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  1. # cert directories
  2. pki key "/etc/ssl/private/"
  3. pki cert "/etc/ssl/"
  5. # listen on local int and tag email with DKIM_OUT
  6. listen on lo0
  7. listen on lo0 port 10028 tag DKIM_OUT
  9. # listen on smtp, smtps, sub on egress and req auth
  10. listen on egress inet4 tls pki auth-optional # MTA
  11. listen on egress inet4 smtps pki auth
  12. listen on egress inet4 port submission tls-require pki # MSA
  14. # aliases
  15. table aliases db:/etc/mail/aliases.db
  17. # actions
  18. action dovecot lmtp "/var/dovecot/lmtp" alias <aliases>
  19. action add_dkim relay host smtp://
  20. action "relay" relay
  21. action dovecot_deliver maildir "~/mbox"
  23. match from any for domain "" action dovecot
  24. match tag DKIM_OUT for any action "relay"
  25. match from local for any action add_dkim
  26. match auth from any for any action add_dkim
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