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Nov 2nd, 2015
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  1. I first picked up Ed in May 2013. Since there was no community for the game until 2015, I had to develop a lot of the movement and strats used in the any% and 100% categories. This is the humble beginning of Ed.
  3. Flash forward to summer of 2014, where I had a lot more motivation to get good and optimize Ed in terms of movement or execution. This is when I got my 31:40 in any% and got a 58 or so in 100%. I bragged on twitter and twitch saying that no one could beat these times (I was wrong.) This also marks the time when Ed was featured in a semi-big marathon called SRC2014.
  5. Flash forward again to pre-summer of 2015, when Ed would take a drastic turn towards optimization. It all started when Konasumi reached out and asked me to race the GCN version. Naturally, I accepted in hope of starting a community. Kona was a part of The Boop Troop, a group of A Hat in Time runners. Eventually other members of The Boop Troop started to show interest in the game including DatKiddMildew and Igniteyo. Finally, the community for the game was building which was something that I really always strived for way back in 2013.
  7. Speedrun optimizations came quickly with community expansions. Kona found Batter-Ed Clipping in scam 3. Scam 5 turned from a 5.5 minute scam into a 20 second scam. Multiple skips were found including skipping the power cells in BOTH scams 4 and 6. And after some research, Wecn concluded that the PC version was faster than GCN by a solid 1.5 minutes and most of the community switched over.
  9. It's hard to describe Ed as just a game to me, as silly as that sounds. To me, it is an optimized run. The only other game that has technical movement and whatnot that I can think of off the top of my head is Melee. I can't tell you how much theory-crafting and heart went into making this game's run what it is today.
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