Kian Is a God

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  1. ← Kian
  2.       kissed her cheek.
  4. → Kian
  5. sleepy nuzzles.
  7. ← Kian
  8.       "Good morning, Kendra." Kissed again.
  10. → Kian
  11. little soft noises of appreciation, lithe limb curled over his flat stomach.
  13. ← Kian
  14.       took her hand slightly. He knows he shouldn't be doing these things, but-- It's hard not to.
  16. → Kian
  17. it's alright, they're in the no judgement sheets for the time being. Rubbed cheek against his nude shoulder.
  19. ← Kian
  20.       'No Judgement' sheets? Okay. Okay. O-Okay. Pressed lips against hers.
  22. → Kian
  23. mouth was soft and yielding beneath his, opening to sigh and coax his tongue into a lazy series of strokes.
  25. ← Kian
  26.       returns strokes of tongue. But pulled away to bask in the non-drunk, non-sassy Kendra. "Has-- has anyone ever told you you looked so beautiful in the morning?" Probably.
  28. → Kian
  29. it was a rare sight, but depending on the individual and topic, Kendra could be pretty sweet. There was a faint pout as he retreated from the lovely exchange, lashes fluttering to reveal mocha depths as he murmured a compliment that sounded more genuine than organic fruit. "Once or twice," fingers of arm lounging over his stomach would idly trace over his ribs. "I don't usually stay the night," but she had with Kian, twice now.
  31. ← Kian
  32.       Okay, that doesn't exactly make him feel as special, but he won't be voicing his concern. "I hate you, you know that?" but his smile would say otherwise, finding his lips pressed against her's once more.
  34. → Kian
  35. he should feel special, because Kendra was an honest individual. A bit too honest. Kendra didn't have boyfriends, or repeats generally. "Do you really?" nearly purring, when mouths parted briefly.
  37. ← Kian
  38.       "I do, actually." Words that were whispered back with parting lips, every word spoken in between kisses. Hand slipped underneath her frame, scooping her up closer towards him. "This--" Kiss. "--doesn't--" Tongue swipe. "--make us--" Lip bite. "--a thing--" Tongue swipe, part dos. "--does it?"
  40. → Kian
  41. there was a note of protest as his mouth chased after every word, as if entirely too sleepy to remain on the same page. Or maybe, just maybe, Kian Keller was a damn good kisser. "Are," giving him a kiss, "you" another kiss, "asking" another kiss, "or" longer kiss, "wanting," another kiss, "it to be?" pressing flush against him, leg hitching over his hip.
  43. ← Kian
  44.       grabbed her leg and locked it against his waist. Kept his hand there. Returned the kiss with such grace, such fluidity that even he was melting at the idea of committing his own actions. "The question is--" Tugged her lower lip with his ivories, and pulled away for a moment. "--do you?" Was he even worth her time? "I-I mean, it does't have to be. It's a stupid question anyway."
  46. → Kian
  47. there was a more confident air to Kian in the privacy of his room, as they were practically glued together on the narrow twin mattress. Escape from one another, meant getting out of bed, and judging by the placement of their hands and eager mouths weren't looking to rush the leaving of it anytime soon. "It depends on two things, Keller," fingers chasing up his ribs to circle around his nipple. "One.. am I going to be called a mistake again to others? And two, where are my fucking M&Ms?" nose brushing against his in a teasing manner.
  49. ← Kian
  50.       The privacy of his room was a warmth of joy for the male. He's spent most of his college time here, after all. Whereas he would imagine the she spent them in bars, and clubs, doing God knows what. Feeling her finger circle his nipple caused him to jerk slightly. "I'm sorry, Kendra. I-- I really am." Frowned, and took her hand, pressing it against lips. "You were never a mistake. You were my--" Winced at the idea of giving away information she might've already known anyway. "--you were my first. So... I've always thought you were special. And if you were my mistake? Then your my special mistake." And his words were no longer just empty promises. A reassurance was there. Slowly, hand would dip underneath the pillow which caressed her tiny head. "I snuck this in last night when you were changing. I was wondering how long until you asked." Pulled his hand out, and with it, was a small pack of M&M's.
  52. → Kian
  53. her college life wasn't too far along, as she was a mere freshman. But he would be right to determine that Kendra did attend a lot of parties and clubs. She just didn't want to look back and have regrets. As dark head shifted back from her own to provide explanation, cheek shifted against pillow to watch him confess. The faintest of blushes highlighting cheeks as a gentle kiss was given first to her hand, and then the usage of the term special. Without referring to the short bus. But the kicker? When Keller retrieved the pack of M&Ms and presented it however? That was the moment that Kendra knew she was royally fucked. "I.. I've never slept with the same guy twice," wincing at her own truth, even as she took the M&Ms. "..And, you could never possibly be a mistake."
  55. ← Kian
  56.       managed a smile. Actually, he didn't manage it. Kian couldn't help but fucking smile at that. She was cute. Beautiful. And God what did he do to deserve her? Maybe he was thankful that she was drunk that night, but that wasn't appropriate. Instead, he was going to be thankful that she still slept in his bed. "Never?" The smile turned into a knowing grin, as if he was teasing her. "Like, never-never?" Pinched her cheek. "We can-- uh-- well-- if it helps we can keep doing it. Every night if you want to! Until-- until you're really tired. I'll tire myself out for you!" Maybe Kian was just defending his masculinity at this point, but his intentions were meant so that she didn't feel like she was still a mistake. "You're my favorite mistake, Maine."
  58. → Kian
  59. to be fair, she had been drunk on two separate nights when they had met. And both times, Kian Keller had been nice to her and not taken advantage of the situation. Sure they had managed to hook-up the second time, but she was sober enough in that decision to feel it was consensual. His excitement at discovering that he was her only exception to date, roused a series of giggles to the surface, encouraged by cheek pinching. But the near serious tone he took at 'favorite mistake' would cause her to go silent. Delicate brows pursing lightly in consideration. "..Are you.. are we.. umm," Kendra felt a bit hot, as a foreign sensation of nervousness gripped her, " now?"
  61. ← Kian
  62.       Her giggles, the softest laughs, how far of a cry it was to the Kendra he typically knew. Usually she would be frightening, and admittedly, Kian would think her too far away to even touch. She was leagues above him, and it both of them knew it. Words of concern would never be spoken. For fear that if she didn't know it yet, she will. "Are we?" God, were they? He could feel his body suddenly perspiring at the thought. Keep it cool, Kian. "I-- If we are, then. You'd be my-- uh--" Looked away. "--uh-- f--f-f--" Pursed his lips and furrowed his brows, the softest of shrugs were made. "--you don't mind if you'd be my first girlfriend, do you?"
  64. → Kian
  65. the last utterance of words would earn Kian an actual look of disbelief. Kendra could swallow the idea that he was a virgin in college, before she gobbled him up like birthday cake when high as fuck. But his first girlfriend? "..Really?" feeling a strange pinch in her breast at the near breathless quality of her voice. Hand shifting to cradle his cheek, as thumb stroked tentatively over his lower lip. "Will you ask me again, as you cum inside me?" retreating to the crude, because she felt vulnerable, but also really wanting to have him inside her again. And maybe this time, she would pay more attention to the worshiping look in his eyes as he filled her, over and over. And the elegant structure of his fingers as he pulled and teased, until molding her into something new. Something no one else ever had. An official boyfriend.
  67. ← Kian
  68.       "Yes, really. I mean--" Pulled away from her for a small while, eyes darting back and forth between her and her body. "--look at me. I'm not like--" Tossed a hand ways away. "--one of your ex-boyfriends or whatever. And I fuck up a lot. And I do stupid shit. And I get emotional easily, and--" A sigh escaped him. "--I'm not the best person. So--" Smirked slightly. But her sudden question caused him to stutter. Heavily. "As I-- wha-- whu-- cum--cum?-- what?" He didn't know if she intended that to retreat back to being her old Kendra self, if she was simply teasing him, or if she truly meant that. Maybe in the long run, it didn't even matter. "--yeah. I will." The simplest of smiles made itself present, and she'd find that he's pressed his lips against her's once again, not caring of what the world would think. Kian's always wanted something for himself. Isn't that what anyone wants anyway? Hands clutched against her sides. "I have to go to the cafe, and you should probably head to class--" Widened his eyes. "--not that I know you have class, I don't stalk you to avoid you-- I--" Looked away. "--I'm gonna go. Uh-- Andrew's dorm keys are on the table. Just-- lock up okay?" And that was the moment Kian Keller inadvertently asked Kendra to move in with him. Kissed her lips again the moment he got off of bed. "Am-- I'm allowed to do that, right?" Blinked. "Kissing you just--" flailed arms around wildly. "--out of nowhere."
  70. → Kian
  71. it was evident that Kian had a lot of issues to work though, mostly in the department of self-worth. He flip-flopped like a fish out of water when it came to being confident in the things he wanted and needed when aroused, versus being self-degrading when talking about himself. Kendra couldn't help but frown internally as he just 'oh so casually' threw himself in the dirt, as if all he was in life was some loser. Did he really think a girl as hot as her would sleep with a loser? Much less seek him out for a repeat performance? Was he dumb? Or just blind? The promise that next time he would ask, was sealed with a kiss. Only for him to make the movements of retreat, fingers capturing his wrist to not make it far from the siren call of the mattress or her. "We can be late? I want you to ask me again," her tone a bit more firm than before, demanding even. Shifting weight to sit up, fingers of free hand as M&Ms were dropped, caught the hem of shirt to lift it upwards. Effectively maneuvering all but the arm of hand that clutch his wrist free of the cotton. She was gloriously naked, as the sunlight filtering from the blinds behind her cast a near ethereal glow of gold around her. "Ask me again," tugging him to her, rising up on knees to bring their mouths together. Lips working laboriously to signal in Keller's mind, that he was worthy of every thing she had to offer.
  73. ← Kian
  74.      He had a lot of issues. Most of them, perhaps, would never be voiced to her. But she should never take that as any fault of her own. That's just how Kian operated. To most, it's why he's grown distant from past friends. In fact, sometimes, Vince could never really fully tap into the male's troubled mind. Mostly because he tried his best to keep people away from seeing the reality of Kian Keller. Sure, she'd want to sleep with him, and he isn't opposed to it, he loves it, but inside Kian Keller was still Union County High's biggest loser. Feeling her hand grasp at his wrist, he stopped in his tracks. "Well, I think someone can take the shift over for me anyway, it's-- it's really not a big deal. What about your class though? Are you sure you can be late for that?" His head tilted slightly, and even if it did seem like at first he was protesting the idea, the truth of the matter was that she didn't need to convince him. Not at all. All she needed to do was stare at him. Even if she was clothed, he wouldn't mind staying. All that Kendra needed to do was watch him with those dancing eyes. Eventually though, she was fully naked. Gloriously, even. "Yes, Princess." He whispered back before his lips were fully merged with her's. Both hands grasped at her waist first, adjusting the way she knelt upon his bed. Kian tossed his foot away, which caused the skateboard that he was readily standing on to shoot away from the bed. Hands pulled away from her frame and began to work at his belt, casting it aside as soon as it slid from his body. Pulled away from her to speak. "I'll ask every time, Kendra." It wasn't an act of dominance, but to make sure that each time he did, each time he asked her to be his girlfriend, she was certain that she still wanted him. Sure, Kian was a loser. But in the few moments that Kendra wanted him as bad as he wanted her, he felt like he had the world in his hands. And he could crush it if he truly wished to. Not a single drop of that was going to be wasted. Ever.
  76. -------------------------------------------------
  78. ← Kian
  79.       kisses before he has to leave. Really has to work now. She should get to class.
  81. ← Kian
  82.       is sorry for acting like an actual boyfriend, even if it's only been like-- two hours.
  84. → Kian
  85. likes it. Not complaining. Flashes him some boobs.
  87. ← Kian
  88.       bit his lower lip. Shook his head. Will be thinking about her.
  90. ← Kian
  91.       and those tits.
  93. → Kian
  94. hopes so.
  96. ← Kian
  97.       mmf.
  99. ← Kian
  100.       closed the door.
  102. ← Kian
  103.       peeks back in. One more kiss?
  105. → Kian
  106. comes to greet him, as if she knew. Rises on tip toes and kisses.
  108. ← Kian
  109.       sex after work and class?
  111. → Kian
  112. sex anytime they're not glued to other responsibilities.
  114. ← Kian
  115.       UGH. She's the best.
  117. ← Kian
  118.       kissed and left this time. For real.
  120. ← Kian
  121.       came back in mere moments after. Fuck it. Skip class. Round two.
  123. ← Kian
  124.       locked the door behind him.
  126. → Kian
  127. was half in the process of crawling back into his bed, because it.. smelled like them. And that was incredibly sexy at the moment. Paused when he came back, head tilting with silent inquiry.
  129. ← Kian
  130.       looked back. "What are you staring at me like that for? We're having sex. Take those off."
  132. → Kian
  133. couldn't help but give an impish grin at the eagerness of his tone. Turned towards him, as fingers dragged his t-shirt she had commandeered, overhead and discarded it on his bedside table. She had no idea where her underwear or bra was. "I thought you had class?" licking lower lip, as she made a gesture for him to strip.
  135. ← Kian
  136.       was already in the process of undoing himself. Completely. Flicked his head to the side, as if he was casting away the idea of class, as well as work. "Well--" Shrugged ever so lightly. "I was walking across the street, then I was thinking about you--" Lip bite. "--and I couldn't stop. So here we are." Tossed shirt aside.
  138. → Kian
  139. it was hard to pinpoint if their zeal for sex right now, was due to being young and hotblooded or birth from the desperation of being craved. "..Are you saying that I am bad for you, Keller?" sauntering forward with the fluid grace of a feline, warm hands chasing the heat of his pulse from his chest down to abdomen. Nipples already hardening under his stare.
  141. ← Kian
  142.       wouldn't know either. She just managed t do something to him, and Kian wouldn't know the better of it. Pushed her down onto the bed, and raised both her legs to his sides. "Horrible for me, Maine."
  144. → Kian
  145. tumbled back onto the bed with him, legs didn't need much coaxing to ease high up on his hips, effectively stretching thighs further apart to accommodate him. "What are you going to do about it?" biting into her lower lip, as fingernails began to drag into his flesh to pull him into her.
  147. ← Kian
  148.       "Smash it into smithereens." He whispered just before pressing himself into her, whether or not she so decided to cage himself in between her thighs. Kian wouldn't stop for anything. He did, however, know that this was going to be a common occurrence between the two of them. But as he complaining? No.
  150. → Kian
  151. chin tilted upwards as a whimpering moan was expelled when she felt the blessed penetration of his raw dick, hips arching in greeting as if they had been parted for ages instead of just the half hour or so since the last time he had been balls deep. "Yeah?" breathless and high pitched, urging him to do just that. Already growing wet.
  153. ← Kian
  154.       pressed himself further into her, it was the first of many pumps, but Kian was already building up to making sure she felt the relentlessness of Keller. Smiled slightly, but dipped his head. "...yeah." He whispered in a manner so breathy, you'd think he suffered from asthma. God, if he could go any deeper into her, he would. "Do you like it?"
  156. → Kian
  157. the deep penetration felt delicious and painful, drawing out a low throaty moan of encouragement. "Yeah," managing a gasped reply, as heels hooked at the back of his knees. "Kian," murmuring what passed for adoration, as mouth rose upwards to meet his in a greedy kiss.
  159. ← Kian
  160.       THis? This was so much better than having to go to work early. Or even class. Maybe it was greedy, but Kian could afford to be greedy once in a while, right? "Good." He whispered back to her, hand clutching around her neck rather tightly.
  162. → Kian
  163. this was much better than a lot of things, as those cradling vaginal walls flexed to the rhythm set by his thrusts. Steadily growing wetter, between the force behind the motion of his hips and the confidence Kian was demonstrating. The grip of swan like neck would have been alarming, if she couldn't still draw breath.
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