, erhehm..." He gasped suddenly as his cock gave a hard throb, the condoms being brought up having given him vivid thoughts on what he had planned to do with them. There was no helping it now, as his pantsleg loudly ripped to reveal what he had been desperately hiding so. A three feet long dick swelled up from his crotch, shreds of cloth falling off it as it began to stood up on its own. John let out both a relieved and despairing groan as it kept on growing, until he had it standing up to a massive five feet long cock. His destroyed pants showed that they had also been hiding two melon-sized balls as well, god knows how. "oh fuck." he panted out, swallowing nervously.
  30. [4:04:53 PM] Johnaya: A small smirk came onto Roxanne's face as John tried to explain his situation, small pangs of arousal going through her. This really was quite fun and she hadn't even done anything actually sexual. Yet. As she moved a bit closer to potentially give the condoms to John the sound of his pants completely tearing alerted her, her eyes going wide as his shaft sprung up into the air, knocking against a boob. With a small gasp she stepped back farther as John's cock just continued to grow and grow, eyes wide and jaw slack. By the time it finished, or she thought it finished anyway, her guess had to be it was at least five feet long and as wide as one of her thighs. The balls hanging beneath it were equally massive, each bigger than one of Rose's massive mammaries. For a moment she was just speechless, standing there aghast. It wasn't long though before her one hand came up to poke the massive, throbbing head near her own. "oh my god john. youre..." She gave a little twitch as she felt how hot and heavy the shaft was on her finger, a sensual grin coming onto her face. "massive."
  31. [4:11:21 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: It was over. His plan had been to get Rose into a comfy and playful mood during the sleepover, which had been the reason he had messaged Dave and Jade to tell them that they were supposed to come tomorrow, and then he'd slowly warm her up to the idea of sleeping with him. Now her mom of all people had to find out, and in the worst way imaginable. He flinched a little as his shaft twitched in arousal when it pushed against her breast, the whole rod being extra sensitive to stimuli now when it was hard. It had a faint smell of sex lingering about it that Roxanne would no doubt be able to smell as she poked it, the touch causing John to walk backwards until his legs hit the edge of the bed. "yes i guess i am." he replied nervously, slightly confused as to why she would smile like that. Was she... No way, right? "and those condoms might be, err mine yeah, that too."
  32. [4:19:18 PM] Johnaya: "mm you guess? john are you trying to make a joke here." Her finger soon becomes a hand pressing against the tip, Roxanne's eyes half lidded in arousal. Her breathing was getting deeper as well, smelling that intense sexual musk eminating from his cock and balls. A heavy sigh came from her as she pushed up the head and let the shaft spring back down, licking her lips at the sight. "they are are they? i guess i will need to check that. if youre fine with me touching this magnificent penis of yours." Briefly she took her hand from the cock, giving it a little pat, and casually opened up the box. One of the gigantic pouches spilled out and covered her entire hand, Roxanne pursing her lips into a smile. "my word are these huge. but..." Her eyes went back to him and then to his shaft, smile still on her face. "they still look a little small for something like that. would you might trying one on?" Casually she placed the package onto his shaft and slid it down to his crotch. Even though she knew that he probably would need her help to put it on anyway. She just couldn't help teasing him more though.
  33. [4:26:55 PM | Edited 4:27:24 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "no joke, i swear. ma'am. miss. uhm roxanne." For someone who was supposed to be freaked out by his impossible cock she seemed to be taking it pretty well, to the point where John suspected that she actually found his genetalia appealing. That thought was confirmed as she began to play with it, making him take a short inhale. He didn't really know how to respond, but considering how he was in a bad position to argue he simply swallowed any questions and said "sure, if you're okay with it." The moist condom did indeed look small compared to his cock, but who knew what Skaianet could produce? John quickly reached for the package before it fell off his cock, keeping it in his hands. "well heh i mean, i know that i'll make a mess if i don't so, why not, right?" He gave her a smile back, wondering just what he was getting himself into.
  34. [4:32:56 PM] Johnaya: "mm a mess? what ever do you mean?" As she spoke her hands went back to his monstrous shaft, having placed the box on the floor next to her. She had a good idea of what her meant but making him say why was for more teasing and because the musk of his cock was getting into her head, making her thoughts swim. One hand briefly pulled away from his shaft to undo one of the buttons on her dress before going back to one side of the slab of meat, slowly moving downwards about a foot before pulling back up and giving the head a squeeze. "do you need any help putting it on? i am more than willing to assist in mmm any way i can." After she finished her sentence her tongue darted from her mouth to lick her lips, a sensual smile crossing her face.
  35. [4:47:28 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "yeah i sort of..." It was obvious that John was avoiding explaining it explicitly, from the way he was looking around the room and not at Roxanne or the shaft pointing towards her. She didn't seem to be someone to take silence for an answer however, so he sheepishly motioned down and mumbled "i don't have nuts like these for nothing..." To keep himself occupied he began to fumble with the condom, tearing up the package to expose the rubbery moist plastic within. "i usually get these on before i get hard but you ruined that a bit haha. some help would be appreciated." He offered the condom back at her and threw the package on the floor, slowly getting more comfortable with the woman in front of him. He wasn't fully convinced though, but the blush on his cheeks weren't only due to embarrassment anymore. "don't you think i'm a bit unusual though?"
  36. [4:54:44 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne nodded and hummed as her hands continued to slowly slide up the last foot of John's shaft, the tingling in her nethers starting to get pretty out of hand. Not to mention the room was feeling so hot, a hand reaching down to undo another button, her bosom nearly spilling out. "unusual? maybe just a bit. but thats not bad you know. quite a few women will be happy with something like this. i know i am." A giggle came from her as she said that, gingerly taking the condom from him and moving back to his tip. This smell really was geting to her head. She wonders if the condom would help any as she stretches it over the very tip, slowly sliding it down. Briefly she leaned over and kissed his shaft as she slid down and down, soon enough reaching all the way to his balls. "and dont worry. ill help these nuts of yours be relieved too. however you want." As the plastic rested at her crotch one hand reached forward to caress his swollen testicle, Roxanne face coated in arousal.
  37. [5:08:05 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Just her hands was enough to send tingles down John's spine, and having her unbutton another one from her science dress made him gnaw deeply on his lip. Just being in the cleavage that the dress created was enough to arouse him, and the thought to actually feel those massive breasts wrap around his face had him almost drooling. Or massive is what he would have described them restrained, since now they appeared even more huge as he got to see the bare skin. "i guess i won't object any then, if you're alright with it." He smiled at her giggle before having to close his eyes and silently moan as the condom began to slide on. The plastic could amazingly enough stretch to accomdate his beastly member, and even when Roxanne had put it on fully there seemed to be some give left. Probably would be needed. While his cock no longer had as strong of a musk, there was nothing to be done about his wrinkly, fat balls, and just standing next to them made the smell incredibly overpowering. John seemed unaffected as he looked into the hot MILF's eyes, excited at the prospect of having his gonads played with. "well... you can play with them all you want!  i'll just get myself comfortable." He sat down and adjusted himself on the edge of the bed, his sack hanging down a resting just barely against the floor now that he was sitting. If the musk was that strong standing up, how would it be once she got close?... "and i just uhm wanted to say that, you're really hot roxanne. i see where rose got her genes from."
  38. [5:21:58 PM | Edited 5:23:10 PM] Johnaya: Okay now it was definitely feeling much, much hotter in here. Roxanne could practically feel the heat and musk eminating from John's masisve nuts, hands snaking down to her dress to undo the final button. As her dress top slipped off her shoulders her chest heaved outwards, resting on her knees as she sat in front of John, each heavy breath causing her tits to wobble slightly. "sure john~. that sounds like fun." With more giggles her hands reach forward to heft up the monstrous sack, cooing a bit before letting them sag back down, hands grabbing onto and rubbing the wrinkly skin of his nuts. "aw thank you. ive always been proud of my endowments and so has rose. you should be too with such a wonderful gigantic dick like this." As she spoke she seemed to be inching closer to John, her breasts rubbing against part of his cock now. Meanwhile her hands move quickly from his balls to undo the rest of the buttons on her dress, letting her spread her legs out to get even closer still. "so big and thick and heavy. its perfect john."
  39. [5:32:53 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Roxanne was not the only one feeling the warmth of the room, because John could have sworn the heat jumped up several degrees when she took her dress off. Rose might have been impressive with tits as large as her head, but this woman was something different. His cock achingly throbbed as she showed him her mammaries, the cleavage large enough to probably envelop part of his cock fully. He was just about to request that when he felt her hands start to play with his ballsack, the testicles feeling packed full with sperm. They were close to scolding to the touch, but not quite. "dad says so too, but i mmm~ didn't think you'd be so willing." Roxanne's chest was just barely constrained by a black bra, and the lower parts of her body was still covered by the dress, hanging onto the belt around her waist. Something told him that he wouldn't have to fantasize about what was underneath much longer. "i mean i was going to try to convince rose but fuck you feel amazing." Now she was so close that the musk of his balls was more or less all she could smell, and even taste some it on her tongue. The scent was one that could drive just about any woman horny, and now Roxanne was practically right at the source of it.
  40. [5:43:35 PM] Johnaya: By now she was becoming a bit more used to her breathing coming out heavily but things were still feeling hot and tight. It didn't take her that long to remember she had her bra still on, sorrowfully pulling her hands from John's sack. Quickly she unclaspes the black fabric and lets her tits bounce free, each nipple about as big as her fist. Her hands soon went down to the dress hanging onto her, sitting up a bit to undo the belt. The fabric fell from her, soon followed by her underwear, and exposed her entire body now; thick thighs, huge cheeks, massive mammaries, and dripping pussy. Being 'away' from John's balls though made her want to get a proper smell again, leaning forward and resting on her tits as she shoves her face into the boy's sack. Moans and gasps came from her as she gave a long kiss to the wrinkled skin, moving her hands to heft up his nuts and cover her head in them, able to feel the heat and moisture on his nuts. After a minute or so she ended the kiss but went right back to his balls, licking and suckling on some of the skin. This of course gave John a wonderful view of her ass if he could see around his cock, the bulbous rear shaking and shuddering behind her, a huge pink hole briefly visible whenever her cheeks parted.
  41. [5:55:54 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: While it was a shame that he lost the hands rubbing his skin so wonderfully, John would hardly complain at what came next. His hands took a hold of the bed and clenched at the sight of those massive teats, the areola wider than both his palms put together, fingers stretched out. But that wasn't all, as he finally got to see her fully nude, the pale skin looking so plush that he just wanted to reach down and hug her. His cock twitched in anticipation and one would have to give Roxanne credit: she had managed to stay away from John's balls for several seconds without diving back in. Once she finally did he just had to moan as his cock shot out a large load of translucent pre into the condom, easily a gallon. Roxanne would find that once she pulled back she just couldn't get the scent of his balls away, making it smell like she was constantly mushing against his huge testicles. Johns hands moved down to lightly hold her head as she suckled the sensitive skin, whines and groans coming from him as she slathered it with saliva. He had been staring at her ass and imagining hotdogging it when the cheeks parted for a moment and he got to see that not only would it be possible to do so, but she was well equipped to handle his cock inside as well. "fuck you are so big and hot and just... wow!"
  42. [6:14:14 PM] Johnaya: The sound of something splashing against the condom made Roxanne's eyes roll into the back of her head as she buried her face further into John's balls, practically motorboating them. However she soon realizes she needs a breath of slightly 'cleaner' air, pulling back and taking in a deep breath before grinning at John. "thank you again john. youre really something else you know. rose is definitely going to want to fuck you but i get to have you first." She giggled airily before rubbing her face against John's hot cock, sighing and closing her eyes. Her hands meanwhile went to rub and caress John's balls while she nuzzled against his dick. In this position he'd be able to see between her legs now, a set of pussy lips as equally huge as her asshole dribbling onto the floor was what he'd be greeted with. Oh how she'd only just met John and he'd already made her feel more aroused and pleasured than anyone she'd ever met despite how much younger he was than her. A shiver passes down her spine as she imagines actually fucking his monster shaft, hands pulling away from his nuts to hug and rub his shaft.
  43. [6:22:24 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: While John had one or two girls before who had been interested in his endowments, no one had been so absolutely loving it as Roxanne was. The feeling of her face pressing into his sack made him consider forcefully keeping her there, but with a body like hers he did not doubt that they could have so much more fun. His breaths were starting to get more and more heavy as she pulled back, meeting her grin with a smile of his own. Oh wait, shit, did he accidentally say his plan about Rose? Fuck it, the mom was cool with it. This had to be the best day of his life. "oh i don't doubt it mmmf.~" His cock was now constantly slurting out pre, a sizeable balloon having formed already at the tip, hanging down. When Roxanne's arms wrapped around the cock he moaned slowly and a larger shot made the whole condom bubble wobble, his face flush with arousal. He'd make sure to pound both her holes, her ass looking so soft and cunt so wet.
  44. [6:28:15 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne cooed and giggled as she heard that massive splash against the condom, rhythmically running her arms up and down John's shaft. "mmm seems youre nearly as excited as i am. dont worry. i said i was gonna help." Before he could say anything she moved herself up to wrap her tits around his shaft, eyes closing as the warm piece of meat slid between her mammaries. They just barely covered the whole section of the shaft she was on but quite obviously they didn't get much else, John's dick surging passed her. She definitely knew how to move her chest, no doubt having quite a lot of practice. While she would have loved to fuck him getting to cum with her tits was just as good since it let her be nearer to his cock and balls. Plus she had a plan for when he started to actually cum, glancing back at her ass as she flexed her cheeks. "mmm come on john. dont these babies just feel so good on that fat dick of yours~. you must be getting so close now."
  45. [6:40:58 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Any and all help would be appreciated when John jerked off; just stroking himself had sort of lost its charm and it was only if he had a free day and a ton of good porn that he could truly feel satisfied. He leaned his head back and panted in response to her breasts wrapping around his girthy rod, the soft flesh being just as good as he imagined it. His cock began to fire in earnest, precum splashing faster into the condom with a bit of white mixed in. "y-yeah i am.~" When he looked down he was greeted with the sight of a huge, enticing butthole clapping into view that he couldn't wait to thrust into. "mm your tits are s-so mnaaaah!!" The huge meaty cock throbbed and seemed to thicken even more for a moment before a deluge of white cream began to shoot out of the head, pouring out several gallons per second. His balls spasmed and clenched as they released his pent up seed, the sweat on his body making the musk even more potent.
  46. [6:46:22 PM] Johnaya: Well that was a lot quicker than she planned, Roxanne gasping as John's shaft thickened between her tits. Quickly she slid her chest up his shaft before spinning around, wrapping her ass cheeks around the base of her cock and working on what she could. Given how spastically she was moving it might not feel as good but that pucker rubbing against his shaft and those cheeks clapping against John would no doubt feel great. Plus it let Roxanne watch the jizz spurt into the condom, eyes going wide as it just kept coming and coming. A bit of drool seeped from her mouth as her ass clenched around John's shaft, hopefully making this a better eperience. She definitely noticed the musk in the air getting more potent from John cumming, practically able to feel the hot, sexual air waft along her skin. Not wanting to leave the end of his cock out her hands stroked the shaft just above her head, a grin on her face as she watched the condom be filled further and further.
  47. [1:55:00 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Having Roxanne sit on his cock wasn't something that John had expected, but oh how good it felt! Her plush cheeks rubbing against the base and his hips had him moaning in pleasure, his eyelids fluttering as he looked down on the shapely woman's ass. The constant flow of jizz only grew from the stimulation, the condom expanding more and more and more... After a few minutes his cock began to slow down, John's orgasm being over. The condom had bloated up to the size of a beanbag and looked as comfortable as one, the virile white splooge inside sloshing with each twitch of his dick. "so... hot..." Curiously enough, despite his orgasm being over, his cock hadn't softened a bit. Roxanne could still rub her ass and tits against it like before, the shaft rock hard as ever.
  48. [2:03:26 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne just continued to watch in shock and awe, mouth hanging open, drooling escaping her lips as the condom bloated further and further. Her thick cheeks rubbed and bounced against John's base. Of course she was still having trouble focusing with the room smelling more potently of balls as John continued gushing but she did eventually notice he stopped spewing. However as she stepped forward to hold onto the hanging piece of plastic she ended up not noticing the fact he was still hard, hands running against the bloated condom. She cooed at just how intensely hot it felt against her hands, a whiff of his potent spunk hitting her nose. Almost immediately she seemed to twitch and nearly cum just from that, managing to slowly drag the heavy thing over to John, eyes half lidded and breath heavy. "wow john~. so much tasty smelling cum."
  49. [2:12:40 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John's cum oozed down onto the floor from the tip of his cock, the head coated in a thin layer of jizz that hadn't gotten into the condom. Once it was off he laid back down against the bed and panted, gathering his breath as Roxanne made his way to him. "h-huh?" One would have to be in a coma not to notice how horny the woman in front of him was, if she could orgasm just from the smell of his potent cum. "oh heh yeah. that's one condom down, just uh 'a few' more to go." While John couldn't feel the effects that his body had on Roxanne he was still suspectible to such arousing things as a female with huge knockers drooling from horniness in front of him. One hand went up to gently stroke his length, while the other pushed him back up into a sitting position. "wanna help me with the next one too?" he asked as if it was nothing unordinary about him ready to go another round so soon.
  50. [2:19:41 PM] Johnaya: "huh?" Roxanne just blinked for a few moments before looking at John's shaft then back to him, eyes going wide s her mouth hung open. "youre still hard? even after shooting out all this?" As she said that she sloshed the condom about, splashing some cum onto the floor accidentally. Not wanting to spill anymore she quickly ties it off and walks next to John's shaft, wrapping her arms around it, nuzzling the massive piece of meat. At his question she nodded happily, smiling lustily at him. "of course!" She sounded giddy as she stumbled over to the condom box, getting another one out and quickly sliding it down the massive cock. Of course that meant the additional musk from his shaft stopped clouding her mind, a deep sigh coming from her as she calmed down just a bit. "what next? more titjob? hotdog? maybe a blowjob?" If she could fit it inside of her even.
  51. [2:25:40 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "yep! i guess i can last for a pretty long while" he said, still not seeing that much of an issue with it. He had always been like that, so why worry about it? His hands stroked slowly along the base as he had Roxanne bring out the new condom, toes curling as it slid on. This time it went a lot easier, probably thanks to his cock being a bit moistened by the previous condom. Once it was secure around his base he let out a comfortable sigh and smiled at the lovely Lalonde, thinking about what part of her he would enjoy next. "a hotdog doesn't sound so bad. and i can tell you have the buns ;)"
  52. [2:30:50 PM] Johnaya: With a giggle she turned around and gave her cheeks a slap, a shiver passing down her spine from the sensation. In fact it ended up feeling good enough that she forgot she was doing it to tease John, grabbing her ass with both hands and jiggling her cheeks about, stretching them about to let her fat pucker breathe. After a few seconds she realized she'd forgotten where she was, backing up and wrapping her ass around John's base once more. Gently she rocked against his thick shaft, teeth planted in her bottom lip before her mouth hung open. The feeling of her asshole grinding against his cock was phenominal, each touch sending shocks through her.
  53. [3:18:28 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: It was impossible for John to tear his eyes away from the jiggling asscheeks, the soft spheres rubbing against his latex-covered cock making him swallow hard in arousal. The fact that there was a large pucker hidden beneath them as well made it all so much better, John daring a few thrusts forward to slide his dick rougher against Roxanne's underside. Since she was so close he decided to help himself to some of that assflesh himself, hands going down to grope and fondle the smooth cheeks. "mmmf~ could you maybe give my head some of this amazing attention too?" he said needily, then gasping as the pucker pressed down against his base.
  54. [3:26:30 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne squeaked as his hands gripped her fat cheeks, the sudden squish making her moan in bliss. She twitched gently against his shaft as she had a small orgasm just from that, cooing and panting. Her eyes trailed up the massive dick, slowly extending her hands. Sadly for the both of them her hands couldn't reach the whole way up to his surging cockhead, a small whimper coming from her. "sorry john. your dicks just too huge for me to reach for the head. ill make it up to you though." Instead of rubbing his cockhead she just stroked the area above her that she could while her ass cheeks clenched tighter around the monster shaft, giving him an even stronger buttjob.
  55. [3:36:02 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Seemed like John's size appeared to be a problem. Who could have thought it? He might as well just make the best of it though, especially once Roxanne started to stroke more of his shaft. Pre had began to flow again but he was trying to hold back this time, although a small balloon had appeared at the tip of the condom. "mngah i just /need/ to feel your ass around my head roxanne, itd turn me on so much." he gasped, just the thought of it making him let out a moan. "dont worry, ill be fine stroking myself down here" To get her going he gave her a slap on each of her cheeks, hard enough to make them wobble but not to sting too much.
  56. [3:53:59 PM] Johnaya: "you sure?" Roxanne stopped moving for a moment before the hands clapped against her ass, making her squeak and shiver again. Regretfully she pulled herself away, asshole staying stuck to John's shaft for a few moments before noisily popping off. Slowly she shifted herself forward to the end of his shaft and raised her hands to pull it down, struggling to get it with how strong his crotch muscles were. With a grunt she managed to get it level with her crotch finally, immediately planting her ass against the tip. Her pucker clenched around it as pre-cum spewed from his urethra, her ass cheeks wrapped around the rest of the head. It was hard to speak with how aroused she felt now, twitching gently and moaning. "hows that~?"
  57. [4:12:35 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had no idea how Roxanne even managed her muscles that well, but the fact that she could manage to get her ass to suck onto his cock made him almost drool from the ideas what else she could do with it. And he was very much intending to find out. He tried not to keep his cock so hard that she couldn't push it down, and eventually he found himself with the luck of having those massive cheeks resting around the head, which was now leaking precum copiously again. The warmth he felt, the softness and the way her pucker clenched around the tip... He just couldn't help himself, letting out a loving moan as he held onto the bed and thrust his hips forward, the tip shoving itself deep into Roxanne's skilled asshole. "ah~ a-amazing!~"
  58. [4:20:06 PM | Edited 4:20:49 PM] Johnaya: It was feeling wonderful to just ride John's spewing cockhead, Roxanne's eyes rolled into the back of head. It was so good in fact she was sort of not paying attention to John himself but she heard the loud moan from him. A second later and her pucker felt much, much wider than before and was tingling in arousal, eyes shooting open as the tip slammed into her sphincter. An orgasm tore through her as the whole thing popped into her, legsand body twitching heavily, asshole squeezing tightly around the thick cockhead. She tried to speak but just ended up moaning loudly, ass rocking on the tip of John's shaft, just the head feeling bigger than anything else she stuffed in her ass. If it felt this good with just the tip she couldn't wait to feel the whole thing inside of her.
  59. [4:31:12 PM | Edited 4:31:32 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: It felt just as great as he thought it was, the hot interior of Roxanne's asshole making his eyes cross for a moment. The orgasm that followed had his cock throbbing almost painfully with need, the quivering pucker driving him nuts. Roxanne didn't seem to mind either, so he saw no reason not to grind his hips, rocking her back and forth on his cockhead and feeling her squeeze around it. "m-more!~" he moaned out into the warm air of the room, almost having his glasses fall off as Roxanne's body twitched wonderfully and making him throw his head back to groan. And this was just the head. Who knew how much more she could take? Maybe even all, if he dared to dream that much.
  60. [4:52:22 PM | Edited 4:54:30 PM] Johnaya: It took a few moments before Roxanne would end up responding, riding out her orgasm and trying to comprehend what happened. Namely the fact that Rose's friend currently was prodding his cockhead against her insides and that it was bigger than anything she'd ever felt before. The cries of more coming from John snapped her out of it. Partially anyway, Roxanne semi-mindlessly pushing herself backwards. Soon his entire cockhead was inside of her and slowly but surely more inches were being slipped into her until she could see a bulge in her belly. Of course that was only about a foot or so of John's shaft, not including the head, but at least she had the condom inside of herself now. Wearily she turned to look at John, lust plastered on her face, as her head fell back and rolled on her shoulders. She didn't manage to say anything but hoped the implication she was fine got through to him.
  61. [5:26:48 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John could hardly believe that she was actually complying with what he said; barely anyone he had managed to charm with his cock had taken it in their ass, and no one had gone any further than what Roxanne was pushing for. He had a drop of drool coming out of his mouth as more and more of his condom-clad dick sank into her, cheeks turning red from arousal and how hot he felt (and she was). His eyes went wide when he managed to get a small view behind her, realizing that the large bump coming from her stomach was in fact his cock. "s-so... aahngh...~" Said bump grew just a little as his balls shot a new load of pre into the condom, bloating it up. He let out a delighted sigh and leaned back on his hands, closing his eyes and nodding for Roxanne to continue.
  62. [5:36:39 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne just lustily giggled at how John was reacting, slowly pushing herself further and further back. When that pre-cum shot hit her stomach though she stopped in her tracks, eyes going wide. The feeling of it filling her out made her moan in delight as she came once more. Her body twitched and spasmed around John's dick, the twitching sliding her a bit farther along it. By the time her orgasm stopped she had two feet of him inside, slumping over a bit. Of course thanks to his rigid shaft she just sat still as she caught her breath, hands wandering over her body, rubbing the bulge in her belly, her stretched anus, and pillowy ass cheeks.
  63. [6:01:41 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The huge shot of pre in her belly was not a single occurence, as once it happened his loads became only heavier. They even began to surpass it as she clenched around his massive cock, taking more of it into her body. Her stomach was now a testament to the condom's size rather than John's endowment, most of his shaft hidden by the softness of the precum that was held within her. And still, she was only two feet in! At this rate John was going to blow before she got to the base, and he had always thought the girls who dated him had been whimps for not making it past the head. Now he wouldn't even handle his own cock himself!  He panted hard as she saw her hands fondle both herself and him, another huge glob being deposited into the condom. "mmaah im g-gonna cum at this rate!~"
  64. [11:48:27 AM] Johnaya: Gasps slipped from Roxanne as she pushed back even through John's pre-cum spurts, her belly swelling rapidly. Through the pleasure she managed to slip another foot into her amazingly spacious ass, pucker stretched taut around John's shaft. Gently it tried to flex around his thick dick, futilely doing so for a bit until her pucker managed to get more control, suckling on John's shaft and pulling her back along it more and more. Miraculously she stuffs another foot inside of her and is now close enough to place a hand on John's chest, pants and moans coming from her all the while. "so young but so so so big. john youre amazing! i havent stopped cumming since you put your dick inside me."
  65. [1:33:58 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Unsurprisingly John wouldn't last much longer, the sucking pucker making it hard for him to even think anything other than to fill Roxanne's ass up with his jizz. Once she got close enough his hands grabbed a hold of her asscheeks and groped them fiercly, fingers digging into the plush flesh and pressing it against his cock. "m-my turn!" he cried out and felt his balls tighten, a huge load shooting through his cock to hit Roxanne in the stomach almost like a punch. The condom inside of her bloated out massively just from that first load, which was quickly followed by another one as her flexing behind milked his cock, trying to empty grand gonads.
  66. [1:39:01 PM] Johnaya: Her eyes just went wide as cum fired into her gut, her body feeling incredibly hot and filled. Not wanting to give up so close to the end she pushed backwards and took the last foot of cock into herself. Her asshole gaped and flexed around John's crotch while her body distended immensely from his shaft, the ballooning condom only stretching her further and further. Being so close to his clenching, wrinkly, musky balls was sending her head spinning again, shins pulling in and squishing against them. As much as she wanted to say something, anything, the intense arousal didn't let her, each shot of John's jizz making her orgasm multiple times.
  67. [2:53:25 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: If John hadn't been wearing a condom it wouldn't have been to farfetched to assume that Roxanne soon wouldn't be able to say anything even if her brain wasn't being swept up in the whirlwind of pleasure she experienced, her gut swelling up so much that cum would have shot up her throat and out her mouth. She reached the size of a beachball but John showed no signs of stopping yet, humping into her and moaning against her back as it was shoved against him. His musk was not any less intense to the MILF despite having been so close to them already, making her orgasm take on new heights.
  68. [3:38:49 PM] Johnaya: Indeed she was starting to not even be able to think with how hard she was cumming from all of this, from John's musky nuts filling her nose and throat to his godly cock filling her entire body. The condom swelling inside of her even further made her scream in delight, hands reaching back to tightly grip her spasming asshole. "oh god john! youre cumming so much its making me cum even more! this is ahn the most orgasms ive had in my life!" Her head lolled about as her fingers dug into her squishy hole, it still flexing around John's shaft.
  69. [3:53:49 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Since he was cumming so hard and panting, John couldn't even respond to Roxanne's wanton cries of ecstasy, eyes almost rolling up into the back of his head. His hands had moved to her hips so that he could buck upwards and slam his hips into her, moaning hard as her ass hit his crotch. With a loud gurgle his balls shot another huge load into Roxanne and made her stomach wobble visibly, which had now reached the size of the condom he filled previously. But with her ass working him on John kept on going, showing no signs of stopping until she had gotten half of what she had more cum in her, his thrusts slowly coming to a stop. And with that he leaned forward onto her back, his expression one of pure ahegao, skin dripping sweat. "so... good..." he moaned out, cock twitching gently inside the bubble of cum.
  70. [4:12:04 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne just sat there, moaning and panting gently, as John still twitched inside of her. The monstrous cumgut she had made her shiver in bliss as did the thought of yanking it out. Her asshole would be stretched even further than it was now no doubt. With a few shaky movements her hand reached back to pat his head, her leaning to kiss his cheek. "good boy. so much cum." Each of those words came out like Roxanne was half asleep, her body still twitching as she still came more, hands running over her swollen belly. "still so so so hard and big though." Wearily she pulled herself forward, slowly but surely, reaching the end of his shaft after a few minutes. With a few grunts she tugged forward again and felt her asshole stretching as the bubble of jizz at the end of the condom pressed against her. Through grit teeth she manages to finally get it out, the massive thing hanging to the floor as she slumps onto her tits, breathing heavily, asshole gaping open.
  71. [4:20:39 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John gradually leaned himself back until he was on his elbows against the matress, giving him a great view of Roxanne's ass as she started to pull forward. The twitches she made caused him to groan in his now closed mouth, and the journey she made off his cock gave him goosebumps. "yeah but you really got a lot out of me there." he said, although his balls didn't really seem to show any difference in content. The damn things probably churned up more cum the more she fucked him so that he'd never be truly empty. John started to remove the condom but couldn't do it all the way, so when he looked over at Roxanne he got to see the warm insides of her gaping anus, where he had fucked her so roughly. His hands began to stroke him slowly before he realized what he was doing (two loads after each other would have made his condom pop, and he wasn't going to repeat that mistake). "mind helping me get this one off and a new one on?" What, had he fucked her senseless? They still had a raging boner to take care of!
  72. [4:41:27 PM | Edited 4:42:01 PM] Johnaya: It took her a few moments to properly respond to him but she definitely wasn't done yet despite her current status, asshole flexing open in the air. Languidly she straightened herself and blinked towards him, having forgotten he was still hard. With a nod she made her way down to his base again after grabbing a condom, letting him hold it while she moved the other. "mmm sure. i said i was gonna help didnt i~." The pungent aroma of his cock hit her nose again as the plastic slid up and it was almost too much to bear, another orgasm going through her just from the smell. Luckily though she managed to get it up and off, tying it off and grabbing the new one from John, languidly sliding it down until it was at his crotch, her leaning forward to rest on his chest as her legs wobbled a bit too hard. "god. my heads swimming with those huge nuts of yours john. what do you wanna do next?" As she finished speaking she slumped more and planted her face directly into his now sweat coated balls, mashing the musky wrinkles around her face.
  73. [4:59:04 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: As before John showed absolutely no reaction to that his cum was hyper potent to Roxanne, seeming to act that it just smelled like fresh jizz to him. He wasn't ignorant enough to not understand that girls seemed oddly drawn to him after an orgasm, but maybe all women just simply loved the smell of cum. Not like he had many to compare himself to. His cock was once again wrapped in its latex confines and he gently petted her as thanks for the help, making a chucklesnort. "well we cant have your ass being alone gaping right? im sure your cunt also wants som-ooah!" The feeling of Roxy sliding down and rubbing her face against his sack made his balls slosh audibly, and the feeling was so great that he just had to hook a leg around her head and force her deeper into the wrinkly, sweaty skin. He sighed in satisfaction and after a few rubs let her go, her face no doubt having gotten more than what was needed to start up her pleasure centers on max again.
  74. [5:50:18 PM] Johnaya: Suddenly being forced against his balls sent shivers down her spine as she came again and again during the whole process, the smell lingering on her as John let her go. Rather than pull fully away however she just dove right back in, hefting up his wrinkly nutsack and motorboating it, stuffing herself as deep into it as she could. For the minute or so that she stayed there she came a dozen or more times, just twitching as she pulled away and landed on her back, twitching and spasming. Her body slumped as she laid there for another minute or two before slowly standing up and riding John's shaft, pussy and asshole dribbling sweat and fluids onto the plastic as she slid to the head. Seems even if she wasn't fully there from how much pleasure she was in she knew what he, and she, wanted.
  75. [6:07:43 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "mmmfgh ooh~ youre gonna fill me ba-ahn-ack up again if you keep doing that!" he tried warning her as she continued to assault his sack, the testicles inside churning up new spunk audibly. When she finally fell back he let out a sigh of relief, having had a hard time holding himself back. Having the hot Lalonde straddle his cock again made it harder though and by the time she got to the head a bubble of precum the size of a party balloon had been made. He panted and bit his lip so that he could hold back more, not wanting to fill the condom up too much before being inside of her. Well, once inside was a whole different matter, but right now he had to exercise some self-control. "think you can take it? or is this rod going to be too much for that tight pussy of yours?" he taunted, moving a hand down to his rebloated balls.
  76. [8:42:12 PM] Johnaya: Moans came from Roxanne as she slid to the end of his shaft and unceremoniously popped his cockhead into her monstrous pussy, the hot lips wrapping around it and coating it and the floor underneath her in fluids. Now she had a plan but wasn't sure if it would work given John's size but she was going to try anyway. "mmm not sure. but im definitely going to try." She planted her feet hard on the ground, or at least as hard as she could when everything felt like jelly, and steadily pushed herself back. Soon enough she'd taken one foot and then another, body twitching and spasming all the while as she came from just the penetration. By the time she made it halfway down she needed to stop though, cumming hard enough that she was squirting onto the floor. She rubbed the massive bulge from cock and pre-cum before slowly starting to move again, figuring she'd reach the base in about the same time as it took her to get here.
  77. [3:07:20 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: While John had gotten his fair share of femcum squirted on him from Roxanne's multiple orgasms, the slickness of which he could slide into her cunt was so unlike her ass. Her pussy squeezed tightly around his cock but thanks to her copious lubrication it wasn't too difficult to feel her slide back towards him, taking inch after inch in. "i think youre gonna make it at this rate" he panted, squirting a gallon's worth of precum into the condom. The sound of Roxanne's fluids splattering on the floor was like music to his ears, making him even more eager to sink his length deep into her insides. "d-damn youre gushing like a faucet" John joked, although he wasn't too far off. "glad that you enjoy my huge fat dick so much"
  78. [11:20:10 AM | Edited 11:20:24 AM] Johnaya: Roxanne wasn't typically a squirter but it seemed John was driving her body to the edge, hands resting against her ass cheeks as she slid back. The feeling of John's crotch against her ass made her moan in bliss, gaped asshole flexing next to him. Briefly forgetting what she was planning she just gently bounced on the base of John's cock. Her moans and screams got more intense as one of her hands slipped between her cheeks to squeeze her asshole. Meanwhile her feet occasionally prodded against John's nuts since she was being held up by his strong cock muscles, pussy continually dripping onto the ground. "yeah~! im definitely enjoying this giant young dick!"
  79. [12:00:40 PM | Edited 12:00:52 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had to take a moment to pause and just sit there, the feeling of Roxanne's wet sex trembling around his cock almost too much for him to take. Since her still gaping asshole was right in front of him he took the opportunity to really play with her asscheeks, squeezing them together and subsequently her pucker as well. Whenever his balls were touched he twitched slightly, as did his rod, firing off an extra thick and large load of pre into the ever growing condom. "and i'm mm~ sure enjoying your cunt! fuck, you have such a hot body!" One of his hands slipped down to the front of her cunt, finding the clit and starting to stroke his fingers against it. Each time she slid on his cock the sensitive nub rubbed against the latex, sure to bring a lot of stimuli.
  80. [1:41:57 PM] Johnaya: Gasps and groans came from Roxanne as both her and John toyed with her pucker, obscene squelches coming from it as it struggled to close every so often. She giggled lustily at his compliment and tried to lean back to kiss him, grunting as she was pulled upwards with his shaft. Once she was vertical she twitched as she came from his cock being shoved deeper into her along with his constant touches, moaning loudly as her head fell back onto his chest, head lolling on her shoulders. Slowly she regained enough of her thoughts to plant her legs on the bed, groaning as she spun herself around on his dick to face him. Of course that was all she managed to do, slumping forward onto him, his face lodged between her tits. "so fucking good~!" Briefly she wondered what would happen when he came what with his shaft being pointed towards the ceiling but her thoughts were quickly clouded with arousal, musk filling her mind once more.
  81. [2:17:38 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The look on Roxanne's face and her pursed lips gave John quite the hint of what she wanted, so with a grunt  he leaned backwards some and pulled his dick up with his hands on her hips, until his shaft was almost standing upright. Having her ass press into his abdomen made him moan into her ear, blunt teeth taking the chance to nibble on it slightly. Not the easiest thing considering her hair. It was then she spun around, causing several gasps and groans from him as her insides shifted around his length, until finally she was stradling his lap. The problem was that Roxanne was significantly taller, so with her pressing her bust forward meant that John got his face burried deep within the huge tits, each sphere way larger than his own head. He let out a muffled sound of awe and lifted her up some so that she could bounce down against his crotch again, giving her an incentive to continue thrusting herself up and down on his shaft.
  82. [3:41:57 PM] Johnaya: As she presses against his crotch again she moans loudly and runs her hands in her hair, grinding her crotch along his insane length. A few seconds later and her arms wrap around him, pushing his face further into her bosom, as he lifts her ass. Moans and groans were all the noises she made as she slid along his dick, steadily starting to ride it, making it up and down a foot of his shaft. Her pussy sloppily squelches with her every movement, slutty moans coming from her, her massive ass cheeks clapping noisily. "oh god! oh god! oh god! fuck me john!" Her hips were starting to move a bit faster but she was taking a little while to move up and down his shaft, having to stop every few seconds to enjoy another orgasm.
  83. [3:50:09 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: With all the soft titflesh surrounding him, John was pretty sure he had died and gone to heaven at some point. His cock was constantly being rubbed at by Rose's mom and when she shoved him even deeper into the warm cleavage he could feel that his head had been completely wrapped in her breasts. It got even better as the grinding started to turn into her lifting herself up some before slamming down, and then it turned into her wholy bouncing in his lap, loudly fucking him. He could hear her muffled cries of pleasure and returned them with moans of his own, hands going up to help her lift even further only so that he could drag her forcefully down to make the fucking even rougher. At one point she stopped to orgasm, but then he simply forced her back down against his lap again, fucking her straight through it. His cock was spewing precum like madly, some regular white stuff mixing into it as well as he got closer and closer to climaxing.
  84. [4:42:20 PM | Edited 4:43:13 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne groaned loudly as John fucked her through her orgasm, eyes rolling into the back of her head. Briefly she seemed to lose most of her bodily control, just slumping down against him, arms wrapped around his back. Her pucker noisily squelched open and closed as her hips gently bucked downwards though not as well as she'd done before. Seems her body was starting to give out. Not that she'd admit it just yet, still lifting and slamming her hips down, trying to fuck John as best she could. Fluids streamed from her stretched pussy and down onto his crotch, cascading down to begin to coat his balls in warm liquid. "oh god. so good john." She seemed dully aware just how massive her belly was swelling but was too lust addled to focus on it specifically, just busy feeling John's massive length slam into her.
  85. [4:47:40 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Even though Roxanne was losing her vigor John kept her pumping, hands cupping her ass to lift her up only to let gravity help him so that he could thrust into her as rough as possible. Roxanne would hear him moan and gasp for air inside her cleavage, as well as feel his hot breath and a bit of drool that came from his constant noises of pleasure. He was obviously getting close to his orgasm and soon the woman was going to become very aware of her stomach swelling, his nuts starting to throb achingly for release. After a few quick humps he finally hit his limit, his urethrea widening as cum began to blast through it, the loads of jizz distending Roxanne's skin before smoothening out along the length. That didn't mean John's face still couldn't be pressed inbetween her breasts, but eventually the cumgut would grow too big for even him to fit, his balls clenching tightly to his crotch as they unloaded gallons upon gallons upon gallons of cream into her.
  86. [4:59:31 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne could've sworn the moment John started to actually fuck her she was going to lose herself, hands holding tightly onto his back as her head lolled about. She couldn't even tell how long it was betweem when he started and when he came. All she knew is that in that time she'd cum quite a few more times, John's balls now coated in a small film of her fluids. Of course his sweat ended up overpowering them, washing them away as more and more musk filled the air. If she didn't know any better she'd swear that these orgasms were just making him hornier. It took a while but soon enough she realized he stopped, still going through one of her own orgasms. Slowly she pulled herself back a bit to stare at the massive cum gut she was sporting, giggling lustily as a hand ran along it. She knew she'd need to get up soon but for the moment she just enjoyed the feeling of being so full.
  87. [5:09:30 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had completely lost track of how long that he had been orgasming, his mind having been a thunderstorm of ecstasy coupled with a pinch of asphyxiation. Eventually he had been pushed back by the growing, hot stomach filled with cum, until he finally ended up laying flat against the bed, Roxanne's swollen abdomen pinning him down. Despite the fact that her cunt had been fucked raw she, together with the condom, had managed to keep his cum in rather well, but the output had been even larger and so a few strings were dripping down at his crotch onto his balls from the base of the condom. And of course the smell of his pure, potent jizz mixed with all the ballsweat that had accumulated it Roxanne would have the strongest need to rub against them as soon as possible. "i think youre... gonna have to crawl over me and try to slip off, because i cant move with your gut like this heh."
  88. [7:57:16 PM] Johnaya: Slowly but surely Roxanne crawled her way along John and her bed, groaning heavily as the massive condom pulled against her pussy, gasping as it popped out. For a few moments she sat above John's face with her gaping pussy hanging above him, femcum dripping onto his head. She didn't stay like that for long however, even if he had wanted to toy with her, languidly moving herself to pull and tie off the bloated condom. Carefully she placed it with the others so it wouldn't spill before practically swinging herself over to John, quickly sliding on another condom before landing against his massive nuts. Only this time something seemed off. They were quite a lot hotter and muskier, the taste and stench of cum filling her nose and mouth. So much so that she barely realized she was asking where he wanted to fuck her next and gladly going to stick his schlong in her hole. Something told her she'd barely remember what was about to happen other than the intense pleasure and gaped holes she'd be left with.
  89. [4:02:51 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Roxanne was lucky that the condom still had stretch to it, but the huge cum bubble provided some extra thickness as she pulled it out and the gaping that followed was hardly a surprise. John panted with an open mouth and got several drops of Roxanne's juices in it before she pulled off, removing the condom. Not even John would have been prepared of the eagerness of which she returned to his balls, happily groaning as she rubbed, kissed and licked up all the cum that had dripped on them. What followed was yet another pounding of her ass, this time with her on her knees against the bed and moaning like a whore, and after that he fucked her pussy missionary position, and after that... They were both going at it in a frenzy, cum balloon after cum balloon filling the other end of the room until most of the floor was covered in beanbag condoms. "NGHAAAH~" John cried out and filled Roxanne's ass once more with his virile seed, pumping her full while sitting on the bed and pulling her back and forth like an onahole. Only this time, the two hadn't been too careful with the condom at the base, the rubber not fitting righy. The result was that a splash of jizz managed to squirt out from the underside of his shaft before he managed to squeeze it right with his hands, his strong musky smell renewed in the room. Even more so, since his balls had been completely covered with a glace of hot snow, dripping the lewd liquid. "s-shit... i dont think anything came into you though, youre fine" he said as he stopped cumming, Roxanne's gut stretching out in front of her and onto the floor.
  90. [12:15:55 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne's mind was a blur as her and John fucked more and more but something soon changed. Given the overpowering stench of cum filling the room she'd realized that she might not have put one of the condoms on right. In her lust addled brain she decided, instead of being more careful, to just forego the condom altogether. Slowly she pulled herself off with a pop and yanked the condom off as well, tying it off and putting it with the others. Languidly she wrapped her arms around John, grinding her pussy and ass against his bare cock, eyes half lidded in arousal. "lets just get rid of the pesky condoms. i mean a big boy like you should get to feel a girls pussy bare right?" As she spoke lusty giggles came from her as she bounced gently against his shaft, waiting for his reply. Hopefully he wouldn't call her crazy and would just fuck her more. "you can pick whichever hole you want. even my mouth." Her mouth hung open as she said that, finger raising up to pull at her pillowy lips.
  91. [6:21:41 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: At first John was surprised at hearing her want to go without condoms, worried what the implications of that might be. "you sure? but what if nnnh~." You have to give him credit, actually thinking straight for a moment before his reasoning lost to the overwhelming desire to fuck, fuck and fuck. Having her bare pussy grind against him decided it, the young man needing to feel her skin to skin on his massive rod. "mm i cant wait, you already feel so great WITH a condom on. fuck i need you now." His reasoning why she hadn't given him a blowjob yet was because teeth + condom could equal holes, perhaps not during but very likely once they pulled the condom out. But since that wasn't a problem anymore... "youve been good at licking my balls, lets see how well you can service my cock with your mouth heh". Just that thought made him fire off a dollop of precum, perhaps as a warning, or perhaps as an incentive. Roxanne being Roxanne, would probably assume the later.
  92. [12:46:46 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne moaned gently as she grinded more against John's cock while he spoke, stroking his hair. It didn't take long before her hands went to rub at her chest, squishing her bosom around his head briefly after he finished speaking, Him giving her the go ahead made her giddy, grinning as she bounced on his dick. She leaned down and gave him a deep kiss before languidly sliding her way along his shaft, the smell of cum and pre-cum getting more intense as she neared the head. Slowly she moved herself to kneel in front of his bulging head, struggling to hold it down, her mouth hanging open. She screws her eyes shut as she places it against her lips, really hoping she didn't underestimate herself. Luckily though she felt her jaw and lips begin to stretch and stretch, soon enough his head popping into her mouth. She opened her eyes and blinked, smiling around his girth as she casually slid forward. Just fitting it inside of herself without the condom made her cum. She couldn't wait to feel it in her other holes, pre-cum spewing down her throat and rapidly swelling her belly.
  93. [6:10:39 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John didn't mind having his face in Roxanne's tits again, leaning forward to bury himself deeper once she offered the warm cleavage to him. The kiss afterwards almost topped it, but well, she couldn't be hanging around the base of his cock if she was going to suck it. At first he doubted she'd make it, her strained complexion making him worry, but once she actually began to take more into her mouth than what should be humanely possible he had no doubts she'd be able to take his whole length. And so good her saliva-slick mouth was! Now this was one onahole he was going to enjoy. He inhaled sharply and smiled back at her, although his cock was constantly throbbing with pre firing down its urethrea. Seemed like going without a condom had turned him on more than plenty. "you hungry for my jizz ma'am? come get it" he said teasingly and rubbed his sack, urging her on.
  94. [3:03:32 PM] Johnaya: It was a bit more difficult to take him in her mouth than it was her ass or pussy, her jaw straining against the insane girth. At least she was good with her teeth though. No bite marks for her. As John taunted her she started to feel an incredibly warmth in her gut that spread out through her whole body. It seemed his pre even had musky effects on her, Roxanne's eyes rolling back. Languidly she moved her mouth along the part of his cock in her mouth currently, sliding it deeper and deeper, torso bulging obscenely as it went down. Her hands move to the sides of his dick as she practically pulled herself along it, hands stroking it as well. All to get down to his base, service those balls, and taste his mind bending cum.
  95. [5:06:17 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: They would have to take care so that John didn't thrust his cock all the way through so that it poked out her ass; think of all the damage the ensuing orgasm would cause to the room! He let out a pleased groan as the cockhead slid down into her chest and then even further. His dick was bathing in his own pre, the warmth making it even more eager to fill Roxanne up with the clear liquid. "yeah mm... keep going~" Her stomach had begun to stretch down, his immense girth making a large bulge in the pale skin. John amused himself at the thought that Roxanne basically had a dick poking out of her crotch, leaning forward and stretching out his hands. "grab on and umf ill give you a boost" Ever so helpful.
  96. [10:41:53 PM | Edited 10:42:22 PM] Johnaya: The fact wasn't lost on Roxanne either, her stretched stomach occasionally brushing against her stretched and gaped pussy. Each touch sent shocks through her body as she lurched forward. Her hands squeezed and groped his shaft as she moved forward, eyes focusing on not much of anything. When his hands moved towards her though she blinked, casually reaching a hand forward to let her and him pull her. With both of them working at it she quickly reaches his base, gulping to fit the final inch inside of her. The overpowering stench of his musky balls fill her head completely and nearly makes her black out from pleasure but she hangs on, for now, wanting to feel John fuck her face first. She had no doubt though once he started cumming she'd lose herself again but she was prepared and waiting for that.
  97. [6:41:13 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Ooooooh shiiiit how good this felt. It felt like rivers of sweat were pouring down his body as his cock sheathed fully inside of her, only this time her got to pleasure of feeling her tongue press into the underside of his cock and her throat squeeze its girth. Her stomach had been extended well past her legs thanks to his length, and some of it had already swollen up because of the pre gushing out of the cockhead. He doubted he'd last long if he started to thrust, sensitive as he was, but thay only made him even more eager to get down to business. His hands held Roxanne by the shoulders and began to push her back, going slowly until he had to pull her back in again. Only that time, it went a lot faster. John let out a hearty moan and began to build up a rhythm, repeatedly thrusting Roxanne's face against his crotch. He closed his eyes and kept on pounding, imagining the woman impaled on his cock to be someone else than Roxanne for the moment. The incredibly hot daughter downstairs... Or Jade, with her wide hips and energetic personality. Heck, she'd probably give him a blowjob without even him helping, she had that determination. "mmooh so good!~" he moaned out, barely even noticing that he was moving his arms faster.
  98. [12:05:10 AM] Johnaya: Okay she was a bit facetious before. She'd been cumming nearly this entire time of dragging John's godly cock through her body, every foot sending powerful shocks through her. Once pre started pushing inside of her she came again and again, legs sagging down to feel the distended mound of flesh extending past her body. Seeing an opportunity she presses her feet to the side, stroking John through herself. Meanwhile her hands work to squeeze and mold his burgeoning nut sack. That was of course up until he started to thrust her along his shaft rapidly. That sent her fully over the edge, completely losing focus for a good minute or more as he quickly fucked her face. Her pussy and asshole squelched open and closed with every twitch of her body, small amount of pre-cum starting to leak from her ass. Even through all of this Rose had been none the wiser, just happily watching television. Of course that was quick to change but neither Roxanne nor John would know that.
  99. [3:12:17 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Roxanne sure knew how to work John to his limit in the shortest time possible, his balls gurgling urgently as she groped the churning hot cum factories. He started to pant as she began her pseduo-footjob, making him even more eager to thrust her back and forth. Even John couldn't speed up forever though and so settled on a rough but controlled speed, pounding away into her. When she almost blacked out from orgasming so hard he didn't even show any sign of stopping, fucking her through the mindbreaking orgasm until she was starting to get back to her senses (somewhat). However, his thrust were starting to become erratic, and for good reasons. Roxanne would be able to feel the cock throb inside of her as the precum gushed out rapidly from his tip, his climax getting closer by the second. With a grunt he leaned forward and pulled Roxanne up against his crotch, his cock thickening as cum rushed through it before shooting out into Roxanne, the first blast distending her belly several feet into the air before it began to swell up her body. Only that it was simply too much, each glob of cum several gallons worth, so within seconds the white gunk started to blast out from Roxanne's ass, hitting the door on the other side of the room. Some dribbled up her throat and soon her tastebuds were overwhelmed by the cum gushing out of her nose and mouth. The overwhelming musk filled the whole room in an instant. And since this was John, this was only the first few seconds of his orgasm.
  100. [5:44:17 PM] Johnaya: It was hard to focus on any one thing during this amazing and intense blowjob. The hot pre-cum pouring into her gullet, the even hotter cum now starting to pump inside, the feel of his godly shaft sliding down her entire inside. This had to be the best sexual experience she's gone through and it's with someone much younger than her. Not to mention the longest experience as well, having fucked for hours already and John was still hard, gushing hard into her mouth. Her head was swimming constantly from his intense, sweaty musk filling her whole body now. Briefly she wonders if his cum might work as an aphrodisiac before another orgasm, one of dozens, tears through her as a thick shot bloats out her stomach once more and fires from her ass. She was amazed she was even still coherent with how amazing and hot she felt, hands roughly squeezing his monstrous nuts, losing herself as more and more cum squirts into and out of her from his powerful orgasm.
  101. [3:16:33 PM | Edited 3:17:04 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The cum just continued to flow from Roxanne's, splashing against the wall and floor as the sticky spunk blew through her body. She was still going strong with pleasing him as well, John leaning his head back and groaning happily when her hands started to rub at his sack. It took several minutes for John to stop cumming, and as soon as Roxanne managed to pull herself off his cock he got up and walked around to her behind, thrusting deep into her ass. And once he dumped a few loads in her squelching behind, he moved on to her cunt as well. John completely lost track of time as they fucked, and soon the room had several piles of thick cum spread across the floor, most of it having spread out so that the two lust-crazed lovers were walking around ankledeep in jizz. John had once again returned to Roxanne's ass and was pounding it again, panting hard. She had gotten pretty good at clenching around his cock! Well, after a few rounds of practice, of course.
  102. [3:26:49 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne was shocked she was still able to fuck John back after all he'd been doing to her. By now she'd swear she'd came over a hundred times and her whole body was in delicious, agonizing pleasure. As she felt his rod slam into her ass for another time she could help but groan out in bliss, asshole squelching and clenching around his girth. "oh god john. come on and fuck me nice and hard!" She thrust her own hips back to get him nice and excited. Well. More excited anyway. But there was one thing the two of them had forgotten. Downstairs Rose had just decided to turn off the TV and could now hear the incredibly loud squelching and moaning, the faint smell of something on the air. Whatever it was it made Rose want to find out what it was and what was happening between her mother and John, slowly making her way up the stairs, the sounds and smells getting stronger and stronger.
  103. [3:34:38 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: "h-here i... i...!" John didn't get to finish his sentence as his cock began to release, balls clenching against the underside of his cock and pumping out gallons after gallons of seed into Roxanne. Since she was constantly leaking from her various orifices she didn't really bloat up over the size of "managable", except at the start of his orgasms when her belly expanded rapidly from the immense amounts of jizz. Before long it start to pour of her mouth like she was some sort of obscene fountain, John holding onto her by her hips and still slamming into her with force. Quite a lot gushed out from her ass too, as well as her cunt from his previous orgasms. John felt like he was in heaven; was there any way this could be any better?
  104. [3:53:45 PM] Johnaya: As John started to cum Roxanne nearly came so hard she passed out just from feeling cum spew from her mouth. Her asshole clinged as tightly to him as it could but with how stretched he made it that was difficult. Gallons streamed in and out of her, hands running up and down her swollen body. She couldn't imagine what Rose would say if she saw her like this, something that was surely about to happen soon. The overpowering smell was starting to get to Rose as she ascended the stairs, breath becoming ragged and clothes feeling tighter. By the time she'd reached the door she had to actively stop herself from sticking her hands down her panties. However she manages some restraint as she turns the nob, slowly opening the door just a crack. What she was greeted with made her eyes go wide, mother sitting on John's lap with thick white fluid spewing from her mouth, some of which splattered on the door. She closed it quickly so as not to alert anyone, feeling her body get hotter as she saw a glob on her hand. She looked at it quizzically for a few moments before going down for a taste and then it was over, hand sliding down her panties as she came just from it touching her tongue.
  105. [4:28:55 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John probably would have been even more ashamed if Rose had seen him like this; sure, he probably would have been able to turn around the situation if it was just him and his huge cock like he had planned, but him fucking her mother senseless like that? That would require some explaining. He let out a grunt and began to slow down his thrusts some as his orgasm subsided for this time, pushing Roxanne forward so that she slid off his cock. Her belly was so huge that she laid on it and John had difficulty fucking her, but because she was too high up rather than low. Cum gushed over John's lower body as he pulled out and he stumbled back onto the bed, cock still fully erect. He sat down and let out a pleasured sigh, stroking his cock slowly in front of him. Roxanne had been left with her face pressing into one of the condom bags, still spewing from all her holes. Was she even conscious anymore? Hm, he'd have to find out after fucking her face a few more times.
  106. [4:49:11 PM | Edited 4:52:32 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne groaned and slumped over onto her belly as she passed out, a few gasps and moans coming from her as she came even while unconscious. Her body twitched gently and her holes still gushed cum, arms holding onto the condom in front of her. Of yeah. When she woke up she was definitely going to be sore but it was so worth it. While she passes out though there's the faint sound of moaning from outside of the door. Seems Rose was still caring to her needs, rapidly fingering herself. However she manages to notice that the sounds stopped before her, regretfully pulling her hand from her dripping pussy. Stealthily she opened the door to see a gigantic cock surging up into the air and the passed out form of her mother laying in front of it. However she didn't seem to be in pain, looking happy while knocked out. Gulping and holding her breath so as not to get overtaken again Rose sneaks into the room to see a resting John, blush covering her face as she took the scarf from her neck and quickly tied him to her mother's bed frame. "John. What happened here?" She managed to get that out before she needed to take a breath, amazed she did all that without alerting him and with just one breath. truly the Lalonde's lung capacity was impeccable.
  107. [5:08:30 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had been staring at the ceiling and letting the buzz of post orgasm ecstasy slowly drop, and so the appearance of yet another Lalonde wasn't made known to him until it was too late. "wh-hey what!?" Perhaps he should have figured it out from the "television" being way too loud downstairs and then suddenly stopping, but by then his hands had been swiftly bound to the bedframe, stretching them out. He looked to the side to see Rose standing there, watching him with an expression he couldn't determine whether it was horror, awe, lust or some other complex emotion. "uhm... h-hi, rose. i ehmmm... sorta got carried away?" He tried one of his boyish grins at her, but he didn't feel too sure of himself. "i know it looks bad but... yeah okay it looks bad."
  108. [10:36:34 PM] Johnaya: "Carried away? That's a bit of an understatement I'd say considering my mother's condition. Or all the semen coating the room. And what I would guess are condoms literring the floor." A small groan came from Roxanne as a spurt of cum gushed from her ass, splattering onto the bed. Rose was doing her best not to breathe in considering what happenever last time but she could still practically feel how aroused the cum would make her. Regardless she keeps her eyes on her goal. "Though I wouldn't necessarily call it bad." She gave a little gulp as she looked at her again and then back to John's cock, shakily reaching a hand to press against its side. "So. Before anything else. What exactly happened here, John?" She said that in a tone more sultrily than her previous sentences, hand idly caressing the side of John's shaft.
  109. [5:17:00 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: For the first time since they started fucking, John looked around the room and the mayhem he had caused. A white slurry was covering the floor, the walls and some dripping from the ceiling as well. His eyes went over to Roxanne and his face turned a dark shade of red as he realized how much he must've pounded her if she ended up like that. Rose seemed to be awfully stiff about this (was she holding her breath or why did she look like that?) but not necessarily mad. "well alright." he said cautiously, just a little surprised that she had sounded sexual when asking him. "i popped a boner earlier and your mo- roxanne walked in on me. she asked if she could help me relieve myself and so yeah, that's what we've been doing since! i am amazed by how long im lasting, but she keeps rubbing my balls and groping me so the cum just keeps building u-" His sentence got cut abruptly as, much to the misfortune of Rose trying to remain modest, a large glub of cum dropped from the ceiling after gravity had been pulling at it for the past couple of minutes. It hid her forehead and rolled down one side of her face, covering it with white gunk and smearing it on her lips and under her nostrils.
  110. [11:08:11 PM] Johnaya: She just casually listened as he explained himself, subtley nodding every few seconds. While she did want to know what happened she was mostly doing this so she had a reason to touch his shaft and quell a bit of her lust. As John said Roxanne's name she groaned again while a stream of cum squirted from her pussy, splattering onto his balls. Rose was so caught up with that she didn't hear the wet pattering of something dripping on her shoulder, a second later her whole head covered in goop. She breathed in deeply in reflex and ended up with a mouth full of cum, hands quickly reaching up to clean her face. The effect was almost immediate since the moment her eyes were clear she moaned as they rolled back, body twitching as she came just from the taste in her mouth. As John's cum fills her nose and mouth she tries to say something but just ends up moaning more. "O-oh god, John~!" Another orgasm seemed to go through her as a hand slipped into her panties, rubbing cum onto her clit, each buck of her hips signalling another orgasm tearing through her.
  111. [1:35:08 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John's mouth fell open at the unexpected and fortunate change that the Lalonde went through in just a matter of seconds as the glob of cum hit her. The strong response she had was appropriate though, since going from close to nothing to his incredibly potent cum in her mouth gave an incredible rush of aphrodisiac running through her body. "rose are you alright??" It was too late for the young Lalonde now though, her mind and body now craving more cum, cock and musk. An insatable hunger that only John could do anything about. Surprised as he was he had to admit that watching her orgasm just like that was incredibly hot, especially since her juices kept streaming down her thighs, but he was still bound tight and couldn't move his hands. That left him in the "care" of what was now a hyper lustful Lalonde, caring for nothing more than his throbbing rod.
  112. [12:03:09 PM] Johnaya: Rose just continued to cum and twitch until the taste of cum had left her mouth, a deep sigh as her eyes narrow at him sensually. "Oh yes. I'm perfectly fine, John." Every word from her mouth was now dripping with arousal as she casually took off her now cum stained shirt, removing her skirt as well. Idly her hand rubbed the side of John's shaft. "So. You fucked my mom and came over a dozen times? My, my, my. I can't really blame you. She is a sexy woman. And all the cum you have to put out with these daily must be insane." Languidly she made her way onto the bed and kneeled in front of John's gigantic schlong, wrapping her arms around it before sliding down and nuzzling his balls, kissing and suckling on the wrinkly, cum covered skin.
  113. [12:25:00 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John just stared at Rose when she removed her shirt, eyes locking onto her huge round tits as he finally got to see them in all their glory. His gaze drifted downwards as she removed her skirt, his teeth starting to gnaw on his bottom lip. "y-yeah like i said i dont usually cum this much but..." He simply stopped talking and closed his eyes as her arms wrapped around his beastly member, letting out a slow moan as she moved downwards and eventually came to his nutsack. "and if youre doing that youre not helping heh" With how much the two had been sweating, fucking and climaxing it was hardly a surprise that Rose found herself in a swamp of mixed cum and sweat, the musk strong like always. His balls throbbed as she sucked on them, churning up larger and larger loads of cum thanks to Rose's stimulation.
  114. [12:44:50 PM] Johnaya: Thoughts of 'not helping' some more danced in Rose's head but she wasn't sure if she could handle him now, much less when he was even bigger. Not to mention she desperately needed to feel him inside of herself. Briefly she thinks about snatching the condom box from the puddle of jizz and wrapping him up but her desires are too strong. She gives a few more rubs and sucks to his balls before pulling up and swinging herself around to sit on his chest, bubbly ass pointed right at his face. Just like her mother she was well endowed in her orifices but the panties did a good job at hiding them though not the dripping from her cooch onto John's chest while she grabbed and stroked his cock. With a little lick of her lips she bent it downward a bit as she picked herself up, placing it against her mouth. She mentally grit her teeth as she pushed forward, honestly surprised she managed to feel him pushing inside.
  115. [12:55:34 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had actually been genuinely worried that Rose would continue rubbing and sucking on his balls until they became so large that he flooded the room, but thankfully she stopped before they filled up that much. They were still rather heavy though, sloshing as she moved over to sit on him. Those heavenly cheeks were pressing lightly against his face, and up close John could see something pressing against the fabric of the panties. It didn't look like she was especially equipped though, other than that her hips were wider than what most considered usual, giving her the sexy hourglass shape. Right before Rose took the cock in her mouth a glob of precum shot from the head, splattering into her gaping maw and adding in some extra lube other than the saliva already there. John had to stop himself from bucking his hips when she started the blowjob, another precum load being poured down her throat. "mmm youre even better than your mom at that"
  116. [1:02:51 PM] Johnaya: Rose took that compliment as best she could seeing as that meant her mother had also blown John. Though she quickly remembered she'd already gone over this with herself and had stopped caring, now focusing only on John's dick. Amazingly she takes a whole foot in no time and quickly continues to slide down farther. Of course at around the two or three foot mark John would feel and notice something strange. Unlike her mother Rose didn't angle herself properly for this. Slowly but surely her panties start to bulge as more and more of John's shaft pushes from her asshole, a heavy groan coming from the Lalonde. Getting an interesting idea she reaches her hands back to squish her cheeks around John's cockhead and stroke it through her panties, mentally smiling. There was no way her mother thought to do something like that.
  117. [1:15:49 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: She really was better at blowjobs than her mom, who was still passed out as far as John knew, his cock throbbing hard inside of her stretched throat. The angle was a little off but the pleasure made up for it, and he mischeviously thrust his hips upwards to sink his cock a few inches deeper into her. Soon he felt something odd against the tip of his cock, which revealed itself to be her panties as she kept on taking his cock like a champ. "h-hell thats good!~" Feeling Rose's cheeks rub against the head made him shoot a new load of precum, which in turn soggied her panties further with its sticky goo. He wiggled against the constraints and wished he could do something to help her rub his dick, but sadly all he could do was let her continue on her own.
  118. [1:22:41 PM | Edited 1:46:44 PM] Johnaya: Pleased moans came from her as she pushed farther and farther now, a gurgle coming from her as her lips touch his base. She stayed there for a few moments, enjoying the sensations, before pulling her mouth back up. Sadly for John she only started to move her mouth up and down around a foot or so of his shaft meaning his cockhead was still hanging outside. Knowing she can't keep herself steady with her hands on her ass Rose moved them onto John's crotch, letting her slide him into herself faster and faster. Slowly though they moved down to his balls, squeezing and rubbing them as she continued to give him a blowjob. Of course her body started to slide down a bit until her crotch was against John's face or at least some times was against it, Rose still sliding herself on his cock.
  119. [2:07:34 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John had to gasp for air as she got all the way to his base, his cockhead stretching her panties out far so that he could actually see her immense, widened asshole. It disappeared behind the amazingly elastic underwear once she pulled up though, but he wasn't going to complain since so much of his length was inside of her anyway. His balls gurgled loudly in reaction to the rubbing they suddenly got and visibly swelled and pulsated, some thick veins showing faintly under the skin. "ffuck youre gonna make them huge!" John couldn't really respond more to that though, since his face was pushed against Rose's panties and subsequently her dripping cunt. Not one to be a bad partner he pushed his tongue up and tried to lick it through the fabric, but strangely enough found that while it was wet, all he could reach from his limited position was nothing. Sort of odd. He tried his best to pull down Rose's underwear with his mouth but then decided to simply make a small needy noise, urging her to help.
  120. [3:51:52 PM] Johnaya: It doesn't take very long for her to notice her touching was making John get a lot hornier. Idly she wonders if all of this fucking was even having an effect on John with how needy and swollen he was, Rose just shrugging. Feeling him against her panties made her moan in delight around his shaft, rapidly sliding herself along it. Of course there was something amiss. Realizing he probably can't get through her panties she reaches a hand back and tugs them to the side. This of course greets him with his own cockhead poking from Rose's rear and her swollen, sopping wet pussy. Once she was sure everything was clear her hands go back to touching his balls, moving her hands underneath them to heft them up and rest them on top of John's legs while her hands circle around them.
  121. [4:07:53 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The way the two girls had been toying with his incredibly potent balls so far had simply made him produce more cum than he could put out. Sure, if they didn't rub and play with the wrinkly sack he would eventually finish, but when Rose kept on going like she did now? Not a chance. When Rose pulled her panties to the side John was greeted with a splash of juices in his face, her huge cunt lips pushing free of the panties and pressing against his head. He immediately began to eat her out, even with her wetness running down his face, and soon he began to feel himself reach his limit. With a buck of his hips he pushed his cock in fully, the tip of it pushing past John's face so that he was (relatively) safe from cum splatter, and promptly began to unload. Rose's throat visibly swelled up as cum traveled through his cock, his gonads working fulltime to release the white spunk.
  122. [11:44:07 AM] Johnaya: Rose just couldn't stop fondling John's balls despite his protests, eyes rolling back into her head as she shifted and squished them against her hands. Especially once he started to eat her out, a heavy moan resonating around his shaft. Her hands held on tightly as she bobbed herself faster and faster along his shaft, feeling his hips start to buck up to meet her. It wasn't much longer before his dick swelled in her throat, Rose's eyes going wide as she felt the warm, hot fluid fire through his shaft. It had an effect on her even as it slid through his urethra and definitely effected her once it splattered against the wall and showered down on the two of them. Even still she kept blowing him, hands roughly grabbing his tough sack skin. With how enthusiastic the two of them were she wasn't sure she'd ever take him out of her mouth.
  123. [11:57:20 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Rose's arousal prompted a gush of fluids down John's face, but he simply pressed his face in deeper and pushed his tongue in as far as he could, moaning while doing so. His cock pulsated wildly, shooting out more than ever since Rose just wouldn't stop stimulating his balls. The whole wall was covered in an instant and gallons splashed upon the two lust-crazed lovers as his hips kept on pounding into Rose's mouth, cumming for several minutes. Even once the orgasm ended and both of them had been covered in white gunk Rose seemed eager to continue, leading to her staying on his cock and pushing herself up and down while grinding on John's face until he came again. Whenever she orgasmed John's face was sprayed with her femcum, the warmth of her pussy keeping him comfortable. Eventually that orgasm ended as well and Rose finally pulled off... Only to leave John tied up, forcing his cock into her huge cunt until she had taken it all the way to the base, her skin extended upwards while she bounced on his crotch.
  124. [7:50:13 PM] Johnaya: Pleasured screams and moans echoed through the room as Rose happily rode John's giant shaft, hands squeezing her ass cheeks and the bulge in her belly intermittently. As much as she liked sucking him off being able to breathe was great, especially since each breath sent shivers down her spine. She couldn't focus now but she was sure there was something special about John's nuts and cock. Besides them being massive of course. It didn't take very long before he's starting to gush into her pussy as well but Rose holds out, continuing to ride him even as her gut encompasses the rest of her. Once she caught her breath, after making sure he had stopped cumming, she just went back to riding him to another orgasm, leaving her clutching her monstrously swollen gut. Slowly she pulls herself off which was accompanied by loud moans and cum gushing from her pussy, the girl quickly leaning over to undo one of his straps before placing his cockhead between her cheeks. "Mmm come on, John~! Fuck me nice and hard."
  125. [7:58:16 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The fact that Rose could take two orgasm in her pussy without stopping had John almost cumming immediately, but he held out until he finally could no more, flooding her greedy cunt. Being released afterwards was a surprise, but how could he deny the bloated Lalonde another fuck when she was begging him like a slut. "a-alright rose!" Without hesitation he rammed himself far into her, letting out a roar that turned into a moan as he roughly began to piston into her, the cockhead bathing in a pool of his own cum in her stomach before squelching out of her mouth along with a rush of old cum, stretching her throat. He fucked her like that for a few minutes before pulling back and reangling, instead pounding her stomach forwards.
  126. [8:15:32 PM] Johnaya: Rose groaned and gasped as John slammed into her ass, massaging her huge tits as she pushed back as well. Getting fucked like this was the best sexual thing she'd done ever, echoing her mother's thoughts from before. Of course Rose was holding out a bit easier than her if only because she wasn't exposed to John's musk for as long. Still she was nearly as lost, loving every bit of pre-cum or cum spewing from her mouth, the feeling of his dick spearing all the way through her body. Once he pushed into her stomach and came a few minutes later she was crying out in bliss, moving her ass up and down his length on her own to meet his hips. Even through his cum spewing from between her lips she did that as well as through the orgasm. Of course all that was having an effect on the other person in the room, a few small groans coming from Roxanne.
  127. [8:22:28 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: The flood of cum wouldn't stop from Rose in quite a while, the girl being great at fucking John even as he was orgasming. Once it finally did slow down John had to admit that he did feel slightly emptier in his balls than before... Which he fixed by wading through the sticky gunk and shoving his sack right in Rose's face, letting her do her job until he felt it was sufficiently enough for him to fuck her ten more rounds in the ass. About three orgasms in though he had to pull out of her squelching asshole, leaving it gaping and gushing cum as he fell back onto the bed. Not because his balls were empty oh no. He was just momentairly exhausted, panting to regain his breath and take Rose's holes again.
  128. [8:41:38 PM] Johnaya: Eagerly Rose mashed her face and hands against John's pendulous nutsack, suckling and squeezing his balls. While she knew that would mean he'd end up fucking her ass for even longer the idea was definitely enticing even if it would leave her pucker constantly gaped. Which was promptly what happened after he pulled out of her, Rose gasping as she laid on the bed. In front of her Roxanne stirred, groaning as she groggily sat up to see her daughter face down in cum. The two locked eyes before looking back at John, silently agreeing to tease him more. They rolled their rotund forms over to him and rested against his balls, each serving a single nut. "mmm oh john look what you did to my little girl. made her a total slut for your dick." "I could say the same about you, mother. Servicing a young man like John is a bit stranger though none would blame you what with his godly genitals." As they spoke they sucked, squeezed, kneaded, and lifted his heavy nuts, all of their hands working on them.
  129. [8:48:14 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John looked up just in time to see the two Lalondes approach his cock, the hunger in their eyes making the hair on the back of his neck stand. "oh youre back up roxanne." he tried to greet her but both went right to his cum-coated balls, causing him to groan happily. "h-hey hey calm down now, youll make them full in aahhn instant." Despite this he couldn't bring himself to physically remove them, the constant stimuli of their hands ans mouths being too great. The mother and daughter seemed to have been made to suck cock and balls together, sometimes working in unison and sometimes alternating with their strokes and licks. "nnguuuh~"
  130. [11:36:52 AM] Johnaya: Both of them were loving the noises John was making, small giggles slipping out through their moans and pants. "hey again john. you really fucked me good before. i kinda wanna go through that again if you dont mind." As she finished her sentences her arms wrapped around the testicle she was servicing, hefting it up and cradling it against her body, sucking and licking at the wrinkly skin. "And of course I want to experience that too. Mother seems much more content than she was before. And you always did say I need to loosen up a bit." Following her mother's lead Rose lifted up the half of the nutsack she was playing with, running her tongue along its folds while her hands rubbed along its surface.
  131. [6:42:04 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: While John could handle one hot babe fondling his huge balls, two was more than he was used to. And he wasn't going to complain, at least not yet, as all he had to do was laying back and letting them play, drool running down the side of his mouth. "well if rose mmngh manages to get on my cock all the way i can probably fuck both of you at the same time" he suggested as he let out a delighted groan which was drowned out by a loud gurgle from his balls, swelling several sizes in the girls' arms. With how much they both were sucking and rubbing themselves against his nuts it was hardly a surprise that they grew rapidly, losing the wrinkles little by little until they were so big the Lalondes impossibly could carry them anymore, skin stretched taut. That didn't stop them from throbbing bigger though, and a constant flow of pre was gushing from his cockhead. "mmooh~ ive n-never been this packed" His package was bound to look holy to the musk-addled girls, the throbbing shaft just begging them to be thrust into any of their holes so that John could fuck them senseless.
  132. [11:31:37 AM] Johnaya: Rose and Roxanne weren't paying much attention to any protests John might've ended up throwing their way. They were far too focused on his expanding ballsack, the both of them starting to play with it even harder now. Even though they quickly had trouble hefting up his nuts they still tried, letting them flop back down with a wobble and obscene sloshing noises which only further bolstered the girls. It wasn't until they couldn't feel anymore wrinkles on his skin that they pulled back. However this was only a small reprieve as the two of them moved to his cock, moving to rest and rub their bellies on his balls while they ran their hands and mouths along his shaft. "OH my god, John! Are you even bigger than before~?" "oooh i think he is rose. god and i didn think his dick could get more perfect!"
  133. [7:44:53 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John literally had never had his balls this full of cum his entire life, and while an on-looker might have been concerned about what would happen once he orgasmed, John only wanted to do just that. Even with the copious amount of pre pouring from his cockhead did the pressure lessen, and he couldn't imagine how it'd be if he didn't achieve this orgasm at all. Not that he needed to worry with the Lalondes helping him, rubbing their bodies against his shaft and kissing it. "mmn-ngh youre gonna ma-ake me cum just from that~" he said, as well as warning them that if they wanted to penetrate themselves on his length one more time they would have to do so now. The cock pulsated in their grip and did seem to have become a few inches thicker. Perhaps it was to give the girls some extra tightness, or maybe just a result from his swollen balls outputting so much pre.
  134. [11:02:23 PM | Edited 11:02:41 PM] Johnaya: Even with the whines and moans coming from their 'captive' Rose and Roxanne didn't let up on his shaft, still happily stroking it. "hear that rose? were gonna make john blow his load if we keep going." "Mmm that would be lovely. But what happens if he runs out before he gets to fuck us again?" "oh i dont think he will. but if he does we can always play with these again." As she said that she pulled her hands back and pressed against his balls, squeezing and kneaded them. Once they started to pulse and swell again she pulled back and went to his shaft once more, going back to working with her daughter. While the constant thought of slamming up and down his dick danced through their heads they couldn't resist pressing their mouths against his cock. Maybe once they got him to cum they'd fuck him around the house for fun, provided his balls allow it.
  135. [4:41:46 AM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Considering how his gonads had been working so far it seemed likely thay John would be able to continue fucking them for hours upon hours, the potent cum and lust providing enough energy to have him going as long as his balls were filled with jizz. Well, it might be a bit hard to walk around with a swollen sack, but he could probably make it work. John let out an audible gasp as Roxanne squeezed his nut and has it churn up some more gallons of his hot white spunk, the pressure building up inside his length. The pleasure was so overwhelming that he couldn't manage to say anything warn them about his rapidly approaching climax, but the throbbing of his cock and his moans should have been enough to clue them in. His dick swelled up noticably as semen rushed through his urethrea, before a /huge/ glob of jizz shot out of the tip, hitting the ceiling and giving it a dent before splashing down all over the trio. Within a matter of moments both Lalondes looked like they were covered in a layer of snow, and that was just the first shot. Within moments every inch of their bare skin was covered by jizz, the musky smell forcing its way into their bodies mercilessly.
  136. [12:06:13 PM] Johnaya: As the first droplets, more like bucketfuls, of cum hit the two of them they almost immediately came. That wouldn't be the last as more and more coated them and the surrounding room, Rose and Roxanne squealing and moaning in delight. Cum covered their hair and filled their mouths and even slipped inside of them from their hands thrusting in and out of their twitching holes. Neither of them could tell what had happened but they know they lost track of time. As they come to again from the cum craze they were in they notice their guts having swollen up even more immensely as well as their holes constantly gaping. More surprisingly though they seem to have made their way downstairs with cum splattered all over the place despite John, apparently, briefly wanting to wear condoms again. Maybe to leave them a souvenir. Still they felt a tad sore from all the rough fucking John had done to them but they were happy, still greedily slobbering and sucking on his cock. In this arrangement Roxanne was slamming her ass up and down John's length while Rose stroked and kissed any section that wasn't stuffed up her ass but that was quick to change once John came again. "John I hope you realize you're basically a god of sex~." "and youve got us two to service you for however you want!" "Mmm that is also true."
  137. [3:56:07 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: While the girls half passed out from their own orgasms, John got the enjoyment of being fully conscious while fucking them, except for the moments where his mind blanked from his climaxes. His immense loads had filled the bedroom up to waist level in gunk and after having waded through the sticky white sperm, all while spitroasting Rose on his length, he had gotten a hold of the condom box and slowly made his way downstairs, stopping every now and then as the hot women brought him to yet more orgasms. Somewhere he had thought that the condoms would be able to contain him, now that his balls had barely shrunk even after his massive orgasm, but after having a three of them pop inside of Roxanne he had decided that they weren't really worth the time. That didn't mean he hadn't managed to fill up about ten more bags, strewn across the floor and leaking what he had failed to contain. "yeah heh lucky me!" he replied and managed to pull out of Roxanne, a flood of cum following his cock. Without hesitation he turned to Rose and pried open her mouth, ramming in all at once so that the head poked out of her gaping asshole, making him moan loudly.
  138. [4:03:31 PM] Johnaya: Rose happily groaned around the shaft as it slammed into her once more, her asshole flexing and squelching around John's cock as he moved. However all this fucking was starting to show its signs, Rose's eyes closing every few seconds. She knew after John blew this load she'd be done for. Roxanne had already technically given up, sliding onto the couch next to John. If giving up counted as fucking for hours and cumming probably over a hundred times. Roxanne sighed and cooed as she rested her head on John's shoulder, wrapping her tits around his arm. "you really are the fucking best john. so glad i got to see you. and this bitch breaker of yours." A lusty giggle came from her as she reached down to pat the side of his swollen behemoth, Rose futilely trying to smile around John's dick.
  139. [4:11:18 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: It took a few moments before John even realized that Roxanne was trying to get his attention, but feeling her warm breasts against him worked rather well. That didn't mean he stopped bucking into Rose's mouth though, pressing her nose against his crotch. "im pretty glad too. i mean i was nervous enough about rose but this all came out pretty good!" he mused, speeding up with his thrusts. John might have been blessed with a huge dick, but that didn't mean he was completely dumb, and the signs of fatigue were obvious on the girls. He pulled Rose back until his dickhead was fully inside of her and let loose his next orgasm, spraying the floor behind her with cum as he filled her up. After the minutes it took for him to finished passed he pulled out slowly, still hard as ever though. "lets take a little break okay? if any of you get hungry i think you can probably make me orgasm without waking up." He let out a chuckle which, incredibly enough, led him to instantly fall asleep, almost as if someone had been watching him through a viewport and after hours of mastur8ating decided that it was time for him to nap. John's head slid into Roxanne's tits, leaving Rose and her bloated body on the floor. Guess she would have to spend some time laying there and leaking jizz. Doubtful that she would complain though.
  140. [4:22:01 PM] Johnaya: "aw. id hoped we would talk for a bit more hehe. guess we can do that when we wake up though." Lovingly Roxanne leaned over to kiss John on the cheek before passing out herself, cum leaking from her every hole. It took a little longer for Rose, mainly just because she was stuck on the ground, but she managed to climb up onto the couch. While her mother was cradling John's head she took it upon herself to cradle his other head, bending it down and placing it in between her tits, arms wrapped around it. For now the three of them just rested through the night, Rose occasionally kissing John's dick in her sleep. The sound of birds chirping and a faint patter of rain alerted Rose to it being morning, groggily opening her eyes and stretching. Briefly she thought everything from last night was a dream until the smells and sights hit her, a faint smile appearing on her face. For the moment she just rested on the couch, turning on the TV to relax. Of course it wouldn't be long before she heard knocking on the door, groaning and reaching a hand over to nudge John and Roxanne. "Mother. Someone's at the door."
  141. [4:29:06 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: John's dreams were filled with images of huge-breasted girls licking his crotch, rubbing themselves against it and getting showered in cum. That might explain why Rose would have woken up with quite a lot of fresh cum dripping from his cock, since he had been having wet dreams all night. His balls seemed to have lessed in size somewhat, if only because they hadn't been stimulated for a few hours, but from Rose's kisses they were ready to release a new load when John was awoken. "mnmgngh..." he responded, not opening his eyes, and then mumbled "get the door... fuck im so horny..." while swatting Roxanne lightly. Cocktip leaking pre, he grinded against Rose's body while still half asleep, trying to bring himself to orgasm again. Lucky for him a certain someone was now awake to help him with that.
  142. [4:35:30 PM] Johnaya: A smile formed on Rose's face as John grinded against her, Roxanne groaning and yawning as she woke. "right right. ill get it." She gave a few stretches as she stood, cum leaking from her ass and pussy. Rose quickly pounced on John, slathering his dick in kisses and moving so her pucker was against the tip. Rapidly she slid herself up and down while her mom made her way to the door. It wasn't until she opened it up that she completely forgot she was in the nude, groggily rubbing her eyes. "hello? oh!" In front of her were Dave and Jade, both slackjawwed as they stared at the massive pair of tits in front of them. Quickly she covered her chest and crotch but it was already too late. "wow talk about a welcome party" "oh my god were so sorry miss lalonde!" "yeah didnt expect youd greet us in the nude but uh if you want me and jade can come back in a bit" Thankfully Roxanne's curvaceous body was partially blocking the musk from the house so it hadn't hit the two of them yet.
  143. [4:43:59 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Roxanne would have quite a lot to explain seeing as she was caked with cum and had more than enough leaking from her holes, but that wasn't any of John's business to care about. Rose's eagerness caught him by surprise and he fell back against the couch as she began to grind against him, the cum-slathered asshole swallowing up his cock easily. Apparently John must have been about to orgasm during his dream already as it didn't take a lot until his member exploded with white hot goo, ejaculating gallons into Rose just like he had the whole past night. Dave and Jade would be able to hear more than enough squelching noises as cum flew from Rose's asshole and mouth, splattering against the floor with loud "SPLOORCH"es.
  144. [4:48:35 PM] Johnaya: Roxanne just stood there and tried not to seem too awkward what with being in the nude in public. Dave and Jade though didn't care much. "maybe shes just a nudist dave yeah thats it" Dave quirked an eyebrow but shrugged and agreed, hefting up his bag. The obscene noises coming from inside the house though made Jade put her hand over her mouth, the both of them stepping forward. Roxanne just sighed and stepped back, briefly thinking of stopping them. At least by the time they'd gotten in John's orgasm had ended so Rose was only sitting on his lap, ditzy looking smile on her face. Not to be rude she waves at Jade and Dave, giggling a bit. "Well hello you two! Glad to see you've finally arrived."
  145. [5:03:22 PM] Creamfilledkittytitties: Hm, where was Roxanne and why wasn't she sucking on his cock, John thought as Rose tried to sit in his lap with her huge belly, mimicing the bloating she got just before he went to sleep last night. It was then it hit John that someone had been knocking on the door, and- oh shit there they were. Jade looked like she had walked in on a murder and even Dave had lost his cool, mouth left half open as he was about to say something. Rose didn't seem to mind, so John awkwardly tried to greet them with a simple "Uhm hi-"
  146. [5:06:38 PM | Edited 5:12:30 PM] Johnaya: It took them a few seconds to even respond to John. Something seemed to be up with them, something Roxanne quickly understood. It seems that the stench of sex had finally hit them, Jade and Dave quickly acquiring a deep blush. As their eyes looked over the cum everywhere and Rose's lusty face they realized he'd said hello. "h-hey dude" "yeah hi john" And once they opened their mouths it was over, the intense aroma hitting their tongues and making the both of them twitch and cum like Rose did hours ago. Jade's hands went down into her skirt as her tongue lolled from her mouth. Dave meanwhile acted a bit calmer a thick bulge down to his knee pulsed and throbbed, the leg of his pants quickly soaked with jizz. Languidly they stepped forward as the finished cumming, quickly stripping off their now tight and hot clothes. Dave's dick sprung up as the two of them moved closer to Rose, placing their hands on her immensely swollen belly. "wow really did a number didnt you john" "ill say! i wonder what it feels like mmm" "same but i dont think johnd object to giving us a nice helping of his jizz right" As Dave finished talking he and Jade moved onto the couch, placing both their hands on the base of his cock. Meanwhile Roxanne snuck behind him and placed her tits on his head, smiling down at him. "yeah. hes more than ready to go again. arent you john?" The sound of his balls gurgling was the only thing they needed to hear to confirm that. This was going to be a long, long day.
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