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  1. >Sitting down, controller in your hands, vials empty and on your last legs
  2. >The big flaming knight brings his sword up
  3. >Your body moves before your mind can begin to process it
  4. >You dodge
  5. >And instantly regret it, as the giant flaming knight hesitates before bringing his sword down
  6. >Right upon your head
  7. >The instant after the dodge animation ends
  8. >The red herald blares across your screen for the umpteenth time and you throw your head back in disgust, dropping the controller to the side.
  9. >You close your eyes and bite back at the incoming flood of irritation.
  10. >You don't notice the black smoke seepign in through your windows.
  11. >You hear a light hiss,
  12. >"Oi. Teme."
  13. >Your eyes open, suddenly and wide and you're confronted with a short, surgically sharp blade, mere inches from between your eyes.
  14. >You follow the sleek steel down into the midnight, black handle
  15. >And to the slender fingers wrapped around the grip, up to the thin wrist and the womanly arm that vanishes in the shadowy folds of the woman's traditional looking dress.
  16. >Traditional, but very low cut dress.
  17. >Her huge breasts threaten to spill out to such a degree that you can just barely make out the outer rim of her areola
  18. >A large, floral patterned tattoo wraps around her left breast, caressing it and twisting up to lay its flowery mark upon her shoulder and down along her arm and back, the last stretches hiding behind the seemingly living, and wafting clothes.
  19. >She's crouched low and the hem of her dress rides up her thick-but-athletic thighs
  20. >You feel an unspeakable urge to duck a little lower and see what you can spy
  21. >But the fury in her eyes pins you in place just as effectively as the steel between yours
  22. >"Ahn?! You up, bastard?"
  23. >You drag your eyes up to hers, taking dim note of her black and gold trimmed flower brooches
  24. >She wears a cute little collar with another black gold-trimmed brooch and in her long, silver, tied up hair is a black rose
  25. >A small part of you wonders at how you're able to etch the figure of this woman into your mind so thoroughly, but then the solid steel before you reminds you that it could simply be that thing they say the mind does to your perception of time before a sudden death.
  26. >"Figure you'd like to say that to my face, asshole?"
  27. >Your observation of the woman ends as abruptly as it began, and you blurt out a bunch of verbal mess at the same time as you throw your arms up
  28. >"TakewhatyouwantIwontstopyou"
  29. >"Tch. I only want one thing, scum. Or are you too stupid to figure it out?"
  30. >"... What?"
  31. >You see a vein on her head begin to throb, "Your balls. Either bring 'em to the table, and say what you just said to my face, or let me cut 'em off. Because a bastard like you doesn't deserve them."
  32. >"... Miss, I think you may be mistaken."
  33. >"What, you mean you didn't just call my blowjobs the sloppy blowjobs of a two bit human whore? You calling Saya a liar?"
  34. >"Um... No, I'm sure your blowjobs are great, I really have no idea what you're talking about."
  35. >You feel like she could take your head at any moment, but the gears begin to churn all the same. "You... aren't Anon Ymous?"
  36. >" I think that was the name of my great grandfather. I'm Anony Mous."
  37. >Her eyes squint. "What year is this?"
  38. >"It's... the current year?"
  39. >"...I see, I see." She slides her short blade back into its sheath and looks around. "Things sure look different. What happened to Anon Ymous?"
  40. >You breathe a little easier now that the weapon is away and watch as she walk around your home inquisitively, drawing a long pipe out of her robes and taking long draughts, leaving a billowing black smoke trail as she bends over to look at your odds and ends, revealing an almost criminally curvaceous and bouncy rear
  41. >You frown a little and take a deep breath to clear your mind
  42. >You only just finished wanking half an hour ago. Its a little too early to be excited by the sight of her alone.
  43. >The deep breath only serves to make your thoughts hazier. When did the room get this smokey?
  44. >You pick yourself up slowly, and trudge over to a window, "He uh... died. Of old age."
  45. >She scowls, "Bastard thinks he can insult me and run off behind Izanami's skirts."
  46. >You feel like there's something you should be saying. Maybe you ought to tell your interloper to leave, but whatever she's puffing out into your home only makes you feel unnervingly at ease with the situation.
  47. >You watch her open the fridge and turn back to the TV, picking up your controller. Your character stands up from the bonfire and begins the jog back to the fog wall. You hear her rifle around, "The cans in the door." You hear a hiss.
  48. >"Mm, not bad."
  49. >The music begins to play as the hulking monster of a beast notices the flimsy interloper.
  50. >Your own interloper settles herself down on the back of your lounge, her long lithe legs hanging over your shoulders and resting in your lap
  51. >You rest your head between hers, and she moves like the two of you had been a married couple for years now. With the natural grace of the kind of person who could steal into your home and wrap you up in her pace, you fine the end of her pipe between your lips.
  52. >You take a long, deep breath and the black smoke rolls down your throat and fills your lungs without a hint of irritation.
  53. >One of her hands finds its way into your hair and strokes through it in a soothing, spine-melting kind of way. You let the breath out slowly in a thick, dense and dark cloud. An icy coolness presses to your chest, and you grab the can she hands you.
  54. >"You died."
  55. >You blink, and look at the screen as you crack the can. You died. You gaze a little forlornly at the green pile of souls you lost.
  56. >"Mmh."
  57. >"What is this magic, anyway?"
  58. >"It's a video game. On a TV."
  59. >"Move forward. Let me play."
  60. >You scoot forward and she slides off the back of your lounge and sits herself behind you
  61. >Inches of soft thigh flesh reveal themselves and you can tell that the bottom of her dress rode up to her hips as she slid down. Her legs slip off your shoulders and wrap around your hips, crossing over in your lap. You suck in a sharp breath as the sole of her foot rubs across your flaccid length.
  62. >She either doesn't notice, or pretends not to. You feel yourself twitch slightly against her foot, and devote all your mind and will to remaining soft.
  63. >She rests her chin on your shoulder, and slides her arms under yours, taking the controller from your hands.
  64. >She wiggles a bit as she tries to get comfortable, and she grinds her body against you before she settles down.
  65. >You drink from the can, and consider cutting your tongue upon the inner edge of the can, to force your mind from her foot and the breasts pressing on your back
  66. >She presses every button, wasting a flask as she does so. But before long, the character on the screen is rolling about the enemies, and slashing at them as they leave themselves open. She strikes with a warrior's intuition.
  67. >You feel oddly at ease with her wrapped around you the way she is, this stranger whose name you don't even know, who'd made herself perfectly at home. Her black and silver streaked hair smells nice. Like a mix of the smoke she puffs and the black flower fixed to it. It doesn't even strike you as odd to answer the questions she begins to softly fire your way.
  68. >"How long have you lived here?"
  69. >"A few years."
  70. >"Do you work?"
  71. >"From home."
  72. >"Go out often?"
  73. >"Occasionally."
  74. >"Are you single?"
  75. >She enters the fog wall and instantly evades the strike that catches most first time players off guard. She even gets in two blows before retreating before the followup strike
  76. >"Yes."
  77. >"Are you interested in any one?"
  78. >"The spider who works the graveyard shifts at the convenience store."
  79. >"Has she made a move on you?"
  80. >"No."
  81. >"What do you like in a girl?"
  82. >"Mature... Big. Gentle."
  83. >"Hmm..." Her questions give way to a soft muttering, "Two out of three. I might have to fix that first impression..."
  84. >A charged blow has the hulking mass reeling and it lowers its head, panting. With measures strides the character approaches, and slams its weapon into the thing's head, down the the hilt before twisting, wrenching it aside and pulling it out.
  85. >It robs the beast of its last slivers of health and the mass evaporates into wisps of flame and ash.
  86. >You grimace softly, "Beginners luck."
  87. >She smiles, "I always have it." She drops the controller and her hands begin to wander. Under your shirt, and up your chest. Her until-now still foot begins to rub softly against the side of your shaft. You give a soft gasp as her other foots joins the other side, and her hands find your nipples.
  88. >You can't even begin to muster the mere thought to resist as she plants a kiss on your shoulder and licks up your neck towards your ear. she gives the lobe a little nibble before her lips part. A short puff of warm air rolls into your ear before she speaks.
  89. >"Word travels slowly, where I was. And time twists in strange ways. The insult may have been decades old, but the hurt is only mere moments fresh."
  90. >"So?"
  91. >"So I think that you as his descendant, have to bear the weight of his sins, no?"
  92. >Her feet begin to move and squeeze with greater effort, summoning vigor into your shaft and making your growing erection press painfully against your pants.
  93. >"What... will you do?"
  94. >She grins and gives your ear a quick nip before sticking her tongue into your ear, making your spine go ram-rod straight, "I think I'll show you the caliber of my blowjob. And make you apologize on his behalf. then I'll forgive him. Maybe." Her hands retreat from under your shirt, and she slides off your lounge and onto her knees between your legs.
  95. >Her arms wrap around your hips, and she pulls your butt towards the edge of the lounge. You look down at her, and her purple eyes glimmer up at you mischievously. Her fingers lay across the bulge in your pants and she fondles it gently. Then her hands slide up your hips, and up your chest, collecting your shirt with it and baring your belly.
  96. >She reaches up and plants a kiss below your belly button before biting down on your elastic waistband and dragging it down. Her hands return to your hips to lift them up and assist in sliding your pants and underwear down.
  97. >Once the waistband passes your ass, her hands move to the front and she stops dragging it down with her teeth.
  98. >Instead she moves back a little bit and grins lewdly as the half-exposed length of your cock. She plants a light kiss at the base before pulling the pants down lower, and freeing your full-mast erection.
  99. >A small smear of her black lipstick lingers
  100. >She gives a light cry and a giggle as it bounces up, smacking into her cheek wetly as it goes, leaving a smear of pre-cum on her perfectly smooth skin.
  101. >It stands erect and twitches, a thick dollop of precum rising up the length and rolling down the base, only to be collected part way by her soft, hot tongue.
  102. >She settles herself under it and looks up at its looming girth and length
  103. >The lack of attention has it wilt slightly, and settle its weight upon her face. She goes almost crosseyed as she tries to follow its descent. "My, that is... certainly something."
  104. >She gives the underside of your cock another kiss before pulling your pants down further, wiggling back so she can take them off fully, and settle down between your open legs once more.
  105. >She looks up at you and smiles
  106. >"The punishment begins now."
  107. >She places a hand on your inner thigh, and the other curls around the base of your cock tightly. You close your eyes and revel in the feelings as your heart beats up in your throat, and you hear it pound in your ears.
  108. >Her tight grip on your cock means that the blood coarses in, but none pumps back out. Slowly, you feel yourself grow harder than you'd ever been.
  109. >Her soft lips kiss at your balls and she begins to slowly jerk you off.
  110. >She kisses and sucks at your nuts, releasing them with an odd wet pop before sucking them back into her mouth. Her slow, methodical pumping has your throbbing length spilling liberal amounts of precum down your shaft and over her hand, to drip down your sack and make her full lips slick.
  111. >Her cheeks hollow out as she pops a ball back into her mouth, and runs her tongue about it. You feel your sac tighten in response, and another spurt of pre rolls down onto her hand
  112. >Meanwhile, all you can smell rising from her is that same thought-clouding smoke that leaves your mind awash in a dark gray haze, that has your senses responding only to the pleasure between your legs.
  113. >Her lips pop free of your balls one last time and her fingers leave the base of your shaft. She hums a gentle kind of happiness as she licks her hand clean, not unlike a cat and her fingers take your cock once more, to angle it downwards.
  114. >She places her lips to the head of your cock, and looks up at you. Her eyes bore mischievously into yours and you watch as her lips begin to part around the head of your cock. The glans grinds into her tongue s she begins to take you and you utter a shuddering groan.
  115. >More and more of your cock disappears between her lewd and greedy lips. At about half way you feel the crown of your length press against the back of her throat.
  116. >For the moment, shes happy to sit there. She takes her hand from your dick and you see it vanish somewhere between her legs.
  117. >Her tongue begins to swirl around the length in her mouth, and you feel her swallow a few times as she begins to gently rock back and forth, a motion less designed to thrust your shaft between her lips, and more designed to thrust her hips against the faux-cock her fingers make.
  118. >A poor substitute for the organ she's currently savoring between her upper lips.
  119. >Whatever she's doing between her legs seems to have had great and quick effect. Soft little moans vibrate through your cock as she bobs her head up and down the half she can fit in her mouth, a dark ring of her lipstick the marker of her current progress.
  120. >Your dick grows slick with her spit and she's constantly having to swallow the copious mix of spit and pre-cum, but true to her boasting, it's no sloppy blowjob form a two bit human whore.
  121. >And she's only taken half.
  122. >Her fingers move at a quickened pace, diving into and spreading her sodden quim, while rubbing and stroking at her small, cute little clit. Her head begins to bob faster, making her hair bounce around her. Bit by bit, the black line of lipstick is pushed higher and higher until the head of your cock is constantly thrusting against the back of her throat.
  123. >You bite your lip and try to hold back. Thankfully, she reaches her climax first and you can almost hear the juices spray out over her hand and soak into your carpet.
  124. >Her lust, is a scent you can most definitely smell. It cuts through the smokey haze ad sets your primal mind alight with the need to breed. Her lips slip down the length of your cock, and it bounces free with a wet pop.
  125. >She takes a deep shuddery breath and smiles in satisfaction. "Your taste is exquisite. I could get used to this." She prods your thickened, rigid length with a finger. "Speaking of taste, I can tell you're about to burst. Where do you want it? Down my throat or in my face?"
  126. >You groan at the inhumanity of making a choice like this, especially in your current state. An answer passes your lips all the same.
  127. >"Throat."
  128. >She grins, and places her lips to the head of your cock again, quickly ascending up the length of slickened meat to the ring of black lipstick and then further. You groan loudly as your glans rubs at the back of her throat before she shifts the way she's sitting, and opens up her throat, for the rest of your length to slide in to her tight, girth-hugging throat-pussy.
  129. >Her lips slide right up to the base, and her eyes sparkle up at you, radiating a sense of accomplishment.
  130. >Your hands move entirely automatically, and your fingers stroke through her fringe before gliding around and patting at her head.
  131. >If she could purr with a throat full of cock, she would and she responds only by pushing her head against your hand and tightening her throat in rolling waves, to milk the cresting climax from you.
  132. >The only thing to suggest that being treated like this is a first for her is the slightly amused gleam in her gaze.
  133. >The grip you have on her hair tightens as her constricts, tightens and twists, swallowing motions increasing the silken vice on your cock to night unbearable pleasure
  134. >Her tongue slides along the underside of the base of your cock, and slips out between her lips and your thick base. It slithers down a short way and caresses at the tense knot of churning need that is your balls
  135. >Luck alone had her cumming before you and as close as you already were, the added sensation of her tongue fondling your balls to her hot wet mouth and her tight throat milking your cock is more than enough to send you careering over the edge.
  136. >As she senses the first throbbing pulses of your thick loads of cum, her arms wrap around your bucking hips, to hold her lips as tightly around the base of your cock as possible.
  137. >An effort that is somewhat wasted by the study grip you have on her head. She couldn't withdraw even if she wanted to. You grind your groin into her face as your balls pump the first of your load down her throat and directly into her stomach.
  138. >And she takes it like a wanton whore, egging you on with her massaging throat, milking an even larger orgasm out of you.
  139. >Your hips lift up in your fervor, and the room is filled with your grunts, her high, strangled moans and the wet, messy slap of your balls on her chin as you pump load after load.
  140. >Not until the last has been sucked out of your balls do your thrusting hips fall back to the lounge. Not until the final dreg is swallowed do your fingers go slack, and allow her to begin un-burying your cock from her throat.
  141. >You watch as inch by inch your shaft comes into contact with the lukewarm air of the smokey room, gleaming with a clean sheen of spit
  142. >You give an over-sensitive wince as your head pops free from her soft, sucking lips. Just as clean as the rest of your length.
  143. >She smiles and savors the last mouthful. Your cock shifts in a proud arousal as you watch her swallow it. "Mmmm, you have a fine taste. So? How was my blowjob? Are you prepared to apologize on your grandfather's behalf?" She grins lasciviously, "There's a treat if you do."
  144. >You perk up instantly
  145. >"What treat?"
  146. >She smirks coquettishly and rises, her dress falling about her as she does so. Is spills into a puddle by her feet and she stands bared before you, for the first time, striking a pose
  147. >Even freed of the support of the dress, her huge breasts are plenty perky. You see now that the nipple on her left breast takes the place of the center of a large flower tattooed to her breast. Her other breast is bare of markings, and is beautiful in its plain white stark contrast.
  148. >Her belly is tight and muscled like the stomach of a warrior, but the gropable width of her hips, the thickness of her soft thighs and the bouncy mass of her ass speak of a warrior who spent perhaps a little too long at rest.
  149. >Another tatoo flows up her left leg, beginning as a banded anklet of ivy and leaves, crawling up her leg to turn into a floral bouquet above her womanhood, of which her bud-like clit sits as the centerpiece.
  150. >Her vulva is puffy with arousal, and her bright pink inner lips are soaked with the evidence of that, recently stirred up by her fingers.
  151. >She lets you take your eyeful, before approaching and turning in place to face away from you and settle down on your lap, trapping your cock between her lips
  152. >She twists from her seated position to look at you, "It's me." She begins rolling her wide hips, gliding her lips along the shaft of your dick, lubing it up with her own needy fuck-juices. "So?" She grabs your hands, and places your right on her hips and your left on her tattooed breast.
  153. >She gives a light moan as your fingers curl around her breast, "Ahn~ If you answer correctly, I'll tell you a secret. So?"
  154. >You shudder as your cock roars poundingly at you to just say whatever it is that will make her happy. A hardness unlike anything before spreads her lips around your girth, and all you want is to bury the whole of your length inside her
  155. >"I-it's the absolute best. None but a feeling-less fool could say otherwise. I apologize for my great grandfather's idiocy. S-so please..."
  156. >"Fufufu~ Well said. Now then," Her hips rise, and her lips glide up the length of your shaft until the thick head of your cock prods insistently at her entrance, "Your treat, and my secret."
  157. >With a wet, flesh-rippling smack she descends, impaling herself to the hilt in a single swoop. She utters a lilting, orgiastic cry. And you feel a slick warmth splatter across your thighs.
  158. >You grimace at her sudden clenching tightness, not expecting her muscles to greet you to her deepest depths with a crushing climax
  159. >She rests her head back against your shoulder and pants, taking a moment to recover
  160. >After a time, she turns her head to kiss at your jaw, "This tattoo, when you touch it, amplifies what I feel tenfold. Now," She grins with glassy eyes, "Mess me up."
  161. >You squeeze her patterned breast and roll it about your palm, and she begins to squirm, both outwardly and inwardly, stroking your malehood from within.
  162. >But not nearly as much as when you reach for her lips with your own.
  163. >She practically melts, gathering the strength only to reach behind you and lay her hand on your head, locking you into the kiss.
  164. >The other flutters down her trim stomach to rub at her clit
  165. >Your lips press firmly against hers, but her mouth is the first to open, her tongue taking flirtatious initiative in pressing past your teeth to ensnare your own
  166. >You accept her advances and reply in kind, coiling your tongue about hers, pinching at her nipple and rolling the hard bud between your fingers when it seems like her tongue is about to lock yours in a checkmate.
  167. >She breathes heavily into the kiss, scarcely breaking it to draw in a panting, deep breath before returning.
  168. >Her fortitude far outstrips yours though, and despite being beset by a veritable avalanche of pleasure, she retains the will and presence of mind to shakily rise, drawing your girth out of her tugging lips until they pull at the crown of your cock before falling back down again with a pelvis pounding smack
  169. >If you were on anything other than your soft, forgiving lounge, walking away from this may prove to be an issue.
  170. >Shakily, she rises again, and falls once more, establishing a rhythm, only broken by how fiercely you molest her amplifying breast.
  171. >Deciding to take the burden off her, you break the kiss and twist mightily, throwing her against the back of the lounge. She lets out a cry as the sudden motion stuns her.
  172. >Her hands clutch at the back of the lounge and her heavy, laden breasts hang over it. With her ass stuck out and a prime target, you don't give her the time to orient herself before you brace your weight with a knee on the lounge and thrust back inside her.
  173. >She lets out a true cry this time. Not quiet of demure, not seductive, just a blissful scream that lets the neighbors know that some one is getting a solid dicking.
  174. >A sort of proud possession takes you, and you reach again for her patterned tit with your left hand. Your right however, goes to her throat, and using it as leverage, you pull her back flush with your chest and thrust
  175. >Her ass squishes up against your hips as you bury your cock in as seep as her thick, bouncy rear will allow you to. She reacts to you just as fiercely and clutches at the back of your head, forcing you into a kiss. You jolt at her other hand reaches down and grabs a handful of your ass though your cock twitches in appreciation at her matching your dominant ferocity.
  176. >With her more than willing to maintain this position of being more or less dominantly taken, you take your hand from her throat and put it to better use - between her legs, rubbing and flicking at her clit ferociously
  177. >She forced you into it, but she's clearly not opposed to breaking the kiss to voice the kinds of cries that would make a banshee blush.
  178. >Your hips slam into hers again and again despite the copious amounts of cushion for the pushin'. Were her mind-melting smoke billowing about the two of you a little less thickly, you might have had the presence of mind to spare some concern for to state of your lounge.
  179. >Just how soaked with her juices was it by now?
  180. >The semblance of the shadow of the thought vanishes before the over-riding need to fuck this woman full of your seed and make her pregnant
  181. >You slam through the clenching climaxes that coarse through her coiling cunt, and hold her tight during the quivering aftershocks, thrusting into her from behind through three such orgasms, dutiful kneading her oversensitive breast.
  182. >A thought occurs, and a small chuckle leaves your mouth
  183. >Through the ragged panting she manages to form what might pass for a word "W-Wh-What?"
  184. >"Who are you?"
  185. >There's a brief moment of still silence. No ragged screaming, no panting, no grunting, no slapping of hips.
  186. >A heavy crimson blush spreads across the Nurarihyon's features, as she realizes her own remiss.
  187. >She turns to you sheepishly "Suu. I'm Suu."
  188. >You smile and kiss her before squeezing her breast and thrusting back in.
  189. >You return to the bestial, animalistic rhythm you had before, and can only lament the lack of a mirror before you, that you can't see her bare, un-patterned breast bouncing wildly before you.
  190. >Your tongues thrash as their hips smash and juices splash
  191. >Your own second climax is quick in the heels of her last, which is forgiving considering that if not for you holding her steady, she'd be bent over the back of the lounge with her tongue lolled out and eyes crossed, fucked brainless.
  192. >And twitching
  193. >Probably more than she is now
  194. >Her long, low moan of pleasure could almost pass for a moan of relief as you thrust yourself in as deep as you can and finally cum, cock throbbing wildly and shooting rope upon rope of thick seed into her womb to splash back out onto the already soiled lounge.
  195. >You lean down as the last of your climax spills into her womb and lay kisses on her neck and shoulders, slumping over her just as she now slumps
  196. >An ungodly exhaustion washes over you, and you feel your consciousness slip way in a cloud of smoke
  198. >You come to in your bed, roused by the smell of breakfast cooking. You look to the other side of your bed and see an obvious indentation and a trail of smoke leading out of the bedroom
  199. >You follow it, heading into the kitchen to find Suu in nothing more than one of your shirts. It stretches tightly over her curvaceous form and from behind you can see it only covers the top half of her ass. In fact, you'd guess her tits are bout to fall out of it too
  200. >You watch from behind as she shakes the pan with one hand, and materializes her pipe with another, taking a long puff
  201. >Only then does she notice you. She turns around, a sated smile on her face
  202. >Indeed, her breasts might need a hand-bra to stay inside that few-sizes too small shirt.
  203. >"You're up. Just in time, breakfast is ready."
  204. >"You've made yourself at home nicely."
  205. >"Of course. I'm your treat after all."
  206. >"A permanent one?"
  207. >"Of course."
  208. >You smile as you step up behind her, and wrap your arms around her hips, planting a little kiss on her neck, "Good."
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