So Much Like Her

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  1. >You still remember her face.
  2. >A simple little bump-in during a middle school soccer game was all it took for love to blossom. Just a run-in between an uncle and a parent.and the wheels started turning.
  3. >She was the sweetest awooooooo you ever met.
  4. >A beautiful, young...ish husky, with a silver coat, two beautiful blue eyes, and a smile that could melt steel.
  5. >Kinder than a hug, and sweet as can be.
  6. >She was the one, and even though she had a kid from a past relationship, she took after her mother a lot, making things very smooth.
  7. >All was truly well in the world.
  8. >One year of dating you popped the question,she said yes, after that:.
  9. >Two years of pure bliss.
  10. >Two years of happiness with her and her daughter.
  11. >But the good die young, and a sudden disease was all it took for everything to come tumbling down.
  12. >It hurts.
  13. >It still hurts.
  14. >Its only been a year, of course it still does
  15. >But Holly really does take after her mom, in more than one way...
  16. >Being that she was a teen pregnancy, with a dad that skips town, and a family that disowns their own flesh and blood, it's amazing how her and her mom have such a calming, joyful air around them.
  17. >Maybe a defense mechanism to tough it out in this harsh world.
  18. >You wish you had that kind of power, but the only power you had,was buying liquor, and feeling low for yourself.
  19. >You weren't an alcoholic, not by any means, but sweet liquor sure does ease the pain.
  20. >It was hard not to down bottle after bottle in some fleeting attempt to either see her at those pearly gates just one more time, or to forget why you were even drinking in the first place.
  21. >But you had to support Holly with all your being, your all she's got now, you're not gonna repeat history so that the next generation may suffer.
  22. >She might be 16, and very mature, not to mention self sufficient, but shes not gonna survive out there all alone, you've gotta be the strong, single stepfather.
  23. >“Wake up.”
  24. >Yup, you're a strong man, with willpower, and reason.
  25. >“Wake up.”
  26. >You're a true man now, you need to support and love Holly with all your being.
  27. >“C'mon rise and shine already sleepy head, jeez.”
  28. >OH SHIT!
  30. >”10:30 lazybones. Now c’mon lets eat some breakfast,eggs and bacon,can't go wrong with a classic now can you?”, she says with a smile
  31. “Huh? Oh yes. Let us eat… after I get dressed.”
  32. >You're a goddamn failure.
  34. “So what are you gonna do today? Any plans lined up?you've been stuck with me for the past few days. You should spend this Saturday doing something fun.”
  35. >”I'm just staying inside,doing some work, and taking care of your dumbbutt.”, she says with a chuckle.
  36. “Heh, thanks, but I'm not exactly gonna do anything crazy today, or drink, if that's what you're getting at.”
  37. “Go on, live a little, you deserve it.”, you say putting your hand over hers and gripping it.
  38. >”With you, I can never be sure. I really wish you'd stop.”, a frown forming on her face.
  39. “You sound just like what I’d imagine she’d sound like if she saw me like this…”
  40. >She slowly moves her hand from under yours.
  41. >Great, your dumbass just had to go and make things fucking awkward.
  42. “Sorry”
  43. >”I get it, not like I don't think about her all the time.”
  44. “Yeah...”
  45. >This deafening silence is what you deserve.
  46. “You been feeling well? You've looked like you caught a cold for some days now…”
  47. >”O-oh it's nothing, just some general. Haha,nothing to worry about…”
  48. “Don't play around,this could be serious,i really hope it's not-”
  49. >Once again you grip her hand.
  50. >”No, no, trust me, I'm fine, I really am. That's all I'm feeling, it actually was waaaay worse yesterday. I feel great today!”
  51. “Good to hear. Thanks for the breakfast, it's always so good.”
  52. >”Thanks! Now help me wash the dishes ok?”
  53. >You two finish your meals, and you begin to wash the dishes together, like a happy little family.
  55. >She's feeling great today huh? She looks even worse than she has the past couple of days,and it's getting to you.
  56. >Since breakfast, rarely has she come out of her room, and on the few occasions she has, its been for water, the whole time, well, panting like a dog.
  57. >Maybe it really is some general fatigue from having to deal with school, friends, a dead mother ,and depressed alcoholic stepdad, Anon.
  58. >Watching TV isn't working its magic,and you haven't fallen enough to start hammering bottles this early.
  59. “Whats the time anyway?”
  60. >11:40.
  61. >Fuck.
  62. >Some shitty Netflix movies and Office episodes might get you through this day.
  64. >You're midway through on your third viewing of Fur And Loathing in Awoo Vegas when Holly walks into the living room and plops right next to you, and you're reminded you have responsibilities,and you're a failure.
  65. “Hey, how you doing?”
  66. >Man she feels warm, it might really be a cold, but she's not flinging snot everywhere, but she is sniffing a lot.
  67. >Maybe you haven't realized how cold the room has been up until now.
  68. >”I'm feeling fine, just a little bit worse for wear, guess I was wrong haha…”
  69. “Well I'm glad you aren’t bedridden….”
  70. >Wow, smooth.
  71. >”Yeah, but staying in my room all day gets boring, plus I had to see if you were getting up to no good.” She says as she nuzzles up to you.
  72. “Glad I'm not disappointing you.”, you say as you put your arm around her shoulder and begin to message it.
  73. >Her silver fur feels amazing right now, like you could just bury your head and in there and just-
  74. >Woah calm down there Wolfy Allen, maybe you need to stop watching this crap.
  75. “Anything you might wanna watch? I'm all game for anything you'd want to watch, i just need to blow some time, and it would go faster with you”
  76. >”Hehe,yeah, just put on The Office, I just want night to come as well.”
  77. “Okie dokie, let me get some snacks, and then we can try to wait out this storm of boredom.”
  78. >Netflix and chill with Holly… hardee har har,you're a real chuckster.
  79. >Not like this is the first time you've spent a lazy afternoon like this with her.The time will fly right by, nothing weird happening.
  81. >A few seasons of The Office and 5 hours later,it's finally 9pm,the time normal well adjusted people sleep at, like holly, but for you….
  82. >Wait no, you won't drink today.
  83. >Today was a nice, quiet, relaxing day with your step daughter, don't ruin this by being a drunkard
  84. >”Hey...”
  85. “Hm? What's the matter?”
  86. >”N-nothing. Can you take me to bed, I’m not feeling too good…”
  87. >She's not kidding, putting your hand on her forehead feels like playing with fire,panting heavily,and putting her full body weight on you.
  88. >This is not looking good, not one bit.
  89. >”Hey are you sure you're not sick? You look really bad, c'mon let me get you some medicine from the bathroom.”
  90. >”Don't worry, I’ll be fine,really! Just need some rest.”, she says weakly
  91. >She begins to fidget around and looks at you with a small smile.
  92. “Alright, but keep the door to your room unlocked, expect me to check up on you regularly ok?”
  93. >”Its fine, I understand, can you just carry me, please?”
  94. “Yeah of course”
  95. >You can clean up your guy’s mess after this.
  96. >You pick her up and begin to carry her,and she buries her head in your chest.
  97. >She's not terribly heavy, but she is tall, at 5’9, close to her mother's height, which almost measured up to you
  98. >The warmth and feel of her fur is putting you at ease…
  99. >God does she feel hot though, you are gonna have a panic attack if she's still like this tomorrow.
  100. >When you finally get her to bed, you gently place her down, and go to fetch to fetch a tall glass of water with plenty of ice.
  101. >When you return,she gulps it down as if she had been roaming the desert for days.
  102. “Hope you feel better, don't hesitate to call for me, ok?”
  103. >”Thanks again, you're too kind”
  104. “Its nothing, I’ll always be there to take care of you, no matter what..”, you say as you pat her head.
  105. >”What… What if I’m not sick, but something else...”
  106. “What do you mean?”
  107. >”Ah, I'm just tired, thank you again, goodnight.”
  108. “Yeah, goodnight sweetheart.”
  109. >You put your hand on her forehead and kiss it.
  110. >Walking to your room, you pray that nothing bad happens, and lie down on your bed.
  111. >It's not even close to 10pm, time for more mind numbing TV.
  112. >At least until you knockout.
  113. >Except you won't be anytime soon.
  115. >It’s really cold, and you can't keep thinking about Holly, about how she must be feeling right now, ,and what she might have.
  116. >Its fucking with your mind, you feel like your gonna slip into a fever dream soon.
  117. >Whats the time?
  118. >10:28.
  119. >You should check up on Holly.
  120. >Maybe a little drinky poo if she's fine,
  121. >As you get closer to her door, you hear heavy moaning and panting with screeching bed springs interspersed between it all.
  122. >You've been there, no matter the severity of the cold, the nights always hell and it's impossible to sleep.
  123. >She looked terrible when you tucked her in, and now she has to somehow sleep with whatever she's got, God help her.
  124. >But don't worry, you're here, and you'll always be there for her, no matter what!
  125. >You grab another glass of water, topped with ice of course, and make the walk back to her room
  126. >Upon opening the door you come into a scene you thought you’d never see in your life.
  127. >Holly, panting and sweating, one hand in her groin moving rapidly, the other holding some of your dirty laundry, burying her head deep into in, moaning wildly into it.
  128. >wow
  129. >WOW!
  130. >FUCK!
  131. >You close the door as fast as you can, and the moment you hear it slam against the frame, you hear a loud “yip!” behind it.
  132. >Nice job dumbass,is it really that hard to be quiet?
  133. >Might as well tell all her friends about what you just say.
  134. >On second thought, shut up.
  135. >On third:
  136. >Oh fuck, you’re just now connecting the dots.
  137. >She's in heat dumbass.
  138. >Granted, it seemed like a cold, and her past heats have never been this bad, you usually give her some space and let her do what she needs to do.
  139. >You feel some sort of zen to realize it’s just her heat.
  140. >But that still doesn't explain why its a category 5 heat unlike any there's ever been before.
  141. >It'll be embarrassing, for both of you, but you gotta get to the bottom of this.
  142. >For her sake!
  143. >You slowly open the door, and see her under her blanket.
  144. >Moving slowly to her bed you start feeling funny.
  145. >The air is hot, heavy, with a thick musk, all of it invading your senses.
  146. >Now even with “her” have you felt like this.
  147. >You don't see your shirt anywhere,guess she's hiding it.can't blame her.
  148. >You'd be lying if you said you weren't a little bit turned on by this, but it's just a natural reaction! >Nothing weird about it!
  149. >Now's the time for one of the harder things in your life, trying to find out what's behind this extreme heat of your step daughter.
  150. >You miss her now more than ever, she’d handle this like a pro.
  151. >You on the other hand…
  152. >Now this talk falls on your hand, Godspeed.
  153. >You pat her arm as you look over her, and begin the talk.
  154. “Hey, Holly, I know this must be really, really ,really embarrassing, but what's going on? This heat has been scaring me, and I can't imagine how you are feeling right now, what's causing this?”
  155. >”Nothing, I just…”
  156. “Is it… Is it a crush that's causing this?”
  157. >”Um, s-s-sorta.”, she says weakly.
  158. “Ah, I-I see, good to know its just that, Well, goodnight, hope it settles down by tomorrow. Sorry for doing this again.”
  159. >She has a crush, that's all, that makes sense. She probably got your shirt from the laundry basket because it was the closest thing she could get with the smell of a male. Load off your shoulders.
  160. >You wonder who it is, she doesn't have many male friends. You're gonna need to do some spying to see if he's deserving of the wonderful girl that Holly is.What a wonderful parent you are.
  161. >”Anon? What If I told you something really embarrassing about what's causing my heat to be this strong, something that I don't think you'd like to hear?”
  162. >fuck fuck fuck
  163. >No, no, calm down, it can't be that bad, and no matter what, you'll support her, you'll be there for her, thick ‘n thin
  164. “You can tell me anything, I just want to be sure you're fine,and you'll be ok.”
  165. >”Its, its this bad because of, uh, y-you...”
  166. >Oh
  167. “Uh, uh huh. I don't get it? Is this like your first real heat, and living so close to a, “male”, is sending into like overdrive, or something?”
  168. >You know what shes saying, but it's not true, it's just you.
  169. >In your sick twisted mind you’re coming to conclusions all to sate some lust, you sick fuck.
  170. >”I, I think I love you anon. All my friends tell me what I feel towards you is love, I don't know if they're right but… this heat has been awful for me, and all I could do while I was in my room was think about you.”
  171. >”A lot.”
  172. >You can't move a muscle, your brain has stopped its chemical reactions.
  173. >Time has stopped in this hot room.
  174. >”I just had to come out and see you earlier. I wanted to tell you there, on the couch, to just let it all out… But I didn't want to ruin the moment we were sharing.”
  175. >The room is getting heavier, a faintness begins to wash over you, maybe this is that fever dream you thought you'd have earlier.
  176. >”Let's just forget all about this ok? I, I'm embarrassing myself now, I just want to die…”
  177. “C’mon now, don’t say that, it's not true at all. I should be saying that line, after all, I'm a drink away from being a deadbeat dad. All I’ve done since her death is just float away from life, but you kept me going. You are so much like your mother, so much stronger than I could ever be. I should be embarrassed one, because a 16 year old girl is the light of my life. Because I don't deserve you in my life.”
  178. “See, now that was embarrassing.”
  179. >She gives a quick laugh,”Yeah, it kinda is, but you're wrong, your strong like her, after all, you're still here, you're still sticking it out with me. All the drinking you do in the world, and the pain you've dealt with, and I still have you supporting me the whole way through”
  180. >”Those years we spent together as a family were the most fun I’ve had, but after she died I thought you'd leave, or try to pawn me off to my family that abandoned mom, but you stuck it out with me, and you've made the past year bearable, and even enjoyable in some cases.”
  181. >You're so blessed, truly, God has given you a gift unlike any other.
  182. “I'm glad that even I can brighten someone's life, especially yours, the way I am now.”, you say, blushing.
  183. >The room is quieter now,the heat and musk has let up a little
  184. >It’s just you and Holly with all of space moving by your little pocket of time you’ve created together, and she is looking dead into your soul.
  185. >Piercing deep, as if she's looking for something.
  186. >Yes, she wants an answer.
  187. >What do you think about her?
  188. >She's very much like her...
  189. >Those blue eyes, her silver fur, the bubbly attitude, and even her body isn't far off,and she's only 16… Give a few more years, imagine.
  190. >But you're no sicko, but are you also willing to just ignore these feelings of hers? To throw them away and pretend as if nothing happened?
  191. >She cares so much for you, she's the light of your life, you hers, and gives you so much love
  192. >It wouldn't hurt to return some of that love.
  193. >No, she does needs this more than you do, you'll make her happy, even if it feels a bit scummy.
  194. >You cup her check in your hand and look into her eyes with the most sincerness you've ever been able to muster.
  195. “Holly, I love you too.”
  196. >She immediately jumps out of her bed and onto you, throwing you both on the floor, kissing you deeply ,eyes completely closed, her tongue invading your your mouth with an aggressiveness you thought weren't possible for Holly.
  197. >It feels amazing, and memories of old begin to flash in your head.
  198. >Guilt is rising, but you don't have the willpower to stop Holly, nor not participate in this wonderful mouth hug.
  199. >A minute of passionate tongue sex later, she pulls away, her face brightly lit with a wide smile that would beat any kids on a Christmas morning.
  200. >”That was really nice.”
  201. “Yeah, it was,but I don't think I should be doing this.”
  202. >Her face goes from the goodest girl pupperino to saddest woofer.
  203. >”What do you mean?”
  204. “I'm in my twenties, and your step father, it's really weird, gross, and God forbid it ever got out to the public that we are not your average single parent household. I really want to, believe me, but there's too much to risk.”
  205. >”Really? I want you, I need you right now. We just made out and you're gonna stop there? I’m still in my heat y’know. It’s rude to dent a lady in heat, especially when she wants to show you how much she loves you.”
  206. >Right on queue, she begins to rub your crotch with hers, visibly enjoying it, tongue flopping, her eyes half closed staring at you.
  207. >And so are you now.
  208. >A wetness forms on both your pants, the room grows the heaviest it's been, a pit to hell has opened, a sense of vertigo overcomes you, and all you can smell is her raw, unfiltered musk.
  209. >You're in a trance now, her heat has finally gotten to you.
  210. >She puts her hands on her large soft breasts,and twists her nipples. Her pink erect nipples inviting you.
  211. >Your pants are being strained by an evil force, lust, and love.
  212. >Sweet sweet caring love for another being who loves you.
  213. “If this is what you want,I promise to give you my all.”
  214. >You put one of your hands down her pants, and the other on her breast, time to work some magic.
  215. >She jumps with the touch of your cold hands, but soon she's enjoying the ride.
  216. >You're pinching and twisting of her nipple sends her into a tizzy, the sensation of her warm fur tickling your hand is getting to you as well.
  217. >Her nether region is obscenely hot, sticky, and wet, ladylava flowing out consistently. Your rubbing and finger fucking of her pussy only aggravating thing.
  218. >All the while, her grinding continues ,you're the luckiest ,and maybe grossest, man in the world.
  219. >”Mmmmm~ anon, please,don't stop, mmmmmm~, I love you anon.”
  220. “I love you too sweetheart, now cum for me.”
  221. >God, saying that felt dirty, but she seems to be enjoying it.
  222. >The grinding is getting faster, moans louder, wetness spreading, and it’s coming, and so are you, but the guilt isn't going away,
  223. >Your face must look like that of someone who just committed a murder, as she tells you,”Anon,I want mmm~ this,you do to no? So c'mon,let's ennnnjoy this, lets make each other happy, She would want it.”
  224. >Would she? I mean, this is pretty gross to be doing, but she just confessed her love for you, you accepted, and making her happy is a good thing, no?
  225. >”You mean so much to me, and I get it, this is gross, but please, Ah~, love me the way I love you.”
  226. >With this, all reasoning is thrown out the window, after all, love is illogical
  227. >Your bodies freeze, you roar as passion erupts from both your privates, Holly awooo’ing with a ferocity even her cavewolf ancestors would be proud.
  228. >She collapses onto you, panting, spent, and beaming with utter fulfillment, while you gently rubbing her head.
  229. >You too,feel spent, it felt amazing, even if it was with her, but you're reminded she's in heat, an ultra heat,because of you, and now she has free reign to make vicious love to you, the man she loves.
  230. >Godspeed anon.
  231. >”That was mind blowing, I didn't think I could feel like that.”
  232. “Yeah,I agree.”, you say gasping for air.
  233. >”Should we, continue this on the bed?”
  234. “Yeah,lets.”
  236. >You're both naked now, but you couldn't feel hotter.
  237. >Her bare body exposed for your eyes to savor.
  238. >The closest you've ever gotten to a sight like this was trips to the beach, you wish you could see her in one again, this time, truly appreciating the visual stimuli of it.
  239. >Maybe in the future...
  240. >She's not as thick as her mother ,but she fills out nicely, hand filling breasts, a slim waist with visible abs, hips to die for, amazing thighs, curvaceous legs, and a spectacular butt.
  241. >Her mother didn't do much exercise, but Holly did, and it shows verily.
  242. >She must be liking the view of you as well, as she looked somewhat brain dead just looking at you.
  243. >You wern’t Mr.Universe, went to the gym often, but it felt kinda embarrassing having such a sex goddess look at you like your body was up to snuff for her.
  244. >Or it could've been your throbbing, uncircumcised member.
  245. >”Wait Anon, I wanna do something for you.”
  246. >You can already guess what and sit down on the edge of the bed.
  247. >If she wants to do it,who are you to tell her no.
  248. >She takes the hint, and kneels in front of your penis.
  249. >Her hot breath hits like a sledgehammer to the cock, then she drops a 2 ton boulder onto it by licking it.
  250. >The sight of your precious loving Holly, happily licking your dick with her long, wet, warm tongue, mixed with just how great this feels, could send ropes flying in just a few seconds had you not just come.
  251. >After a few more spent lapping up your member, she moves to the real show, a full on blowjob.
  252. >She looks up to you, and after giving her a quick pat on the head and a smile, your dick is no more.
  253. >Her head begins to move up and down, all the while her tongue moves sloppy around you member.
  254. >She's a real rookie at this, the situation has gotten exponentially more cute, and thus more dangerous.
  255. >Go as fast or slow as you want, I won’t rush.”
  256. >You let her move at her own pace, merely placing your hand on top of her head.
  257. >Her tail wags incessantly, calming you a bit, and forcing you to crack a small smile at such a cute sight.
  258. >Carefully, moving slowly, she continues the motions, savoring your taste, your groin being covered in saliva and her mouth in precum, it's hell trying not to come.
  259. >You just wanna savor this a little bit longer.
  260. >All of a sudden, she moves faster, moaning with your dick still in her mouth.
  261. >The sounds of shlicking can be heard alongside her moans and a quick check of her right arm shows her hand rigorously working her dripping pussy.
  262. >You can't last much longer with his new image in your head, and your hips move without warning
  263. >Holly is taken aback by it, but soon finds a rhythm to match it.
  264. >She's working your shaft with speed and intensity now, her tongue covering every inch it can get its pinkness on.
  265. >It's not long now, and she's about to explode as well.
  266. “Oh fuck Holly, I’m gonna cum, you can stop now”
  267. >She looks up at you with a little twinkle in her eye telling you she wants to go above and beyond.
  268. >You oblige, as you have no real choice, and are cumming soon.
  269. >You grab her head, and push it into your crotch hitting the back of her mouth, and let loose into her mouth, and she in turn seizes up and gushes across the floor.
  270. >You stifle your grunts with each spurt, but even with her mouth full her moaning loud as can be, the enjoyment of the act transmitted thoroughly.
  271. >Holly takes the load with gusto, letting it sit for a few seconds before swallowing it, dick still in mouth..
  272. >She cleans it up a little with her tongue before letting your dick free, with an audible “pop” filling the room.
  273. “You seriously didn't need to do any of that, let alone deepthroat and swallow my cum.”, you say patting her head.
  274. >”I think I enjoyed it more than you honestly because your taste is amazing, plus, seeing your dumb, happy face from that is priceless.”, she says with a smug grin.
  275. >You really and truly are undeserving.
  277. >You picked her up like a princess once again, and move her to the bed.
  278. >The ground beneath you was already soaked, but you were planning to make the bed a tropical storm of love juice.
  279. >As soon as you laid her on the bed, you moved to the end of it.
  280. >She gave you a quizzical look, but it changes as soon as you part her legs and move your face to her vagina.
  281. >You're gonna treat her, she deserves it.
  282. >”Do you really want to do this?”
  283. “Oh yeah, gotta treat your lady right?”
  284. >You can finally take it all in, the sight of her beautiful, untouched slit looking back at you.
  285. >The warmth and humidity of it all only makes you stronger.
  286. >”Anon,you don't have to do this,im more than ready.”
  287. “I know, but I still really want to do this, for you.”
  288. >She gives you a happy little smile,and prepares for what's to come.
  289. >You put your hands on her soft thighs and move closer.
  290. >The moment your tongue hits her wanting slit Holly tenses up, as her thighs almost close up and crush you.
  291. >Luckily, or unluckily, she catches them, you imagine the embarrassment on her as your licking continues.
  292. >Cute moans and yips are heard from the relentless attack upon her soaked vagina, lapping up her essence, your face becoming a sea of her warmth.
  293. >”Ah~,anon, you're incredible, this, mmmmmm~,feels unreal.”
  294. >You're not the most experienced at eating out a girl, but you're clearly doing something right considering how much Holly has been squirming, and the constant pressure of her thighs enclosing on your head.
  295. >Time to ramp things up a little.
  296. >You move your hands, one opening her wet lips, the other on her clit, and push your tongue inside the pink beyond.
  297. >Her thighs cave in, and your head is in its final moments, your skull beginning to crack at the pressure of her thighs.
  298. >As your tongue explores the depths of her pussy, her moaning gets louder, encouraging you to continue the onslaught.
  299. >”Anon, ah’m~ getting close, don’t stop,please.”
  300. “Oo ot ith”
  301. >You kiss your life good bye.
  302. >Her thighs and now pressed hard against your head, legs locking your head in, leaving you no room between your face and her lower lips.
  303. >It feels like moving through a hall of microwaves and you speed things up, your vision getting hazy.
  304. >Thankfully, your ears catch a loud moan and you know your mission is complete.
  305. >”Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh~”
  306. >Dread washes over you, as you realize her thigh’s safety locks are released, nothing to hold them back now.
  307. >And it’s heavenly.
  308. >You're finally released from your prison after a couple of seconds, and see Holly looking at the ceiling, arm draped over her face.
  309. “Glad you enjoyed that.”
  310. >”Yeah, it was really nice, but it's not over yet is it?”
  311. >The slight smirk on her face is enough to form your own.
  312. “Of course not.”
  313. >You climb onto the bed, towering over her.
  314. >Holly shifts her hand and lets her eyes interlock with your, and moves it to your hand and grips it tightly.
  315. >She doesn't look frightened, smiling at you with that classic smile of hers, tail flapping at her side, she's happier than she's been in a while, and so are you.
  316. >There's still some guilt hidden deep inside you, but making her happy, giving her your all, it's far more important than anything to you right now.
  317. >Im sorry Bailey.
  318. >You position yourself in front of her entrance, she tightens her grip on your hand.
  319. >You're so close to taking your sweet step-daughters virginity, prodding her with your head, giving her some time to prepare herself.
  320. >”It's fine,you can do it Anon.”
  321. >Figures, the only one hesitating is you, but no more.
  322. >With one quick divisive motion, you enter her, and break her hymen.
  323. >”Aah!”
  324. “Are you ok? I can pull out and we can try again in a little.”
  325. >”I’m fine, just a little shocked from it, it doesn't hurt much.”
  326. >You're not sure how much of that is true, but there's not a lot of blood, and she looks like shes crying
  327. >TEARS OF JOY! Not pain...
  328. “Alright, I'm gonna move, tell me how fast to go.”
  329. >”Mhm.”
  330. >It’s extremely hot inside, wet as hell too, thank God.
  331. >It's also extremely tight, thank God and why God.
  332. >You start moving slowly,taking in this once in a lifetime experience
  333. >Holly seems to be liking it as well, her eyes closed, sometimes opening up to meet yours, causing her to look away.
  334. >You don't mind, you'll have time to stare into each others eyes later.
  335. >It's getting kinda hard to be so slow, she might still be a little tight, but this whole situation is really orgasm inducing.
  336. >You make the decision to go a little faster, hoping holly doesn't mind much.
  337. >As your pounding grows faster and harder, Holly seems to want more, thrusting back.
  338. >Her legs have closed and locked as well, there's no pulling out now.
  339. >If this is what she wants you'll happily give it to her.
  340. >After all, you promised to give her you all.
  341. >You're gonna pound her into the mattress.
  342. >she was trying to stay quiet before,a moan escaping her mouth every so often, but now she's letting out “ah~”s and “ooo~”s everytime you pull out and fill her up again.
  343. >You wanna hear more, so you shift things to maximum overdrive.
  344. >Coaxing out her sweet moans and making her a mess is all you can think about now.
  345. >The sheets are more lovey-dovey time fluids than material now.
  346. >She puts her arms around your neck, hoisting herself up, and starts to lick you face.
  347. >You get understand the message, and bring her in for a kiss.
  348. >After you break the kiss, she asks, ”Are you,ah~,close?”
  349. “Not… Yet.”
  350. >”Thahhhht’s good.”
  351. >In an instant, shes cumming again, stifling her moan, and pushing you closer with her legs.
  352. >She arches her head back, and sprays your crotch with more sexy water.
  353. >Her pussy clamps down hard, almost causing your release.
  354. >Thankfully her legs aren’t allowing for much movement, and it puts a stop to your movement, letting you catch a breather.
  355. >But this sight is also pretty hot, nearly making this little break all for nought.
  356. >After its done,her legs loosen up a bit and you look at her.
  357. “Hope you're ready for a bit more”
  358. >Holly gives you a smile and pulls you into a kiss.
  359. >This is really nice ‘n all, but you want to do a bit more than this for her first time.
  360. “Holly, can you get on all fours, and point your butt at me?”
  361. >”Sure, if that's what you want.”
  362. >You move and give her some room to position herself.
  363. >After she does, her cute, curvaceous rump is pointed directly at you, tail wagging back and forth, and you get sprung.
  364. >You get behind her, grabbing onto her hips, and push yourself deep inside her.
  365. >You move slowly, wanting to draw this out as long as you can.
  366. >She's still tight, it's still warm, ,and feels better than heaven now that you’re kneading her ass with your hands.
  367. >The light brushing of her fuzzy tail give you an idea, and you reach for it.
  368. >She lets out a “Yip!” but goes back to moaning as you tug at it softly.
  369. >You had done this a few times with her mom, nice to know it works here too.
  370. >Holly’s head in now buried deep within her pillow, letting out moans into it it couldn’t muffle if it wanted to.
  371. >Her ass is pushing back against you as well, and moving faster than you.
  372. >She's getting close again.
  373. >And you are too, there's only so much a man can take can take.
  374. >You rub her back, and tell her you’re close to cumming, she only managing to let out a quiet “Ok.”
  375. >The moment has finally come, you’re gonna cum deep inside this girl, give her all the sticky love she could want, and enjoy the feeling guilt free because you treasure this girl from the bottom of your heart..
  376. >Right on queue, her body begins to shake, and her pussy tightens, sending you overboard.
  377. >You let out a guttural grunt, while Holly just screams into her pillow.
  378. >Thick rope after thick rope, you dick pumps her pussy full of man goo, making the past few ejaculations look like chumps.
  379. >After you're done pumping her full of fierce cuddling extract, you pull out, your member soaked, and collapse next to Holly.
  380. “Holy fuck, that was great, havent felt that good in a while.”
  381. >”That felt kinda weird, having your cum in my pussy, but it was also filling, in more than one way haha.”
  382. “Hehehehe, glad it felt that way.”
  383. >She's popping a joke after that? She’s too cute.
  384. >You begin to close your eyes when Holly flicks your head.
  385. >”What are you doing lazybones? I'm still in my heat, don't you want to do it a few more times? Y’know,so I can get accustomed to the feeling~”
  386. “Y-yeah of course! Let me just have a quick breather…”
  387. >”Hehehe, nope.”
  389. >Ah,Saturday morning.
  390. >Fresh eggs and bacon wafting through the air? She's too kind.
  391. >Walking into the kitchen you see a cute grey tail wagging back and forth, and a beautiful face turning towards you.
  392. >”Oh you're awake! Good! Breakfast isn't as good cold now is it?”
  393. “You don't need to tell me twice, the difference between a cold breakfast and hot one is night and day.”
  394. >You sit down at the table, waiting patiently for Holly to serve you and herself.
  395. >A hot plate of freshly scrambled eggs and 3 strips of bacon is neatly placed in front of you, the smell tingling your nose.
  396. >”Man that smells good, thanks Holly.”
  397. >”It tastes even better, so dig in.”
  398. >You give her a bright smile, and dig in. Holly following suit.
  399. >It's been about two years since entering a relationship.
  400. >That night was great, but everything after was better.
  401. >The guilt is gone, no more hesitation, no more anxiety.
  402. >Just love for one another, even if the situation from which it came about was a bit strange.
  403. >But its made you a better man, you rarely drink.
  404. >You're always there for her, waking up early. Not as early as her though...
  405. >Making sure she's got everything she needs in her life, nothing stopping her from being happy.
  406. >Not that you weren't doing that before,but now you're truly putting in your all.
  407. >And in return?
  408. >The love and support of the greatest girl the world has ever beheld.
  409. >Not to mention the hundreds of nightly cuddling sessions,Netflix and chills,and plenty of fun in the bed.
  410. >Hell you were planning to watch some more movies and just spend some time together again today,you can't wait.
  411. >You two finish your breakfasts, and wash the dishes like a happy couple.
  412. >You read a bit of a book in your bedroom to pass some time, eventually putting it down and go to check up on Holly, who’s just lazily flipping through channels on the sofa.
  413. >She doesn't look bored when you approach her, but you sure are.
  414. “You have anything in mind you want to watch today?”
  415. >”Oh,um,there's a cute little documentary on human/anthro relationships throughout history,it sounds nice, I really want to watch it, you don't mind?”
  416. “Of course not, sounds nice, but I have to go and get something at the store, shouldn't take long, ok?”
  417. >”Hope it doesn't, I’ll be waiting.”
  418. >she gets up and gives you a quick kiss,and you're on your way.
  419. >After some shopping you're finally home,and the cuddles can begin.
  421. >The documentary was interesting, talking about how some of the greatest kings and queens took anthro wives/husbands, how culture and society has viewed and changed over the years on such relationships, and showcasing the EXTREME SEXUAL DIMORPHISM present in some species when mating with humans.
  422. >How can a boy look like that coming from an anthro like that...
  423. >Holly really seemed to like it, as she was really nuzzling you the whole time.
  424. >Of course she got plenty of behind the ear scratches, you love giving them as much as she loves receiving them.
  425. >After that, regularly scheduled Office seasons, you just don’t get it, it ok when it was airing on TV.
  426. >What kids these days see in it is beyond you, maybe Netflix hypnotizes you or something...
  427. >Time flies, the cuddling continue, until it's bedtime.
  428. >You get up first after turning off the TV, Holly starts to as well, but you motion for her to stay sitting.
  429. “Holly, you're my everything, I'm not sure how I can properly show you how much you mean to me, but whether or not I can,I have to ask you this.”
  430. >You put your right hand behind your back, and kneel, suspense filling the air.
  431. >Holly puts her hands over her mouth, tears starting to flow from her eyes and she gets up
  432. >”W-w-what?”
  433. “Holly”, you take your hand behind your back and present a ring pop, ”Will you marry me?”
  434. >She kicks you in the gut and plucks the candy from your hand, then flicks you head, and looks at you, an eyebrow raised, smile still intact.
  435. “Sorry for pulling this little prank, but I mean it, from the bottom of my heart.”
  436. “You're just too young, but I wanted to make another promise, that one day, in the near future, I’ll present you a real ring,with a beautiful diamond to match the woman getting it, and I’ll make you a happily married woman,with a loving husband.”
  437. >She unwraps it and hands it back to you.
  438. >”Promise?”
  439. “I'd never break a promise to make you happy.”
  440. >You slip the ring pop over her ring finger, and get up.
  441. >You cup her checks with your hands and bring it to yours, cementing your eternal love for each other with a deep kiss, tears streaming down both your faces and into your mouths, the salty taste only adding to this wonderful moment.
  442. “Oh and I got you a cute little swimsuit.”
  443. >”I can’t wait to try it on sometime, husband~.”
  444. >You pick her up in your signature princess carry and haul her off to your bed.
  445. >You don't expect to do anything tonight.
  446. >Other than to have some of the best sleep you've ever had with your loving new (future)wife.
  447. >Just bask in each others warmth and love for one another.
  448. >You set her down and jump in, tossing the sheets over you both.
  449. >She buries herself into your chest and nuzzles you, pressing your body with hers, bliss spreading throughout your body, and no doubt hers.
  450. >”How long are you going to make me wait?”
  451. “Not too long hopefully, for now, I just wanna enjoy this.”
  452. >”Hehe, well I can't wait to make you happy.”
  453. “You already do that in spades”
  454. >”I feel the same way, darling~.”
  455. >You quickly kiss her forehead and start rubbing her ears.
  456. >It'll be hard to fall asleep, you suspect the same for holly, but it's nice in a way.
  457. >It feels like forever, but finally, Holly falls soundly asleep, you still wide awake.
  458. >Thinking of all the things you'll be doing from now on to not mess this up.
  459. >Counting your blessings, not taking her for granted, praying to God, making sure she's always got a smile on her face.
  460. >”Just stay the way you are, and that’ll put the biggest smile on my face.”
  461. >oh.
  462. “Oh uh, yeah, I will.”
  463. >She really is just like her mother.
  464. >You hope she's happy with how things are going, wherever she is.
  465. >Either way, you'll be making her daughter the happiest husky in the world, and in turn, she’ll make you the happiest man in the world.
  466. >This is nice, isn't it Bailey.
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