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  1. Biceps like trees
  3. Look at that bum over there, man
  5. He’ll dropkick his knees
  7. Look at his mamacitas
  9. Ain’t nothin’ like em nowhere
  11. Black Tiger (We love him)
  13. Gringos Locos (We love him)
  15. Latino Heat (We love him)
  17. !~!~!~EDDY~!~!~! (We love him, we love him)
  19. And thus ends the love, because who should appear next on my screen but Godruple H, the strongest man in history. He proceeded to bury RVD for being a loser. Flair was sitting there in the dressing room, so Hunter buried him too. Rob told Hunter that he’d rather associate with a “so-called loser” like Flair than a so-called winner like Hunter. Hunter walked off grinning, already knowing the finish.
  21. ~~
  23. 8. Undertaker NC Brock Lesnar. Taker has new horrible music, which is his old horrible music with new horrible lyrics. If I said that I wasn’t the slightest bit nervous during this match, I would be lying, because I had vowed to quit the newsletter if Taker won. Thankfully, that’s not something I have to worry about again for at least another month. Taker ran wild early, which made Brock so mad that he took out what was probably real-life frustration by destroying the steel steps. Even Paul looked legitimately frightened. You know, I saw Brock throw that wild Godzilla tantrum and it made me realize what a beast Kurt Angle really is. I mean, when Brock gets angry, he appears to be the scariest man in the whole universe, this freaky strong man-beast that looks like he could wipe out an entire armored tank division with ease. But Kurt Angle beat him. Think about that for a few minutes. OK, I’m going to pretend you’ve been thinking for a few minutes and skip forward to the end of this debacle. Ref took a bump. Taker hit a chokeslam and had the pin, but the ref was dead. This was SO wrong. Matt Hardy ran down. Taker killed him too. Ref woke up. Brock hit a sidewalk slam, but Taker kicked out. I hate him. Taker went for a tombstone but the ref took a second bump. Heyman threw in a chair. Taker confiscated it and gave Brock the hardest chairshot of all time, literally destroying the chair. Taker beat up Paul for good measure. God, he wasn’t even doing the job and he still had to destroy everyone on two legs in the immediate vicinity. Brock gigged, similar to the only blade job of my career (no blood). They brawled in the corner. I think this was supposed to look like Don Frye vs. Yoshihiro Takayama, but it looked more like Don Owen vs. Yoshi Kwan. Ref got bumped and decided to call for the bell. Good thing nobody in L.A. happened to have a firearm. If this wasn’t bad enough, Undertaker continued beating on Brock, refusing to sell a thing, and finally threw him through the big Unforgiven sign. Well, here we go.
  25. ~~~~
  27. Ross introduced Eric next to talk about Raw. Crowd wanted HLA. Eric said it was too early. It’s never too early for HLA. In the greatest moment EVER, Steph tried to make a comment while he was talking and he completely ignored her. He said he’d had more fun in the last two months than in the previous ten years. That may be true. Big Show came out and said he’d make a big impact at Mania. I guess that means he’ll take a bump. They teased Steph vs. Eric. Oh God no. Booker T came out. Everyone looked so dapper in their suits. He said he went crazy at last year’s press conference, so this year he’d prepared a speech instead. He ripped it up and went crazy anyway. He was quite animated. Trish came out and said she was happy to be Women’s champion. Nobody wanted to see her belt, they wanted to see her hooters. Rowdy crowd. RVD came out. He thought Mania in Seattle was like so totally cool. The stoners in the crowd cheered. Kane came out. He cut a corny promo in his normal voice, talking about how freaks were going to rule at Mania. His career is dead. Jericho came out and got a ton of heat, including “FOZZY SUCKS!” chants. He said he’d win the World Title again at Mania. Don’t count on that. Funny in a campy way. Hunter came out. Fans chanted “HBK.” Hunter said: “I’m sorry, he couldn’t be here today, he had an appointment with a wheelchair.” He buried everyone one by one; Show for being fat, Angle for sucking, Edge for wearing ugly sandals (really) and Brock for doing a Jim Ross impersonation with his black cowboy hat. He said he’d like to see a Takerooni too. That’s it, Taker has to do it.
  29. Coachman interviewed Vince, who strutted to the stage in his usual comical fashion. He looked really old and tired. Godfather interrupted his speech with about 25 ho’s. He had nothing to say. This is a perfect role for Godfather, however, not in the ring.
  31. Coachman said it was time for questions from the press. All of the above took almost an hour, by the way. Vince said Rock would be at WrestleMania. The People cheered. Why Seattle? someone asked. Vince said it was long overdue and SafeCo was magnificent. Oh my God, my friend Brent Kremen stood up, the same one who got ejected years ago for throwing a whole cup of pop at Sid. He said Vince must be happy that even though business is horrible all over, it’s good in Seattle. Vince, who did not seem to appreciate being reminded that business was horrible all over, said downswings happen, but business would be booming again by the time Mania rolled around. I should have known there was going to be trouble when Brent sent me an e-mail Monday night which read: “As a concerned reader, I would rather have the newsletter out late with the press conference info from a live prespective with a couple of your probing questions regarding stteroids, deaths, Jeff Hardy, Steph-Paul Leveque, booking, state of business, etc.” Brent, however, did not ask the dumbest question of the day. A guy named Rob Artigo who is an on-air reporter for KIRO radio actually asked if Vince thought anyone in America still believed wrestling was real. Crowd may have legitimately booed him out of the building. “Ladies and gentleman,” Hunter said, “the dumbest man in America.” Sometimes it’s hard to hate Hunter. “Why don’t you bring your dumb ass up here and find out?” asked Brock, who was clearly not amused. I could never hate Brock. Neil “The Value Meal” O’Brien, who used to be our old ICW ring announcer, tried unsuccessfully to flirt with Trish, then asked if the company was coming to Vancouver soon. Vince didn’t answer, simply saying he expected Mania to draw from both the Portland and Vancouver markets. The Oregon fans really gave him hell at the mention of Portland (the company doesn’t go to Oregon due to the drug-testing policy there). Someone asked why there hadn’t been any WWE PPVs in the area in the past. “We waited for the big one,” Vince said. Will they open the roof? Vince said they’d blow it off. Oh no, Brent stood up again. He actually said that ten years ago, a lot of the wrestlers were much smaller as a result of drug testing, but now, they were much bigger. He wanted to know why. I am not making this question up. Crowd booed vociferously. Vince said he didn’t understand the question and asked Brent to take his shirt off. Thankfully, Brent refused. Thank you Brent, for insuring that this company will never, ever come here again. Jericho, who also looked pissed, asked if the fans were happy to have Mania coming to Seattle, because they sure didn’t sound like it. Perhaps as a direct result of this question, Coachman stood up and said further questions would be held in private in the media room.
  33. ~~~
  35. House show news and notes from the weekend. September 21st was in San Jose with the Smackdown crew. Said to be a very good show. Jamie Noble beat Rey Misterio & Kidman. Good match, although short. Torrie beat up Nidia afterwards. John Cena beat Bull Buchanan. Normally nobody knows Cena, but he was lucky this time because NOBODY knew Bull. Billy & Chucky beat Crash & Mark Henry. Crash looked good, nobody else did. D-Von pinned Randy Orton. What a disaster. I suppose it makes some sense since Randy jumped ship on Monday. Shannon Moore & Hurricane beat Tajiri & DOUG BASHAM~!, who is Machine from OVW. Hurricane actually got the pin with the shining wizard, which remains not over. Note to Hurricane — You have to pin people with it on TV first. Good match. Brock beat Kane via DQ when Kane used a chair. God, Kane can’t even lay down for Lesnar? Pathetic.
  37. ~~~
  39. Mascara Ano 2000 & Apolo Dantes & Universo 2000 & Cien Caras beat Pierroth Jr. & Violencia & Bulldog & Veneno. This had potential to be the worst match of the entire century. They actually did SPOTS early, including Violencia taking a hiptoss over the top rope and onto the metal ramp. Ouch. Bulldog suddenly picked up the phoniest steel pipe ever and hit Dantes with it for the DQ. He was so proud of himself afterwards. Dantes sold it like he’d broken his leg, so the doctors came out to tend to him. They should come tend to me, because this match broke my spirit. Dantes was helped backstage. Well, one down, seven to go. It broke down into utter horrendosity in the second fall. Bulldog tied Universo’s mask to the bottom rope. To call Bulldog a poor man’s Vader would be an insult to the poor. God he’s bad. Funny note. Bulldog’s mask was originally very similar to Vader’s, in that it was just some thin straps hardly obscuring his face. But then, when the company decided to do that Torneo match with all the masks on the line, he suddenly got a new one that completely obscured his face. Good guys won the second fall via DQ for excessive beating. Not the worst match ever, but surely the worst one on this show.
  41. ~
  43. Ron Killings and Jerry Lynn had a confrontation backstage regarding their Heavyweight title match later. Thank God for Killings, as this was the first good interview on the entire show.
  45. ~
  47. Raw is Better (9/23/02)
  48. Trish beat Victoria and Molly to retain the Women’s title. I guess they just had nothing to do with Victoria, so they threw her in here. Crowd was really hot for some reason. Loud “HLA!” chants. I can only imagine how giddy Vince gets when he hears that. Trish actually took a bump over the top rope to the floor, which looked really painful. What is she thinking? She survived, then pinned Molly with a schoolgirl. Good for what it was.
  50. Booker T and Goldust did movie night backstage with Jeff Hardy, Big Show, Steven Richards, Kane and Bubba Ray. God those guys looked like geeks. I guess Big Show is a babyface again this week. The movie was from the HLA deal the night before. They especially enjoyed Bischoff getting humiliated. Suddenly, Rico’s head popped through a curtain. “I’M TELLING ERIC!” he said. Has Rico ever done anything that wasn’t funny? After commercial, Rico met with Eric, who was outraged. Eric wanted to know why Rico had disappeared the night before. Rico said because Eric told him he could go. Eric did not consider this a suitable excuse. So Rico tried to save his job by telling on the babyfaces from earlier.
  52. ~~~~~~
  54. Raw is Stiff (9/16/02)
  55. Show opened with clips of the Smackdown sabotage.
  57. Eric appeared in mid-ring, the arena completely darkened with a spotlight shining on him. Bischoff said his Smackdown appearance was a one-time thing, because he could only provide riveting Smackdown moments every so often. Thankfully, he said, he was back on Raw for all the people. The people booed. Eric said he didn’t come back alone, he brought with him RICO~! Rico stepped out of the shadows and said: “Hi there!” This was already better than Raw last week, because that made me laugh. Eric said Rico was going to debut on Raw later against Ric Flair. Rico was so happy he said “WHOO!” I love Rico. Bischoff said he was also signing RVD and Triple H to unspecified title matches later. He said he wouldn’t stand for anyone saying he booked boring, predictable television, he’d leave that to Steph and Smackdown. Bischoff, who was booed at the beginning of this promo, was being cheered by the end.
  59. Hunter came out and I audibly screamed in anger. I didn’t used to do that. Well, I did, but it was only when Steph came out. I truly hate this man these days, and it’s not the “I would pay money to see someone kick your ass” hate. It’s the “I’d rather watch Headlines on Jay Leno” hate. Hunter said he was sick of hearing about Rob Van Dam. He said as much as folks loved RVD, he was not championship material. That was a shoot. Hunter said he was the best champion of all time, because he had the body, the talent and the brains. Didn’t mention the broad. This was actually one of his better promos of late. RVD interrupted. Rob cut the weirdest promo about how Hunter was pretending he wasn’t worried, but was actually like so seriously stressed out, dude. He did everything but tell him to smoke a joint. Rob said the people loved him because he was really amazing. Hunter said he was angry, but the anger was a gift, because it helped him win the belt, sell out arenas and headline PPVs. Rob should have said: “Hey, this place isn’t sold out.” RVD started sarcastically putting Hunter over, and was such an obnoxious prick about it that people started booing him. Hunter said the fact was that despite all his ability, RVD would never amount to anything in this business. They got into a brawl and Rob laid him out with a stiff kick. Lots of boos as Rob left the ring, and I’m not sure if it was because he was being such a pompous dick or just because this went on so long and didn’t have much of a payoff.
  61. Rico beat Flair. This was so old-school early. So old-school, in fact, that Flair whipped out a CORNISH HYPE~! Crowd was really quiet aside from the occasional “WHOO!” and “RICO SUCKS!” chant. Finish was beyond horrible. Ref got poked in the eye. Rico hit Flair with the worst spin kick of his career and made the cover. Flair grabbed the bottom rope, but Charles Robinson counted the three anyway. God that was horrible. Rico got literally NOTHING out of this, so what was the point of even booking it? God bless Ric Flair, but he couldn’t do a clean job to get a new guy over?.
  63. Booker cut a hideous promo hyping up his match with Test.
  65. A group of chicks showed up backstage to protest women’s rights. I probably shouldn’t have written “chicks” in that instance.
  67. Booker T beat Test. They botched a spot to a truly embarrassing degree early. They were trying a side-slam. Booker went up for it, and Test started lifting. Then he just stopped lifting, dropped Booker right on his head, and fell down. It was SO weird. So they immediately tried it again and did it right. Like Test’s side slam is so important that they couldn’t just move on after botching it up the first time. That’s what happens when you only have three moves. Later, they botched up a sidewalk slam when Test either forgot to go up for it or bumped to early. This was not his day. Booker hit the missile dropkick but Test kicked out, which was terrible news because it meant the match was going to continue. Booker finally pinned him with a roll-up. To be kind, they had the right idea, but this was a complete and utter disaster.
  69. Terri met with a despondent Flair backstage. Hunter walked up and buried Flair, saying he couldn’t believe he’d been sixteen times World Champion. “You’ve lost it, Flair!” Hunter added that he should just do everyone a favor and retire because he was pathetic. Flair finally snapped and cut a big promo about how Hunter was pathetic for walking around with a title he never earned. He said Hunter had no idea what he was capable of, then stormed off.
  71. Coachman interviewed one of the protesters backstage. She said the treatment of women on Raw was deplorable and she demanded to speak to Eric.
  73. Evil Canadians beat Dudleys. They got the heat on Spike until he finally made the really hot hot tag. Bubba, who was wearing shorts for some reason, ran wild. The new big spot in Dudley matches is that Bubba tells Spike to get the tables, the crowd cheers, and then they don’t get the tables. Spike got put through a table outside, which distracted the ref. Spike sold it like he was dead, so a bunch of refs came out with a stretcher. This distracted Bubba, allowing Storm to roll him up for the pin. Bubba, the moron that he is, shoved all the medical guys away so he could console Spike. A pretty good match, actually.
  75. Bischoff was told about the women protesting. He said to let them in so he could talk to them. “We have a few minutes,” he added.
  77. Hunter walked past Spike on the stretcher backstage and laughed at him.
  79. Chris Jericho beat RVD to win the IC Title. A couple botched spots early. I don’t know what happened, but RVD started bleeding from the mouth. Jericho gave him a couple of really hard kicks, perhaps as payback for all the abuse he’s taken in previous RVD matches. Later, RVD responded by WAYLAYING him with two crazy stiff kicks. What is this, K-1? Van Dam went for the frog splash near the finish, but Hunter ran down the ramp. So Hunter hit him with a high cross. Actually, “hit him” is a distortion of the truth, as Hunter made little effort to catch him and Rob SMASHED his face on the ramp. Somehow, he lived, and the match continued. Hunter got into the ring and Rob knocked him outside. Jericho put him in the lion tamer. Van Dam, the man challenging for the World Title on PPV in six days, fought for awhile, then tapped out. OK, they’ve lost their minds FOR SURE. To further destroy whatever drawing power RVD might have had, Hunter laid him out with a pedigree afterwards. Hunter should have a belt where he adds notches for every career he’s helped kill.
  81. The protesters were herded into a small room. I wonder if Eric will light it on fire.
  83. After commercial, Jericho celebrated all by himself backstage. He ran into Eric and demanded a rematch with Ric Flair at the PPV. Bischoff said OK. This made Jericho perhaps more happy than winning the belt.
  85. A Jeff Hardy music video aired highlighting his whackiest stunts.
  87. Kane beat Regal via DQ. It took Kane three tries to take a clothesline bump over the top rope. Poor Regal. What the hell is he doing on this shitty show? He should be on Smackdown with the greatest wrestlers in the whole world, not stuck here with the seven-foot stiffs who need three tries to bump over the top rope. Test ran in for the cheap DQ. What an unbelievably terrible finish. Actually, I can believe how terrible it was, because this show sucks. All the Evil Canadians hit the ring, followed by the Dudleys, Booker T and Goldust. Everyone brawled to end the segment, and in the melee, Test kicked Regal REALLY hard in the face and bloodied him up. He’ll pay for that someday. Booker challenged the bad guys to an eight-man tag at Unforgiven.
  89. The protesters were told to get in the ring and make whatever statement they wanted. The woman in charge was the worst actor ever. I’m trying SO hard to not wonder where the Island Boys are.
  91. After commercial, Bischoff was in the ring. He called the protesters down to the ring. They came out and acted obnoxious. The woman in charge, who could not keep a straight face, talked about all the horrible things Bischoff had done lately, including HLA. Crowd popped big for that and chanted “HLA”. Vince was surely going insane with joy in the back. Bischoff grabbed the mic and said he finally figured it out; he was surrounded by a horde of lesbians. He was about to make the three minutes comment when one of the women tore her wig off revealing Stephanie. I TOTALLY didn’t see that coming. She kicked Eric in the nuts, and then Billy and Chucky hit the ring. They gave Eric the old doomsday device, which was SO scary. Island Boys hit the ring and they had a short brawl, which the gay guys got the better of. Crowd booed loudly at the Smackdown guys invading the show.
  93. After commercial, Eric was in the ring still holding his yarbles. He challenged Steph to an “intercontinental” match; Billy & Chuck vs. Island Boys. He said if Billy and Chucky won, he’d kiss her “little ass” (who do you think wrote that line?) right in the center of the ring, but if the Island Boys won, she’d have to perform hot lesbian action in the middle of the ring. So either way, we have to see Steph without her clothes on.
  95. Hunter came out for the main event. Who the heck is left for him to wrestle? If it’s the Big Show I’m going to kill myself. Job Van Dam suddenly hit the ring and attacked Hunter. Absolutely nobody cared. WWE was probably scratching their heads wondering why as Hunter laughed like a madman inside. Referees came down to break it up. This did not work, so finally FIT FINLEY~! came out and tackled JVD. Don’t fuck with Fit, he’s a bad, bad man. Hey, I’ll bet if it wasn’t for obscenity laws, they could make a killing off “Don’t Fuck With Fit” T-shirts.
  97. WORLD’S HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AND GREATEST MAN EVER !~!~!~QUADRUPLE H~!~!~! beat Jeff Hardy. After commercial, Hunter was laying in the ring bleeding. Luckily for him, he’s HUN-TOR, THE TOUGHEST MAN OF ALL TIME WHO CANNOT BE BEATEN BY MERE MORTALS. Also, his opponent ended up being Jeff Hardy, who history has shown is absolutely no threat to Hunter. Jeff, the young green upstart who is definitely not at the level of THE GAME, slipped doing a spot early, but recovered. Hunter was damn near killed taking a frankensteiner off the top rope, but it was surely all Jeff’s fault because as everyone knows, TRIPLE H NEVER MISSES SPOTS, EVEN WHEN HE TEARS HIS QUAD OFF THE BONE, BECAUSE HE IS A DEITY. Jeff hit the senton but Hunter got his foot on the bottom ropes, because that finisher is phony and would never be able to keep a man of Hunter’s superhuman size and unnatural freaky power down for three full seconds. Literally moments later, not selling the senton in the slightest because he is STRONGER THAN THE STRONGEST MAN IN THE WORLD, Hunter put on his killer sleeper for the submission. Job Van Dam, who just got beat by the guy who got beat by the guy who got beat by Rico in the opener, ran down again after the match and laid out Hunter with the frog splash. Nobody cared, since Job just got beaten by a mid-carder while GODRUPLE H, bleeding and broken, still managed to no-sell a guy’s finisher and win his match clean. It seems clear that JVD is winning the World Title at the PPV, obviously making it more useless than ever. But then JEHOVAH HEARST HELMSELY can smite him for being a flop as champion, because Lavesque 12:32 states that THOU SHALT HAVE NO OTHER WRESTLERS BEFORE HIM. I hate this show.
  100. Frank A. Gotch's Flying Mare Wreftling News-Letter
  102. GLAAD now saad (bold)
  104. NEW YORK — The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation was saddened Friday to learn that World Wrestling Entertainment performers Billy and Chucky weren’t gay after all.
  106. “Billy aand Chuck were aa welcomed depaarture from the stereotypicaal, often-victimized gaay wrestlers of the paast,” GLAAD spokesman Scott Seomin wrote in a statement. “World Wrestling Entertaainment let us down. Vince McMaahon himself promised me two months aago thaat they were going to go forwaard with this storyline, thaat the two would get maarried in mid-ring aand live haappily ever aafter. Saadly, I waas lied to.”
  108. According to Seomin, GLAAD has been leery of WWE for years now, dating back to the early 90s. “WWE haas never reaally portraayed gaay wrestlers in aa positive light. Goldust waas aa haated chaaraacter becaause of his supposed sexuaal orientaation, aand faans considered him aa baad guy until he finaally ‘caame out’ aand aadmitted thaat he waasn’t gaay aafter aall. Faans took pride in shouting obscenities aat his chaaraacter, aand WWE supported it.”
  110. Seomin claimed the portrayal of Billy and Chucky was a step in the right direction. “They weren’t aas overtly gaay aas Goldust waas originaally, aand much of whaat they did waas done for comedy, not to incite the faans into verbaal gaay-baashing. They’re commitment ceremony waas done in aa taasteful aand entertaaining maanner, aand I reaally thought WWE waas taaking aa big step in the right direction.”
  112. Seomin said not only was he taking back anything positive he’d said about World Wrestling Entertainment in the past week, but he also wanted Billy and Chucky to “return the graavy boaat immediaately.”
  114. Gracie files protest against Brazilian Lotto (bold)
  116. ~~~~~
  117. September 23, 2002
  119. John Sullivan
  121. I staned watching wrestling in 1980. Throughout the years, I've
  122. seen all the greats both in Nonh America and overseas. To me, Michaels is
  123. the best worker I've ever seen. Yes, that's subjective. Some may say Flair,
  124. Steamboat, Han Misawa or others, but I dare say anyone with crcdib
  125. would not push him out of the top five and those who do would likely I.
  126. an ax 10 grind.
  128. When you did Observer Live, it was amazing to hear j ust how
  129. many young workers grew up idolizing Michaels. Just like Rock's charisma
  131. is a God given ability, so is Michaels' timing. The thing about Michaels was
  132. •hat everything he did looked good. His superkick to Booker T after being off
  133. for r years was as good as anything you'd see in a wrestling ring. No, it's not
  135. ~ ifficult move, but few have the timing and grace 10 pull it o ff.
  137. There are usually two reasons people don't vote for Michaels. His
  138. drawing power and his unprofessionalism. But that's a joke.
  140. ~~~
  141. September 30, 2002
  143. fn the trial, Bass testified Francois Petitt, the company masseuse,
  144. came into her dressing room unannounced and saw her coming out of the
  145. shower. She also c laimed that HHH and Billy Gunn once came into the
  146. woman's locker room with no warning to check out the local strippers that
  147. were playing the role that night of Godfather's ho's. Bass testified that when
  148. it came to wrestling, she was a fast learner.
  150. ~~~~
  152. Laurer wore these white chaps over a
  153. thong bikini bottom and bikini top, which only helped to take her as a serious
  154. athlete. She did a 90 second spot of mat wrestling with Tanahashi. Swear to
  155. God, she was good, then tagged out. Shane's a good fast-paced worker. But
  156. nobody wanted to see him so he got no heat. Laurer tagged in and did a series
  157. of mistimed flying moves with Tanahashi, who was the only one on the team
  158. who would work much with her, largely because he's the most talented of the
  159. younger guys at carrying people. McCully ended up winning over Wolf with
  160. an armbar. •112. Laurer did another interview at the end of the show where
  161. she ended up slapping around the announcer in
  163. ~~~~~~~
  165. Lawler pinned Richards in 2:24 in a malch where the
  166. winner got to spend the night with the Godfather's ho's. Even though
  167. Godfather was last seen on Smackdown, we shouldn't think that hard. Crowd
  168. loved him since everyone knows he's lived in Las Vegas forever. He grew up
  169. in San Jose and moved to Vegas after college. He poμped the crowd. Lawler
  170. left with a bunch of local strippers and was never seen from again. Another
  171. campy promo of Onon aired. Supposed to be a TLC match with Kane &
  172. Hurricane defending againsl Jeff Hardy & Van Dam, Christian & Jericho and
  173. Dudleys. Before the match, HHH and Flair beat up Hurricane so Kane weat it alone. TLC match was •••• 1/4 going 25: 15.
  175. ~~~~
  177. Then Chono
  178. didd the angle where he set up Nagata's match with Kazuyuki Fujita at the
  179. the dome show being a title match. I hate to say the marriage is doomed, but
  180. that poor Nagata is going to hear about this for the rest of his life, every
  181. time she gets mad. "You were doing god damn wrestling angles at our
  182. wedding'"
  183. ~~~
  185. HBO announced it was canceli ng ARLISS, which
  186. during its run featured several appearances by wrestle rs, and WCW even
  187. brought in the lead character to do a te rrible angle during the dying days of
  188. the promotion. God was that embarrassing and another example of a
  189. promotion that didn ' t have clue one about its fan base. Also , the re is a lot
  190. o f talk that UPN will be canceling "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" soon.
  192. ~
  194. They aired a commercial for the new
  195. Smackdown video game, which was based on Lesnar and is a cool commercial, but
  196. guess whose face is the biggest on the Smackdown game? God himself. HHH.
  197. Jericho said his job on the show was to soften up all the guys in the Elimination
  198. Chamber. When Christian noted that he was the alternate in the match in case
  199. someone gets hurt, Jericho laid him out with a chair shot. Jeff Hardy pinned Sturm
  200. in 5: 15 with a swanton. Dreamer and Regal both got involved in the finish. Bischoff
  201. told Terri she would either have to have a match with Victoria or talk her way out of
  202. a match with her, or be fired. Victoria at the time was in the ring on a bad case of
  203. roid rage doing some god awful acting.
  207. There was some criticism of HHJ-1 for a Cincinnati Enquirer
  208. interview with him when he was asked why he was the world champion of Raw.
  209. "Because I'm the best on the show. From a creative standpoint, I've got a lot going
  210. for me. Plus I stay in shape. WWE is changing a lot and we have a lot or new
  211. recruits who haven't really found their niche yet. I think I have found mine." He
  212. should have also added that on the show, he is God.
  214. Stratus finally made the save doing a botched looking teeter toner ladder
  215. spot. Flair met Dave Batista. It's become such a cliche of these new brooding guys
  216. who ignore everyone who talks with them. Flair tried to charm this 18-years-latcr
  217. version o f nephew Nikita. who finally said "thanks" as he brooded into the ring. Hr
  218. destroyed D-Lo Brown with a power bomb in I :32. Michaels did a promo that was
  219. kind of sad. He was this guy from another generation brought back and you cnuld tell
  220. the older fans knew him and liked him and everyone else was like, what is this skinny
  222. ·-
  223. guy,, 11h an ~Os haircut who can't do a promo doing in the ring talking about ancil'nt
  224. his1ory. I le no1cd 1ha1 he debu1cd 1he ladder maich. 1hc I !ell in a Cell and 1he Iron
  225. man ma1ch (well. the last one was a bi1 ofa Streich) and won all of them (1he tirst
  226. WWI· ladder ma1ch I 1hink "as Bret vs. Shawn taped for a home video and I don·1
  227. know who won th a 1. but the lirsl famous ladder match at \Vrestlema111a X ,, nh
  228. \11chacls , s. R:11or Ramon was won by Ramon but Michaels was thi.: real ,,innt.'r
  229. because of his mcrnorablc performance). I le said he was no longi.:r the I lcartbrcaJ..
  230. Kid l ,, htch 1s why he,, as wearing an IIBK t·Shin as this was going on) or the Sho,,
  231. Stopper. I le then started talking about ·religion. which is always dangerous during a
  232. wrestling broadcast. 111·11 1 came out and infom1ed Michaels that during Raw. "I'm
  233. God." Man. he scooped my second lead story for, he week. They lraded punches and
  234. 111-111 laid him out in 1he middle, with no hcip. and Flair not e,en in sight for
  235. d istraction. with a pedigree. He pulled o ut the sledge hammer but Tim White ran in
  236. and grabbed the sledge hammer while the agents pulled I IHI-I away.
  238. ~~~~
  240. Oh, god, you know where this is going.
  241. Actually, very little history. They said Survivor Series was inaugurated because
  242. there was so much interest in I logan and Andre wrestling again. Well, that's lie
  243. one since it was formed exclusively to screw Jim Crockett off PPV on
  244. Thanksgiving night of 1987 and in doing so, was among the key reasons
  245. Crockett had to sell to Turner Broadcasting the next year. They showed
  246. Undertaker's dehut, Rock's debut and Angle"s debut, and acted like they were
  247. all huge successes. Undertaker's was. Rock's
  250. ~~
  251. September 2, 2002
  253. Matt Anoai (Rosie) didn't work house shows because of a hip
  254. ,r injury. He also got the dreaded weight problem remark about him in
  255. \ne Ross Repon. He figured with Maven 's previously undetected ankle
  256. problems, that he's another eight weeks away from returning. O'Ha ire has a
  257. pulled groin as well as an abdominal strain. Kanyon 's open wound in his
  258. shoulder should be c losing up in a few weeks, but he's a few months away
  259. from returning. He's had one tough break. Jazz' return after knee surgery is
  260. pegged as somewhere between next month and November. Saturn's return
  261. after knee surgery is expected around October, while Rhyno's comeback from
  262. neck surgery is expected in November. Eric Angle will stan back in OVW
  263. shonly after bicep surgery. They are shooting the cover for Ross' second
  264. book, which comes out in March, with Keibler, Stratus, Terri and Lita in his
  265. backyard. He noted, with a straight face, that Tony Schiavone came to the
  266. event in Fayetteville. Schiavone also came to one of the early TNA events.
  267. He's looking to get back in. Ross wrote it all positive, but the Ross-Schiavone
  268. feud in this bu,i11ess going back to the 80s is legendary . . . Bischoff did an
  269. interview in the Dallas Morning News addressing the death of WCW. He said
  270. he knew it was going down in August of 1998 when the higher ups at the
  271. station wanted a product that five year olds could watch, and he felt the target
  272. audience was Males 18-34. While going raunchy did help \VWF, it is not
  273. what killed WCW. WCW was killed by a godawful product, and it wasn 't
  274. toning down that made it godawful, but wrestlers that lacked motivation and
  275. not making new talent. This whole Lesnar deal shows that you can take a guy,
  276. albeit a big guy, and he doesn't even need to show personality or be
  277. panicularly good in the ring, but if you get behind him 100% and have him
  278. destroy top people (as opposed to sneakover wins over top guys who have to
  279. get their heat back seconds later which accomplishes nothing when it comes
  280. to elevation) and you can make a star and this business is all about making
  281. new stars because nothing works forever . .. Plan was for Kane to end up on
  282. Smackdown, at least for a day or two. He was booked on the Smackdown
  283. tour in September at first with Angle. Of course, those bookings change at
  284. least once per week did at least twice this past week. The Smackdown house
  285. shows in September (again, this will probably change a half dozen times since
  286. the same main event as the PPV) where they are going with Lesnar vs.
  288. ~~~~
  290. Show beat Dreamer via DQ in 3:05 when Dreamer
  291. wasted Show with a series of chair shots. Dreamer took ungodly punishment
  292. before that time. Bischoff had gotten a call that a member of Raw was
  293. jumping to be with his family member. Jeff Hardy and Crash then came out.
  294. Bischoff had the Island Boyz lay out Jeff and Bischoff yelled at him for
  295. leaving with no notice. Crash then revealed he was the guy leaving, and left.
  296. Terri beat Keibler in a pillow fight match with Lawler as ref. Keibler then
  297. tarred & feathered Terri after the match. This was amateur hour le"el bad.
  298. Then for the main, RVD & Flair beat HHH & Jericho in 9:36. Goo• ma•ch.
  300. ~~~~
  302. Raw needs talent on 9/23 in Anaheim. Show opened with
  303. Stratus keeping the womens title over Molly and Victoria in 3:09. Molly and
  304. Victoria collided and Stratus schoolgirled her for the win. [ wish they tried
  305. to give Victoria a personality and story before putting her on TV because
  306. introducing characters like this makes them stillborn. Booker & Goldust were
  307. at the movies showing a tape of Rikishi's stink face on Bischoff and a bunch
  308. of guys with nothing to do were laughing about it. Just an excuse to show the
  309. angle on the show. Rico was peaking on and his new role, now that he isn't
  310. gay, is that he's a snitch. Bischoff was mat at Rico for leaving. I guess Rico
  311. is going to be the new Just Joe. Bischoff came out mat that nobody from Raw
  312. saved him. He also gave the latest ground rules o f the split. Vince McMahon
  313. rlecreerl no more jumps after today, but Bischoff and Stephanie can trade
  314. talent. It 's an explanation for Bischoff mistreating everyone and them not
  315. doing the obvio us and leaving. He called out Booker for laughing at him.
  316. This thing dragged until Booker hit something approximating the line I was
  317. thinking--this segment's heinous like a fat man's anus. Yes, Brian and I think
  318. alike sometimes, but not in a good way. Ra sey & Jamal showed up a nd
  319. Booker held them off for a while, but with Rico, the odds overpowered him.
  320. Goldust tried to come in for the save, but he was laid out as well. Big Show
  321. pinned Jeff Hardy in 3:22 after a choke slam in a horrible match. I mean, it
  322. sounds bad on paper, but it was far wo rse. Show looked awful and Jeff is j ust
  323. another story. Je ff did a swanton to Show's back, but Show kicked out. I'm
  324. p resuming this match was punishment, and the idea probably was for Jeff. But
  325. why did they have to put something on TV that really was punishing their fan
  326. base. For something positive, the Pete Rose Halloween commercial where
  327. Kane choke slammed him is a total classic. Dreamer and Nowinski were in
  328. a classroom brawl, since, you know, Nowinski actually went to class when he
  329. was in college. Typical on location brawl, with some very stiff shots and
  330. some campiness, such as Nowinski slamming Dreamer's head into a wo rld map to show him where Singapore was, and Dreamer slamming owinski into
  331. a U.S. map and naming the cities. Dreamer used a low blow and a cane shot
  332. to the jaw 10 win this battle. This was an auempt to write a storyline based
  333. on Nowinski's legitimately gelling surgery on his j aw the next day and being
  334. out six weeks. ln old-time wrestling, Nowinski would vow revenge and come
  335. back when least expected to Pearl Harbor (I wonder if future generations of
  336. wrestling announcers will call it Manhattaning?) Dreamer. Now, l figure,
  337. Dreamer will be in the ring with Regal, Nowinski will hit the ring with a
  338. sledge hammer, and hit Regal (remember when Benoit "injured" Tazz when he
  339. tore his bicep and Tazz came back and swerved everyone and wound up with
  340. no program, and his career went nowhere from there). Onon debuted on Raw
  341. to actually huge fanfare. They made a big deal about a secret guy jumping
  342. and Ross got in the ring to put him over like he was the reincarnation of The
  343. Rock. Orton did all the old-style babyface stuff of slapping hands and smiling.
  344. The announcers put him over huge throughout the match. Crowd died even
  345. though the two had a very good match. They tried to shove him so hard I was
  346. thinking they are trying to do a Rock, in that they know they crowd will reject
  347. him for such a fast push and then they'll push him as a top heel for face
  348. potential down the line. Actually, I like that idea. There has been talk of
  349. creating a new Four Horseman sometime down the line with Flair and HHH,
  350. and Orton has been talked about for that slot. But if that's the idea, it can't
  351. be three weeks from now, but maybe early next year. Richards did a cool full
  352. nelson camel clutch. Onon won with a Mil Mascaras style crossbody off the
  353. top in 6:02. Flair did an interview. Nobody wanted to boo him, but nobody
  354. cheered him. He talked about wanting to be side-by-side with HHH. R VD
  355. came out but HHH jumped him and they gave him a beating. Bubba Dudley
  356. came out for the save but they laid him out. Eventually Bubba recovered for
  357. the save to set up the main event. Jericho beat Goldust with the walls in 6:37
  358. to keep the IC belt. Both guys looked sluggish. Kane & Hurricane beat
  359. Storm & Christian to win the tag titles in 6:25. Hurricane came out as the
  360. mystery partner for Kane. Good near fall when Regal hit Kane with a belt
  361. shot, but he kicked out. Match ended with Kane & Hurricane both using
  362. choke slams on Storm & Christian respectively and Kane pinned Storm. they
  363. are trying to give Kane a personality as kind of Big Freak and Little Freak
  364. with Hurricane and the catch phrase "Freaks are cool!" Kane also kissed Terri.
  365. Remember Kane's last romance? Booker pinned Rico in 2:06 with an ax kick.
  366. Rico was made to be a joke as far as a competitive opponent, booked more
  367. like a manager than wrestler. Rosey & Jamal ran out again and Goldust went
  368. for anothe r save. Goldust kicked a fie ld goal with Rico's testes. But it was
  369. all for naught because the Island Boyz laid them out and Jamal came off the
  370. top with splashes on both guys. Bischoff then told Booker & Goldust that he
  371. signed a tag match for 9/30 in Houston with Booker & Goldust vs. Island
  372. Boyz. Flair & HHH beat Bubba & RVD in 7:07. This wasn't good. Every
  373. week we write that Flair needs to neve r wrestle on TV, and maybe 2-3 PPVs
  374. a year. And every week they give him a new program. Flair and RVD had
  375. some real rough spots. Flair didn't get over for his nip into the turnbuckles
  376. something fierce, and I thought he was going to break his neck when he took
  377. a monkey nip. Flair pinned Bubba after HHH snapped Bubba 's neck on the
  378. top rope. Bubba was supposed to put HHH threw a table, but his arm went
  379. out and HHH went through the edge. RVD tried to make the spot work with
  380. an impromptu butt splash on HHH through the table. . At one point the idea
  381. with Rico was that he'd flop so bad on Raw that Bischoff would fire him, and
  382. he'd have to beg Stephanie for a job and every week she'd humiliate him. Am
  383. under the impression that's out because that idea also involved a Billy &
  384. Chuck split after the wedding with one of them going to Raw ... Smackdown
  385. wasn' t much of Stephanie on 9124 in San Diego. Juventud Guerrera got a
  386. try-out in a dark match with Moore. I-le was specifically told to slow down
  387. and limit his high spots, and then he went out there like a million miles an
  388. hour trying to do twice as much stuff as they wanted, which didn't win him
  389. any points. Konnan was also backstage at the show. The ones who made the
  390. finals of Tough Enough 3 were at ringside doing the "students go to a TV
  391. taping" episode of every show where instructors (Snow beating Horshu--a
  392. muscular UPW guy who used to work for WCW) and Ivory beat Molly in
  393. matches taped for Tough Enough. I know, Molly is supposed to be on Raw,
  394. but it's a dark match. Snow got a real good reaction. Doug Basham debuted
  395. on Velocity with no hype and did a job for Shannon Moore. I'm baffied why
  396. they continue to book to make sure new guys can't get over. Rikishi beat
  397. Chavo in a match where Chavo got more offense than you'd think. This was
  398. the payback for Chavo actually getting a pin last week, as Rikishi kicked a
  399. camera in Chavo's face when Chavo picked it up to use it again. Kick didn't
  400. come that close to his face, tho, and banzai'd him. Terry Taylor was the agent
  401. for the match and apparently suggested the camera spot as a good retribution·
  402. point for the previous week but Taylor must have had enemies going in
  403. because Vince wasn't happy about that call. Wilson beat Nidia in a bikini
  404. 14
  405. contest with straight guys Billy & Chuck as judges. They gave Nidia scored
  406. of 6 & 9 (get it). Wilson got straight !Os. Noble and Tajiri were furious
  407. about Nidia getting screwed, so they challenged Billy & Chuck to a match.
  408. B&C won with the doomsday device on Tajiri. Funaki went to the ring •
  409. interview Lcsnar. He had the chair that Undertaker destroyed over Lesnat
  410. head at the PPV. Lesnar destroyed Funaki including an F-5. Edge pinned
  411. Eddy in what was said to have been a .... 1/4 match. Guerrero did a promo
  412. knocking the fans which may not air on TV, as they didn't want him getting
  413. cheered like in L.A. It turned into a double ladder match with Guerrero doing
  414. a lot of ladder spots, ending with Edge doing the implant DDT off the top of
  415. the ladder. Guerrero juiced. When the match was over, the crowd gave
  416. Guerrero a standing ovation. They were shooting this but not sure if it airs.
  417. Undertaker once again destroyed I-lardy in a quick match. As soon as someone
  418. becomes entertaining, they get squashed. This is so WCW. Lesnar destroyed
  419. Undertaker with two belt shots and Undertaker juiced. Well, we knew that had
  420. to happen. Main was a three-way with Mysterio over Benoit and Angle when
  421. he pinned Benoit with the West Coast pop. Very good match, mainly focusing
  422. on Benoit vs. Angle. Said to be too short. Mysterio, who is from San Diego,
  423. got the biggest reaction of anyone on the show and was put in the main event
  424. because they figured that would happen. Well, some people figured. Vince
  425. was against the idea of Mysterio in the main event before the show, but not
  426. so against it when Mysterio got the huge reaction. He did a lot of local
  427. promotion for the show and crowd took to him as a home town hero. Lots of
  428. 619 chants ... Smackdown is Stephanie notes from the 9/19 show. We
  430. ~~~~~
  432. The
  433. much-hyped Smackdown show on 9/ 12 largely d elivered a str ong payoff, from a n ang le it seemed c lear the live a udience didn' t want to see. Lesnar-
  435. WWE: Line-up for the 9/22 Unforgiven PPV from 1he Staples
  436. Center in Los Angeles. On paper, this isn't the sure thing that SummerSlam
  437. was but it sounds like an old WCW show where !he top ma1ches may no! be
  438. great bu1 some of the undercard figures to be. Lesnar vs. Undertaker has been
  439. decent on the road, but it will be hard pressed to de live r what people expect
  440. from a WWE PPV main event. They may put HHH vs. R VD las1 because ii
  441. has a better chance of being a good match even wi1h 1he style clash, plus it
  442. makes more sense to end it with the face going over (due to Michaels
  443. interference which, based on R VD losing the IC belt via tap out, is 1he only
  444. logical finish to make what appeared 10 be an illogical result on Raw make
  445. sense). Also Angle vs. Benoit, which technically should be awesome but heel
  446. vs. heel may make early heat tough; Eddy Guerrero vs. Edge, which also
  447. should be very good; Jericho defends IC belt vs. Flair, which has had a terrible
  448. build but reports from the weekend house shows were that they tore it up
  449. every night (Flair juiced every night on the road) and Jericho needs his win
  450. back since Flair won last time only to set up Jericho winning with the walls
  451. this time. Of course, they dropped the angle for three weeks cold and then
  452. picked it up at the last minute. Noble vs. Mysterio for the cruiserweight title,
  453. being in Los Angeles, should be a title switch and should be a hot match.
  454. Rosie & Jamal vs. Billy & Chuck has the stips that if Rosie & Jamal win, then
  455. Stephanie has to perform live lesbian acts on the PPV but if Billy & Chuck
  456. win, then Bischoff has to kiss Stephanie's ass. Other bout is Kane & Bubba
  457. Dudley & Booker & Goldust vs. UnAmericans ... About the only way to
  458. make Raw enjoyable is to look at things to laugh at, which used to be how
  459. I got through Nitro in the old days (bold). On 9/16 from Denver, it opened with
  460. the lights off and Bischoff in the ring. Rico came out as the new member of
  461. Raw, but they managed to flush him down the to ilet before 30 minutes were
  462. up. Bischoff said that Raw wouldn't be a boring, predictable formula
  463. wrestling show like Smackdown. And the laughs began, because the next
  464. thing on the show was a boring, predictable fommla interview with HHH that
  465. never ended. Then HHH remarked that RVD wasn't championship material.
  466. RVD came out and proved HHH correct, by doing mic work that wa nowhere
  467. near championship mate rial. HHH claimed to be the greatest champion ever
  468. and talked about selling out buildings (it's always bad when a current star talks
  469. about a point in his career long past). HHH claimed he had the body, the
  470. ability, the talent and the brains like no other wrestler, which is carny for I'm
  471. banging the head writer and manipulating the show. It got funnier. RVD
  472. came out and talked about all the fans loving him. Then it sounded like most
  473. of the fans were booing him. HHH said RVD would never be a world
  474. champion. What are the odds he does a Jeff Hardy with him? This interview
  475. 12
  476. took forever. I literally ate dinner in less time than it took 1-IHH to do this
  477. promo and still had time left to watch a short movie. Finally RVD did a step
  478. through kick to end this segment. Rico beat Flair in 4:00 with a mistimed spin
  479. kick even thoug h Flair was in the ropes. I was watching th is thinking ab'
  480. how in late 1989, when Flair was 40, so many of the suits in WCW thoc
  481. he was washed up and they'd s•art doing business when they finally mo~
  482. °flair out of the top spots and put in Sting and Luger. In booking stupidity
  483. that could have only come from WCW, instead of putting it over like Rico was
  484. a superstar ready for big programs because he beat the legend, they portrayed
  485. it as Flair has become such a washed up bum that a pansy like Rico is even
  486. beating him. What a trick that was, beating Flair clean and having your legs
  487. cut off in the next interview. Anyway, story was Flair had a chance to win
  488. using a chair, but instead kicked the chair out of the ring and walked into a
  489. spin kick. Well, he was supposed to, but it wasn 't quite there. Booker pinned
  490. Test in 5:54 with a messed up sunset flip out of the comer. They were
  491. botching spots left and right in this one. It was like Jackie Gayda was
  492. suddenly in possession of Test's body. Some good near falls at the end. Flair
  493. was all sad when HHH called him pathetic for losing to someone who couldn't
  494. even carry his jock, told Flair he'd lost it and he'd become an embarrassment
  495. and that he needs to retire. Wonder if Hogan will let them do angles like this
  496. with him when he gets back. Women were picketing from a fict itious womens
  497. group. You knew this was going to be bad when ha! f the women protesters
  498. looked like strippers. Storm & Christian beat Dudleys in 8:3 1 when Christian
  499. pinned Bubba with a roll-up. Bubba was distracted as Spike had died again
  500. as they tossed him over the top rope through a table on the floor. Well, the
  501. fans wanted tables. Fans were chanting tables even after the table was set up.
  502. With Spike on a stretcher, HHH was laughing at him. Bubba was pissed.
  503. This obvio usly set up HHH vs. Bubba, except that would make sense. Jericho
  504. beat RVD to win the IC title in 8:43. For some reason, they sent Jericho our
  505. before going to a commercial break. He then had to keep the heat going all
  506. through the break, so he went off on the Broncos. This isn't going to solve
  507. any of the bigger problems, but Jericho needs to get rid o f that goofy beard.
  508. It makes him look like a second match comedy act heel. ot anywhere close
  509. to as good as most of their matches, including last week. RVD's mouth was
  510. busted early. Jericho did a double-arm superplex while standing on the top
  511. rope. HHH came out. RVD was up for a frog splash, but instead did what
  512. should have been an awesome plancha on HHH. Except he overshot the r target and landed face first on the ground. The man has no fear and he I"-...,/ (has)
  513. no pain. Okay, I stole that from Vader, but he got right up from a mistake
  514. that would at least break the face ofa mere mortal. RVD not only d idn 't sell
  515. it, but came back with a Rider kick and split legged moonsault for a near fall.
  516. Jericho collided with HHH for another near fall. Finally HHH laid out R VD
  517. and Jericho put the walls on for the submission. Now I do believe people's
  518. finishers should work on babyfaces at the right time, but three days before a
  519. PPV where he's challenging for a belt is not the time Van Dam should be
  520. tapping. HHH gave him a pedigree after the match for good measure. Kane
  521. beat Regal via DQ in 2: 11 when Test interfered. All the guys in the eight-man
  522. showed up with the faces c leaning house. Regal had a bloody nose again.
  523. Hope it's not from his old nasal problem because that required surgeT) 10 fix.
  524. Bischoff was in the ring with the supposed women protestors. This was as
  525. campy as it comes, because Bischoff was a riot, and the woman spokesperson
  526. was also a riot for entirely different reasons, because she was such a bad
  527. actress she should be dating Test. She was laughing as she was delivering her
  528. goofy lines. Bischo ff in the middle of this, figured out what all redneck
  529. Americans know, that all women in womens groups are really closet lesbians.
  530. When he said that, the woman handling the lines started laughing. Just as
  531. Bischoff talked about three minutes, Stephanie, hiding in the back, took off her
  532. wig and booted Bischoff low. Rosie & Jamal were about to quickly learn the
  533. meaning of working light on Stephanie, when Billy & Chuck came to save the
  534. day. IIHII was in the ring for a still unnamed opponent when RVD came out
  535. and laid him out with a belt shot. HHH juiced heavily. Then, in a segment
  536. that made about as much psychological sense as when Curt Hennig was stuck
  537. in the ring with like a dozen No Limit Soldiers guys and WCW couldn't figure
  538. out why Hennig was getting cheered. Ev~n though attacked before the match
  539. and le!t laying, the valiant HHH overcame all odds and destroyed Jeff Hardy
  540. ill 5:42. Jeff was looking really bad tonight. It would have stood out more
  541. except he wasn't the only one. HHH survived the swanton, and literally got
  542. right up and got the sleeper for the win. RVD laid HHH out with a frog
  543. splash to end the show. Notes from the 9/17 Smackd own capings in
  544. Colorado Springs. Show opened with Undertaker chasing Lesnar into a
  545. and the police restrained him. Mysterio & Wilson beat Noble & Nidia "
  546. Mysterio pinned Noble with the West Coast pop to set up a title progra°in."
  547. Mysterio did the bronco buster on Nidia. Undertaker's wife supposedly went
  548. into labor that morning (that was fast). Being the gallant husband that he is,
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