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  1. Hello! We’d like to get your feedback on some things to make TT better. Three questions, answer whichever you want to share your thoughts on. Answers can be as long or short as you would like them to be. Your suggestions will be made anonymous when shared for discussion, so your ideas may stand on their own, however any idea that makes it into the game you will be credited as the person who suggested it. Your answers are appreciated, they will be used to make the game better.
  3. (1) For any sort of future in-game event or activity that you would be interested in, what would be the best time of day for the event to be held to suit your schedule? Assume it’s for a week day. Please include your timezone, or convert to GMT if you don’t want to share your timezone.
  5. (2) What suggestions would you recommend for making the TT community better and more active?
  7. (3) What can be done to make chaos mode more active, more interesting, and not just a boring time between rounds where nothing happens?
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