Kenjutsu Training

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  1. Sheeta nodded to the snake man and shifted her body softly. She would pull free the blade from it's scabbered. IT would be worth noting she didn't have a stance. She stood stalk still, legs together, holding the blade before her like a child would hold a stick to play fight with! The foxish smile upon her face never fadeing!
  3. Sheeta couldn't even keep up with the speed of the man's draw and swing. It was just a plain case of no formal training. She didn't have any skill or learning with the blade she now held. The blade would be knocked from her grasp. She sighed deeply.  
  5. "Yes sir."
  7. She didn't stop smileing, not at any point. She believed in her mothers words. Never let people see your discomfort. Always be ontop of everything. She would bend over, her tail twitching, as she reclaimed her blade and she took a better postion infront of her new teacher. She now had a firmer grasp upon the blade!
  10. Sheeta blinked and watched with great interest as the man, even while weighed down by the heavy objects, shifted his body into an easier to defend postion. She mimiced him softly. Her stance was shakey at best, but she quickly adapted to the orders that she had been given. She grinned, sword held in a stronger grip and legs parted, making her more grounded.
  12. "Like this?"
  14. Sheeta would just barely be able to hold onto her blade from the stirke the man had deliever the blade. She felt her usual foxish smile grow slightly. She could feel pride welling up in her chest. She would look at the man as he ordered her to attack him and she nodded.
  16. "Alright."
  18. She would rush forward, swinging a sloppy strike towards his right shoulder! She didn't really know what she was doing, but she was happy in the knowladge that even if she did manage to strike the man she'd deal no damage to him. Her precious blade would never harm a fellow Lycanus!
  20. Sheeta blinked as her blade was pushed to the side. She knew this little endevour would not be easy on her. The counter attack came at her with a somewhat mangable speed and she tried to shift to the right of the blow. It wasn't a perfect manuver. The blade grazeing her left arm.
  22. "Ow"
  24. She squeeked. She was no stranger to pain, but she was used to a more blunt kind of pain. She had been punched, hit with blunt arrows, thrown around and burned by explosions, but she had never been cut untill this moment! She narrowed her focus, her natural energy surging through her body as a second tail blossomed to life upon her hind quarters.
  26. "Here I come!"
  28. She announced, rushing in from her new postion. Her blade being swung from a lower postion aimed to get him in the chest, should the unlikely happen and the blade found purchess.
  30. Sheeta felt and watched her blade once more deflected. She didn't mind though evident by the smile that had remained upon her face. She knew going into this training that she had no real chance of sucsess. She was a child holding a warriors weapon agasint a trained swordsmen. She was just thankful for the chance to learn and grow as a warrior.
  32. "No, I don't know anything about the sword aside from what you've shown me today."
  34. She admited. She wasn't ashamed by admiting this information. She was here to learn and rectify this lack of ability. If she we're ashamed of everything she couldn't do she'd never know how to do anything after all. She'd return the blade to it's scabberd.
  36. Sheeta blinked as she watched the man as he had ordered her to do. It wasn't difficult for the girl to devote her attention. She was the type to put everything into what she did. Work hard, party harder. She nodded her understanding.  
  38. "I see. . A downard stroke aimed to hit the head. Alright. . "
  40. She said more to herself then her teacher. She would pull free her sword from it's scabberd. She would then roll her shoulders before making a plan in her head before running forward. Her intentions we're clear!  
  42. She would bring the sword high into the air, a little two high. As she moved forward the unfamilre weight of the blade and the forward motion pushed the girl off balance and ended with her stumbling forward a few steps, only just barley able to keep upright. She'd give herself a moment's pause.
  44. "Right. . A sword is heavy. . . I need to compensate for that. . "
  46. She told herself before walking back to her starting point. She was now more comfterable with the weight of her blade and she had a better understanding of what needed to be done. She pictured her foe in her head. In this case it was Hokoi, the bow weilder that had endangered her new wolf brother. She'd rush forward, raiseing the blade and then bringing it down with a savage intent. It was sloppy, but clearly the technique had been
  47. Sheeta nodded! She would pull free her trasured object and scampered through the area, Alsmot dance like in the rain! She looked like a doll with a weapon not made for her. She would postion herself infront of Goru and take up the stance Jyaka had taught her.
  49. "Here we go."
  51. She muttered, before bringing the blade up and then rapidly down upon the body of Goru, targeting the wound he had reveled to her. Where the blade would make contact one might expect a shower of blood but infact caused a soft glow of natural energy as the wound was closed and healed.
  53. Sheeta Vask nodded and then shook her head, getting into a basic sword fighters stance. Anyone looking at her could tell it was sloppy and unrefined.She would regard her brother with a glance and then spoke.
  55. "Don't go full tilt, but Block and dodge as you would in a fight. I need to get a feel for actual combat as well."
  57. She admited before finally rushing forwad. Her speed and form were nothing short of laughable. Any trained warrior would be able to spot the holes in her form. She would try to bring her sword down in a wide arc for the wolf Lycanus's chest!
  58. Sheeta Vask was easily dodged and kicked! She would stumble a few paces off course before nodding. She would turn and take a deep breath, parting her legs slightly and taking a better grip on her blade. She'd advance upon her brother with the intent to strike. She could come at him with full lethal intent, knowing full well nothing the blade did to the lycanus would do any harm!  
  60. Sheeta Vask did her best to jump backwards out of the way of his punch, Taking a glanceing blow if able, or emitting a light "Oomp" If not. She would regard her brother for a moment before coming in again, this time swipeing at his stomach.
  62. "All of the above. . I think. . I don't think I'll make sword fighting my main mode of attack. . I think I am gonna learn to fight hand to hand, and imporve my kitsune abilties."
  64. She confessed, her smile returning to her face the moment her words are finished.
  66. Sheeta Vask felt the blade get deflected. She spun with the momentum, aiming to spin into another strike at the wolf's side. Her body already produceing sweat from the effort she was expending. Her little body was not yet trained to handle extended training, but she was pushing through that limitation.
  68. "Probably Strength. . I may not look it, but i am built tougher then your avarage girl. I figure if I focuse on imporveing my defenses and learn to hit harder, I'll be able to make up a lack of speed with Grace and power. Like a deadly dancer."
  70. Sheeta Vask pulls free her sword. She'd then let her natural energy flow into her tail, produceing a single ball of fire that flew harmlessly around her. SHe'd then rush forward, aiming to send a strike towards Kyoko's head, aiming to slice downwards!
  71. Sheeta Vask watched as her sword was parried aside and her opponent danced out of the way. Sheeta had been expecting this of course. She had not been training to use a sword, and had no proper school teaching in combat. She would do her best to mitigate the incoming blow, shifting rapidly to the left, taking a glanceing blow to her right arm.
  73. She'd turn in that same motion, aiming to swing her blade low towards the other woman's mid section. Her blade flying through the air with the speed and strength of a rookie fighting with a blade. However this was not the only plan Sheet had.
  75. Her esscense would blossom within her as the single ball of fire took flight, flinging itself at the older girls center of mass, her chest. Upon contact with her, it would explode in a flash of color, aiming to knock the swordswomen back!
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