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  1. You:  ASL
  2. You: no but for real
  3. You: sup
  4. Stranger: Hah, not much. Just made a new friend on here. We actually talked for over an hour, and now we're facebook friends. Weird, huh?
  5. You: I had a time on here like that once but the chick turned out to be
  6. You: let's see
  7. You: like 14?
  8. You: Yeah so that didn't last long after that
  9. Stranger: Well this guy started out pretending to be a 12 year old Russian girl. And then was like "Okay no, you're actually cool."
  10. You: for some reason i have a feeling both you and your friends sense of humor would not be enjoyable to me
  11. Stranger: Hah, probably not? What sort of stuff do you find funny?
  12. You: the things your stereotypical stoner / dropout / druggie would find humurous - probably
  13. Stranger: Aha. Hm, yeah,..tangential to my humor but not quite on the same path.
  14. You: plus i see you're very keen on the punctuation which also sets off the red alarm in my pet peeve section of my mind
  15. You: I can see putting forth some effort to look adequate but don't overkill it man
  16. Stranger: Haha, it just comes naturally. I mean...I heart semicolons. It's weird, I know.
  17. You: Well here's my advice man
  18. You: Take 2-3 ecstasy bombers, get laid, and then think really hard about life and the word happiness.
  19. You: take care man
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