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  1. leanderToday at 12:53 PM
  2. o/
  3. [12:37:33] <Athendra> I can sermon on ath, is everyone near deed building?
  4. [14:31:58] <Leander> o/
  5. [14:32:21] <Whfawn> HI :)
  6. [14:33:04] <Whfawn> what are you up to way out here :D
  7. [14:33:30] <Leander> hows it going getting the area worked and ready
  8. [14:34:16] <Whfawn> right now im out side the mine, getting a fenced pen for our wetas and a safe area if needed :)
  9. [14:34:23] <Leander> what is this
  10. [14:34:42] <Whfawn> soon to be pen
  11. [14:34:56] <Leander> no the area isnt ready for that
  12. [14:35:22] <Whfawn> but we need  a pen to place to put weta when we log off
  13. [14:35:51] <Whfawn> Phenn said that we are not really building here
  14. [14:35:51] <Leander> true but i was working on getting the area planed out
  15. [14:36:09] <Leander> lvled off
  16. [14:36:10] <Whfawn> we plane to move further on
  17. [14:36:22] <Whfawn> plan
  18. [14:36:32] <Leander> plained
  19. [14:36:56] <Leander> that is what i was doing with all this dirt and rock
  20. [14:38:13] <Whfawn> that area is all rock if you want to build there ok. but having a pen up the hill is not that bad of a plan.
  21. [14:39:58] <Whfawn> i was under the impression form Phenn that we were going to keep building the road out west and make Charlie somewhere else
  22. [14:42:28] <Leander> i get it i do but i was working this area to be a safe havin for people that were too tired to drive all the way back to the main deed
  23. [14:42:40] <Leander> i wasnt even thinking of building here
  24. [14:43:10] <Leander> considered makeing a small safe deed with an alt is all
  25. [14:43:19] <Whfawn> that is exactly why we need the pen
  26. [14:43:54] <Whfawn> i can stop if you want.
  27. [14:44:08] <Leander> but it wasnt ready for a pen in my opinion
  28. [14:44:36] <Leander> plz for right now until the spot is ready
  29. [14:45:03] <Whfawn> imo a pen is the first thing so you have some where safe for your weta or loose horse
  30. [14:45:23] <Whfawn> ok then what can i do to help you
  31. [14:47:11] <Leander> remove this dirt to rock
  32. [14:48:01] <Whfawn> ok i just dont get the need to go down to rock.
  34. phennexionToday at 12:54 PM
  35. Minimal efforts there man, we should be contining the road west
  36. we gotta have a safe way to get to stronghold when it appears
  37. if we spend all day levelling off an area then it's just wasted effort
  38. because stronghold should be in middle of map
  40. leanderToday at 12:55 PM
  41. it is minamal effort for me i wanted to have a vacation from my forge
  43. phennexionToday at 12:55 PM
  44. well then figure out a way to get further west? if you want your own little vacation spot dont get Whfawn to help you, she can keep helping deed
  46. leanderToday at 12:55 PM
  47. ive been standing there and grinding for a few weeks
  49. phennexionToday at 12:56 PM
  50. whats your JS? lol
  51. i understand wanting a break, but dont pull productive deed villagers into a personal project when they wana help deed progress
  53. leanderToday at 12:56 PM
  54. i never asked anyone to come here
  56. phennexionToday at 12:57 PM
  57. your in a leadership position in deed
  58. so she's going to follow you
  59. <Leander> i get it i do but i was working this area to be a safe havin for people that were too tired to drive all the way back to the main deed
  61. leanderToday at 12:57 PM
  62. i understand
  63. im happy to work on it myself for a bit
  65. phennexionToday at 12:58 PM
  66. amath, aroma, and the rest of us agreed it would be bad to split village by making a deed or outpost out there for no reason
  67. we need to plant the next deed by our next objective
  68. which is stronghold
  70. leanderToday at 12:59 PM
  71. i never intended to split the deed
  73. phennexionToday at 1:00 PM
  74. yeah, but i think you were confusing ppl on deed unintentionally
  76. leanderToday at 1:00 PM
  77. my alt is not a contributing member rn
  78. maybe
  80. phennexionToday at 1:00 PM
  81. maybe? lol willow, leander and whfawn all come to me saying "WERE DEEDING CHARLIE?!"
  83. leanderToday at 1:01 PM
  84. i never ever said that this would be charlie deed
  86. phennexionToday at 1:01 PM
  87. but the "deeding when everyone logs out" really confused them
  88. you gotta be careful with your communications
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