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  1. ⤣ Maturity ⤤
  2. Despite my age of twelve, I am very mature. I have self-control and can contain my temper. I don't get mad when I die or when something doesn't go my way. I keep my cool and never go all out on someone. I make sure to remain calm in every situation I can and handle it to the best of my ability. If you aren't mature as a staff member you could hurt someone's feelings, make them feel not welcome, lead them to believe nobody cares about them.
  4. ⤣ Responsible ⤤
  5. As I said above, responsibility is one of the most important traits I believe a staff member to need. If you aren't responsible then you aren't trustworthy. Being a staff member means the managers get to trust you to help the network and only use your powers to the benefit of the server. If you aren't responsible you could abuse, criticize people, and make the network unfair for players. Players come on this server to enjoy their time. They choose THIS server over others. While you're a staff member your job includes, but is not limited to making those members feel at home. Your job is to treat everyone fairly despite their relation to you or how they treat you. One of my favorite quotes; "Treat everyone how you wanted to be treated" If you were to log on a server and the first thing that you see is a staff member unfairly gaining resources everybody else has to gain, how would you feel? What if you came on and someone immediately starting poking fun at you and insulting you. That wouldn't be much of a fun time, would it? I presume what I'm trying to say is everybody deserves respect. No matter how they talk, do things, or answer to you. Everybody is a human being and deserves to be treated like one.
  7. ⤣ Non-Biased ⤤
  8. One thing I pride is I'm not biased. I do not treat anyone differently from anyone else. I feel everyone deserves the same amount of attention, respect, and overall dedication. If you were to be doing the same thing as someone else and they got a lesser punishment then you how would you feel? Would you feel violated, cheated, or maybe even just disappointed? That's how a member would feel. Despite the rank, name, relation to me, or how they treat me I will always treat them how I do to everyone else.
  10. ⤣ Respectful ⤤
  11. How you respect someone is key. If you start off insulting or criticizing someone that's most likely how they'll treat you back. How to get people to befriend you and enjoy you as a person is respecting them. Whenever you meet someone for the first time or see an old friend the first thing you should do is treat them with respect. You should be kind, understanding, and welcoming. There's no reason to make someone feel not welcome or not loved. People enjoy when they are treated with kindness. It makes them feel at home and want to stay.
  13. ⤣ Dedication ⤤
  14. Dedication is how much time you are willing to put into the server, and how much effort you are willing to put in. There's a big difference between playing and not putting any effort in so, in reality, you're not really helping out. Or playing and putting your best potential into the server to benefit it to the greater good. You could log on all the time but do nothing and it wouldn't count as activity. Dedication is the main trait of helping everybody. You can't help members if you're offline all the time. All Minecraft servers need staff members, and active staff members are the people who actually care about the benefit of the server. Inactive staff members could be a bad thing for the network as they couldn't spend their time on the server to help. I will be very dedicated accepted or not to try and do my best to help out the
  16. ⤣ Screen Sharing ⤤
  17. Screen sharing is one of the essentials you need to become staff on a PvP based network. Screen sharing has always been one of the qualities that I’ve been learning over my time of being staff.
  19. ⤣ Helpful ⤤
  20. I see myself as a awfully useful player. I'd attempt my best to assist them with the maximum amount as possible. I'd continually offer the total 100 percent to fix their problem.
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