CoZ Kill Event Defense Strategies 4

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  1. CoZ Kill Event - Defense #1: Hey guys, let's talk about how you can defend during the Kill Event(on saturday and sunday). You must wear a shield as you did until now. To defend against missiles you will need to produce anti-missiles. To produce anti-missiles you will need a building called "Anti-Missile Defense Center" that can be built once you reach level 19. If you are level 18 or below it is unlikely for you to be targeted by a Combustion missile.
  2. CoZ Kill Event - Defense #2: If you want to be extra cautious you could spend your resources before saturday. Another thing that you can do is to keep as much resources as you can as boxes and only use them before upgrading or researching something. Please keep your Alliance Technology donations as high as possible, if you do so you will be able to buy shields from the Alliance Store to protect your base. Do the same thing on your farm accounts to be able to shield them during the weekend.
  3. CoZ Kill Event - Defense #3: Those being said, please wear a shield during the Kill Event and make sure you have enough anti-missiles. The last sentence applies to this sunday as well, please wear a shield this sunday.
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